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Infiniti Q45



  • tmharrelltmharrell Posts: 14
    I wanted a luxury car level when I bought the Q45. I eliminated BMW and MB as higher maintenance. I test drove the RL and four Lexus cars, but thought the Q45 the best mix of handling, ride, value, and reliability. I knew Infinitis were not selling, and got a great deal.

    I really do not understand why other buyers do not come to the same conclusion. Most people I know, including luxury car owners, do not know much about Infiniti.

    I know two Lexus owners who gave up on MB when they were surprised to find the cars expensive to maintain. It seems MB, BMW, and Lexus have many buyers who know really very little about the automobile market place, and are probably buying more for status than for any practical reasons associated with a $50k+ purchase. This may be the population that is not purchasing Infiniti. My sense is that if you were to stop the next 100 shoppers at Lexus dealerships, and ask them to name just one of the three latest models put out by Infiniti in the last year, you might get 98 wrong answers.

    Correspondingly, I have met a few Infiniti owners and they seemed very knowledgeable of their cars and the market place in general.

    IMO, Infiniti already has the engineering, innovation, and customer service, but they are missing that something - whatever it is - to attract that person who has the money to buy a luxury car, but does not have the time or interest to look at alternatives to MB, BMW, or Lexus. I am glad Infiniti sales are up, but their customers are clearly not there for the great deals on Q45s and M45s.
  • dgraves1dgraves1 Posts: 414
    Are they really giving away M45s? Edmunds True Market Value doesn't reflect much discounting. What are people paying for them?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I think Infiniti will come around. Their current problem is that they really haven't had a car to speak of until now. The M30, J30, G20 and the previous Q45 (Q41) ruined their chances of competing with Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. They still haven't learned fully yet, the M45 simply doesn't fit their current styling theme. The current Q45 while an interesting car and a better car than it's past iterations suffers from the stigma of the truly dismal previous model. The G35 Sedan/Coupe and FX45 are their best products since the brand's inception. My only issue with Infiniti is their interiors. The G35 line needs work. With the next M45 and fullsize lux-ute (G55) they'll be in better shape. The next Nissan Skyline GTR is due to come here too, as an Infiniti...should be interesting.

  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,422
    IMHO, are that they are "gussied-up" Nissans. (I know others could say the same about Lexus' and Toyotas.) What I mean though, is that from the time you step in the dealership to the delivery experience, to the interiors, and to the servicing, the car is a good notch below my Lexus and Mercedes experience. That is not to say they they do not make a good reliable cars, but definitely in a class below the aformentioned marques. Even now, when I bring my G35 in to the dealer, it reeks of "Nissan", not bad, just not great. There's more to it than just a nicer looking facility; it's the state of mind, I guess. It's one reason besides crappy a/c, I haven't bought a "Q".

    (BTW, the whole Lexus "experience", if you will, IS in a different class than that of the Toyota.)
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    "IMO, Infiniti already has the engineering, innovation, and customer service, but they are missing that something - whatever it is - to attract that person who has the money to buy a luxury car, but does not have the time or interest to look at alternatives to MB, BMW, or Lexus."

    That something missing is a good reputation. Infiniti has done very little right in their short history. From blunders like horrible marketing to non-innovative products to no line continuity, Infiniti has been a case study in what not to do when launching a new car division.

    Since they were a brand-new company to begin with, that poor reputation/lack of mind share/ lack of image has stuck with them. The customer service has always been there, but the innovation and engineering have not - those are only recent (except for the original Q45). Anybody can build a great car once. But Infiniti must do this over a period of many years to earn their keep, establish an upscale image and bring in buyers.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I think your on the right track. The true answer imo is that Infiniti meandered around too much and lost the definition of what it was meant to be. Look at the post above. Someone's friends feared high maintenance costs on MB's and turned to Lexus as an alternative. Lexus positioned itself very well against MB and won plenty of converts or would be MB buyers. Take away Lexus and I'm unquestionably an MB buyer. But Infiniti, which originally sought to do to BMW what Lexus did to MB, simply failed in that strategy and lost direction. Save for the Q, I think it's getting it done now with racy performance oriented cars. But they missed that first strike in 1990 whereas Lexus hit a homerun. The Q seems to still be in that confusion state leaning too much torwards an LS430 alternative. They really need to re-design the Q quickly and make it a 7-series alternative while the 7 has that butt ugly look. They certainly have demonstrated that they can do it. Even if it only sells 12-15k in units it will get the brand that magical attention it needs.
  • pf01pf01 Posts: 35
    Finally, after all these years. Now, all Infiniti has to do is to make All-Wheel-Drive an option in Q and put that dual exhaust system in FX45, then everything is perfect.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    All those commercials in late summer of 89' that didn't show a single car didn't help either. Didn't they know Americans have short attention spans, and would probably say "oh well" about ads like that. The M30, J30, G20, and I35 didn't do squat for them either, especially if BMW was really the target. There is no lineage there, none of those models lasted more than one or two generations.

