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2011 Toyota Avalon



  • We had our first cold night on the 1st, and four of my five tires were below 28 lbs. when I checked the next day.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    We also had our first really cold night last night. I have NOT checked the tire pressure on my Avalon. I suspect, like you, the pressure has gone down.

    One fellow covered heat and cold and tire pressure in here. I forget what he said but I believe he hit the nail on the head. Heat causes the tires to swell and of course cold causes it to shrink. ??? I think I summed it up right.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited November 2013
    by fin: Consumer Reports is right, the warranty extension to 100k is a waste of money at any price provided you start with a solid nameplate, as above. Now, if you buy a lesser name... different story maybe... my experience anyway.

    Nan states:
    Consumer Report might be right but I assure you this. *IF* you sell the car then a 100 thousand mile warranty will help the resell. This is why I bought the 8yr, 100 thousand mile warranty and the only reason. I hope I never have to use it and knowing me, I'll probably sell my Avalon before I owned it 8 years. Hope this helps and I didn't mean to sound rude.
  • I highly recommend the Michelin Primacy.....smooth, quiet, and seem to have good wet weather behavior. Love mine.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Michelin Primacy tires hmm, thanks for the tire advice. I have 27 thousand miles on my 2011 Avalon and I'll keep this in mind when I purchase a set. It might be a while before I buy any. My tires have been rotated every oil change but they seem to be wearing more than they should so I thought I would ask. Is anyone else have this problem? My Avalon came with Bridgestone tires.
  • robin5robin5 Posts: 19
    First, I would never go to Discount Tire. My husband bought their tires and there were always 2-3 weights on each tire just to balance them. Every time they were rotated, he had to go back again to have them re-balanced. It was never right the first time and he had the tires for quite awhile. He had a slow leak and they couldn't find it. He put air in that tire over and over until he bought a new car. I go to Belle Tire (always one next to Discount Tire) and never have a problem with them.

    My 2011 Avalon came with Michelin Energy MXV4 S8. Radial XSE. I drive fast and I like them. I had a car years ago that came with another brand tire and the ride and interior noise were much improved when I changed to Michelins. I was so young, I didn't even know the tires would make a difference and I noticed it immediately.

    Living in Michigan, I bought snow tires for the Avalon. After paying $80 to have the tires put on my factory rims, I bought new black rims for the snow tires. (I am a woman and never look at rims, but the black ones really are nice!) Belle Tire now changes out my tires in the spring and fall at no charge.
    I keep meticulous records so I know the mileage on each set of tires. I record the mileage on the car and on each set of tires when they are put on. I have the mechanic mark the tire location on each tire when they are taken off the car. When the tires are put on next time, I have them rotated from the marks that are on them.
    I make sure the tires are not rotated when I have the oil changed. I don't want them rotated back to their old position right after they are put on.

    IF YOU BUY NEW RIMS, THE LOW TIRE SENSOR WILL COME ON EVERY TIME YOU DRIVE. It comes on at about 12 miles. Four new TPMS sensors would be $278, so I just ignore the dash light. The sensor works again when the all season tires are put on in the spring. I was told I would need OEC57 sensors put inside the valve stem in order to monitor for low tire pressure. I got along without sensors for decades and don't feel I have to have them year round.

    If using snow tires, make sure you have the proper lug wrenchs, lug locks, and lug nuts for each type of tire. ie. If I need to use my spare in the winter, I have the snow lug wrench adapter and also the all-season lug nuts needed for the spare.

    The snow tires are Bridgestone BLIZZAK WS-70. 215/55R17 94T. They were $130 each 12/2010. I needed tires with a high speed rating for expressway use (very high speed) and the handling is very good. I don't notice any difference in handling at any speed. There is a very slight tire noise at slow speeds that doesn't bother me and I am usually bothered by any noise. (The rattle in my dash in cold weather is a different story.) I don't notice it unless I listen for it when the snows are put on. After a day or two, I don't even hear it.

