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2011 Toyota Avalon



  • Have 2011 Ltd., 33,000 miles, White, great car.....bought at a better time in my life, then wife died....need to move on. This was my 2nd Avalon, 1st was 2003, put 110,00 miles worry free miles. I have decided that there are enough new options on the 2013 Ltd., that now is a good time to make the change.

    Have spend the past few months looking at different cars Nissan Maxima, Infinite, Lexus....all have strong points, all nice cars.....but when you consider all the Deluxe features, that are standard, not many options and runs on "regular gas"...Toyota Avalon Ltd. is the best value for my dollars.

    Champagne Mica, Technology Package, paint protection film, rear bumper applique, all weather floor mats. Interior color, not decided yet.....local dealers only have 1 Avalon a piece.....what I can't believe is that the 2013 Avalon brochure HAS NO INTERIOR COLORS OR A OPTIONS PAGE.

    Will keep you posted.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Hi. You can see some pictures at:


    Compare: 2011

    - 2011 larger inside
    - A bit more cushy of a ride


    Much more luxurious inside and out. The fit and trim is very well done. The paint seems to have much more or a much better grade of clear coat on it.

    Fuel economy is hard to judge right now, with Winter in Maine, but I DON'T like that the fuel tank is smaller:( I drive a lot, and can really appreciate not having to stop as often to get gas. It's only 2+- gallons smaller, but on the highway that 60+- miles.

  • geo123geo123 Posts: 33

    I appreciate your comments and pictures. Your new Avalon looks very nice. My local has two or three that I plan to go see. I am anxious to see the new interior. Just hate to walk on the lot and have to deal with the sales people. My wife still has her 2000 Avalon that she loves and it still rides and drives great. But, it time for a change. We are in our seventies and want something that is nice and comfortable to drive and ride.

    Again, thank you for your updates and comments.

  • My 2002 Lexus ES - loaded with Levinson - is at 148k and it was a company car that I was just given as part of retirement package. I was CEO of a small business - still am on the board - and retired for 1.5 days - I'm only 46 - to take over as sales leader for a 220 EE company. while I always buy my wife a new car, I have always boug pre owned as I throw miles on like a mad man - sales culture. We purchased the Lexus in 2007 with 40,000 and it has served me well. I always had it looking like new and even had it painted in 2010 so many people unfamiliar with it asked it if was a new car. That always made me feel good.
    So, keeping to my M.O., I was looking at 2010 ES models and while I obviously like the brand, the update as snot that significant from my 02 and the MPG was the same. That is when I ran into an 11 Avalon Limited all black with the black/Bordeaux seats. love the LED taillights and incredible roominess. I will be driving many clients and employees and the back seat legroom is impressive. Most impressive is the MPG gain. The new 13 ES is awesome, but I am not spending $40k plus when I can drive the Avalon for three years and then get the ES at a discount. With my trade, I have a total deal pending for $19,998 and 2% financing ( I could pay cash, but would rather make a hire percentage with investments ) for the black 2011 Avalon Limited with 32,000 miles. I like the fact that E previous owner had also paid for the extended warranty, but even if they :) :) :) had not, I have time to check on the few issues that you have listed here - wipers/arms, steering column, and I'll have to scheme the seats again since they cool have cooling.
    I want to thank all of you for posting here. It truly helps in the decision making process. It has also helped with maintenance issues, TSBs, recalls, warranties, dealer spiffs, pricing, etc.
    Thank You! if I pick up the Avalon next week, I be sure to post on if I noticed any of the issues previously reported. Peace!
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited December 2012
    I guess I'm slow and truly didn't understand what you are saying. If I do understand you right, YOU CAN buy a Avalon but was wondering which one to buy? Is this correct.

    If I understand you right then I'm always about cruching the numbers and saving a dollar. I would buy an 011 or 012. But that's just me. All cars go down in value and it won't be long before your 2013 will be old news. SOMETIMES car hold value better simply because the company did change things on the newer one. I hope this is the case. The new Avalon, I am told is smaller. I suspect that's why it gets better MPG with viturally the same engine. I have a 2011, LOVE the car, LOVE the back seat. Other people might feel different though. I have 22 thousand on my car and honestly 30 grand couldn't buy it.

