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Volvo S80



  • I have a "crazy" idea and would like to ask the current S80 owners, who bought their cars through the OSD.

    Is it possible, that the OSD cars are "hand picked" and more thoroughly tested before the delivery?

    The current "OSD" owners. Is there somebody who has bought their S80 through the OSD and really unhappy with it, because it "doomed" with the defects?
  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107
    Good thing you didn't get the fog light fixed; fog lights do not work the way fog light are sold to work as -- its all bogus. Best to disconnect the other fog light and thus get a little better gas mileage.
  • gpierce1gpierce1 Posts: 5
    Hello, I am having a problem with both of my front door windows. I am about to remove the door panels and can not get a hold of any manuals. Does anyone know if there is anything unigue about removing the door panel?


    But you better have some spare plastic clips (rivets).
  • gpierce1gpierce1 Posts: 5
    Thank you,
    I the information was very helpful. Even more I like the web site that your information directed me to. I did not know about this site.

    Thanks again
  • gpierce1gpierce1 Posts: 5
    I have a 99 S80 and the sun roof has a rattle when I go over a bump. I noticed that when the sun roof is closed the the back of the sun roff moves up and down about 1/8 of an inch when I push up on it. Does the gasket need to be replaced or is there an adjustment that will tighten this up.

  • sghsgh Posts: 2
    Wife is very impressed with a 2000 S80T6 with only 38k.

    I'm leery of the bad reviews in terms of reliability, particularly electrical issues.

    What's your experience been? Would you buy one?

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    but not a 2000. Get a 2001 or newer, they're awesome.
  • I did not have any electrical problems with my 2000 S80 2.9 (75,000 miles), and I do not think that it is different from the T6 electrically.
  • sghsgh Posts: 2
    Is that based upon reliability issues? Other reasons? This one only has 38k and is in mint condition.
  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107
    How about a 2001 certified pre-owned. I was thinking of getting one.

    Look at this example (actuall for sale at Volvo dealers in SoCal) of price difference between two certificaed PreOwned S-80s with about the same number of miles.

    2000 S80 2.9 A SR 26,162 $21,995

    2003 S80 2.9 A SR 19,010 $29,640

    It would seem to me the 2000 year S-80 is a great deal over the 2003. Why would one pay the $7500 difference?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Much better electronics on 2003, esp the throttle unit. Also, suspension bushings were improved. Body moldings match the car color, no more gray.
    Engine retuned to provide more low end torque. Car is faster at city speeds than before.
    Longer warranty w/ 2003.
  • indyindy Posts: 1
    This problem has cropped up for the second time in less than one year. The first time I was left stranded, the second time I was proactive and took the car in when I started recognizing the signs. Although the car is still in warranty (less than 30,000 miles) I was told that the factory only pays for this problem once and now I am on my own. Is this a common problem for Volvo or the S80? Also, I cannot get a staight answer as to what might cause this problem and if there are ways to avoid it. Thank you.
  • larryp3larryp3 Posts: 20
    Lots of folks, including me, have never seen this problem. I have a 2002 and a close friend has a 2000 S80 t6. The friend's is a short tripper with 55k. Are you using brand name hi test gas with good detergent levels? Are you using Mobil-1 or Amsoil and changing oil in tune with driving style. The varnish is probably coming from the oil and the gas could help clean it however the gas does not pass thru the throttle so oil fumes recycled by the PCV system are my main suspect. Gas which works its way into the oil could be a factor. Amsoil claims low oil volatility which may be helping. It would help us all to know if "pampering" a little prevents this problem. This problem may be the best argument for synthetic oils. P.S. I am NOT an Amsoil dealer, just a happy customer.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    I don't exactly know what problems you have, but as long as it's covered under the factory warranty, it should and will be fixed by the dealer. Over the years, I noticed that many Volvo dealers hire the worst junks in the street. They don't know what they are talking about. If you are unsure about the warranty, you may get a better answer by calling Volvo's 800 number instead of asking the dealers.
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    According to Automotive News, Volvo has a $5,000 dealer incentive on the S80 through April 30.
  • derekchoyderekchoy Posts: 36
    I'd like to DIY on the basic maintenance (like oil/filter change, etc) of my 99 S80 2.9. Does anyone know of any Bentley or other maintenance manual I can get for my S80?

