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Infiniti Q45



  • waliswalis Posts: 35
    Hello all,
    I managed to convince myself to embark in doing my chain guides myself. I've done the driver side guides but I'm having trouble with the passenger side. I removed the old tension guide but having serious difficulty installing the new one. I just can't get it in there. Is there any trick in getting it into place? Also, I have a hard time getting the driver side slack side guide in once I removed the tensioner...the chain was very tight. I eventually got it in by removing the water pump. My concern is not to repeat the same for the passenger side slack guide. What are the tricks in getting these guides in?
    Please help!
    I need to know how to get the passenger side guides in. How should I go about doing it?
    Thanks everyone!
  • waliswalis Posts: 35
    is it okay to use coil packs from a 1996 Q45t on a 1992 Q45? I noticed that the coil pack plugs won't fit exactly but with some trimming on the edges on the coil packs itself, it fit. Is there anything I should be concerned about? I haven't put them in, I just tried one. Please advise before I install them all.
  • vonchi_mvonchi_m Posts: 3
    I'm interested in purchasing '02 Q45 with 35k miles (for $19k), but my main concern to the maintenance costs for this type of car.
    For example, I was searching for shock absorbers for this model, and I didn't find anyone on the web who sold them. What would happen if I needed to change them? I was thinking that this could also apply to many other parts. And I live on a small island and I rarely see this model car, so if I can't find a part on the web, it'll be even more difficult finding it here.
    My main concern is maintenance. WIll I be able to afford it? I'm comparing this to the cost of a '98 Lexus ES300 (my current car).

    Thanks for any help.
  • 2 weeks ago I traded in my '94 Q for a 2002 (the first year of the most recent generation). What a difference! Improvements in horsepower, handling, interior amenities and appearance, even the seats are much more comfortable. The traction control was shot on my '94 (for the second time!) and I had to push to get even $1,500 for it. I had thought I would get more than 144,000 miles on it, but with other problems looming, decided now was the time to move on. The '02 has 55k miles on it, but is very clean and checked out very well from my mechanic. I thought $21,000 was a great value for such a high quality car. As most of you know, the Q has always had a poor history in depreciation, and that makes used Q's a steal, IMHO...
  • My independent mechanic (Japanese cars only) says that Lexus is the cream of the crop in terms of reliability. For example, they use less outside suppliers that other car co's. and accept lower failure rates on components. I won't buy a Lexus, because I've never driven one whose performance I liked, but that's just me.
    So my guess is you won't get quite the reliability from the Q, but you get a lot more of a "driver's car". If the '02 is in good shape that's a fantastic price. (I thought my deal was good, but yours is outstanding.) Since Infiniti's have been doing well in recent years (esp. the G and now the M) I would imagine that parts will continue to be available without a problem
  • vonchi_mvonchi_m Posts: 3
    Thanks for the post.
    Where do you buy your parts for your Infiniti? I searched in google, yahoo, and even ebay and I didn't find anyone selling shocks for the 2002 q45. My main concern is that when/if something breaks, I won't find the part. Is there a Nissan equivalent for the q45 (ie. ES300 to Camry)?
    Is this a high maintenance car? For example, if I were to find a BMW 7-series (or a high-end MB) for a great price I wouldn't buy it because I'll go bankrupt maintaining it. Is this the case with the Q45?

    Thanks again.
  • My independent mechanic has no trouble getting parts...The Infiniti dealers can provide them without a problem. As to a Nissan equivalent, the top of their line is the Maxima. I don't really know, but my guess is they don't share a lot of parts. Again, I don't believe Infiniti will stop providing parts. Although they have stopped making the Q, the word is that they will redesign it and bring it back in about a year.
    I don't consider it a high maintainance car. If I did I wouldn't have bought a second one! I suspect it's in-between the Lexus and BMW in terms of reliabilility and cost of ownership.
  • vonchi_mvonchi_m Posts: 3
    Where on the Internet can I purchase parts (i.e. suspension, mechanical) for a 2002 Q45? I don't want to buy directly from the Infiniti dealer because they're way too expensive.
    I just want to buy them and take the car to an independent mechanic.

