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2011 Toyota Avalon



  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Has anyone checked to see if their actual MPG is the same as their computer in their car?? Mine is off my 2 MPG every time. Feedback on this will help. Thanks!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706

    Inflate the tires "properly"...?
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,359
    I THINK all of them are rear wheel drive but I'm not really sure.

    The ES350 and RX350 are FWD like the Avalon (The RX having f/AWD available). Those vehicles also share many components with the Avalon. The GS/LS/IS sedans are RWD.

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  • jross71jross71 Posts: 1
    As an '11 Avalon owner I say I must agree with your feelings about NAFTA. The "giant sucking sound" and all that. I watched the infamous interview with Al Gore. The press ridiculed RP. I am still boggled by how these free trade agreements were supposed to help our employment by encouraging business to seek cheaper labor elsewhere without some counter-balance mechanism. Seems some make a lot of money, some are left with broken promises and many are now left broke to boot. All the infrastructure improvements and benefits - all a bunch of hooey that never materialized. At least where I am from. All the fortune 500 companies are long gone, vacant properties and tele-marketers remain.

    OK so I am saying that I dislike NAFTA, but then I purchased an Avalon Limited. Well that had nothing to do with NAFTA. The last Domestic Brand sedan I had was purchased pre-Nafta an '87. After countless window regulators, alignment issues, overheating, several engine control parts breaking, A/C going out on trips, A/C compressor self- destructing to the point the vehicle had to be towed (serpentine drive belt), all before 60 thousand miles, I was fed up. Because the one before that - an '82 - did the same general things. And I do not beat my cars either. At that time, it seemed the Japanese big 3 did not have those issues. So I jumped ship so to speak, straight to the Nissan dealer - sorry I am as patriotic as the next person but I just did not need the aggravations.

    Now I just prefer Nissan / Toyota because it is what I have personally had the best luck with most recently. Some just happen to be made in US. We still have the '95 Altima, made in the US, over 100K miles, just has required a water pump and some hoses, drives great to this day and the A/C works too. I had an '07 Camry before the Avalon. Honestly it seemed a bit cheaped out in some interior fitments - but zero mechanical problems for me - nothing ever broke. Four-banger, and it performed very well too - about as expected. Sold it for almost half what I paid for it. My wife had a '05 Nissan X-Trail (outside US 4X4 model) - in 5 years, replaced an oxygen sensor. Sold it for more than half what I paid for it. I even owned a '00 Daewoo for 2 years - it never broke. Once I thought it broke - turns out it was a shot of bad gas. Awesome A/C.

    All indications are the Avalon is pretty well sorted too. Time will tell of course. My wife has nicknamed the Avalon the "Cloud". What a sweet ride. I delivers on it's promises so far.

    I never got too upset about the gas pedal fiasco - I am old enough to remember Audi had the same thing happen in the mid-80's.

    Im am also old enough to remember that in the 60's Chevy had a batch of defective engine mounts that could snap on a hard shock, engine would be free to twist and then pull/jam the throttle linkage full-on. Happened to many cops when they jumped curbs or hit a bump hard in the course of pursuit. Can you imagine going to uncontrolled full throttle with a police package 409 or 427? The interim solution was to add a safety cable to the engine mounts as a back-up - something already well known to racers. OK it was probably a bad design and accident waiting to happen and I know GM was pinching pennies and perhaps could have prevented it from happening. Perhaps. By that is life and we are humans motivated by factors that sometimes conflict. Witness the shuttle O-rings.

    In 15 or 20 years it will happen again to some other car company. And it will be new news and everybody will forget and the press will not mention Toyota and Audi and Chevy. That is how it goes.

    Only one way to totally totally stop these unfortunate happenings really - stop driving, stop flying, stop sailing, etc.

    Or, try this: Stay sober, stay focused and situationally aware when operating a powerful and potentially dangerous mechanical device such as a table saw or car, read the owners manual in detail, anticipate emergencies like a pilot, practice an emergency stop once in a while to maybe learn the feel of the anti-lock peddle vibration so it doesn't freak one out, and do not allow passengers to ride without fastening their seat belts. Oh gee, am I talking about responsibility here?

    But I will still consider an American brand car especially if the reliability statistics are at least par - which brings me to the Avalon - actually I really wanted a Town Car, but it just would not fit in our garage properly. I was wanting to get a TC before they went away, and would have taken a chance on it but for that issue. I always rent TCs or Grand Marquis when traveling out of town and love them. But the Avalon fits the garage, has a superior electronics package, and is the closest I could find to a TC/GM in general driving characteristics at the price point. To me it seems like a 6/8 scale model TC.

    Avalon just doesn't have that awesome TC long hood sticking out a half light year into the future!

    Enough of my rant I apologize, I just get riled whenever I see or hear that 5-letter acronym N*F*A!!

    Cheers and good luck with Avalon's (and Town Cars)!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    ~200 years from now will there still be Canadian and Mexican borders..?

    I hope not.