    The rims are Raceline 196-Sniper BLKMIR +40 from Belle Tire. $102/each, but there are cheaper ones available.
    The alternative is paying $80 every spring and $80 every fall to have the tires put on my factory rims. For $160/year and the extra time waiting for the tires to be put on rims, it made sense for me to just buy new rims.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 594
    If the warranty is still in effect with significant time and mileage remaining then Yes, it certainly could help the resale value and you would recover some of the cost. The extended warranty also provides peace of mind to some people and that's worth every penny you pay.

    As cars gain more electronic devices and components the longer warranty may become more popular. Many electronic parts tend to fail more as they age and are not generally mileage dependent. Low miles, they still fail.

    Bottom line: If you have 38k, give or take, for the new car..... you have 750 for the longer warranty. Any question in your mind, get the warranty. My personal experience, and that of many relatives and friends, is that they are not necessary. But we have yet to experience the $2000. failure of the combo CD/XM/Nav/Radar/Bluetooth/DVD/TV/IrisScan/WebCam/Ipod/HeartRateMonitor device in the dashboard....
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited November 2013
    Thanks Robin5 for the input on your tires. I am a man, but like you I keep really good records. I log everything, even MPG every fill up etc. I even include each time I wax and wash my car. I do this for resell value. People love records and it only takes a little time to write something down.

    I live in the South (not Florida) so I won't be changing rims or tires like you've been doing. I like a good soft riding tire. I feel my Bridgestone tires give me a tad bid of a rough ride. So I'm looking for a good soft tire that won't offset my MPG.

    I'm not sure what tire to buy when I get ready. Someone said I should buy the Michelin Primacy tire.

    I do want to thank you for the time you took to write down your tire situation. I bet you wish Avalon came in an AWD (all wheel drive) version.

    On the extended warranty. I did buy one first thing. I know it doesn't go into effect until the factory warranty runs out. I bought an expensive one 8 yr. 100 thousand mile warranty. I choose that one mainly because I might sell this car in a few years. MIGHT! So having a warranty REALLY helps the resell. I'm truly not a fan of extended warranties but after someone posted they spent 1200 dollars on a broken rearview mirror. Well, I thought it would be a good investment. Especially since the Avalon LTD has so many electronic devices.

    Thanks again, Bill

    My car:
    2011 Avalon Limited, with 27 thousand miles. No problems to report except a popping in the steering wheel. This was fixed early on by the dealer. Love the car, love the ride and love the MPG this big car gets. I really LOVE the back seat. I mean wow!
  • Nan48, I agree with your final comments about your 2011 Avalon completely. I have a 2007 with just 65K miles and it is still a great car. I find it interesting that Toyota went looking for a different market in 2013 and it apparently worked, because I read that Avalon sales have increased with the new model.
    I think I would be hard pressed to find a vehicle in 2014 with the same room, ride and MPG.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I agree as well, but think they could have the same, well even MORE sales had the at least made the LTD version, an Old Farts model. You know, smoother, quieter, more comfortable car. Hell they could have keep it the same size as earlier models, including the big back seat, that reclined, and not lost any sales because of this.

    Those younger folks who wanted a Sportier car, could have had the Touring or LE models, and us folks looking for an Avalon of olde, could have one.

    While I lament over the fact that bigger, quiet, comfortable cars are getting harder and harder to find, I KNOW there is a market, because for years, we have purchased them, and still would, if they in fact made them.

    Yes the New Avalon is selling well, and yes it is to a younger market, but they COULD have done this, by simply bring back the Solara or MR2 or other model, that they could have redesigned and left the Avalon for the market place it was designed for.

  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited November 2013
    Skip, I agree totally. I'm guessing it's about the almighty dollar. I suspect it cost LESS to produce a smaller car.

    I also suspect the 2012 Avalon is the last of the big cars you'll see. I hope that isn't true but I'm guessing it is.