    I found out there are a few issues with the 2011. Poping in the steeriing column happened on my car and the dealer liked to never found it. Other owners out there reported the same problem, some didn't. Took about 4 or 5 tries before a tech knew what it was. I think they replace the entire steering column, problem fixed. ONLY a few of them had this problem. Sweaky wiper blades was a big problem but my dealer found that problem first thing and change my wiper arms, not just the blades but the whole wiper arms, problem fixed. Hope this helps. Sounds like you have a great job to give you a car.
  • i got a 2012 limited.2013 disappointed it in for a 2013 es in march
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    but would rather make a hire percentage with investments

    Seriously? "hire percentage"? Most CEOs (including me) can spell "higher". ;)
  • '11 Avalon with under 20K miles and Bridgestone Turanza EL400 Tires. Not favorable impressed with these in snow (first experience since purchase in 8/12. Both Michelin and Dunlop tires much better grip on snow/ice as used on '95, '98, '04 prior owned Avalons. Agree with others Bridgestone tires don't see to give the traction and wear of Michelin and Dunlop tires.
  • I went to the San Diego auto show this Sat 12/29 and had a great look at the 2013 Avalon. First impression was great styling. However, the interior is far less roomy than my 2011. I am very disappointed in the interior room or lack of room.. especially the rear seat. in my 2011 you can comfortably seat 3 large adults. The 2013 cannot accommodate the same people.

    Comfort and room was the selling point for me as my first Avalon was an '07 followed by the '11. It's highly doubtful that I will buy another.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
  • Bill, I could tell stories about my 2000 XLS (upgrading tires, struts, and brakes made significant improvements), which I sold last year at around 140,000 miles, and the nearly-new 2004 ES330 I'm driving now (great car at ~40,000 miles but I'm 6'2" and not getting younger, and the interior is much less roomy), but I want to ask about *your* Avalon, since I'm in the market for one like it: 2011 or 2012 Limited, white, not too many miles, owned by someone who can spot a lemon.

    I live in the SF Bay Area, in case you're anywhere close by.

    BTW, I sat in a new (2013) Limited at the dealer the other day. Nice looking car, but they've changed the whole concept, going after a younger demographic, which probably makes sense from a marketing POV but doesn't do me any good when what I want is the big driver's seat. Also, it seems quite a bit lower than the older models.

    If anybody reading this has a really low mileage 2003 or 2004 XLS, I could get interested in that as an alternative.

    PS: My experience with Toyota service departments has run the gamut from pathetic, insulting, and incompetent (usually) to minimally sufficient (at best). At the Lexus dealer, even with an 8-year old used car, I was always treated *very* well, offered free services -- loaners, wash and wax -- and, surprisingly, not overcharged. (They did try to talk me into replacing the timing belt at 34,000 miles when I first bought the car last year [because it was 8 years old] but I can't see why it should be changed before 90,000 miles unless the water pump leaks.)

    Of course, your mileage may vary.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 594
    edited January 2013
    The reason is.... time. The belt is made of fiberglass, it does not stretch. Either it works as designed or snaps with a potential catastrophic result, there is nothing in between. That said, they seldom fail at low mileage even after 10 years but if they Some engines self destruct, others do not, someone else can answer that one but you are stuck wherever you are when it goes out. My wife had one go 11 years, no problem when we traded, the car was fine... Good luck with yours hope it does the same.... :)
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited January 2013
    My 2011 Avalon is silver, with Grey interior, it's a Limited, with 22 thousand miles. Garage kept, (all the time, no exceptions) I don't have ANY door dings, scratches, etc. plus I bought an 8 year 100 thousand mile extended warranty. This is a transferable warranty and it's from Toyota. Naturally I have all receipts INCLUDING all gas receipts since new. I actually keep a log of everything I ever done to the car, including washing and waxing. I have the orginal sticker, Oh yea, I have a light tint added to the windows, plus a nice pin stripe (Check picture below) etc.

    I'm sorry but it's not white. I was offered a white one but that was a demo with miles for the same money. I choose the one with no miles. I posted a picture on the blog some time back you might want to check or I can do it again.

    I bought my Avalon because my wife was receiving treatments in Birmingham AL and it's about a 5 or 6 hour drive one way. So most the miles are road miles but all is documented in our book.

    The 2012 is the same car, so I would look for a new 2012. If I was you.

    Hope this helps, Bill
  • brian125brian125 New York Posts: 5,224
    Have you checked out the new redesigned Accord its bigger inside than the Avalon and has some really nice tech features in it. i am in agreement with you on interior size. i'm also big at 6'1 240. seat size and hip space is important.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

  • I am not considering anything right now....Avalon nor Honda.....especially Honda. I owned several and always had A/C issues with each. Even when working correctly, the Honda A/C never seemed to cool as well as Avalon or Camry. Also had suspension noises when guests were in the back seat, plus road noise which I understand Honda has worked on for the latest Accord. I'll stick with my 2012 Avalon.
  • brian125brian125 New York Posts: 5,224
    I have owned 3 honda's outside of road noise, and i replaced my trany in a 2003 pilot at 105k i have nothing bad to say. There were trany problems with earlier accord models that i think were addressed.. I am considering to buy the new Accord but cant find any reason not to... Compared to the competition in the mid size field. Looks like a great bang for the buck with improved motor size, mpg, interior size and the reviews have been saying road noise is better in this model, with some really nice tech features and a standard back up camera in all models. not that a back up camera is a buying point for me. I was considering the 13 Genesis but a redesign is due out in the fall with upgrades that are needed to that model along with tech features and awd will be offered. I bought a 2012 Bmw X5 last year Dec 2011 or i would go for the Audi A6 or s6. I think thats the best bang for the buck at 54 to 60k Ride, performance, features and quality.

