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Acura Legend



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi Conor, welcome!

    You might want to also post in our Electronic Gremlins: Electrical Problems That Are Driving You Crazy discussion. It's over on the Maintenance & Repair board - there are a lot of knowledgeable folks hanging out over there.

    Good luck.
  • ok i just recently purchased a 1992 acura legend 4 dr sedan,i have every piece of paper work ever done on the vehicle from the previouse owner. my current problem is when i turn the car on the fans run for about 1 minute and then shut off and wont turn back on, the car temperature gauge slowly goes up to the red line the whole time theres no heat inside my car and the fans do not come on. the car has had replaced within the last 5 months;radiator, t belt, water pump, therastat, all the radiator hoses and clamps, head gaskets, not exactly sure what my problem could be at this point, i put about 1/2 qt of radiator fluid in it when i first got it and its been staying at pretty much the same fluid level since. HELP
  • I would think the relays and thermoswitches responsible for fan operation would be good things to have tested.
  • Just traded in my 92 Legend for an 06 RL. Sniff, I'll miss her.
  • coveycovey Posts: 1
    I am in the same boat...I LOVE MY '92 LEGEND! How do you like the RL in comparison? I haven't made it to the car lots yet. My mechanic told me I had to give in this time...small leak in head gasket...diagnosis: cost too much to fix...I actually cried!
  • My 95 legend LS is having some electrical problems - memo lights on seat adjusts blink continuously-runs battery down after few days-???, D4 light blinking, speedometer is nuts (VSS problem I've read re last 2 complaints), door locks a bit crazy (actuators, I've read) but now a new one: FM radio will not stay tuned. Goes into a scan on its own and will not stop anywhere. AM tuner and tape player function fine. Any ideas about this? This problem started right before the speedometer one.
    Are all these items related by any chance?
    I have not owned this long and have not yet even found a mechanic. Any help appreciated.
  • Check the computer for codes. Either all of this is coincidence or you have a larger common electrical problem.
  • Thanks for your input.
    I am sure I have a larger electrical problem.
    Whast would you say is the best way to go about diagnosing it?
  • The VSS not working long enough should at least trip one code not to mention with all the other problems you are having there is likely to be some other stuff going on. As for tracing electrical issues....find a mechanice who specializes in this or is good at it. Or even one who is just willing. Most mechanics (at least from my experience) despise looking for electrical problems since they can occur virtually anywhere in the looms all around the car.

    If all that stuff went bad at once though, its safe to say something major is at fault and that should make it easier to pinpoint.
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    Looking at buying a used 1992 Legend, and it says they requior premium fuel. Will it run on regular? with gas prices paying that much more for premium Fuel on a 14 year old car seems abit too expensive. Will the Legend run on regular or will that mess up with the engine?
  • I have a '92 Legend Coupe, and indeed they prefer premium. But the computer will compensate if you use regular. It seems to do just fine.

    The difference, however, is a substantial drop in performance :cry: , since one of the things that is different with regular is if the timing is as advanced as much as with premium, you will get preignition or detonation, which is worse. And the '92 has a clever enough computer to prevent those conditions.

    So. The bottom line for me is this: premium gas is about 6% more expensive 'round Southern California than is regular. But I seem to get about 8% better gas mileage with premium than I do with regular. This negates any seeming economy, so why would I use regular? I no longer do. Looking at the hard dollars, the premium gas is more economical, even though by a slight margin. At the same time, the car is more fun to drive, and it doesn't cost me a dime :D .

    Hope this helps.

  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    Thanks, just was curious because I used to use premium in my Accord V6 (up until gas prices sky rocketed), and I didnt find much of a difference. But then again, the Accord was ment to run on regular. And if you get better gas milage and more fun with Premium, then it all evens out haha. Well I guess we will just have to wait and see what kind of a deal this guy can give me for the Legend ;) . I like the classic luxo car look, and they got huge engines! Thanks for your help.
  • Hi, thanks for your answer.
    I did take it in last week and the code said left wheel speed sensor and they said it was covered in oil due to cv boot blowing. They said my radio problem was separate internal radio problem. So, I replaced the boot. After two days of fine driving (not alot but some driving with no problems) the vss problems have now resurfaced - whacky speedometer, d4 light blinking, funny shifting. I took it back in next day (all was working fine on drive in) and no codes could be read. They said they could do no more - go to dealer. What do you think - especially about randomness of trouble? Do the problems have to happening for a code to be read? Thanks.
  • I miss my Legend :cry: Totaled last fall when I hit a patch of ice and found a tree. I was cleaning out the garage this morning and found a bunch of new oil filters. Fits 86 and 87 model years. $2.50 each. Since I no longer own the car, I probably won't be checking here often so please email me if you are interested.


