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Toyota Corolla



  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    I find the TMV comes close to what you will be getting if you're not into extended haggling. I bought my 02 Corolla S for $13,500 and that's about what Edmunds TMV said I'd pay. There are always people who enjoy the wheeling and dealing and spend a lot of time chasing the rock bottom price. I don't have the time for that.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The TMV is an average of prices being paid in a specific location. By definition, there will be people who paid more and people who paid less.
  • Well actually my toyota dealer quoted the so-called MSRP like 1500 over what it is supposed to be, but gave me a sale price much closer, about 1000 over, the TMV so I really don't think making him come down 1000 duckets will be too much of a hassle.

    I'm in a unique situation here. Unfortunately the area I live in is sparsely populated and there's only one toyota dealer here. The next dealer is about 90mins away, and thats a long drive considering there's nothing between here and there. So my dealer has me in a tight situation. I really don't have time/money to go all the way down there. We will see.

    Also, is it not customary to ask for an itemized list of everything his is charging me for? I just want to compare his numbers to mine. He's been reluctant to do so since my email 2 days ago. I've already test drove, and he could probably tell I was pretty serious about this car.

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Are there any dealers with competing vehicles near you? e.g. Ford, Honda, Mazda, Saturn, Hyundai, Kia, Suzuki? If so, use those as bargaining chips. Not that you are serious about buying from one of them. But your Toyota dealer doesn't need to know that. ;-)
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    During my latest search for a car I always went well equipped with detailed invoice prices, rebates, incentives and hold back information gathered from at least 2 internet sources, one of which was Edmunds.

    Ford and Mercury salesmen at the show rooms took my printouts and after disappearing for what seemed to be an eternity came back and made me a counter offer of $3000 over invoice price. Another just told me that they couldn't sell me the car for the price I showed them. I got up and walked out.

    It was only this particular Toyota dealer that offered me the closest price to TMV. Perhaps because in the process of defecting to Toyota I changed tactics and decided not to walk cold turkey into a show room. I let Edmunds and put me in touch with dealers.

    I didn't feel the need to haggle for the Corolla as the price given to me seemed fair, according to Edmunds.

    Chasing the absolute cheapest price it becomes after a while an issue of diminishing returns. My time is worth something. I've read posts on the Edmunds' Honda threads and people seem to be stepping over each other to see who gets the lowest price below invoice. Let's get real here; Honda and Toyota sell a hell of a lot of vehicles and don't need to sell at a loss.

    In my case, I bought a car $18000 OTD price nicely equipped plus good options included. Not to mention the electroluminescent dashboard, wood touches and window etching, this one free.
  • borathborath Posts: 10
    Just curious, what's the fuel tank size in gallons of a 2004 Toyota Corolla. Is it 11 gallons of gas?

    The manual says 11 but then it also mentions 13.
  • lizservolizservo Posts: 5
    My automatic 2004 Corolla has a 13 gallon tank.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    It's 11 Imperial gallons or 13.2 US gallons.
  • borathborath Posts: 10
    Thanks for the clarification...

    What's Imperial gallons?

    Also, I saw a post above hinted at this question...curious what the answer is.

    I recently bought a new 2004 LE automatic Corolla, Anyone know how it compares to the 2005?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Fairly positive review of the XRS in today's USA Today. Just a few complaints, e.g. didn't like the spoilers and cladding, and some vibration/rattles in the engine at high rpms.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...are British gallons, forever the measure in the UK and the Empire / Commonwealth. Of course, most of these countries now use the metric system, just to confuse things further...

    Roughly, 1 US gallon = 3.8 liters = .8 Imp gallon
  • Curious, what happened to message #3402? *giggle*

    I went and test drove the Focus and the Neon today (the neon just happened to be parked next to the focus).

    How is it that the performance differs so much between engines. I realize that the Corolla has a 1.8 L, but the Focus and the Neon both have 2.0 L. How is it that the Neon had the best acceleration out of all three? Coincidentally the Corolla's engine had more pick up than the Focus's 2.0. *giggle*

    Anyone care to comment?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    "Seat of the pants" judgements are often in conflict with actual numbers. The Neon makes one hell of a production during acceleration, the Corolla and Focus dont, in comparison, which may have added to the feel of speed. In Car and Driver's comparison test, the Corolla outran those configurations. The Focus 2.3L, however, is about a half second quicker to 60 than the Corolla, again according to Car and Driver.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Message #3402 was deleted by the person who posted it. There are many occasions where a message is deleted for any number of reasons. Why does it matter?

  • I was just wondering where the message went. Thats all.

    ALPHA 1: is there a link to that article? Or perhaps you could give me the issue its in and I can pick it up. :D
  • Dealer Documentation Fee, what the heck is that?
    It totals to some $212.74.

    I have another question also. Tax/Registration total up to some 600+ dollars. How should I handle this amount when I'm negotiating and considering how much I want to pay? Any advice?

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Tax and registration fees are probably not negotiable. They are the sales tax and license fees charged by your state. You should confirm that is the case. If so, you have to pay them. The only exception is if you are buying a car in a state other than in which you live. Then some states will waive their tax because you will pay it where you live. Others will charge you tax and then your state will charge you only the difference in tax between what you already paid and what you owe them. Also, if you are buying out of state you should be able to get a temporary license and then you will buy the license in your own state. Your dealer can give you all these details.

    Documentation fees may be negotiable. $212 seems high (in my area it's usually $75). Ask the dealer what the fee is for. If it's to take documents to the courthouse, tell them you'll take them yourself (if you're willing to do that) if they waive the fee, see what they say.
  • Thank you for the advice. :D It was very helpful.

