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Audi A6



  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,940
    "lowering the final drive ratio "

    Based largely on North American press pre-reviews, VW / Audi did exactly that for the Passat W8.
    - Ray
    Ex- W8 owner . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Disclosure: I am an Audi fan!

    I know of no Audi in recent memory that would, at the displacement level, keep up with a BMW.

    However, having said this, the Audi A6 2.7T when compared to the 530i, was a different story. And, truth be told, the Audi A6 4.2 when configured against a BMW 530i could be VERY CLOSE to the same price and obviously of much higher HP and torque. BMW, on the other hand, has continued to offer the manual transmission and, even though I can "prove" that a 530i OUGHT to be compared to the A6 4.2 because of the price similarities -- the truth of the matter is that the Comparos in the Car Magazines of the realm, generally tend to compare cars that seem to be pitted, by the manufacturers, against each other.

    Hence, the new A6 3.2 will be, ultimately, in a head to head test with a BMW 530i -- the A6 will, based only on thus far published specs, be a "relative" slug. This A6, will be priced about at the point of the outgoing A6 2.7T S-Line -- which, as we all know, blew away the A6 4.2 in accelerative force to 100kph at least.

    Now, having said all of this -- I know that the world does not exclusively revolve around 0 - X accelerative times. But the current theme (for the YEAR OF THE AUTOMOBILE: 2005) seems to be the following:

    1. RWD or AWD -- the price of entry into the Premium/Sporty class
    2. "Availability" of a V8 (note the bashing Acura is already receiving despite the fact that the new for '05 RL will come with AWD and a 300HP V6; note too the Volvo Type R, also 300HP, can't quite get the full respect of the motoring press since the in-line 5 lacks some of the refinement of the German V8's at or near red line [sic].)
    3. Sub-7.0 second time to 100kph (or for US consumption 60mph)
    4. Minimum of 5spd "manu-matic" and/or availability of minimum 6spd manual or availability of "direct shift, clutchless manual -- e.g., DSG or SMG transmission.
    5. Certain expectations pertaining to electronics, suspension, on-board computing power, etc. See Acuras SH-AWD, Audis air-suspension, Cadillacs STS AWD w/Magnaride, etc etc etc
    6. Certain expectations pertaiing to "features du jour" such as "intellegent" key fobs, iDrive, MMI, voice activation, DVD sat nav, telematics, etc etc etc
    7. Advances that provide some (brand) exclusivity: FSI (Audi engine), 7speed transmission (BMW), SH-AWD (Acura), semi or full-active suspension (Cadillac, Volvo).
    8. Some Big Hairy Audacious Feature: hemi engine in new Chrysler 300C AWD, e.g.
    9. Buzz
    10. Fawning Automotive Journalist(s)
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Im gonna have to disagree with you on that mark, I think the old 5 was much more simple and enjoyable to drive with its "archaic" button layout. I hate iDrive, and so does most of the motoring press, so it seems.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Where in my message did I opine that iDrive and MMI are good? My point was to list what I perceive as "trends" perhaps even "must haves" to play in the game from 2005 forward.

    You are right about 1 thing, much of the automotive press dislikes iDrive and some of the press dislikes the Audi A8L's MMI (and the Phaeton's too, for that matter).

    I have no experience with such interfaces.

    I am, however, old enough to remember a tool that came to Personal Computers several years ago it was called Windows -- uh, well, lots of folks (me included) thought "what's the big deal?" it just shields the user from DOS commands (Windows at 2.0 and 3.0 was, after all, largely an analog and many times the icon that was clicked on screen merely executed a ".bat" file or a ".exe" program). Of course real PC users were proud of their ever more complex "autoexec.bat" files and their abilities to make the PC do marvelous things with strings of commands that looked somewhat like someone spilled a can of alphabet soup.

    What is happening today (with car command interfaces, that is), I submit -- and this at this point in time does not necessarily disagree with you with respect to your displeasure with the current versions of such products -- is analogous to the evolution of Windows. . .2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.11 heading toward Windows NT, 2000, XP Pro and whatever Mr. Gates & Co. come up with next.

