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2009 Honda Accord Misfire



  • I have a 2009 Honda Accord with 112,000 miles. It does not have the V6 engine. It has the 4cyl. Recently, it has been having the same or similair issues in this forum. Basically, one day the VSA light came on with exclamation point, and the engine light came on too. The car would only go up to about 20 or 30 mph and then start to stall. I took it into a shop and they replaced the spark plugs. The car ran well until 3 hours later, the problem started again. My question is, could this issue still apply to me even though I have the 4cyl issue? It seems like the issue is chronic from this discussion and there is no real permanent fix - if so, I am just wondering if I should get out from the car and move on.
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