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Isuzu Rodeo Has No Power to Fuel Pump and Injectors

badger505badger505 Member Posts: 6
edited June 2014 in Isuzu
all relays and fuses are good, jumped f-pump to test & fuel flows to t-body with good pressure but still will not start because injectors are not doing what ever, starts when priming t-body for a few seconds till fuel is exhausted, replaced oil sending unit, some one said it sends a sig. to ecm which has been opened and seems to have no visible damage,


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    gbjoegbjoe Member Posts: 1
    i think f-pump means fuel pump,whats a t-body? injection pump?
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    badger505badger505 Member Posts: 6
    fuel pump throttle body injectors

    just about have it, now its starting and runs for about 5 seconds until blowing fuse
    # 8, labeled "Engine Back. L" (10amp)
    Any ideals
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    ducktapeducktape Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 Rodeo doing the same thing. No power to fuel pump. I have checked all relays and fuses. I can unplug battery for about a week or so and go hook it back up and it starts with no problems. I will drive it around for about a week and when i park somewhere like McDonalds and come back out to leave it want start, as if it was out of gas. What do you think?
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    badger505badger505 Member Posts: 6

    my problem was electrical, removing the batt (neg. terminal) for a few seconds resets the Engine Control Module (ECM) which operates the full pump relay, there should be a fuse in the relay box in under the hood labeled ECM or ECU. Pulling that fuse for 10 secs. or so also resets the ECM, try this and if it immediately works I suggest to drive it locally until it will not start again and repeat the removal of the ECM fuse. If this work out I suggest that you ECM is receiving a sensor signal to shut down the pump relay so I've been told, is the check engine lite on ??????
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    badger505badger505 Member Posts: 6
    these earlier models are trash, I plan to dispose of mine asap
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