    I say, we'll all just have to suck it up for what is ultimately in the pipeline is some version of "autodrive" as was fantastically presented in a not too old (or young) movie called Demolition Man. No, I don't literally mean the cars will be 100% hands free for some time -- but we keep moving in a direction that somewhat reminds me of autopilot.

    Whatcha gonna do when even the "Yugo's" of the world come standard with such "improvements?"

    . . .uh, after you scream, then what?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .this just in. Someone actually likes the new Audi A6.

    Why I put my email address in the public domain, I'll never know -- it seemed like a good idea at the time, I told myself. (For, the discussion groups and town halls and forums in which I participate have spawned a "decent" amount of off-line emails.) Some of these are barbs, many are questions (as if I had some inside track into the inner workings of the Audi body politic) but most are simply "conversations" apparently from folks who do not believe their prose is appropriate or relevant or something for one of these more public Bulletin Boards. Generally, I would characterize these conversations as coming from mostly loyal Audi (and some VW) owners or soon to be owners (assuming I answer some question pertaining to their upcoming purchase favorably -- again, as if I had some inside information -- which I assure you, I do not).

    Recently the communications both on and off-line have been somewhat to very disappointed in the apparent path that Audi seems to be embarking upon. I have felt somewhat like the Founder and President of the Audi Defense League of late -- even though I too have noticed some contradictions in Audi's Marketing Message.

    Moreover, the trickle of cars that appear to be "waiting in the wings" to ambush Audi has become a stream and appears set to become a flood, probably as soon as fourth quarter -- this year.

    You see, as I noted earlier in one of my posts, somehow the Car Companies of the world have come to the conclusion that FWD is becoming or already has become passe. Now, apparently, only RWD (but at the top of the "heap" AWD) will do.

    Forget what we told you for years about the efficacy and efficiency of FWD, we've seen the light. Car companies are practically falling all over themselves to eschew FWD.

    I can hear Dana Carvey now, imitating Bush 1, ". . .FWD bad. . .AWD (or RWD) good." Thousand points of light, indeed.

    OK, so the critical, largely, emails about the new Audi A6 have kept the Defense League keyboards clicking away for the past 6 weeks or so. The screaming voice in the wilderness (me, or so I thought) even tried to enlist the help of my local long-time Audi dealer salesman, Ralph. He was sympathetic and dutifully forwarded my harangues to his Audi of America "insider." I, personally, had no such communication with/from AoA, proper, however.

    Yesterday, Car & Driver, "to the rescue" -- the June 2004 issue had both a mostly very complimentary article about the 2005 A6 itself (page 83) but more complimentary -- IMHO -- was Csaba Csere's "The Steering Column" -- title, Will gasoline direct injection finally make it?

    Audi was placed in the spotlight and somewhat under a microscope -- what the "objective" reader will come away with (from both of these articles) is that Audi is a LEADER.

    Now, I am not proclaiming or interpreting the sum and substance of this article to argue that Audi is the first in this regard; however, it is clear that this incarnation of the DI (or FSI as Audi calls it) is significant because it is coming out in a much more "accessible" autombile -- not that the Isuzu Axiom is inaccessible, but, perhaps that you'll grant the BMW 760Li is hardly "everyman's" (or woman's) ride.

    Better power, better economy, better better better seems to be the message here -- and Audi is getting, for a change, some positive press.

    This "expert" opinion and review will certainly not change "lexusguy's" opinion, or at least I assume it will not. Neither will those who, for whatever reason, believe that Audi's quality is poor be among the converted.

    However, it is my belief that Audi, once again, has something upon which it can "hang its hat" with pride and something that once again can differentiate it in a marketplace rapidly emulating an area where Audi has shown "leadership" for years: AWD.

    Prediciton: Next year, at this time, virtually all of the Premium cars (that have not yet announced) with which Audi competes will have AWD available; however, Audi, for a least some small grace period will be demonstrating Vorsprung durch Technik.

    That's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Good, bad or indifferent, we are all entitled to our own opinions. FWIW, I have always enjoyed your posts, and for the most part, you and I have similar opinions on many things.

