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Volvo S80



  • dolphindolphin Posts: 71
    They claim that the engine heat had cracked not know if that was true, but because Volvo has not released the computers to work on these cars, I have only the dealer to go to...
  • mcozmcoz Posts: 5
    Sorry for taking so long to reply. It is hard to remember exactly where i am suppose to be in the forum to check my messages. We have the T6 engine. I contacted my salesman who also drives a 04 T6 and he said he get 17 city. That's what we get. We used to get 20 with our 940 turbo. The car is in repair today for bad AM reception, a thumping wooshing sound from under the hood( maybe the struts) and a buzzing noise that seems to be coming from behind the back seats. Guess I should have held onto our 940. Thanks!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    >> It is hard to remember exactly where i am suppose to be in the forum to check my messages.

    Try using the Suscribe and Message Center features. The Town Hall Help File on the left side of the page should help you in working with them.

  • Since it has been quite a while ago, I do not remember what my original point was, probably that the new Volvos are not worse than the old ones.
    I am really sorry, that you are not happy with your T6. I have a good time with my 2.9. It makes 20 MPG on mixed driving (bad mix both ways - either city traffic, or freeway stop-n-go, or freeway blast at over 75 - all of these conditions are bad for the mileage). It makes 25-27 MPG on the long leisure highway trips.
    I do not know what a good AM reception should be, but I am pretty content with mine, it drops stations when I am far away from city, and pick - up some noise under the power lines, but I think that is normal.
    And I have had all the common issues for 2000 MY car - sub-frame bushings, etc., but the service department of Calabasas Volvo fixed them all fast and professionally, so I did not feel much of inconvenience.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    I love my 2000 S80 T-6. It's old and new. I bought it with only 17,000 miles (20,000 now), and just squeaked under the 47-month wire to get the extended VIP warranty. Already used it to replace brake booster, due to bad pedal pressure sensor. $459 part plus four hours of labor at $78.50 per. Love that $100 deductible! At first I figured it was the common ABS module problem, but this surprised even the service manager. He claims this is an unusual repair, even for this car.
  • tmex12tmex12 Posts: 15
    I have Volvo S80 2.9. Recently whenever I make a sharp right or left turn an error message shows up on the dashboard:


    The Oil can sign also shows up. All this happens in a few seconds.

    I have serviced the car as per schedule. Is there something I should be scared of.
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,204
    Sounds like you're low on oil. Have you checked your oil level?
  • sparqsparq Posts: 5
    Hello folks,
    Here's my story. With 100k miles on my 2000T6, the transmission is finally gone. When around 90k, I started noticing vibrations during gear change - the transmission "hesitated". The dealer said don't worry about it. It worsened over the time, and now I have big problems with acceleration. It feels like the tranny doesn't transfer the engine power - RPMs go high but there's no acceleration at all. When I release the acc. pedal, it feels like the transmission suddenly "locks" and the car is kicked forward with a mighty hitch, however hitting the accelerator again results in another idle RPMs.

    Now the dealer told me that the are some error codes on the transmission, and that a replacement will cost around 4000 USD (which is now about 1/3 of the car value). I've found one 2002 tranny at the aftermarket - it has 18k miles on it and cost will be a fraction of a new part. I just hope it's going to work for me.

    Has anyone any experience with installation of used parts; and particularly transmissions?

    And, just for curiosity, has anyone experienced same problems like me?

  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    'Used' and 'aftermarket' are not mutually exclusive. If this 18K transmission is a used one from another S80, then I'd go ahead. But if it's used AND an aftermarket (made by another manufacturer), I'd stay away. I've read nothing but bad things from people who have tried to replace S80 trannys with aftermarket--used or not. Also, if you think this car is worth $12,000, you're dreaming. It's a wonderful car, but chronic problems like these have driven re-sale value into the ground. Two months ago I paid $18,500 for a 2000 T-6 with only 17,000 miles on it. If you love this car, then go ahead and fix it properly--but as cheaply as you can. Otherwise, dump it for a newer, more reliable 2002-2004 model.
  • sparqsparq Posts: 5
    Thanks, heywood1. My "new" tranny is an original part from a 2002 S80-T6 that overturned (I saw the car).
    I don't have many options now and have to stay with my baby for some time. Hopefully the tranny is the only bigger investment in the next 12+ months!
  • sparqsparq Posts: 5
    Just a sigh.
    When listening to observations of the mechanic who's replacing the tranny for me (I trust him, he's straight and he has good experience with Volvos), I feel like issuing a chart of most infamous Volvo dealers in New England... I must've been very naive to have regularly serviceed my car at Volvo dealers after the warranty had expired!
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Not sure I understand....How many miles are on the car? Regularly serviced or not, these trannys on the earlier S80's seem to have a spotty record.
  • nedc2nedc2 Posts: 192
    I'm wondering if a V8 powered AWD S80 Premier/Executive model is in the works. It seems Volvo really needs that to compete in the $40K and up segment. Stretching the car 3 to 4 inches would be a good idea too.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Yes, look for the new S80 sometime in 2006.
    Will be AWD w/ the new V8.
  • nedc2nedc2 Posts: 192
    Is the next gen S80 going to remain on the P2 platform, or do Volvo plan on migrating it to their version of Ford corporate EUCD plaform like the next S60? I would also assume that the 5 and/or 6 cyl. versions of the S80 will still be available in North America.
  • The future EUCD platform is defined as a European upper-middle class platform (Ford Mondeo - Contour, Galaxy, new crossover, maybe Jaguar X and Volvo S60/V70) - next step from the current C1 platform. It is not going to be large enough for S80. There are rumors that PAG can built a common platform for Volvo S80 - Jaguar S. This sounds more plausible. However, I would believe that a new S80 will be based on a VCC concept (P2 platform?).

