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Toyota Corolla



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Go to the "My Profile" link under Account Center in the upper left of this page. You'll find a place in your profile where you designate the country where you live. This is what associates a flag with your user name when you post.

    Note that you have to get out of the Town Hall and then re-login to see the change.

    Hope this helps. : )
  • louislmtlouislmt Posts: 2
    I wonder if anyone has driven 96 Corolla 1.6L model for long highway trip? I am thinking of getting a auto version, just wanna know would it run as bad as Prizm, since many people said avoid getting the 3 spd version of Prizm. The car I am looking at has 80K mile and asking for 3000.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    Yes, avoid the 3 speed if you will be using it a lot on the highway. I owned a 1995 3 speed and while it will keep up on the highway it makes a lot of noise and uses more fuel.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I owned one of these for the past 5 years, and the 1.8 engine could move, if it had to. Would definitely avoid the 1.6 motors. My 1.8 had the overdrive also and the gas mileage was extremely good, even with the a/c on!

    The Sandman :-)
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I agree, but only to an extent- with manual shift the 1.6L was in line with other vehicles of that time, and returns decent fuel economy/power mix. I would defintely avoid the 1.6L/3sp auto combo.

  • I am in the process of buying a 04 corolla CE with option package C with a manual tranny. I have heard that Corolla's have had a problem with burning oil? is this correct for the 03 and 04 model??
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    No problems with burning oil, or anything serious, for that matter.
  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177
    I'm thinking about buying a 2004 Corolla S but probably won't do a test drive at night. Can a current owner clue me in to what color the instrument panel lights are and how it looks? Is it like the Matrix panel (which I saw a photo of), with light blue and red colors?
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    They are backlit with light that has a minute amount of blue in it and look really classy. I wondered if it might be some sort of flourescent lighting but there is no perceptible delay whan you switch the lights on and they do not flicker. If you like the look of the instruments in the day when, to me, they look just OK, you'll like them better at night.
  • autonutsautonuts Posts: 138
    tell me what their experience has been with towing a small trailer or fishing boat with the Corolla? I know the tow capacity is 1500lb. What was it like on hills? Does the car provide enough with a full load on board? Thanks!
  • ranger96ranger96 Posts: 16
    I just bought my new 2003 Toyota Corolla S with a/t , Power Package and Sport Package, with 6 Speakers. I paid $17,000 OTD with taxes etc.
    Is this a good price bought in Hawaii?
  • I am looking at a new Corolla S 5 speed. I drive mostly highway 60 miles each way to work. I was wondering what kind of gas mileage people are getting. FYI: I am comparing/ looking at VW Jetta TDI 5 speed. The Corolla rated at 32/40, Jetta at 42/49.

  • Help! I just moved to Louisiana, and I'm looking for a new Toyota Corolla. I've done all my research on and a dozen other sites, but all the data I've been able to find so far on Invoice prices indicates that the Gulf states (including Louisiana) invoice prices may actually be different from everywhere else in the nation.

    Of course, when I take my information to the dealerships, they tell me that it's garbage and that I can just throw it away, because it's wrong. I know that that's a typical technique for dealerships, but I'm concerned that it may actually be TRUE here, because of the unique situation of the Gulf States Toyota dealers.

    Furthermore, Gulf States Toyota DOES NOT MAKE a Corolla with ABS. I absolutely insisted on ABS, and they finally admitted to me that they could special-order one. Then they started dicking me around about price, pointing to my pricing report and insisting that the MSRP was their invoice price. I know that that was all lies, but since the Invoice price isn't reliable for Louisiana, I don't know just how low I can go on my demands for a lower price.

    Can anyone advise me where I might be able to find actual invoice prices for Louisiana?


    -- David
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    In 2000, I purchased a new GMC pickup and was noticing on my records that they charged me $500.19 for regional advertising. I purchased the vehicle for $350 over invoice and never noticed they had added this extra charge into the invoice price. That is all water under the bridge but I am now thinking about purchasing a new Corolla LE for my wife. Can I expect regional advertising costs or is that all built into the basic invoice price the dealer pays the manufacturer?
  • jacknimblejacknimble Posts: 171
    I bought my Corolla here in Arkansas, and it is also a Gulf States Toyota. In my case, Gulf States had incentives that the rest of the nation did not seem to have, and ended up getting me a $1000 rebate on the car.