    Borders, okay, restricted crossing...NOT!!
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited July 2011
    It's impossible to buy a complete American made car today. Simply impossible. I too owned my share of old American cars. My first car a 64 Dodge Polara road good and no problems at all. No ac in that car. I was young and boiled the tires at almost every corner. This car had a big block 318 with push button automatic. My next American made car was one of my worse cars. American Rambler. My third American made car was back to the Dodge. Love my 1970 Dodge Charger. All American made with another 318 engine. Again no AC. Americans can build good cars. It's just been some time since they have. My Avalon was put together in Geoge Town KY. Parts are from all around the world, I assume.

    Personally, I think NAFTA should be haulted, completely. I would LOVE to buy a competely made American car. (like one of the old Dodges I owned) I think we should all buy American made products. There should be a saying, "if your going to sell it here then you should build it here". Diana Sawyers said if every American bought an American product that cost a mer $3.33, then in turn it would put 10 thousand Americans to work. We did our part last week. We bought a $10 dollar, competley made, American plastic basket at Target.

    Nick name "Cloud" is perfect for this car. Suits the car to a T.
  • rotterdam6rotterdam6 Posts: 36
    Anyone hear about the new wiper arms that are to replace the noisy ones many of us seem to have? Love my Avalon, but the wipers drive me "nutz!" I always drive my Camry when I know it's to rain.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    I have nothing of replacement for this product. I am due for a service soon and will ask about it.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited July 2011
    The lower your RPM means the less your motor is working. I BELIEVE your best MPG will be the highest speed at the Lowest RPM. This is meant for HWY driving only, NOT city driving. I SUSPECT 55-60 miles an hour will be your best gas milage. That's speed it hard to do in a car like the Avalon. I find myself driving 80 almost all the time. It seems my MPG is a little lower than most people in this post. Hope this helps.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    edited July 2011
    For decades our cars have been designed to get the best gas mileage at about 55 mph. This is a function of many things: older roads before the interstates were built, engine noise, power curves in an internal combustion gas engine, gearing etc. Little has changed as to this speed despite all the nice highways and electronic controls to help increase mileage. Driving 55 is still safe and fuel efficient.

    Mileage reductions are also a function of speed as it relates to air resistance. Doubling the auto speed means four times the air to push out of the way... it's exponential... this is meaningful beyond about 75 mph in a car, you are right that at 80 mph the air you push is burning your fuel more quickly, not the distance covered. Enjoy your Avalon... great cars..
  • fhimesfhimes Posts: 17
    I really enjoy my 2011 Avalon Limited but I have a problem being able to read the dial readings on the instrument panel such as speed, etc on a bright sunny day. The instrument panel is so far recessed on the dash that the instrument panel is basically dark in bright sunshine. Any body else have this experience?
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    I believe this topic was talked about in earlier post. You might want to check to see. Hope this helps.
  • fhimesfhimes Posts: 17
    My compass on the rear view mirror in my 2011 Avalon Limited is incorrect about 50% of the time.

    I know there was a lot of discussion on this problem sometime ago but I was wondering if anyone has been able to have it corrected by the dealer?
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    I had problems with mine starting when I bought the car. The dealer kept telling me the Toyota engineers were working on a fix. I was planning a 5,000 mile trip and more or less demanded that they give me a new compass. (It had been 6 months) They replaced the whole compass/ mirror and I haven't had a problem since.
  • shysshys Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. The speedometer needle isn't long enough to reach the black exrterior ring around the dial. As a result, there's insufficient contrast between the needle and the backgound of the speedometer. The tach needle is long enoughl The the tips of the needles are light-colored, so the tach needle is contrasted and therefore easier to read than the speedometer needle. However, even when the instrument panel light is turned up as high as it will go, the panel isn't that visible in the daylight (it's perfectly OK at night). I have a 2006 Avalon Limited that doesn't have this issue becuse the tips of the speedometer and tach needles are briightly lighted..
    This really is a safety issue. I didn't really notice it unitl after I had several hundred miles on the car, and then it was too late to tell the dealer I didn't want it. I'm taking it in to the service department next week to determine (1) if the speedometer needle is too short and needs to be replaced (2) if the tips of the needles should be liighted and (3) if the inistrument panel light can be increased/intensified.

    I can't find the prior post on this subject mentioned in another reply to your posting.l

    Has anyone else had this problem?
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I like to know that during normal driving, does the mini rear view screen diappear, and the entire mirror looks the same as those without rear view screen? If not the same, is it a little distracting?

  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I test drove one for a day, and can say, on the one I drove, yes in fact the mirror is just like every other mirror when driving, and no I couldn't see any difference or anything distracting about the mirror.

    I did like the guide lines that show up in the mirror when backing up, but I ended up with a limited with nav and all the other options:)

  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    This is the first time I've had a backup camera. To me it's one of the best options I've ever had. I have a problem with dept perception and this completely eliminates this problem when backing.