  • tmharrelltmharrell Posts: 14
    1. It is interesting to me that in a few years after Renault takes over, Infiniti comes out with two great new cars (and one questionable car). Some industry people said that they always had the engineering and innovation, but needed the focus (and maybe the cash) that Renault is giving them.

    2. IMO the Q45 does not compete with MB or BMW anymore. I drove the new Q45 recently, and it is a luxury car, not a performance car. The last Lexus cars I have test driven have all been luxury cars, so it seems to me that the Q45 is a cheaper alternative to the Lexus LS430. MB and BMW have products which appeal to a wide range of people, but I think it would require big changes to the Q45 to compete. And even then, there would be the problem of no long standing name recognition. In some ways, it has the same obscure identity as Acura's RL.

    3. I also agree with merc1 that having a history of failed models that eventually get dropped does not help Infiniti's reputation. At this point, the M45 looks like a good candidate for failure. As appealing as the performance data is, I still would not buy one.
  • I am a 24 year old car nut and I'm currently in the market for my first luxury car. Now I have always wanted a Seville STS , but at the suggestion of a friend I test drove a 1999 Q45T yesterday and really liked the car. It's quiet, It's comfortable, It's rwd, and It only has 30,000 miles on it. But, I was going to purchase a Black 2001 STS with 38,000 miles this week. The Price on the seville is $27,500 and the 99 Q45t(black, sunroof, loaded) is $23,000. The Cadillac has more kick under my right foot and is 2 years newer. I have had a bad experience with Nissan in the past but man that Q45 drove great. Can anybody justify to me buying an older Q45 over the seville? And is $23000 a reasonable price for a Q. Thank you for any response.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,422
    The '99 "Q" is the old body style but is still a nice car. How does the Caddy drive? If you buy the Caddy, consider getting an extended warranty.
  • The Caddy drives great, lots of power, just a little sloppy in the curves. It has a great exhaust note under hard acceleration, and it's hard to tell its a front driver behind the wheel. I am aware of the electronic glitches with the caddy but would defiantly get the extended warranty.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,422
    You would definitely or "defiantly" get the extended warranty?
  • tmharrelltmharrell Posts: 14
    I bought a used Q45 - it had 24000 miles. It now has 59000 miles. No rattles or squeaks, no failures or leaks. Smooth on rough roads, handled better than the two LS400s I drove as comparison. 16-17 mpg in town. Consumer Reports gives Nissan and Infiniti products good reliability ratings - so I did not buy an extended warranty. Also had a Maxima for 60000 miles - sold it to a guy who had three previous Maximas, all purchased with more than 50000 miles. Consumer Reports gives Cadillac bad reliability ratings.
  • whoops..... definitely not defiantly
  • I saw a pretty good article on 1997-2001 Q45 on the motor trend web site. I am a little nervous about nissan. I had an older maxima that cost me $6000 on repairs in three years. At one time it sat for 8 months because it needed a tranny and the cheapest price on it was $1900. My dealership experience with nissan was horrible, but then again my GM experience wasn't great either. except for Saturn which was great.
  • flabethflabeth Posts: 2
    I am seriously considering buying a 1999 Q45 with about 26,500 miles...price $23,900. Has anyone had experience with that year model and would they recommend it. The price seems good. I'm wondering too what drivers of the Q45 are getting mileage-wise. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Guys, is it possible to summarize personal experiences on Q45 for this car potential buyers? I am thinking about new M45 but the prices for slightly used Q45 are so sweet - people like me would definitely appreciate information and advise from people who have actually owned the car & love/hate the car.
  • kappaman1kappaman1 Posts: 18
    Just recently purchased a '99 Q45 with 45k. I think that you are getting a good deal at that price and for such low mileage. I've been very pleased with the car and think that this is such a great car for the money.
  • flabethflabeth Posts: 2
    I did buy the 99 Q45 and have only had it a couple of days. Its a beautiful car and drives great! Thanks for the info.
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