    And by the way - C1 is a great platform, definite success in every flavor - Ford, Mazda, Volvo.
  • On a 2003 S80 which I bought new 17 months ago, just noticed while cleaning the wheels that there are small pits in the finish. They are very small but would seem to indicate a problem with the plating. They will not rub off. Has anyone had this problem and if so, how did the dealer address it? It has to be a defect in the wheel plating. Since I live in Oklahoma, we do not see as much road salt and chemicals as the northern states.

    There also seems to be a lot of brake dust on the wheels only days after cleaning. I have read about this on the board, but having owned only American made cars before, wondered if this indicated excessive pad wear.

    Thanks for your help.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The new S80 platform is done. It is a FWD oriented platform, so Jaguar won't use it.
    The S80's body and styling are being finalized.
  • Is there any detailed info on a Web, that I can take a look at?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    No, there was a pic of the car under a cover that was put up on a noted Volvo enthusiast site.
    Whether that is truly the final design is anyone's guess.
    We may be given some info next month @ the XC90 V8 ride and drive.
  • Took car to dealer. They said it was brake dust stuck to the wheels. It was on the surface and not pits. Could feel it with finger nail. They cleaned the wheels and removed almost all of the black specks. Said I could use a brush and detergent and "elbow grease" to remove the remainder . They didn't have any other recommendations, but wouldn't a sealer or wax help keep the dust from adhering to the wheel?

    I was pleased with the free service which also included a wash job.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    A sealer or wax wouldn't last very long.
    There is no substitute for cleaning your wheels once a week.
    An expensive sloution would be chrome plating your wheels, they are easier to clean and look good too.
  • I have been using Nu Finish liquid on two sets of alloy wheels. One set is Volvo wheels and the other is Borbet from tire rack. I apply the liquid once a year at snow wheel changeover, with good success. The brake dust comes off all year with a sponge and car soap, and there are no pits or "hard to remove" deposits after years of use. I'm in snow country too so there's lots of salt around.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Let's not dwell on the replacement for the S-80. The current model will be the last platform not contaminated by Ford bean counters. I'm planning to buy one of the last of the current version before it becomes automotive history--V-8 or not.

    Q: What do you call a Jaguar now that they're owned by Ford?

    A: A FORD!
  • While traveling on vacation the holiday weekend i noticed a vibration when i made a left turn or when climbing a hill while going through West Virginia. does this sound like a transmission?????? i did hit a big pot hole and had tires checked for balance and have tested the car with hard accelerations and it does not vibrate...?????????? when taking..
  • I have a 1999 s80. I wish I had seen this site before, would love to have known if the throttle cleaning was my problem. Bought it in Novemebr 2002. In shop 9 times in 6 months with power drop off, eventually replaced intake manifold, only slight improvement. Just replaced throttle body, as well as, front sway bars twice, strut mount front drivers, both rear struts, brake booster, sunroof need replacing, bumper loosened off twice, engine mount broke off, and the list goes on.
    Buy another one - only with a death wish. Volvo denied any service bulletins ever issues for any of these problems. Not true.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I wouldn't be so shortsighted if I were you.

    So far, Fords "beancounters" haven't come anywhere near Volvo.
    The new S40 is the first fruit of the Volvo Ford partership and its arguably the best driving and handling Volvo ever.
    Its also cheaper than the 1993 Volvo 240 was in real dollars.
    The current S80 is a nice car, but out of date by modern standards.

    I would also direct your attention to the new Jaguar XJ, 100% Jaguar and no skimping from the beancounters.
  • Thanks, Max,
    I agree, so far Ford's influence was only for better. I could add that a world awarded roll-over protection system was designed by Ford's affiliate Continental Teves.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Point taken about the XJ; I'd be proud to own one. But I would direct YOUR attention to the X-type. The dash and switches look like that of any Ford you might rent from Hertz, and is one of many reasons why a $5,000 drop in MSRP was needed to help move these turds.

    I have been told that part of the acquisition agreement prohibits Fords from sharing bits with Volvos (I'm paraphrasing) for ten years, but allows the opposite. So if this is true--and when the ten years is up--I believe the bean counters at Ford won't be able to help themselves. They need to make up the losses from Jaguar somewhere.
  • I have been told that part of the acquisition agreement prohibits Fords from sharing bits with Volvos (I'm paraphrasing) for ten years, but allows the opposite.

    I do not think it is true. The C1 platform (Ford/Mazda/Volvo) is a true shared technology. I just do not believe that Ford will deliberately hurt them self by not trusting the Volvo design team which knows how to build large sedans. So far we can see the opposite - all Ford new large sedans and cross - overs are Volvo-based.
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