    Regarding the new A6, I like it, rather a lot in fact. That said, I'm still waiting to hear if Audi is going to bless those of us in the NA market with three pedals under the dash or not. So without further ado, I'll lightly plagiarize your plagiarization from above: 2-Pedals bad...3-Pedals good. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Only 2 pedal versions, for 2005, so says both C&D and Audi's global web site.

  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    "This "expert" opinion and review will certainly not change "lexusguy's" opinion, or at least I assume it will not. Neither will those who, for whatever reason, believe that Audi's quality is poor be among the converted."

    No, it wont. I dont remember claiming that the A6 is a boring car that is no fun to drive. I also like C&D, I think its probably the most respectable of the major 4 NA automags. However, how often does C&D comment on things like JD Power IQ? Or long term reliability? Or CR reliability indexes? Answer: never. They dont care. They dont recommend cars based on reliability, or Toyota and Honda products would sweep every comparo.

    I believe Audi's quality is poor because Audi's quality IS poor. Did you miss the three recall notices to fix hundreds of thousands of cars with ignition coil problems? Same problem, three recalls. How many other cars have had to be recalled three times to fix the SAME item? The Audi A6 is listed as a "risk" in CR's list of worst used cars, it ranks at the bottom of JD Power, and it comes in at #6 on the list of most PA\NJ lemon law cases. There wasnt one Lexus or Acura on that list anywhere. Everyone I know who has bought an Audi in the last few years has had major headaches, and they've all told me "never again". I'm glad you love Audi, but I ask you, how many Audi's do you see with over 150K miles? How about 200K?
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    Ditto for their sister brand, VW.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Yes, congradulations to VW for ranking 2nd from the bottom on the '04 JDPower IQS. Stay tuned for their "hey, but we beat hummer! Eh?" Sales spectacular.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .I suspect that fans of Audi will not be influenced by the reliability scores of other brands.

    We all, I presume, want our cars to be more reliable.

    I hope it is possible for Audi to improve reliability and not lose drivabiliy.

    However, if they become as reliable as a Lexus apparently is, and simultaneously lose their "fun to drive factor" -- I would think there would be a lot of people voting with their dollars and going elsewhere to spend their $30 to $90K.

    I've been wrong before, and will be again.

    The magic -- heretofore -- has been that Audis were engaging driving machines.

    I suspect that if Audi has a tough time over the next few years that it will have more to do with other car companies catching up with Audi in terms of content, features, drivability, AWD, etc. -- I suspect most folks don't buy Audis because of a reliability ranking -- for, as you accurately point out, they have not set the world on fire in this regard -- ever.

    Indeed, the entire European car community is coming under intense criticism for their quality -- yet March 2004, was Audis most successful ever sales period, with 82,000 cars sold -- 2,000 more than their previous record.

    This, considering that the A6 line is fundamentally the same thing that was showcased in 1997.

    Imagine, the potential, is the way I would say it.

    Reliability for many folks on a scale of 1 to 10 is in the bottom 5 (at this price range anyway).

    However, the Europeans should not overlook the steady success and improvements made by the Asian and Japanese mfgs. I cannot and will not make any statements against Lexus (for example). I would be happy to have one -- if it were free.

    This is, obviously, not rational -- not logical and not supported by the FOR (frequency of repair) stats often cited here about [Audi and other} European cars. I can only suggest that it is "the joy of driving" that gets me every time -- to each his / her own.

    Great press -- ephemeral as it most certainly is for Audi -- will change only a very few opinions.

    It is kinda like politics in the sense that all the negative stuff one side says about the other, rarely changes the true believer's minds.

    Color me impressed by Audi -- also, full disclosure -- color me worried that Audi will soon be (in my mind) more or less an also ran as the number of Premium cars switching to higher performance engines and AWD keeps on growing like topsy.
  • dpedersen1dpedersen1 Posts: 33
    Note to the Lexus and other guys ... please close your ears.

    I have heard that there is a worldwide conspiracy to make the world 'think' that these cars stink, so that those of us that are 'brave' can buy them and just enjoy the he*l out of them all the while snickering while our friends in the 'reliably boring' lexus and acura and others believe they have a reliable car.

    Everyone, you can open your ears again.

    ps --- I have a 2002 Audi A6 2.7T - fast, fun, and into the shop for that horribly free 10K checkup.

