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Acura Legend



  • tprjimtprjim Posts: 16
    Call, or go to, your local Acura dealership. They will (usually) provide the code. If all else fails call Acura of Augusta(GA) 1-800-851 5158
  • tprjimtprjim Posts: 16
    You were wearing your seatbelt incorrectly; what is there to dispute?
  • gwinbeargwinbear Posts: 16
    Don't rule out the possibility that the previous owner might have disconnected the power steering on purpose. This is one of those cars that you can make a 90 degree turn with a pinky finger.
  • laveencatlaveencat Posts: 3
    I had this problem with my 92 coupe. I replaced the speed sensor on the transmission. Resolved the issue. I think it cost me $250.

    92 Legend Coupe. 300k miles and runs like a dream. Looking to purchase a M or GS but will keep the legend as a daily driver. This has been the most trouble free car I have ever owned.
  • scotteeescotteee Posts: 5
    I just bought an 87 Acura Legend. I've never owned one before but it was such a great deal I couldn't pass it up. I'm beginning to understand the passion that I am reading in previous posts. What a great automobile! Also, it's obvious that the previous owner (only owner) had that passion as he kept an unbelievably meticulous (almost obsessive) record of everything that has ever been done to it. It's got 210,000 miles on it and runs beautifully, floats down the road, and has brand new leather interior.

    Anyway, I have 2 issues that I need to try and resolve. First is the Speedometer. The answer to this may be in the previous post, but it seems to be all over the place. Every once in a while it shows the correct speed but usually runs about 50mph above what I'm going and bounces around. Is this a "speed sensor" in the transmission? And if so what does it take to replace it?

    The other problem is in the A/C fan motor. It's either on all the way or not at all. Someone mentioned to me about a resistor that controls the variable speed. Does this sound right? and, again, if so what does it take to replace it?

    I'm looking forward to getting to know this car really well!

    Thanks for any feed back.
  • sehulseysehulsey Posts: 1
    I have a 1989 Legend that will not start I replaced the coil ignitor and it ran for about 10 miles and then quit i think something is causeing it to burn the coil but dont know what it might be I have also been told to check the Electronic modulator but have no idea where it is or how to check to see if it is good any help is apperciated
  • kirkajakirkaja Posts: 1
    Not A Typical Head Gasket Problem
    If somebody could help me who has some knowledge of Acura or Honda, I’d appreciate it.
    I have a 1993 4 door acura legend, it’s been a great car for me but it does have 200k miles on it. I’ve had an off and on problem over the last 9 months of overheating. 7 months ago, I replaced the thermostat, and put in new radiator. Shortly after 3 hoses had broken, over the course of about 6 weeks, 2 from the radiator. We replaced them, they were old and needed replacing. At the time we tested the engine with block test , it should turn the fluid from dark blue ultimately to yellow if there was a head gasket problem, it did change slightly to a green blue, but was not conclusive as to being a head gasket problem. And that made sense in that the car showed no symptoms of a head gasket problem, there was no water in the oil, there was no smoke in the exhaust upon starting up in the morning and the compression was fine.
    For the first 3 months of this year, it ran fine until it started overheating again. It wouldn’t use much coolant. I would always pull aside at the first hint of overheating and checked my levels, usually to find that the radiator was down a quart but that the auxiliary reservoir was always full never augmenting the radiator coolant level. After letting it cool off, adding small amounts of coolant and turning on the heater, I could manage to continue where I was going or drive back home without a further incident.
    A few months ago I took my car to another mechanic, he ended up replacing the thermostat again, the water pump, which was making some noise but I couldn’t determine was really leaking, an o ring in the manifold, and several sensors that I knew weren’t the problem. It cost me $1100 bucks.
    Still a few days later, it overheated again,. The time between overheating incidents had became less and less , to the point they were happening every 75 miles if I didn’t replenish the coolant levels. At a friends urging I had the thermostat removed. I had heard that Honda had problems with their replacement thermostats.
    When I removed the thermostat, I had over 120 miles without an incident, I was feeling confident that was the problem until I took about a 100 mile trip and found it overheating again.
    At one point I wondered if I had the right radiator. After coming home from a 50 mile trip I opened the hood to find it spraying through a pinhole leak for about 30 seconds. I took it to the guy who sold me the radiator, he tested it under 18 lbs. psi and it didn’t leak. He said it was the right radiator and he couldn’t replace if he couldn’t find a leak it and that he suspected that it was a head gasket problem. We bleeded it , there were a few bubbles every once in a while but not enough to assume the worst.
    More recently the symptoms are becoming more the same, the hoses feel very much under pressure after driving only say 15 miles. Without the common symptoms, could this still be a head gasket problem?
    Thank You for any counsel
  • oznawoznaw Posts: 5
    I've had the same problem on my 95 Legend (189K)and have had simular issues than you. I also hooked the fan up directly so it run whenever the key is on. Found milkly white on my dip stick last Sat (head gasket, thermostat, waterpump, radiator and cap are less than a year old. SUCKS!
  • Hello i have a 1995 Legend LS Coup with 140,000 mile, need to replace the ac receiver dryer is that a common problem with the ac's on the legend and by doing the regular maintenance will that slow the risk of a blow head gasket?
  • You have a seeping head gasket. Not as bad as a blown hg, but it will slowly get worse. That is why your blok-check kit did not go right to yellow. As it gets worse, you *may* see some of the traditional signs such as white exhaust, and gunk under the radiator cap. Better way to test for it is to have a shop "wand" your radiatior with his emissions testing equipment. He will pass his wand over the top of your open radiator to check for hydrocarbons. Its typically the #1 or #6 cylinder. If you pull those plugs, I am sure you will find one of them has been steam cleaned by the coolant.
  • the only thing you can do to slow that risk, is to service your cooling system religously, and only use acura coolant. AC has nothing to do with that.
  • I need to replace my AC compressor and clutch, but the price I'm getting is ~$1,000, parts & labor.