    Any thoughs


    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

  • My husband and I own a 2011 Avalon. We love it. Smooth ride and lots of room. My husband is around 6'3" and 240 lbs. He fits well in this car, front and back seat.
    We had the Motortrend car show in Greenville, SC that we go to every year. It is just a fun thing to do. I was really anticipating seeing and sitting in the new 2013 Avalon. To be honest, I just wasn't impressed so much. It is now a mid size Sedan. No longer is there room for 3 adults in back seat. And to top it off my husbands head goes out the sunroof. Very disappointing.
    We came across the 2013 Honda Accord V6 Touring at the show. Very impressed. Lots of cool new features and gadgets. My husband had plenty of headroom too.
    We love our Avalon but they obviously made some changes for the worse in the new one. Too bad. The Avalon just lost a future customer.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited January 2013
    When I wholesaled cars, I always loved the Honda's. They sold so good, in fact they sold as good as the Toyota's. As time went on, Honda's still sold good but I noticed the road noise. I mean it was bad. A lot worse than Toyota's.

    I sold my business and have not wholesaled cars for over 15 years now maybe longer. I have no access to good car auctions. I did test drive a new accord and again my biggest complaint was the road noise.

    Personally for me, road noise is a big issue. I like quite cars. I like cars that have good resell value. I would stick to Honda's, or Toyota's for the BEST resell value. Unless times have changed these cars always had the best resell value.

    In my opinion, Toyota made a big mistake making the inside smaller. I would think the biggest buyer of the Avalon's would be the older generation. I guess they are trying to appeal to the younger crowd.

    I miss whole selling cars. I said then I WOULD NEVER EVER pay retail for a car. I guess I should have not used the word NEVER. As of today I have paid retail for 2 cars, and one truck, lol, It's hard knowing the value goes down as soon as you drive them off the lot.

    For those who don't know whole selling is not like a car salesman by any means. I SOLD cars/trucks to the dealers. I bought my cars from big auctions all over the east. If you're not good at what you do, you'll go broke, fast.

    My 2011 Avalon is here to stay, unless someone wants to purchase my car for about 32 thousand. I don't suspect I have any takers but that's my price. I guess my price is so high because I really like this car that much. :D
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited January 2013
    Double click the picture you want to shop then copy the files and past that. Then everyone won't have access to ALL YOUR pictures. Go the HTML code and copy that. What you post will be the picture, NOT all the pictures. but it now allow everyone to access your site.


    Here is a illustration of showing a small picture. I like this joke. After 29 years of marriage, well you can relate. Hope this helps, Now Flicka might be different from photobucket, so this isn't written in stone.
  • My 2011 20750 miles is just like yours except for the attractive pin stripe you added. My quirk is the rear headrests and the sloping rear window which don't provide as good visibility thru the inside mirror as the '04 AV. I seldom have rear seat passengers so I remove the headrests until I have rear seat passengers and for PA. state inspection. I also miss the central display of date, time, compass, temp. fuel computer and mileage selection on the '04. Also not a fan of the Bridgestone Turanza tires compared to Dunlop and Michelin or of the navigation system compared to my portable GPS. Otherwise a great car so was my '04, '98 and '95.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited January 2013
    I bought a used Avalon 2000 model because cars lose so much in value. I know about cars and this 2000 car "a one owner car" with 100 thousand miles on it. As little as I drive, I figured this car would last me perhaps the rest of my life. Avalon's have a good reputation for long lasting.

    All the years of dealing with cars I never thought ANYONE would get something over on me. I checked the entire car, I knew it has some slight damage at one time. It was weeks before I drove the car at night. When I finally did it was obvious she had an electrical short. The lights look like Christmas lights going down the street. Don't get me wrong anything is fixable on any car but I thought, "hey, perhaps it's time to pay retail for a car", so I bit the bullet, traded the 2000 in and bought my 2011. I did my best horse trading and got MUCH MORE than I paid when I trade the 2000 in. I'm not a typical buyer so I won't say "I got over on the dealer", I did not. I did get a good deal though.

    Other than losing value, I'm glad I bought the car. I would never feel right selling that used 2000 to anyone. The dealer will just wholesell it out.