    ...and I will do that. If they are not forth coming then I may have to reconsider where I'm shopping.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    In some places there seem to be laws of some sort that say if you charge one customer $212 in document fees, you must charge all customers $212. In this case, they will tell you it's not negotiable.

    However, the price of the car remains negotiable. You might be able to get them to take $212 more off the price you negotiated if you make it clear this is deal-killer. They are not likely to offer this to you, but may go for it if you demand it.

    OTOH, if you want to avoid that whole issue, just figure out your price and say this is what I'm paying you out-the-door. Then you can let them figure out how to allocate the money. It makes no difference to you as long as you are happy with the OTD price.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    comparision test of compact sedans
    Nov 2002 Car and Driver

    Ford Focus ST manual 4 door
    June or July Car and Driver, cant remember which.

  • You're right. Thats what I planned on doing anyway. I think I'm going to have my bank finance me and that way I can be a "cash customer" and just cut them a check. NOT to mention my brother and I are both buying a car, how often do they move 2 cars at once? Should be a good barganing point.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Keep us posted. :)
  • oboylefanoboylefan Posts: 1
    I test drove a 2004 Corolla LE with 19K miles yesterday.

    The seat and driving position seemed very uncomfortable; the back of the seat seemed too hard, and the seat seemed too short, to where too much of my thighs were hanging off the end of the seat, and I'm only about 5'8". My back and legs both hurt after I got out of the car at the end of a 20-minute drive, although at least part of that could've been from the tension of doing a test drive.

    As I've read in many reviews, the steering wheel seemed to small and too far from the seat / too close to the dash.

    The acceleration was good, but seemed kind of jerky at times, although that could've been because I wasn't used to the feel of the pedals.

    There were lots of positives about the car too, but I'm thinking about my concerns.

    My question for anyone who owns a 2003 or 2004 Corolla is whether you noticed the same comfort issues at first, and whether they persist or go away as you get used to the feel of the car.

    The salesman said I could take the car out all day by myself if I want, so I'll probably do that in the next few days to get a better perspective.

    Any input would be appreciated.

  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    With the current-gen Corolla, you either fit or you don't. It has little to do with height, and much more to do with legs vs. trunk, and arm length. Lots of people are fine with it [I was], many are not. It's a bone of contention. [I'm about 6' even, 175 lbs, with fairly long legs for my size.]

    My own view is that in order to get the amount of room in the back seat that this car now has, they fiddled the front seat positioning in a way that causes some people to have real problems with the pedal vs steering wheel compromise.

    So, yes, some people don't fit in this car. You are obviously one of them.
  • jacknimblejacknimble Posts: 171
    I purchased a 2003 LE about a year and a half ago. I notice the wierd driving position right away, and being a car guy, it ate at me quite a bit. The car is primarily the wifes, but when it was a few months old, I took it on a 1000 mile/3 day round trip by myself.

    I quickly got used to the driving position, and was comfortable for the trip. I agree that the seat bottom is too short, but did not notice the back of the seat being too hard.

    The seats are leather, so that may be the difference.

    I have since forgotten about the unusual seating position, and I think the car is great overall. My only other complaint would be more sound deadening, but I have that complaint about every card I drive. For an economy car, the Corolla is very quiet.

    I have not noticed any jerkiness in the acceleration, but the torque does come on noticeably at about 3300 rpm or so.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    I've had my 04 Corolla LE for close to a month now. Since the beginning I noticed certain discomfort finding an adequate seating position. So I fiddled quite a bit with the seat. At this point I was able to adjust it to a comfortable position. Before I drove a Merc. Sable and it was very comfortable. So I went through a period of adjustment. Now I feel at home in my Toyota. Although, at times I think that I should've gotten the Camry, but for other reasons.

    There is so much good about the Toyota Corolla that it's hard for me to find faults with it. Perhaps you should, budget permitting, consider the Camry.
  • stevenq99stevenq99 Posts: 36
    The Corolla is a great little car but 2 hours is all I can take when I am driving it. If you do not like the driving position you might want to look at something else IMHO.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I don't own a Corolla now but frequently get them as rentals. The driving position is very uncomfortable to me (5'9-1/2", 32" inseam). Whenever I get one I can't wait to get back home to my own car. I've tried adjusting the Corolla's seat every whichway and nothing helps. I've read (e.g. CR's review) that it is not an issue for shorter drivers. I think the problem could be easily solved by a telescoping steering wheel, if Toyota would see fit to add one.
  • I have an interesting discovery about that fishy dealer documentation fee.

    Currently I am looking at 2 dealers in my "local" area (and by that I mean within 90 mins of my location; which results in only 2!). In any case I emailed the dealer that was 90mins away and he's the one who told me about the 212 dollar "Dealer Documentation Fee." So I decided to email the Toyota dealer closer to me (17mins) and ask him about it as if I had just heard about it and didn't know anything. Well he emails me back and says that they (the local dealer) don't charge a documentation fee even though others might. All they charge is 28 bucks for paperwork. HOW surprised was I?

    Well I can tell you which dealer I'm going with. Plus the location of the other dealer makes going down there and paying an extra 212 dollars just not worth my time.

  • I dont' know why they don't add a telescoping steering wheel. Even the 2005 doesn't have one! I've noticed alot of cars in this class are starting to get them, I wonder why Toyota hasn't added one yet. It would behove them, in my opinion, to do so especially in a class of cars where space is so 'managed' and every little thing helps.

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