  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    I understand that Lexus cars arent for you. However, Lexus is changing their tune. Have you driven an IS300? I'm surprised you brought up Acura though. This isnt 1995. The '04 Acura TL will absolutely wax any VW or Audi product on a track. Have you driven one? Its FAST, fun, AND reliable. The '05 RL, especially the rumored 4.0L Hybrid version, looks like it aims to take that one step further. You didnt mention Infiniti either. Their relability is almost as good as Lexus and Acura, and yet, the 280hp G35 Coupe is a blast to drive. Ditto for the FX45, which will absolutely destroy a Toureg. And the ML55 AMG. And the X5. You'd need a Cayenne Turbo to beat it. The '05 RL and M45 should make the folks at Audi very worried.

    Let me know if your still enjoying the hell out of your A6 when it hits 75K, and how free that maintanence still is.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    Let's be careful not to turn this into the Audi/VW vs. Lexus thread.


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  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    The Touareg isn't exactly playing the same game as the FX45 either. Similarly the Touareg will kill the FX45 where interior quality and ride comfort is concerned. It is also slightly more useful in the "utility" part of the SUV theme.

  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Granted. The point I was trying to make is that the Japanese can match the Germans on peformance if they want to, however, based on Asian sales growth and European sales decline, they seem to understand that most of the NA market is less concerned about that.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    True to a degree, but sales declines are happening for different reasons depending the Euro brand in question. VW's problem is old product mainly...and then of course I'm sure all the negative reliability press hasn't help either.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .I personally don't mind the comparison talk on this thread -- specifically since our fellow contributor lexusguy continues to take the high-road and is attempting to appeal to our left-brain side.

    As an admitted left-brain person, I also believe that most of us, regardless of our brain orientation, buy "at the moment in time of the purchase" based on a right brain "push."

    Having said this, I read somewhere -- as if that makes it so -- that 75% of the buying decisions (for a car) are made prior to actually making the transaction. Perhaps another way to say that is that one is 75% certain of the purchase prior to actually doing the deal.

    I suspect, therefore, that the fact that I actually did test drive an IS300 and found it simply "OK" will, as noted in a prior post, not shock anyone and will also not change anyone's mind. I would, however, take an IS300 if it were given to me -- to further clarify my position on this particular car -- I would not really be terribly interested in keeping the car, however.

    I am an all-wheel-drive bigot. There, I said it.

    I understand about all the fine AWD brands that are rushing to be where Audi has been for over 20 years now. I also agree that Audi has done such a poor job marketing AWD to the broader potential customer base, that most people think of Subaru and probably even Jaguar before they think of Audi. Even those cute angels flying next to the wheels of the BMW X5 would probably evoke more of a "recognition" response favorable to BMW's AWD prowess. Heck, I even remember the wet tongue on a frozen pole [sic] campaign that BMW put forth to adverstise their 3"x" series cars.

    Coming soon, of course the BMW 5 AWD and as noted by lexusguy, I think, more AWD Lexus offerings as well as the afforementioned Acura RL for 2005. While this is not a comparo thread, if you'll follow this train of thought for a moment, it will, ultimately come full circle back to Audi's 2005 A6.

    The Speed Channel was just "a-gushing" over the new Chrysler 300C this weekend as they presented their 30 minute drool drive of this new car (they did the same thing, FWIW, with the Audi RS 6 and S4 -- this is not a criticism of the Speed channel by any means). The car was literally meant to "apparently" suggest to the driver and on-lookers that this new beast could be comfortable [being compared] with the Audi A8 and the BMW 7. It was also said that the car would seem to have the "presence" to be assumed a $45,000+ vehicle (which, according to the 2005 pre-order guides, is about where the new A6 for 2005 will be, pre-discount).

    Now, hold on just a minute? Is this statement meant to praise the Chrysler or dis the Audi and the BMW? I hope it is the former -- but the point is: this got my attention and does make me at least want to test drive one of these cars (in AWD flavor of course -- fourth quarter 2004).