    I know you're not suppose to use it for backing but I really have to force myself to not use it 100% when backing. I remember to turn and look but I usually don't.

    Yes, it disappears when you shift out of reverse.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    This is my first time with a back up camera. I LOVE it. I found only one problem with it, rain. But you can always turn it off. It's one option I will want from now on.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    I just had my oil change at 10 thousand miles. The same day I had to take a trip to Birmingham AL about a 500 mile trip. I was in a hurry so I didn't double check the amount of oil put back in my car. I noticed when I return I had a ticking in my engine. I did not run the car hard but I did run a normal trip. There was a few times in which was going pretty fast.

    When I pulled into the garage I notice a ticking in my engine. My garage is quite and this noise can easy be spotted in a quite garage. I cut the engine off and then I checked the oil. To my surprise there was barley any oil on the dip stick. I was shocked. The ticking is NOT loud enough to hear in the car because of all the insulation but in my garage you could hear the ticking. Any tips out there on this. What should I do?

    I know to check the engine oil after a oil change. I should have but being cripple I didn't. I just trusted my dealer. I called my dealer first thing after my return trip. I left a message and I am quite upset. Is it out of line to have them change the oil again? To perhaps put synthetic oil in? Can this harm the engine? I am REALLY upset because some lazy tech didn't do his job right. I hate the word fire but I paid 36 thousand dollars for this car and paid CASH. Any tips please advise.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    First let me say that I'm not sure how much oil was and is in your car but if it's a very little then you could end up with problems such as shorter engine life. It something that a person would never know until down the road. If its only like a quart low then I don't see a problem but I don't think you would be hearing the clicking noise at a quart low.

    If the car is over a quart low the oil should definitely be changed. Whatever oil is in the car has worked harder and got hotter than it normally would have. No, it would be out of line to ask or even demand that the dealer change the oil.

    I would advise against synthetic oil since you didn't start with this.

    If the ticking is still there after filling with fresh oil then you have a serious problem.

    I'm not sure what Toyota (I'm talking headquarters here) will do but I would definitely get this on record with then. That way if you have problems down the road then you have a record of what happened. You can call then and they will take all the information and ask you what you how you would like to have this fixed. They will call the dealer and he will get back to you. I speak from experience on this one.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    edited August 2011
    If you don't have an extra $271.00 to spend keep your FOB safe.

    Mine fell on the highway and came apart. The case got destroyed but the printed circuit board was ok. I tried to order just the case but they said that wasn't an option.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    1/4 of an inch from the end of the dip stick is showing. I have NOT added any oil. I want THEM, the dealer to see how low it is. I'm not sure how much this is low.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    I just started my car again WITHOUT adding oil. NO noise, no clicking. SO I assume it was about a quart low. I know I could have done a great deal of harm but I feel MUCH better now. I know I should have checked it and I will from now on.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,359
    If you don't have an extra $271.00 to spend keep your FOB safe.

    Ouch, if it happens again there are always replacements on Ebay MUCH cheaper.

    Click Here!

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  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Without adding any additional oil. I'm sure the oil light would have came on if it was MORE than a quart low. I feel MUCH better now. It just worried me a lot when I first heard the clicking noise. I could have hurt my car.

    The Dealer did call and assured me it was NOT their habit to do this. They also assured me they was looking up the tech who changed my oil.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    The oil warning light is set to come on if oil pressure falls below a certain psi or exceeds a certain psi. There is no direct sensor in the oil pan to detect oil level (I think), just the line pressure (low pressure could mean lack of oil among other things). If the warning light never came on then you had enough pressure to avoid major instant engine damage. But did the oil overheat a little and reduce the ultimate life of the engine...? Good question. And oil only needs to get about 15% hotter than normal to reduce its functional life to almost nothing.

    Oil refills below capacity have happened many times with this generation of Avalon but damage claim numbers are minimal. Still, check out what happened and be satisfied... you never know... ;)
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    The dealer showed us that the oil was NOT low. It's just clear and I could only see the oil at the bottom of the dip stick.

    The clicking noise was there. I could hear it clearly in the garage. Now I can't. I assume I drove the car a little harder than normal on the way home. There is no clicking sound now. I only heard it the one time.

    I think I should change to synthetic oil. Any thoughts on this. I could really feel the heat from the engine but no lights came on at all. Someone said it's a bad time to change to synthetic oil. Any thoughts on this?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Synthetic oil is always a good idea. It mixes well with dino, so there is no downside, in fact, there are synthetic blends available which mix dino with synthetic for sale! The oil Ford uses, is a blend. So with all due respect to the person above who recommended against it, he's wrong. Synthetic will last longer as a lubricant, handle more abuse and heat, and even require fewer changes if you want to, but remember the filter does not have extended life. I think synthetic saved my old Lexus motor when it lost its coolant once and overheated drastically. Don't know for sure, but the engine survived. I would switch, next change.
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    Does anyone know where the owners manual and the navigation manual might be downloaded as one file each?
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