    I'm in Southern Cal and it's really HOT! Is there a cheaper solution to this situation? I did a lot of my car work in college, but modern cars are a bit out of my league.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Somebody HELP ME!!! I have a 1989 Acura Legend I bought for $500.00. So far my only big problem is that the guy lost the original keys with the keyless entry. Nobody and I mean nobody but the dealer can get me another one but for a hefty price. Does anybody have or know the posible FCC# on the remote so that I can try that way on line via Ebay? If not does anyone know how to bypass the immobilizer (kill switch), if I don't stick the key in the ignition or open the door fast enough the car automatically activtes the kill switch and the car won't start for at least 20-30 minutes after that it works beautifully. Like all of the discussions I read prior to this message I too love my car and with gas prices the way they are I'd be a fool it get rid of a sweet ride!! Hope for a miracle.
  • I have read the posts about overheating. Have 95 Legend with month old new timing belt & water pump and am @ 90Km or so. Last night after driving awhile had strong gas smell and then temp guage rose to top of red and then dropped back down again few secs later. Drove some more and it repeated to hot and back down. Second time did not have gas smell. Tank was filled earlier in day & had just turned a corner when smell first noticed.
    Are these related??? Since timing belt installed engine seems to be louder too. A symptom?
    a PS: Just drove it around the block: heater is blowing cold, and it revs strongly in idle. What are these signs of?? I am not savvy to know what I am looking at under the hood and so I would appreciate so input before I call the mechanic. Could the new water pump work be bad causing this new problem? Thanks.
  • cris10cris10 Posts: 1
    Hello I have a 91 Acura Legend w/155 miles. The other day I went to start my car to go to work and it was making a funny sound and shaking as I was putting it into gears. Then I notice radiator fluid coming out my tail pipes. I am confuse on what might be wrong and ppl are telling me two different things. (blown engine or head gasket)! I just put a new radiator in my car in July and a VSS. Please tell me not my engine. I love my car!

  • We have a 1990 Acura Legend with 125K on it. We are the original owners and it has been a great car. However, it has started stalling. Took some friends on a drive to Mt. St. Helens about 80 miles roundtrip. The car ran fine, but then when I had to slow down and stop for a pedestrian, the car just died. It started up fine, but when I pulled into the driveway the car died again. It started up fine again. Anybody have a clue what the problem might be? Thanks.
  • Im looking to buy a Legend BUT im not sure on everything about the car i want the engine with 230 horsepower
    Does that ONLY come in the GS?
    Im not looking at a coupe im looking at the sedan
    What trims does the 230 horsepower come in for the Legend sedan?
  • The LS and GS models in 1993 on had the 230 hp Type II engine.
  • akumaakuma Posts: 70
    actually, as far as sedans are concerned, only the GS models, which debuted in '94, have the 230 hp Type II engine. however, all coupes after 1993 have the Type II engine.
  • Yes, you should ALWAYS replace the Water Pump along with a Timing Belft, usually at 90K miles. I did mine @ 89K just to be safe. Much to my surprise, the mechanioc said the belt was in very good shape, likely because I don't drive the car real hard. The benefit of also doig teh WP at same time is 1) the engine is alreay half tore down anyway, 2) the WP itself isn't an expensive part and 3) the TB can snap if the WP seizes up, which also usually leads to bent valves and much more expense.
  • patt1patt1 Posts: 1
    Last year this time, when the weather became colder, my engine started racing in idle. After a while it started doing the same thing in drive. I took the car in for servicing and the mechanic said I just needed fluid in the radiator. Everything was fine until now. The car started racing intermittently while in nutural. I took it by the mechanic, but he is nolonger there. The new mechanic said I had enough fluid in the radiator, but he proceeded to put some in the overflow. All was fine for 2 days. Now it is racing and boiling over, out of the radiator. The temp control dial in the car is normal. Do I need to put a special mixture of the fluid in the radiator?