    Now comes the new STS Cadillac with a Northstar V8 and AWD and Magnaride, bla bla bla. Then the Volvo S60 Type R -- and the list goes on. The target seems to be either the price point of the Audi or at least an attempt to imitate (just look at the press releases) "German" mid to large Premium Sports sedans. The Chrylser is said, inaccruately by DC salespeople, to be a Mercedes E class. The truth of the matter is that the suspension and 5spd auto and ESP are the first beneficiaries of the marriage between MB and Chryco -- one may argue that the 300C has improved upon the E-class mechanicals. One may, I won't -- for the time being at least.

    OK, so the point of all this is the car companies of the world smell opportunity in imitating the RWD prowess of BMW and Mercedes (hardly ever -- thus far -- do the companies messages claim to emulate anything from the Pacific side) and the AWD prowess (and fit and finsh) of Audis.

    As a fan, a long term fan, of Audi, I have expressed my concern that Audi (in the US at least) could be facing some difficulties when "all the premium brands" can claim "me too" when it comes to AWD. That, like it or not, was THE differentiating feature of Audi.

    The only way to compete in this battle is to keep everything that was "Audiness" (that is good) and acquire everything that is (BMW and/or Mercedes) that it good. I suspect, although I cannot find it written anywhere, that acquiring the legendary reliability of some Premium Japanese brands would also be at least a goal.

    As I noted before, I seriously doubt that Audi would find itself with a flood of Lexus converts even if it "magically" was perceived to be in the same class -- with respect to reliability. According to Audi and Audi dealers reliability generally does not even enter into the purhcase decision. The reason is simple: 100% of all issues with Audis are covered for 4 years or 50,000 miles. A siginificant majority of Audis are leased for 39 or fewer months. Other than gasoline, plates and perhaps tires (especially if your new Audi came with UHP summer tires) -- this is virtually a cost-free transaction beyond gasoline, insurance and the monthly lease payment. The potential ability for the car to be virtually trouble free for 150,000 just doesn't enter into the decision since most folks who get one of these cars (Premium near-lux or lux class) don't keep them that long.

    What will make the decision, once again, is "the driving experience" and probably several right brained influencers.

    Now, there are two "expert" sources that are claiming the new 2005 A6 really is a "contender" -- the current Car and Driver and a glowing test report with the headline "Move Over BMW and Mercedes!" in the May issue of Car Magazine. This latter test report, is by Georg Kacher, who, over the years, I have come to regard as one of Audi's most critical Automotive journalists. Several of his articles and mentions of the RS 6 even, have often concluded with the sentiment "nice try" or "close but no cigar." Often, when he writes comparison reports, Audis come in second or third. Rarely have they come in first place.

    This time, Kacher, exclaims that the new A6 "drives well enough to barge in to 5-series and E-class terriory." Strong praise from a journalist who, as mentioned, has made a career (IMO) out of picking every one of Audis nits.

    Once again, none of this will, probably, influence those who favor the Japanese Premium offerings from -- well you know, Lexus, Infinity, Acura -- and I assume this new Audi will be only ever so slightly improved in the reliability dept (one can only hope).

    But it probably won't matter -- the Audi A6 (current flavor) is "the safest" of the top 25 safe cars and is a bargain to boot. The fact that the current S-Line A6 2.7T is an able bodied performer against the 5 series both when price is not considered and when it is, tells an important story since the current A6 is from 1997 and the new BMW, well, is NEW.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Finally, statistics and liars, we all know about them -- so here is a statistic (and I am NOT accusing anyone of being the latter, BTW): March 2004 was Audi's best sales month ever -- they sold 82,000 cars (2,000 more than at any other time). And, this with an arguably old product line (excluding the A8, of course).

    Lexusguy is probably right now figuring out how to get into a new for 2005 A6 -- NOT!
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Hahaha. Very good points overall. When friends ask me for recommendations, the first question out of my mouth is always "how long do you want to have it around?". For people that dont hang on to their cars more than 48 months, I often recommend M-B first, as with the industries strongest residual, combined with free scheduled maintanence, leasing a new Benz could almost be considered economical. Scheduled maintanence on Lexus cars is NOT free. Only the first visit. However, since I keep my cars to 150K or more, they make good sense to me.