    I looked around but didn't find anything.

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    My business partner has an 01 s80 t6 with 55,000-miles . no varnish yet.
  • What are the symptoms?
    I have 75100 miles on mine 2000 S80 2.9 and no signs of any performance degradation. I use premium gas, but from the different sources, including generic Costco brand, but had all the services from the Volvo dealership, if this matters.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    is only on the T6 model.
  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107
    That must mean a whole new S-80 this fall? Does this mean that this Friday I can strike a good deal on an S-80?

    Suprised the S-80 has a timing belt (rather than a timing chain). Why would anyone use {Primium gas in an S-80 when regular would suffice)?
  • Timing belt is quieter, and currently the is premium less than 10% (20C difference over the base of $2.10 - 2.20) more expensive than the regular, but provides much better performance, and IMHO and quite extensive statistical base (75K) pretty much the same cost per mile.

    Makes perfect sense to me.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    No new S80 is planned for at least 2 yrs.
    The S80 has been heavily subsidized for years.

    Volvo stipulates Prem unleaded in all their cars.
    Although it is safe to burn lesser gas, you just get less performance and worse mileage.
  • I have a 2001 S80. It has 27,000 miles on it and in that time, I have lost 6 hub caps. Has anyone else had this problem? The dealership has been replacing them for free, but my warranty is going expire next year and these $30.00 a piece hub caps are going to start to be on me! I asked the dealership to check the rims for problems, and of course they do not find a problem. They are telling me that they are being stolen. I find it hard to believe since there is no evidence of that on the rims (scratches..etc). HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • There are semi-permanent glues available, similar to "Lock-tight"(??) brand. Remove the cap, apply a gel (paste) on a rim of the cap and put it back on.
    It usually helps. If the cap will be lost again, it is likely that it either is stolen or you might have scratched a wheel against of the curb.
  • mcozmcoz Posts: 5
    Thanks for your opinion. I feel a bit better. I do still miss both our 740GLE and 940 Turbo. For the past month or so, we haven't been in need of any repairs. Thank You God! So maybe this one will make the 200,000 mile like our 87 740 did! I do love driving the car. Glad we got the 2001 model year. Only thing I've noticed lately is that when the A/C is on and it is not that hot out, the compressor keeps clicking on and off rather often Is this a concern? Seems like we put more gas into the tank than we have been used to with the older Volvos. Let me know what you think. I'll keep you posted as well. Thanks! Mike C.
  • lev_berkovichlev_berkovich Posts: 858
    You are welcome.
    I do not think that AC is a problem. I like the auto climate control in S80. It works really well for me. I have set the temperature dial to 72 on both sides, set the main switch to Auto, and has never touched the controls again for years. At the beginning of the ride I set the Recirculation mode, and then, in 15 - 20 min, turn it off. The car does the rest, summer or winter.

    I am getting about 20 mpg for the city driving cycle, and about 25 mpg on the highway, but it's for 2.9.

    What engine do you have?

  • george2george2 Posts: 2
    I too have a 2004 with the 2.5T engine and it is about the worst driving experience I ever had. The turbo lag in city driving will make you crazy. You step on the gas expecting the car to take off and it will sit there for a while trying to make up its mind if it is going to go faster or not. I had a 2003 with the 2.9 engine and I am sorrier than hell I ever let it go. This will absolutely be my last Volvo as long as they believe that all of their customers want to drive turbocharged cars. (PS: My car has been back to the dealer 3 times in the last 2 months for turbo related problems)
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Your compressor is doing exactly what it should do in tepid weather - it is cycling off and on to conserve fuel, rather than running constantly when it's not needed.

    Also, the recirculation mode is automatic. On very hot days, it should start out in recirc mode, until the cabin is cooler, then switch automatically to outside air.
  • jointjoint Posts: 4
    2000 T6 - car began wandering on its own. Steering rack replaced (50,000 miles) - had to wait months as dealer said "all defective, stopped making steering racks for my year, had to redesign". Redesign has lousy power assist, and even worse the car seems to steer you, rather than the other way around ... it seems to veer all over the road. Front end was aligned. Anyone experience this? any fixes? anyone even know what car part is the root cause for this? all thoughts appreciated.
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