    Please make a recommendation as to what I must do.
  • I have a 1994 Acure Legend L and recently the taillight on the passenger side quit working, but it still lights up when I hit the brake. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be or how to fix it? Also, my entire gauge lighting has gone out.
  • Hi Kirkaja! I've been an Legend owner for ten years and still counting. I'm 31 yrs now and have owned 5 Legends and 1 TL, and have definitely had my share of mechanical problems with the legends. I've had the problems with the overheating, differentials, tie rods and axles, shocks and struts, glass replacement, trunk leaks, power windows, tail pipe smoke, and stallings that happen out of no where! It seems to me that you might want to get the whole system reconditioned from the head gaskets to the senors.
    You have to remember that the car was well made and that all the components kind of depend on each other to perform their very best. Try replacing the coolant temperature sensor and temperature switch as well as the usual like gaskets, pumps and thermostat. But it would also help if u have the engine, radiator, and transmission flush and fill.
    I know it sounds like that would be a hefty repair bill but just think how much longer your "LEGEND" would last! You got to remember that the previous owner of your new baby may have not taken the best care possible. That's probably why they gave it up in the first place, thinking they'll just get a newer car and be alright. TRUST ME! They still reminise about that LEGEND!
    As for as the car stalling, try replacing spark plugs, air filters and fuel filter. If that don't work, you might want to take a look at the catalytic converter.
    These cars are AWESOME! This car helped me to convince my wife that buying a late model used car with over 125,000 miles is a great idea (as long as it is a "LEGEND"). We are the proud owners of two Acura Legends. A 1994 Legend GS(type II engine), and a 1993 Legend LS; both 4 door sedans. How ya luv dat!
  • Just replace that particular light bulb. Those bulbs have 2 filaments in them and one of them may have blown out.
  • Hello: My first foray into this forum..: I've been driving a1994 Acura LS since 1996. It now has 135,000 on it and I've maintained it meticulously. I'm now told, during routine service, that the engine gasket, and the power steering pump are leaking. BIG BILL! Are these problems I should expect at this mileage/age? Never run so many miles on any car before. Grateful for comments.
  • Reply to Donald.
    Answer a few questions first. Have you experienced any overheating, or weird idling or even smelled something burning coming through the vents or when you get out of your car after maybe a 30 min drive? Those could be symptoms of leakage or problems brewing. As for the power steering, have you noticed that you have to put a little more muscle in to a turn from a dead stand, than compared to when the car was brand new? Have you had to refill the steering fluid, and if so how often? If it is a gasket problem and you want the car for longer period of time, my advise would to get it done as well as check every thing else related to those workings. Always get a second opinion or qoute for repair.
    I hope this helps.
  • my92my92 Posts: 5
    I bought my Silver, 92 Legend L 4dr sedan in 1992 with less than 5,000 miles on it. This is February 2008 and I have 50,000 miles on it. It is garaged all the time and never sees snow. It is never parked near another car, so the finish looks showroom new. I replaced the timing belt and water pump at 45,000 only because they thought I should. It was in perfect condition. I have replaced the front headlights with brighter bulbs. Normal service maintenance. Recently replaced the original front tires and aligned all 4 wheels. This car is fantastic. A fun car. It drives and looks like new. It holds the road so well. I never liked to have ugly license plates on the front, so I have driven it with a nice clean look on the front for 16 years. This car was built in Japan. My main driver is a Chrysler product and my H-D cycle.
  • Hi. I'm new to this board. I found it while trying to trouble shoot a problem and loved it. My question is, does anyone know where the relay switch is on the 91 Legend cpe? I've reviewed questions and answers, but couldn't seem to find an answer where it is located. The fans won't come on when the car begins to overheat, but will come on after the engine is turned off. I also have an 88 Legend and the fans won't come on when the air condition is on and cause it to overheat. Cut the a/c off and it goes back to normal. I also have an 89 Sterling with the type II with a 5sp that will just flat die while driving, then once the check engine light comes on the car will drive fine. So if you can answer any of these questions it would be GREAT!!

    I love all my acuara's!! I have 4, the 2 legends, the sterling and an integra. However im gonna sale 3. The integra is sold basically, I want to get the sterling right before I sale it. I'm only gonna keep the 91 Coupe. Only gone to sale the 88 coupe after getting my wife a minivan or something. All have over 200kmi except the Sterling of 116kmi and run smooth.

    Thanks Jimi H
  • dmoseleydmoseley Posts: 1
    I bought my daughter a 93 ledend and the speedometer doesn't work when it get's warm. I was looking at parts and don't know if I need a speed transmitter or a speed sensor? also the speed transmitter part look different from one auto parts dealer than the other. Can any one help? Thanks.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - you might want to also ask that question in our Answers section. See the Ask The Community box on the right side of the page.

    Good luck - hope we can help. Legends are great cars!
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