    Believe it or not, I actually plan to take out an '05 A6 for a spin as soon as I get a chance. While I havent bought a German brand since '90, being such a car nut, I have to see what their new cars can do, hence I've already driven a 545i, (which I really didnt like) and an '04 E55 several times (which I love). A sedan that can run with a Z06 is my kind of car. By the way mark, what do you think of the interior of the new A6? I have to admit from the pictures I've seen, I found it to be a BMW style cold, teutonic look. Actually to my eyes, it looks blatantly ripped from the new 5. I always thought the interior of the previous cars was one of the best in any German car, though the new A8 is better. What happened with the new A6?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I have not seen one up close and personal -- the first pics made me feel as you have said.

    However, both Car and Drive and Car Magazine virtually are drooling over the new A6. C & D, BTW, did think the new 5 series BMW had a less than compelling interior, FWIW.

    I have driven several of the BMW's -- not the new 545i. I was very impressed with the 740i Performance Package equipped version and, frankly was pretty impressed with the 330xi (although I wish it had a stick) -- see my comments re test drives over on the A4 board here on Edmunds. We are currently thinking the A4 1.8T quattro 6spd manual with the Ultra Sport package is the one to beat -- especially for the money. It would, based on OUR biases, blow the IS300 away -- but perhaps not in 0-100kph times. But, here in Cincinnapolis, we have "weather" -- not usually heavy winters, understand, as we are just about as far south as possible (for OHIO) -- but we have lots of slushy, icky, icy, hard packed snow and lots of rain in April and May.

    The quattros we have been enjoying for almost twenty years now, totally change the equation for us.

    A rear wheel drive IS300 or BMW 330 would be helpless about 5 months of the year here. So, despite some impressive numbers, the IS300 and RWD 330 are strickly low performance. For, if you can't go, your performance is low (you can quote me, it is so poetic, don't you think?)

    Anyway, the quattro system and Audis in particular aren't perfect, I will not debate that they are -- they aren't. But, based on our criteria and our 4 trips to the Holy Land (Ingolstadt) for the Audi Driving School experiences, we are "hard core" quattro/AWD bigots.

    Audis intent within the next cycle to change from 50 50 torque split to 40 60 (rear bias) just makes the entire Audi experience all the more sweet. The FSI engine, too, looks like a winner -- and, my only issue is no stick in the new A6's--but, I wouldn't have that choice anywhere else (that I know of) except BMW and when I configure a BMW and a "like" A6, I, like my wife, keep coming back to the question: "where is the $10,000 upcharge for the BMW hidden?"

    Indeed, you can configure a 530i and an Audi A6 4.2 sport for about the same money -- as nice as the 530 is, it will be RWD and as nice as the 3.0 enigine is, well the 4.2 in the Audi is sooooo sweeeeet sounding.

    Now, I know not the $ differential in the upcoming 530xi and the A6 3.2 quattro with 6spd tip (the BMW presumably by special order will have the availability of a 6spd manual) -- but if history repeats itself, the BMW will again, comparably equipped be about $10,000 more or will be able to be $$$ compared more appropriately with the A6 4.2 Q for 2005. I know this will raise the ire of the BMW lovers, but, for the money (with the criteria WE desire) BMW simply stands for Beauty, Money and Wealth. At age 50, I am looking to compromise a little bit and keep some of that wealth in MY pocket, not BMW's.

    So, odd as this may seem, the Audi is a value proposition and, as far as I am concerned, especially with the test reports of the new A6 being so well, gushingly positive, vis a vis BMW, not much,if any, of a performance trade off either.

    Of course, that's just my opinion. I may totally change my mind and go with a Chrysler 300C AWD after I drive both of them. But, ya know what? I gotta at least try the new Cadillac V8 STS AWD too -- as long as we're in this $40K to 50K range.

    Drive it like you live!
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    I liked driving older BMW's as well. The old 540i is a very nice car. The new one isn't. The absolutely ruined the steering feel. Its somewhat like what happened with the '01 330, when BMW increased the power steering boost to make it "easier", and all the enthusiasts cried foul, except 100x worse. Its not just overboosted. There's like no feel at all. It behaves at the limit like my XKR, just with less body roll. There's absolutely no indication of where the limit actually is, just all of a sudden, the rear end breaks loose and starts sliding. As C&D said about the new 6 (which uses the same new steering system) the "ultimate driving simulator".
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    Since you mentioned the Chrysler 300C, in the June 04' Automobile Magazine, Jamie Kitman says "It is, I'm thinking, the best American road car there's ever been, a Hemi powered highway star that starts at a wildly competitive $32,995. It's a wake-up call to luxury brands the world over..."

