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2011 Toyota Avalon



  • robin5robin5 Posts: 19
    I have had it with the so-called engineers at Toyota. My 2011 Avalon has the weakest remote key fobs EVER. In trying to get my remote start to work, I had to be the one to tell them it wasn't just the starter, the problem was with the key fobs. After four visits, I have problems with navigation, passenger side windows that don't open, Blue Tooth for the phone, door alarms that work only half the time, puddle lamps that work at 1 foot, the key fobs sometimes won't work at only 15 feet, the list goes on and on. Even though the fobs don't work, the "Engineer" said they're fine and he won't check the car again. Toyota is supposedly refunding the $500 for the remote start. The engineer even said the phone Blue Tooth is supposed to change phones due to stronger signals of the phones. What a load of crap. The car is supposed to use the phone that I tell it to. Changing phones is a 5 step process. I've also noticed that the car tries to take over the phone while I'm on the second floor of my home!
    The field techs and engineers have no idea what they're doing.
    Toyota said the key works at 60-70 feet UNDER OPTIMAL CONDITIONS, LESS IF THERE IS INTERFERENCE. AVERAGE IS 25-40 FEET. Why sell a remote start if the key fob works at 25 feet? In my case, not even at 15 feet. I have never once been able to start the car when I want it to. If it works, it doesn't start until I'm next to the car, then the engine turns off when the door is opened. It's ridiculous.
    I have certainly lost interest in Toyota. May as well buy American.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited November 2011
    If I was that unhappy with my car, then I probably would sell it. I have minor problems. Problems that probably no one would pick up if they drove my car. Like a slight movement in the steering wheel.

    No electrical problem at all. None! I don't have a remote start though. Electrical problems can be a big thing. We once bought a used jeep. The jeep would stop for odd reasons, AC would not come on, heater would not work then work, etc. A big hassel. We took it to a good electrical shop. Notice I say good electrial shop. They (three men) spent hours going over the jeep electrical things. It was a LTD jeep. Top of the line. Finally they found a short in the tail gate. All the problems I had came from one short. A short I thought NO ONE would find. Plus of all places, in the tail gate. When they fixed the short all my electrial problems went away. I was very happy to pay the 300 plus dollars. To this day I don't know how they found it. Trial and error, I guess. I had plenty of electrial problems too but all of them stem from ONE problem.

    Even though my Jeep was top of the line. It doesn't have near the electrial stuff our Avalon's do. If I was you, I would not be a happy camper. I do think it's an isolated problem and NOT a problem with Avalon's in general. I know this does't help you but it might get you to thinking about getting rid of the car you have.
  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117
    In the market for a new Avalon, but i have almost decided to order one without the Nav system. Two reasons, I plan on keeping the car quite a while and am sure the technology will be out of date within several years and the associated cost for repair and update. I have been buying a Garmin GPS unit every couple years for my limited use of GPS and has severed me well, with a known replacement cost of $100.00. Also the Nav. on my smart phone works great and can be turned on in seconds.

    Is this a dumb move for a car I will keep for 5-7 years?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Do you have a Lemon Law statute in your state? If so, you have a perfect candidate, but your dealer sounds like a putz too.

    On the electronic transmission of signal issue, if you live near a military base, and they have their scrambler on, the signals in the entire area can be supressed, but everyone on most frequencies should be affected. That happened here with our Air Force Base. Someone turned on the scrambler, and failed to turn it off, and it stayed on for months, until there was enough outcry from the community that nobody's garage door openers or key fobs worked, they finally figured it out. Turned it off, everything went back to normal.

    OR, your battery in your car could be weak, it would cause most of these same problems if so.

    At any rate, with that many problems, I agree with Nan, get rid of it, give it back to Toyota. My dealer here would kill themselves trying to help me and run this down, so I think your dealer sucks. Try another one?