    If I go smaller than I might REALLY go smaller and buy a Prius C. I might, my wife says, "yea, wait to you drive one, then you'll see, you'll never buy a car that small". Don't get me wrong, we've bought and sold tons and tons of Honda's, Toyota's, etc., small cars in the past.

    My 2011 still has a lot of life left in it. So for now I'll just keep mine unless I was offered the right money for it. I mean everything is for sale, right? (except the wife and dog) At least it's been that way in my house.

    I guess I should state my back ground was dealing/whole selling cars to big dealerships. One rule we had in the business was "NEVER fall in LOVE with your inventory". Hard rule to follow but a good one. My wife reminds me that HER 2011 Avalon is NOT in my inventory. Plus I've been out of that business nearly 25 years. lol, boy time flies.

    Stay Warm, Bill/Nan48
  • neil1neil1 Posts: 20
    Agree that the back seat is great - or at least that's what our passengers tell us. But I think the back seat was designed at the expense of some trunk space? We travel frequently and our Lexus ES 300 (a smaller car) seemed to have much more usable trunk space that our 2011 limited.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192

    I am just wondering if the 2012 Avalons are any quieter than the 2011's? I know they are the same car, but thought maybe they added some insulation or something for 2012's. I went for a test drive in the Azera with my son and it was so much quieter than my Avalon! By the way, the blizzard pearl 2011 that I bought last summer was in a wreck Dec. 17. A man ran a stop sign and hit my rear wheel. Did $4,000 worth of damage to axle, suspension, etc. So it is in the shop right now. I am afraid it won't drive the same when I get it back. I know I won't be able to get anything for it if I want to trade it in if I don't like the way it drives when I get it back. Was just wondering about quietness of 2012's just in case I might want to trade it. Know I would lose a bundle of money! Any advice out there?

  • gramzgramz Posts: 106

    Maybe you will luck out and with the body shop. I had around $6,5500 to the left front and it drives the same now as before the accident. Good Luck.

  • lntlnt Posts: 192

    Well, that makes me feel a lot better! I don't know anything about this body shop. The Toyota dealership uses it for all of its body work, so I hope it's good. It is somewhere in Dallas. Called "Concours Paint and Body. I'm ready to get it back. Tired of driving this little 4 cylinder Chrysler 200!!

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 594

    Ok... INT make sure you realize that a wrecked and repaired Avalon, or any other newer car, is worth less than one that has never been wrecked. Ask for compensation from the driver that hit you...above the amount of the repairs because you have lost value in the car. The insurance company owes you a satisfactory repair and settlement.

  • lntlnt Posts: 192

    Oh, I DO realize that my car is practically worthless as a trade-in now! So how do I recoop the loss? Sue the insurance company for more than the repairs? I will make sure it drives the same and looks the same before I sign a release, but didn't know there was a possibility of getting more. Hopefully, it will last me the rest of my driving life! I had planned on it being my last car anyway, but only if it rides, drives, and looks like it did before.

  • lntlnt Posts: 192

    Well, my 2011 Avalon has been in the body shop for 46 days!! Supposed to get it Monday. I barely remember what it looked like before it was wrecked. Can't image why it has taken so long to fix it. Can't wait to get it back. A little nervous, though, that it won't ever be the same again. After driving this Chrysler 200, it'll probably feel awesome, though. Fin, how do I go about filing a lawsuit for loss of value? Does my insurance company do that for me or do I have to get a lawyer?

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 594
    edited January 2014

    Can't give you exact advice, you are probably not in Georgia anyway.. but.. most insurance companies are familiar with this concept, my opinion, it is well known. Suggest you discuss it with the adjuster or company handling your claim or your insurance company. See if they offer anything for "diminished value" as a wreck repaired car is not original and worth less. If so, good, negotiate something. If not, ask a personal injury lawyer near you about it. He/she will advise you on what to do. The mere suggestion that you will involve a lawyer may make them offer something, maybe. This is especially true if the wreck was_ not_ your fault. If it was, perhaps a different story...
    Hope this helps....