    I've drove so many cars that the back head rest gives me no problem at all. I never used a nagavation system in life so I didn't order one. My kids bought me one two years ago and still never used it.

    Tires, hmmmm, I don't know what kind of tires I'll need or what to buy. I am not a fan of Bridgestone tires either. I like Michelin's but I'm told I will pay for them if I want that brand. I never owned another Avalon so I can't say anything about '04 or 98's. I only owned the 2000 model for about a month. I can tell you that the 2000 was easier to drive. The steering was different. When I owned my business, we might have bought some Avalon's but we only owned the cars for days then we sold them. Sometimes I never even drove the cars/trucks I bought. I can't say for certain I bought any Avalon's back in those days

    I'm very suprised to see you have less miles than I do on your Avalon, wow! I have 22 thousand miles and drove it mostly back and forth to Birmingham AL and home. My wife was going through breast cancer treatments and we had to drive down there about once a month.

    This is one reason I broke down and bought a new one. The 2011 Avalon makes the trip so much easier. I'm glad I did. No inspections in the part of the state but I can see ok out the back. Again, it's because I drove so many different kind of cars and I guess I got use to not seeing everything. Thanks for sharing,
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Also had suspension noises when guests were in the back seat, plus road noise

    Hondas have always been noiser than other brands, lotsa road noise. Odysseys are hard to converse in if you're in the back seat.....
  • liaisonliaison Posts: 49
    I am looking at a used 2012 Avalon and noticed that Carfax showed wiper blade/insert was replaced at 2500 miles. Should I be worried about the wiper issues with this Avalon. It has 2 years remaining on warranty.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Most all owners of the 2011 Avalon's in here has wiper problems of some kind. I assume the 2012 also had the same problem since it's basically the same car.

    MY OPINION: I would not worry because it's been in the shop for that. Smart to check car fax, make sure it's a one owner or a lease. Lease cars are good to buy, perhaps better than a one owner. Make sure you have a warranty on the car, if you don't then you MIGHT want to check into that. WHY? I hear a rear view mirror cost 1200 dollars. This is just an example. Hope this helps,
    Anymore questions feel free to ask.
  • I would not be concerned with the wipers. That's an easy fix if they are noisy. I went through that with my 2008. My 2012 has no wiper problem. Love the car and you will too.....hopefully.
  • Just wondering why you feel leased cars are better to purchase than "one owner" ones? I would have thought the opposite.
  • neil1neil1 Posts: 20
    No worries. I would think that wiper blade inserts on any car would be more age sensitive than mileage sensitive. If your car is parked outside in the summer heat here in Florida you're likely to change inserts a couple of times a year.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited January 2013
    Just wondering why you feel leased cars are better to purchase than "one owner" ones? I would have thought the opposite.

    Answer: I thought I might get this question without fully explaining myself.

    First of all, there are different kind of leasing. I SHOULD have said corporate leasing. On Corporate leasing, they lease a fleet of lets say Avalon's. THEY have to be maintain regularly, this is part of the agreement in leasing. SO normally without exception, these cars have been serviced regularly. One owners cars are NOT always serviced regularly. Fleet leasing care are USUALLY brought to auction before the warranty is up. Then auctioned off. Usually right under the wire of the warranty running out.

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not a "know it all". This was my business.

    At big auctions, you would easy spot the difference between a repo car/cars and a fleet lease car. You'll see a fleet of lets say, Avalon's, or other type cars would be 100's (perhaps, sometimes only 30 or 40) of them together. Normally these are good cars. Again serviced regularly. I've bought tons of them. NOT Avalon's but tons of these kind of cars. Simply better than a one owner repo. At the dealship, it can be a one owner but it could be a repo one owner. In my day they didn't have car faxes. So I'm NOT sure if a car fax says the car was ever auctioned off.

    NOW, individual leasing, that's a whole different ball game. I won't go into difference about individual leasing.

    Times are different. In the 90's, it was not uncommon to see a lot of fleet leasing cars at auctions.

    Hope this helps, Bill
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 594
    This really is not my discussion, but... a good friend of mine spent decades at a major company that gave all managers and others with a certain job type company leased fleet cars. They were always maintained well. Company paid all the bills and the cars were kept in perfect condition although some had higher mileage than normal... still, they were a bargain for whoever got them...
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Yea, of course I agree. These are big leases, giving to companies from Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc. to big companies. In the agreement, or contract, they HAVE to maintain the vehicle. So every time the oil needs changing it's done, tires rotated it's done. All maintaince is kept up by the company. It's part of the deal.

    I loved buying the fleet lease cars. They sold good with very little problems. I never saw Avalon's in the fleet lease cars, but I did see a LOT of Camerys.

    Hope this helps, Bill
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