    As for the Bluetooth, what it's doing connecting from far away is normal. Mine does that all the time, in the car wash if they turn the car on, or following my own car in another car, the bluetooth will take over my phone. It's the one thing that is working normally, it sounds like.
  • marv15marv15 Posts: 32
    I spoke with my dealer last week. He assured me that they will have the new Avalon in their showroom the end of February/beginning March 2012. They placed orders for them and the delivery to the dealer after processing, total time approx 45 days to dealership.. He still hasn't seen any pictures of the newly designed Avalon, but after seeing it at the Vegas dealer show in 2011, he says it will really make you take a long look. So can't wait to see it.
  • jim3jim3 Posts: 19
    Still having problems with the wipers. The dealer first replaced the blades, didn't work for long. then they replaced the arms with the new improved ones. Worked great for quite awhile, but have gotten noisy, again. Very frustrating, to say the least. I called Toyota customer service and they contacted my dealer. They have an engineer coming out from Toyota to meet me at the dealers on Tuesday. How many of you folks have, or had, noisy wipers on your Avalon? Just curious as to how widespread the problem is. Thanks for the input.
  • I, too, continue to have noisy wipers. They have been replaced by the dealer twice. Still noisy under all conditions other than very hard rain during which they are less noisy. If I know ahead, I always drive my Camry in rainy weather. I LOVE everything about the Avalon, but these wipers set me crazy with their noise, skipping, and skidding. Please keep us posted about what the Toyota rep has to say. Thank you.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Yup, My wipers skip too, not on hard rains but they skip pretty bad on light rain. Very annoying with a light rain, I usually just cut them off. They do not skip in a hard rain. I have not complain to any dealer yet. Next oil change I might mention them and the slight movement in my steering column.

    Over all, I'm very happy with my Avalon. I don't drive much. I have 13,700 miles on my car. We love to take trips but we've only made trips to Birmingham AL. from GA./SC line, it's usually to a doctor but the Avalon makes the trip easy on my back. MUCH better than any other vehicle's we've drove. We take very good care of our investment.

    I am amazed at the MPG. The power, how quick the car is for the size. Amazed on the comfort. My opinion, 5 stars for the 2011 Avalon. Handling is so so. I know it's not a race car is cushy on the curves.

    The best improvement could make this car an AWD. (all wheel drive) Of course we wouldn't see 30 plus MPG then but it would handle much better. Now this is my opinion of the 2011 Avalon.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    My dealer also has some 2012 Avalon's coming in, but it's the 2013 I CAN'T wait to see.

    The 2012 isn't mch different according to my dealer, BUT the 2013 is looking like it will be a head turner:)

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I am a huge Toyota fan, have had 3 Lexus and a Camry Hybrid. (no more Hybrids for me though, but that's another topic.) I can't believe this wiper business? None of my Toyotas have ever had such a problem, and I can't understand why this can't be remedied very easily and quickly! Unbelievable. The Avalon is such an outstanding car, this problem is very frustrating.....
  • jim3jim3 Posts: 19
    I met with the Toyota engineer at the dealers' today, didn't accomplish much. They sprayed water on the windshield and were unable to re-create the noise, or the skipping, of the wipers. Very frustrating. He then took the car into the shop and completely disassembled the wipers, as well as the wiper motor, and the wipers on a new Avalon from the dealers lot for comparison to see if my car matched the new one's components. It did in every way he could discern. He could not find a thing wrong. We were at the dealers for two hours, as well as a two hour drive to get there. When the engineer talked to us after, I asked him if they measured the spring pressure against the windshield as compared to the new one, and no he hadn't. It would seem to me that could be the cause, not enough pressure. Anyhow, nothing was resolved, so I'm waiting to hear further. I'd be interested to hear stories of other folks experiences with their Avalons. They did put new blades on, but they had done that before to no avail. I'm anxious to try it out in the next rain.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    My guess is, you'll get plenty of responses on this.

    I too, have had it looked at, and the blades replaced, with no better luck. On my car, the left hand wiper blade squeaks the most, AND it leaves a smudge mark (that gets bigger with time) in the middle of the windshield, and it's that smudge that causes my squeak.

    I've yet to get out and clean the windshield with a STRONG cleaner, and razor blade, to see if that will help.

    I often find myself turning the radio up louder and louder to off-set the noise that comes from the wipers.

  • algeealgee Posts: 78
    Try filling washer fluid jar with Rainx cleaner wiper solution available in gallon jugs at various places. I suffer none of what you are complaining about
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    I sure wonder what the problem is. I have often thought that mine are probably the most quiet of any wipers I've ever had. Amazing that there is so much difference between cars.

    Keep up informed.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    Now that winter has set in I'v having problems keeping the cabin warm.

    When I start out ever thing works fine and the cabin warms up nicely. It seems after the cabin reaches the set temperature of 72-73 cooler air starts coming out of the vents. I can turn the heat up and it does the same thing. It seems it's trying to mix warm and cold air to maintain temperature and it gets cold in the cabin.