    As far as invoice goes, it was very close to Edmunds - the only variation was the Gulf States options that were installed (leather, cruise, and a couple of other things).

    If the dealer says the invoice is bunk, ask him show it to you. When dealing with the dealer, deal at invoice plus, not haggle over discount from MSRP. In my humble opinion, from what you've told me about the dealer, I would move on. Life is too short to do business with people that have no respect for customers.

    I ended up paying about $350 over invoice here in Fort Smith, and they made a mistake and actually gave me tinted windows. With the rebate, that made it $650 BELOW invoice. It was around $15k and I think the sticker was around or over $17k. I made a post earlier on the board with the exact numbers if you want to look it up.

    I'm not sure about the ABS - I would check with other dealers on that.
  • autonutsautonuts Posts: 138
    that can respond to my last post #3157 about towing? Thanks again!
  • A friend of mine recently bought a used 2001 Corolla LE. She has power windows/door locks and cruise control, but did not get a keyless entry remote for the car.

    Anyone know if the remote keyless entry was included in a power package on the LE in 2001? Couldn't find original option packages on the Edmunds site for years past.

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    99 % sure it was not.
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    If you want to tow, go buy a truck. Even a 20 year old Toyota Truck will tow up to 3500 lbs, and 2000 without ever straining.

    There is a cost involved making the Corolla ready to tow, the same could buy an old truck, and you can attach a ball to the bumper.
  • So you think the remote keyless was an individual option package by itself? Or was it bundled into something else (moonroof, ABS, rocket thrusters, etc.)?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    But I believe keyless was a dealer installed accessory in that year.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    A small trailer, or small fishing boat (aluminum rowboat type with a small engine) would be no problem for a Corolla to tow. If Toyota did not think towing was appropriate they would not reccomend it for up to 1,500 lbs. You could keep under 1,000 lbs to be on the safe side, though in Europe the towing ratings are often twice what they are here in the states.
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400

    In Germany the Toyota Yaris -the Echo in NA- can tow 900 kgs, aprox. 2000 lbs. This even apllies to the 1.3 liter (smaller) 83 HP engine.

    So if the Echo can tow 2000 lbs the Corolla should be able to do the same or better.
  • autonutsautonuts Posts: 138
    to Pat, the HOST, and everyone else who responded to my towing question! Tundradude, I don't want a truck, but thanks anyway.
  • firescooby I have a 2004 corolla s 5 speed with 1400 miles and am getting on average 36 MPG in mixed driving. My guess is straight highway driving 40 mpg should be possible.
  • Autonut,
    I do not tow with Corolla, but have some experience with Subaru. Subaru is 700 lbs heavier and engine has 35 more HP (2.5L H4), thus it can easly handle the rated 2000 Lbs of trailer. In Europe/Australia it is rated at 1400 kg and more.
    Based on this, I can imagine that Corolla should do 1500-2000 lbs. easily.
    However, AT cooler is a must. I measured 220 F in fluid after spirited driving in Corolla (85+ MPH) on a hot day. If you add load, it will cook the tranny.
    If you exceed 1000-1500 lbs, you should probably invest in trailer brakes for your sefety.
  • kidddkiddd Posts: 3
    A guy in my school is selling a 02 corolla S, auto, a/c, power w/d, keyless, alarm, cruise control, tilt wheel, cd/casset/4speaker, indigo ink, 15kmile, bought 10/19/01, very good condition. I probably be able to get it for about $10500 (before tax), which is around TMV. A 04 S with same equipment is at around $15000(or even lower) plus ttl. I like the appearance of the new corolla. is there any major improvement of the performance? is 125hp to 130hp a big deal? I heard that some of o3 corollas are noisy and have a wind sound at 55+, is that true? SHOULD GO WITH THE 02 OR 04? THANKS!
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    If the difference in price isn't a big deal, I'd lean for the 04. It's a much better car overall.
  • I've owned a 03 Le and driven the 02 model. A big improvement in handling, rear-room, material quality (dashboard) and refinement. The steering even has a tight european feel in the 03/04 model. Go for the new model because the improvement is night and day.
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