  • gramzgramz Posts: 106

    Used my extended warranty from the midwest organization a couple of days ago for a $355.00 oxygen sensor and a $188.00 leaking power steering return line. Both items were covered 100%.

  • gramzgramz Posts: 106

    @gramz said:
    Used my extended warranty from the midwest organization a couple of days ago for a $355.00 oxygen sensor and a $188.00 leaking power steering return line. Both items were covered 100%.

    The warranty also covered a rental for 3 days while awaiting parts.

  • lntlnt Posts: 192

    I am wondering about the TSB about the steering column in the avalons. When I make a sharp turn- like when backing out of a tight parking spot - my car feels like and sounds like I have run over a soda can or a big rock. There is this kind of crunching sound and it wobbles almost like the wheel is loose. Is that the steering column problem or is that something else? My son said it sounds like the cv boot or something like that. Anyone else experience such a noise? It doesn't do it every single time. I know if I take it in, the service tech probably won't be able to make it do it again.

  • gramzgramz Posts: 106

    Int - I just received a Warranty Enhancement Letter etending the warranty coverage for looseness of the steering column telescopic adjustment function after securing the lever. It seems they must have some kind of a problem

  • algeealgee Posts: 78

    Yes, me too. I went to have it fixed and the dealer didn't have the parts. So I have to wait. I've had the car since 2011 and the steering wheel has collapsed on me about 6 times usually while stopping. It scares you when that happens

  • gramzgramz Posts: 106

    I've never moved my wheel since my initial setting. Not sure is I should or not now.

  • gramzgramz Posts: 106

    70,000 miles and all's well.

    I had planned on trading this years but I'm scared a new one won't be as confortable to drive on the road as this one. I'm thinking maybe a couple of more years now as I have the extended warranty up to 125,000. I'm thinking maybe trading around 100,000 and maybe the warranty would add a few dollars to the value?

  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    I wonder if anyone still reads this thread. I have the white Avalon (2011) that was in the wreck in December of 2013. It was in the shop for 46 days. When I got it out, I had to send it back for a realignment a month later. The wreck involved the rear wheel being hit and the whole rear wheel assembly had to be replace. I had the oil changed this week and they told me it needed an alignment! I haven't put but about 3,000 miles on it since it was aligned and have not hit any potholes or curbs. I am wondering if the structural damage was so great that the car will never stay in alignment, and I am going to have to continually have it aligned and tires replaced because of the wear the misalignment causes. Also, there is a lot of road noise. I have Bridgestone Turanzas on it now and wonder if there are some that are quieter.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 106
    I also wondered if anyone still owned their Avalon and reads this forum.

    My Avy came with Michelin Primacy tires and I thought they did an excellent job in handling and road noise. I had to replace them around the 40,000 mark and after a little research I decided to keep with the same. I now have 74,000 and I've not been disappointed.

    The bad news is you have something bad going on to cause you to need this many alignments. Are you sure no curbs or pot holes. Maybe the husband did it? Maybe the wife? Can you see the need for alignment?
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    My husband never drives my car. I talked to the man who took care of the wreck for me and he said he didn't believe I needed an alignment. He said the Bridgestone tires just wear like that, plus he knew that the alignment machine they used wasn't a very good one. I have no vibration and no pulling to one side or the other at all. I can let go of the steering wheel on the highway and it will track straight for a long time. So I'm looking at new tires. I have been researching and some people have said Michelins are not as good as they used to be because they are now made in China. I am wondering about Perillis or Yokohmas. My 05 Avalon had Michelins and it did have quite a bit of road noise, but I am beginning to believe the 05-2012 Avalons are just not very quiet cars. I love it, but there is wind noise and road noise.
  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    I meant yokohamas - also researched kuhmo tires- they got good reviews.
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