  • joel30joel30 Posts: 6
    can you let me know what kind of problem you have because i am having the same problem on my 91 acura legend.
  • joel30joel30 Posts: 6
    the d4 light blinking and hard shifting and the speedometer going crazy.
  • The D4 light blinking is warning you of an upcoming transmission problem. Take it to the dealership ASAP or at your earliest convenience. Honda did this to the accord and it comes in handy. It is quite nerve wrecking at first though...
  • I just bought a 1992 legend and ive had a few people tell me that they have alot of problems with the transmission as well as small problems.Im a bit worried and any info would help.The only issue in having right now is the d4 light not comming on when i shift and my blower is not working for the heater or air.
  • :blush: Just like the rest of you Legend lovers, I had my real first set of problems today with the car, I had my water pump and timing belt replaced on Wednesday, last night when I decided to drive it to go visit a friend that lives 150 miles it gradully starting slowing down and I decided to pull over, once I tried to restart the car it wouldn't the battery is turning over but it will not start :sick: . I am thinking that it is probably the Timing belt tensioner but I am not sure.. any suggestions??? :confuse:
  • I bought my 95 Acura Legend LS with 142000 miles and got a bargain. After a couple months the temperature needle rose up so I took it to Honda and it would not rise for them so they replaced the thermostat saying it looked like it needed replacing. I drove away and the temperature needle rose up so back to Honda and they discovered I had a cracked head gasket. Said that if the pistons are raised I would need a whole new engine and quoted $3800 for that worse case scenario. A mechanic friend used a liquid sealant for $150 to try and seal the crack but that was a short lived patch job. After a second attempt of the sealant and yet another new thermostat I can not drive more than 3 miles without the temperature needle rising to just below the red line. A different mechanic friend is going to replace the head gasket for cheap labor cost and we have purchased the head gasket kit ourselves. My question is has anyone had 'raised pistons' as this would be the worst case scenario for me - my car won't be fixed for over a week and so I have to wait and see.
  • oznawoznaw Posts: 5
    My radiator cap made my Legend pverheat...repalce it and all is fine
  • quest3quest3 Posts: 33
    Man I feel like a kid in a candy store. I just had to say I am a Legend fan as are most if not all of you and the stars were all finally aligned perfectly and I now am a proud owner of a white 95 LS coupe in ridiculously fantastic condition with 67K original miles. This thing looks like it was never sat in, even the drivers seat. It drives and looks like its 1995 all over again. Is it too soon to say I love my Legend? Whats the rule on this? I'm 35 and been wanting this car since I was 20, if my wife went crazy when I got my 360 and PS3, I may be in for a divorce with this one.
  • westofleftwestofleft Posts: 9
    Wow! Is this a Gen 2?

    Sounds like you'll take good care of it. Let us know if you decide doing without is better than divorce ;-)
  • quest3quest3 Posts: 33
    Yes it is.. It will be pampered like it was the rarest most saught after vehicle in the world.
  • dynamtransdynamtrans Posts: 1
    I bought a 1989 Acura Legend for my lady and I have the 1988 myself. Car seemed to be in good shape and we love them,but:surprise: The power steering does not seem to work. I checked all the obvious stuff, anyone know what could b the problem?? The car is good otherwise,previous owner put in a cool stereo could they have disconnected something accidently? Any info would b great.Wifey does not like the armstrong steering and we wonder if there is any danger? :confuse:
  • practicalpractical Posts: 53
    I never had one and Acura renamed it to Re-Lose.

    Sad to see how Acura is doing. Anyway, my favorite Legend is the first gen Coupe!
  • acural53acural53 Posts: 1
    I have enjoyed reading all these posts from other fellow owners. I bought my Coupe new in '93, still own it even though I now have a very cherry 2000 Lexus LS 400 w/ only 31K miles I picked up last year.
    Two VERY different cars, and different driving sensations. Over the years, I've had a few normal "wear & tear" things replaced, (tranny motor mount, driver door latch, radiator reservoir, and a couple of thermostats. The car was sitting up for almost 6 months in a garage, then I realized I better drive this sucker before stuff starts going south. It has a true 99,300 miles on the odometer. The driver;s leather bolster is a bit worn, but otherwise the interior is still in excellent shape. Body is still tight, I just had a front bumper replaced, has the Alpine 6 CD changer in the trunk, Bose system all original. Only thing is the ABS unit went south a few months ago and at $1500.00 to replace it, it's not a priority (and I don't drive fast enough for the brakes to lock up). This Legend still turns heads, young guys always ask if it's for sale. I have chrome 17": Omni rims on Falken 245-45/17 times, a smoke tint, car is black, paint still looks great. The thing I must say I love is the styling-it still looks great, very timeless. I wish the gas mileage was a bit better-the Lexus has a 4.0 liter V8 and gets BETTER mileage. But it's my weekend cruiser. I have considered selling it, but I just can't yet part with this car. My step daughter rode in it a few days ago, and couldn't believe the car was a '93. The Lexus is a vault when the windows are up, the Nakamichi stereo is awesome, it is a fantastic luxo cruiser, no doubt, and a sleeper when accelerating. BUT...sorry, I love my Legend.

    And it ain't going nowhere....but back in my garage!
  • oznawoznaw Posts: 5
    Great, my 95 sedan is still hot and a head turner. Only problem is it wont keep water in the radiator and runs hot about every 3 days. A year ago I got a new head gasket, water pump, radiator, cap, themostat.....I hate to get rid of it but I need reliability.
  • simba114simba114 Posts: 1
    I am new to the acura owners group and have a question you have heard many times. Can anyone here get me my code for the radio? The serial number is B20248808 for a 1992 Legend. how do I enter it? is there a certain sequence? :confuse:
  • I am in need of a copy of the section pertaining to seat belts in the 1993 Acura Legend Owners Manual. My manual was recently stolen, and I am trying to fight a ticket in court. I was cited for wearing my seat belt incorrectly (shoulder strap under my arm). I would greatly appreciate it if that section could be copied and faxed or emailed to me. Thank you!!!!!! Wish me luck
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