    The A/C light doesn't ever go off. Is this normal?

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Last winter I don't remember having this problem.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Did you do this to your Avalon? Did you ever have a wiper problem? Please tell us more. Thanks for sharing,
  • algeealgee Posts: 78
    Yep do it now on my 2011 Avalon. When I first got it over a year ago I did notice a slight scrapping noise by the wipers when there was a slight rain. My son told me about how he used the rainx wiper solution in the washer storage bottle and I tried it. It took about 10 squirts on the windshield and the degree of bumping, dragging decreased and finally stopped. Changed blades once and now problems
  • algeealgee Posts: 78
    Last sentence should read "No problems" at the end
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Your A/C is operating normally. Once requested temperature is achieved, the system sends cooler (not cold) air to the up registers, to keep the top of the cabin nice, and warmer air on your feet. If it doesn't, a lot of hot air accumulates up top (heat rises) and will make it too warm on the roof, and adjusting for that will then freeze your feet. The A/C light will stay on, but it only works as it needs to in cold weather, to de-humidify the car. If it's too cold blowing on you, I recommend you direct the vents away from your face, or close them some to achieve your desired level of ecstasy. Anyway, that's what I do.
  • fhffhf Posts: 19
    I know there has been previous discussion of inaccurate operation of the compass in the mirror of the 2011 Avalon. Just drove from KC to Omaha and it read East all the way, but seemed to work some of the time on the return trip. What has been the response of the dealers when approached with this issue ?
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    You know, I can't say as I've had a problem. It changes, when I turn the car as it should, and I NEVER use it as a means of getting anywhere, so even if it didn't work, I'd never notice.

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Somewhere on the car, there is a sensor, sounds like it's stuck. Could be replaced I'd think.....
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    They replaced the entire mirror unit on mine and it's worked fine since.

    I believe a gyro or something like that would sometimes go haywire when you hit a bump. Don't quote me on this but this how I remember it being explained to me.

    Before they replaced mine you just couldn't trust it as sometimes it worked and other time not.
  • fhimesfhimes Posts: 17
    My compass reading was incorrect about 50% of the time from day one with my 2011 Avalon Limited. After about a year, I discussed the problem with my dealer in the Houston area and the compass was replaced under warranty. It has worked just fine 100% of the time since it was replaced.
  • Let me tell you the story about my windshield wipers. I bought a 2011 Avalon Limited in August and after a while the wipers started skipping on windshield making a loud noise, mostly on the driver's side. In December, at 4700 miles I took car into dealer for an oil change and told them about wiper skipping, mostly on driver's side. When work was completed the service advisor said wiper was replaced on driver's side only. The wiper blade was completely different, looking more like a winter blade. On the way home, I used windshield washer, going about 65 miles per hour and lo and behold, the blade never touched the center of the windshield on the driver's side. I believe the air around the windshield lifted the new blade up, this was completely different from the original blade. When I got home I called dealer back and told them what happened. He said they would order new blades. I told him that was not what the problem was; it was the wiper arm. He said they would order new arms. Next morning Toyota dealer called and stated new wiper blade are in. I told them, I do not need new blades, I need new arms. He said he would talk to technician and call me back. Called back and said they thought it was blades. I told him that I wasn't driving 100 miles round trip for wiper blades. Stated they would mail them to me. I told him it wasn't the wiper blades and I would take my business elsewhere. They had a change of heart and said they would order new arms and blades. Went to dealer next day when they called and said they were in. New arms and blades were installed. Work order said caused by weak tension spring. It was misty on way home and I used them and they work well now. These blades look to be OME. I think Toyota might have aproblem with the arms.
  • Hello:

    My 2011 Avalon Limited, had "wiper problems from the start.....noise, noise, noise.....I did all the "normal stuff"....cleaned windshield and blades, nothing worked......Local dealer finally replaced blades......didn't end the problem......FINALLY they called and "new arms and blades" were, like a new car........quiet!!!!! So if you are getting any noise from the wipers being turned on......Give yourself a Christmas present and have your dealer replace "under warrenty"..
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Are these a New & Improved Arm / Wiper set, or just replacement ones that worked better on your car?

    Is there a part number or any other info you have?

  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Yea, give us a Christmas present with the part number. Thanks!
  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 302
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited December 2011
    Dear, bill_wa

    Did you EVER get that part number? That sure would be a nice Christmas present. hint, hint
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