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Acura Legend



  • At approximately 40 mph, engine shakes really hard, as if falling out of car. Does anyone know fix. Mechanic has replaced and balanced tires, replaced motor and transmission mounts, ruled out differential and appears stomped.
  • soplushsoplush Posts: 29
    I need a reliable 4 door used under $4000, and I'm partial to Honda/Acura brand. Saw a 92 Acura Legend automatic w/197K miles on it that is owned by a mechanic; going to look at it tomorrow, but is this something that will last me another say, 50K miles if necessary? Thanks.
  • A 92 w/ 197000? It's good for another 150000 IMHO. Mine has 315,000 and maintenance has been largely deferred.
  • soplushsoplush Posts: 29
    Thanks. What items should I be asking about in terms of replacement? I know the water pump and timing belt have been changed.
  • They are quite reliable, but if you can, wait longer and try to find one that is in good shape mechanically with lower miles. You could probably find one in the 120k range for that price, maybe 4500. Just depends on if you have time to wait.
  • If you had issues with it starting in the heat before the new tranny went in, it might be your main fuel relay. I just got a 2nd gen Legend but haven't picked it up yet, so I don't have any personal experience with that particular Acura. But my '92 Integra did have this issues in the heat if the windows were up for a while and it was sitting in/near sunlight.

    If it is having this issue, roll all of the windows down and open the roof for 10-15 mins and give it a shot. If you think it's hot enough outside for it to act up and aren't leaving for a little bit, just roll 'em all down a little bit before you leave.

    If the "rolling-down-of-the-windows" trick does the job, you can bet it's probably the main fuel relay.

    It took me a while of searching to figure this out, so I made an account on here to pass on the info. I probably won't be back on here, so good luck if you still have this vehicle!
  • googcargoogcar Posts: 1
    We are having the same problem with our 1990 legend. I am getting a sick feeling because the warm weather is fast approaching Connecticut and I know what will happen. We always look for shady parking spots, leave the windows cracked and put a shade on the windshield but my son now takes it to high school and there is little to no only happens when it gets hot inside the car. I see someone said it is the main fuel relay, what is that and is it a big job?
  • I have a 1988 Legend that I have replaced the Main Relay (behind the lower Driver's side dash and is a black box with a large multiwire connector) 2 times since I had the car. The first time the relay went out after about 2 yeras, the second time after 5 years and has not had a problem since then, I guess Acura improved the quality of the relay. I am in Texas and the car gets really hot in Summer. The relay is not that expensive, you can buy it online and is easy to replace. This relay controls the fuel and some other electrical items. It seems that only the fuel has been affected as all the other electronics functioned whenever the car would not start. The sympton I experienced was the motor would turn over but would not start. Pulling a spark plug, the plug was completely dry.
  • acuralacural Posts: 5
    edited July 2010
    After 17 yrs, the rocker switch that locks the passenger window on the Power Window Panel of driver's side broke off. It was obviously in the "lock" position because now I cannot lower right passenger window with either switch (drvr or pass)

    Is that rocker switch part available, or, (and I shudder to think this) do I have to buy the whole window switch assy? Or is this a junk yard search? My car is a 1993 L Coupe.