    The same issue has VW in the news section stating that "VW's glory days are over; as sales stagnate and profits tumble, the companies future product plans become all the more crucial." They show the new Concept C showcar, which is supposed to be close to the next generation Passat.
    I have a Passat, and I like the car very much, It's one of the most enjoyable cars to drive that I've owned. I just don't like having to spend so much time in the shop, even though the work is all under warrantee. I'm convinced that VW/Audi would dominate the market if their quality was as good as their product designs.

    I'm surprised the G35 AWD sedan hasn't been included in this discussion, since it's every bit a competitor in this class. The only shortcoming is the interior, which is a common complaint with all Nissan automobiles.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Thats kept me out of a G35. Supposedly its getting a rework for the '05 model year, but Nissan has been mum about it.
  • 927927 Posts: 2
    I would like to talk to other 2001-03 Audi A-6 or S-6 owners in California who have had repeated brake problems.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Instead of posting phone numbers, why not just make your email address public in your profile and ask to exchange emails.

    That way only a legitimately logged in member can obtain a way to contact you. Publicly posting phone numbers - or email addresses - is an open invitation to be flooded with annoying messages.

    Hope this helps - email me with any questions. :)
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    My e-dress is already posted.

    Having had many Audis, in particular a 2000 and a 2001 A6 4.2, which together required 9 new sets of rotors (not each, together, mind you) in combined milage of under 60,000 miles, I am happy to provide whatever assistance I can about these brakes, which, when speaking of rotors, were "born warped" -- only the last set replaced on my 2001 did not have the shudder and vibration issue.
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    Similar to markcincinnati, my '01 A6 4.2 with 19k miles is on its 3rd set of front rotors - and they need to be replaced! It's well documented that rotors are a problem with the A6 line. If the car is under warranty, bring it in and get new ones for free. If not, buy a set of quality aftermarket rotors.

    Sorry, I can't offer much help other than a sympathetic ear.
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    . . .my local Audi dealer went so far as to buy one set of cross drilled rotors for me 2001 A6. However, the rotors were OEM rotors that had been cross drilled and of course they lasted about 15 minutes.

    The final -- the 9th set of 4 rotors and all new pads, and a four wheel alignment and perhaps a prayer ritual, for all I know, seemed to have cured the issue -- however, I ordered a new, 2003 allroad and only kept the 2001 A6 4.2 for about 5 months beyond the final final set of brakes.

    My 2003 allroad has just hit 30,000 miles and I had the brakes inspected while the Audi dealer was replacing my tires -- Front remaining pad life 60%, rear 50%. The brakes on this 2003 allroad are hardly "super strong" but they have been essentially without any issues.

    Who knows what the 2000 and 2001 (perhaps the 2002, for all I know) rotor issues were -- but I'll bet Audi AG stopped using that supplier or made them cough up thousands of free rotors -- man what a pain.

    Now, having said all of this, I will state and re state and re re state, as I have done all over here for about two years:

    My recent Audis (excluding my 2003) have had two annoying problems -- don't get me wrong, I did not appreciate these "features" whatsoever. But, except for the fact that these defects were on cars costing north of $50,000, I term them annoying.

    I do not forgive these problems, but I do not think they rose to a level of issue that would sour me on the Brand.

    Problem #1 - Brake Rotors, pull into the dealership about every time I got a fill up of gas and say, "while you're at it, just replace the rotors." I think I changed brakes more often than oil.

    Problem #2 - Tiptronic transmission lag. This, had not there been a stick shif option available in the allroad, MIGHT have been sufficient motivation to NOT buy an Audi. Indeed, if you have an Audi with an automatic transmission, I would like to tell you that other folks have actually gone so far as to sign a petition more or less "hinting" at a class action lawsuit against Audi of America for this disappointing transmission.

    It frankly amazes me that Audi sells any cars with this funky transmission "feature."
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