  • maymanjmaymanj Posts: 10
    I have posted on this site many times before,e.g., /coil on plug- Air intake idle,etc.
    I never thought I would ever have a collision with my 97'Q45,but my wife did. She was hit dead center by a 03 Ford pickup truck. He smashed her grill,left side fender and hood ($4500 damage). The real message here is that there was no injury and how well the Q45 survived the crash!Just like a Tank. I hope they still build them like that.
  • egrubbegrubb Posts: 1
    I love my Q but it is very sad. I just got it back from my mechanic and the fuel injectors are shot.
    Is this a normal? I only have 93,000 on it. I replaced the transmission at 80,000. My love is costing me dearly.
    My sister bought the exact car but racked up the miles quickly. Same thing happened to hers, just earlier.
    Does anyone know if there were any recalls?
    Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • What does the mechanic mean "the fuel injectors are shot"? What does "shot" mean? I would get a second opinion. It sounds like bogus surgery to me.

    The transmission will have no problem at 80,000 miles unless it was abused or not properly maintained.
  • maxnixmaxnix Posts: 3
    Only the 2000 ae and the 2001 FGY33 and the real, but somewhat garish to me, real maple trim.
  • maxnixmaxnix Posts: 3
    "The transmission will have no problem at 80,000 miles unless it was abused or not properly maintained."

    No mechanical exchange of ATF along with filter replacement and no auxiliary ATF cooler would qualify as abuse.
  • solitariosolitario Posts: 1
    My '96 Q45 with 122K miles started bucking intermittently while cruising down the highway and would idle rough. After the $100 diagnosis fee, the dealer said that the knock sensor and air sensors need to be replaced. He also noted that the rack-and-pinion is leaking and needs replacing. Total price $3K. Wow! Could a good mechanic do these 3 jobs or are these just for the dealers' experts? The engine light just turned on also. Or should I just buy a new car?
  • Dealer repair prices are insanely expensive. If you know of, or can find, a good mechanic, he could do the job for about a third. Of course, that's presuming that the dealer isn't pulling the wool over your eyes in the first place. What you describe sounds very much like a clogged fuel filter. Do you see black soot coming out of the exhaust when you feel the rough operation?
  • elwessoelwesso Posts: 42
    Just to let everyone know, I dont look at this thread, only the other one.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can track it and, if you want, get an email when someone posts.
  • mfajardomfajardo Posts: 4
    I have a 2005 Infiniti Q45 and would like to know if there is anyway to turn off the rearview camera (when the car is put in reverse) on a temporary basis. If some one can help it will be greatley appreciated
  • Milt, post this question on the other thread so Elwesso sees it.
  • mfajardomfajardo Posts: 4
    how do i get to the other thread?
  • dapark1dapark1 Posts: 4
    Did you ever get this phone thing resolved? 6 years since your post, I just bought a 2003 Q45. I love it, but would love to have an integrated phone. The manual makes a slight reference to one (programming Voice Activation), but that's it. The dealer doesn't now what I'm talking about, and my current phone provider (Nextel) directed me to the dealer.
    This does not look promising. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I want to change the hood on my 1993 Q45 to the hood from a 1994. I've noticed that the front bumpers are a bit different but I was wondering what else might be different. So far I know that I need a new front bumper and the new hood. Can someone tell me what other things I might need to complete this conversion.
  • I am wanting to put an outside loudspeaker on my car, but cannot figure out how to install an on/off switch to be able to toggle the speaker on and off. Can anyone walk me through this process step by step!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
  • I want to change the hood on my 1993 Q45 to the hood from a 1994. I've noticed that the front bumpers are a bit different but I was wondering what else might be different. So far I know that I need a new front bumper and the new hood. Can someone tell me what other things I might need to complete this conversion.

    Not easy at all, sorry. Need fenders, too, and then the side trim won't match.

    92 Q45 Front Bumper and hood question
  • cb256cb256 Posts: 1
    This is a very late reply and I don't know if you have solved your problem, but if not.
    Ebay would probably be your best source for finding the CD cartridge. I bought a brand new Clarion 6 disc CD player for my car last year and in searching I saw plenty of Sony 10 disc players. They are usually used and I would buy a whole unit just to get the cartridge. They usually sell pretty cheap.
  • Hello, I just learned about this site and just joined. I have a 1991 Infifniti Q45. The car has ran great up until this last will not turn over. Acts like it wants to but nothing...battery is fine and so are the fuses. Anyone have an awnser for me...A woman
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi, welcome to CarSpace! Feel free to also post your question in the generic No Start Problems discussion. There are some tech savvy folks hanging out there who may not see your question here.

    Good luck - hope we can help.
  • dyess5dyess5 Posts: 13
    Check all your battery cables. Make sure they arre corrosion free. (both ends). Make sure they are tight and making good contact. Next would be the starter Hope this helps. :sick:
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's discuss the most recent generation here: Infiniti Q45 2002-2006. I moved some recent posts there.
  • greenq45agreenq45a Posts: 3
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