    Edit update: Found the following thread on Seems to work: switch-fix-6544/
  • Did you ever find the solution to the door locking situation? My 1991 Acura Legend is doing the exact same thing....frustrating.
  • I have a 1992 acura legend ls, my husband bought it for me in feb of this year, he got it for 1,200 and it had about 200,000 miles. I have had so many problems with it. I had to put an altinator in it about 2 weeks ago. I was out of town yesterday and it just stopped on me. It wont move in drive or rev. I was told it was either the transaxle ( cv axle ) if thats it, then it will cost me about $60, but if its the transmission ( just about everyone i talked to said thats what it sounds like) if so its going to cost me about $2,000. It is sooo hard to find used parts for it, and if i have to buy new parts they have to send off for them. The man i take it to told me if he had to work on my motor for some reason he would have to buy all new tools. I love my car but it after all of the problems we are having with it,I just wonder, whats going to happen next after i get it fixed again and what if it breaks down while i have my babies with me? Its really something to think about before you buy an old one, I wish i would have got on the net to check out the pros and cons with this car. If i knew then what i know now i wouldn't have bought it.
  • acuralacural Posts: 5
    edited June 2011
    So sorry to hear all od the woes you are having. But you have a 200K high mile car. Unless those miles are 90% freeway miles, stuff WILL break. And parts are very expensive. My car, which I still own, has 105K miles on it and runs alike a Rolex. 1993 L Coupe. But I only drive it on weekends. It was once my daily driver and it lever let me down. Overheated just once in 18 yrs. These are very well built cars, but like any older car, stuff will break with excessive mileage. And you cannot take this car to just anyone. You must find yourself an Acura/Honda independent specialist who KNOWS these cars and knows where to get parts. I do wish you luck, but if you can't get your arms around the issues and afford to fix, get rid of it. May not be worth it. Most of the Acuras I see on the streets are beaters. Folks have not taken care of them. On other hand, I get prople all the time who want to buy my car because it is clean looking and runs great. So do weigh yup pros and cons of investing money to repair. You may be better off getting another car with much less mileage.
  • nick111nick111 Posts: 1
    I have 1990 acura legend also that i recently bought. I enjoy the car so far because of the great amount of space and luxury it has but I would really like to up it a little bit in general performance. Just so that i can enjoy it a little more any ideas? also I have some problems with it squeaking when i turn but i'm hoping its not the struts because that seems pretty expensive since i just got the car.
    Any help would be appreciated
  • acuralacural Posts: 5
    edited June 2011
    You can install a K&N Air Filter. That will give you a few more horses (gets more air into the intake) ad maybe squeeze out a few more miles per gallon. I went to a 17" rim & tires. looks better and not too over the top. As for the squeaking when you turn, you may need new ball joints. or struts. Hope you got the documentation of what the previous owner did for maintenence when you bought this car. Very important. For more performance & repair suggestions, I strongly suggest you join up to This is the forum for all 86-90 G1 Legends. Has tons of info, search, DIYs, etc. I get a lot of good stuff form here on how to pin down problems and inexpensive ways to repair. Members exchange a lot of valuable info here. Good luck!
  • I bought a 1989 Legend 2dr coupe at an auction for 450.00 and it was a smoking wreck with almost every idiot light on the dash board on and the engine over heating. The paper said the car had a head gasket problem, as it continued to over heat. Here is what I did, I bought something called Blue Devil it cost 60.00 dollars a bottle. Follow the directions, remove the thermostat... it worked. No more smoke... engine runs great and I have 239,000 on this car. I felt that this was not as bad as it looked and so far I was right. Additionally, change your thermostat regardless of its age. I don't work on cars for a living, but I enjoy the feeling I get of getting something working and running well. You can get the Blue Devil at most auto supply stores. It sure beats a complete head job. I have over 1200 miles on the car since that issue and no problems so far.
  • what do you work for that company or something
  • I own a 1993 Acura Legend L coupe with the 3.2 six cylinder type II engine with a 6 speed manual transmission... About a month ago the battery light came on while i was driving on the highway. I took the car to Advance Auto where they informed me that the alternator was bad... I replaced the alternator and the car would not start!!! Wouldn't make a sound!!! I rechecked all my connections and tested the battery and all was good. My instincts lead me to believe that the starter is culprit but i just had a new starter installed last year!!! Me and some friends just pushed started the car and it started right up!!! The starter relay clicks when the clutch is pushed in so once again the starter is my main suspect... Anyone have any insight or suggestions on this???
  • This an update, to the overheating problem. I am now at 250,890 and I have had no heating problems at all. No, I do not work for Blue Devil nor am I connected to them in any way. I just know the product saved me a group of money, and 12,000 miles later it is still working. Now I have a problem with the ignition, the car will start for about 1 1/2 seconds and cut off. I think the problem is between the ignitin switch and the ignition harness. The windows were working when the switch was not in the usual position the sun roof did not work with the key in the regular position. I think one or both of those things is worn out. If you have a better idea let me know.
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