Buick Rendezvous hub bearings

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had both front hub bearings replaced now it seems to turn harder any thoughts


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    Before we replaced the front wheel bearings (both hubs) on my wife's 2003 FWD RDV, I found that vehicle had very sloppy steering. It aways had too much 'over steer' and too much 'under steer'. Very "loose feeling" steering - especially while accelerating or braking around corners. After both front wheel bearings were replaced (with higher then GM quality replacement parts), the steering in our RDV felt firm. Very firm. Almost like only 1/2 its power steering pumping system was working. I took another 2002/2003 FWD RDV for a test drive and it "felt" the same. re: Firm with very predictable steering behavior in the corners. Thus, proving I needed to get "used to" the way its steering should feel. Should feel on properly working "within specs" steering system.

    If your RDV's steering feels firmer, your tires don't have any weird wear patterns and it steers straight down the road (with no hands on its steering wheel), then perhaps, your vehicle's steering is suppose to feel that way as well. And, you aren't used to it (like in my wife's 2003 FWD RDV and its new front wheel bearings).

    If wondering, I actually life the new "feels firm" steering of our 2003 FWD RDV (with new wheel bearings) compared to our other vehicle - which is a 2009 FWD mini-van. To me, the 2003 FWD RDV steering feels much firmer and stronger - when compared to our mini-van.

    Hope this helps...

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    Updated (got rear bearings replaced this time).


    My wife has a FWD 2003 Buick RDV (2nd edition) with only 174,000 kms (110,000 miles) on it. Took it in for a brake job and the next day, our "run about" came out the auto shop doors with new brake job and 2 x new "rear bearings". Our trusted auto mechanic said its high wheel bearing wear is normal - for this heavy weight vehicle (and such low miles). Luckily, he installed the "much better" HD replacement rear bearings. Not too sure of the exact part number but he said for this heavy weight vehicle (that's used for transporting kids on remote rual roads), he'd only install the more expensive HD parts. Surprising, the cost(before taxes) for rear wheel bearing replacement was only for $700. ($350 for each side).

    If your RDV is reaching this distance limit, do ask your trusted mechanic to "double check" its wheel bearings (front and rear) for "over wear" as well. In a way, we were lucky. Got this fixed before it broke during transport. Especially with our kids in the vehicle within our remote rual country roads.

    If wondering, our 2003 Buick RDV is worth fixing. Not a spec of rust on her. And, her engine runs as "smooth as a purring kitten".

    Hope this helps others...

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    Thanks for the update!

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