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Audi A6



  • stehersteher Posts: 37
    @ bmwccc

    the 60 miles are 96,5 km/h, so the acceleration time may be a bit shorter than the 0-100 kilometers per hour. The German specs are the official times from Audi: sche_daten.jsp

    Base-price for the 3.2 6-speed is 40700 Euros (there is no 6speed-manual-quattro yet), and 45400 Euros for the 3.2 quattro 6-speed-tiptronic. Base price for the 4.2 quattro 6speed-tiptronic is 60000 Euros. No manual for the 4.2 available.
    The 3.2 FSI has 255 hp and the 4.2 has 335 hp.
    But be careful - these are all European specs.


    As you can see from my flag behind my profile name, I'm from Germany, and over here the car can be ordered since a few weeks now.


    As i stated above, there is no manual 4.2 quattro available, only with 6speed auto.
    0-60 time could also be 6.1 or 6.0, because the difference between 96,5 and 100 km/h is not very big.

    Greetings from Germany
  • boomsamaboomsama Posts: 362
    well we learn something every day dont we :)
    Have fun with your new A6 steher, be sure to give us some info about its ride/comfort if you can :D
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    US Audi A6 for '05 specifications re: 0-60mph have not been published anywhere that is "officially" Audi of America, as of June 11 -- if such info has been published, I certainly can' find it (and I've tried).

    Car magazines (US car magazines) have tested and tested and tested the new 05 A6 (primarily in Italy, as I recall). I assume, that these tests may have been with European spec cars tricked out with options to be "like" the AudiUSA configurations.

    Prices in Euros can be translated easily -- but, if history is any guide, German prices are higher than US prices for the same "options."

    The quickest 0-60mph times I have read are 3.2L = 6.8 and 4.2L 5.8. The slowest are 3.2L 7.1 and 4.2L 6.0. Add 'em all up, divide by three, carry the two, subtract and half adjust.

    The winner? Here in the US, my contention, BTW, is that the 3.2L MUST be 0-60MPH no slower than 6.9 seconds. The outgoing 2.7T Sline claims 0-60MPH in 6.4 seconds with the 5spd tip.

    The outgoing 2.7T Sline does have 265HP and 280ft pounds -- bettering the incoming 3.2L in both specs.

    The outgoing 2.7T "standard" w/6spd manual was 0-60mph @ 6.0 seconds, making it the quickest Audi in the land next to the S4.

    For press purposes and because there will be Comparison Tests and "click here" for a comparison to XYZ on Audi's competitor's web sites, whatever has to be done to allow a sub 7.0 0-60mph time will be done. Lower final drive? Torque tuned to come on at lower RPM's? Something will be done.

    Marketing, marketing, marketing!

    There will be no stick -- and that is my prediction, not my hope.

    The price point will be such that, it would be cheaper to fly to the US (from Germany), buy your new 2005 A6 here, and ship it back -- than buy it in Germany. This, is illegal (although there are procedures to do this if you prove you didn't buy it here for this very purpose. And, as a US citizen, I could buy my new Audi here, and, if I was moving to Germany, I could ship it back to Germany and not be considered on the "reverse Gray Market," so to speak.)

    My dealer is currently taking orders, there is a full order guide available that has EVERYTHING you need to know to pre-order one -- it does not, however, have a price list. Dealder claim first ones will arrive on October 31st (or thereabouts). They have NEVER been right in the past, usually there is ONE car on that date and it is NOT the one YOU ordered.
  • loslobos71loslobos71 Posts: 28
    Automobile Mag just did a comparison of the 2005 A6 3.2, 2005 E320, and 2005 530i. Guess which won? The Audi.
    It seems like this will be the car to beat, and will take over the mid-size luxury V6 class, especially at such a"bargain" (by comparison to BMW and MB) However, i dont think audi will come close in the V8's....
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    What exactly did they compare to determine this?

    why not the V8's?
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    Hey Mark in Cincinatti, why isn't there much press or talk about the upcoming changes to the A4 for Feb. of 05' next year?

    Do you know if these guys are also getting a face lift like the A6?

    Are they going to offer some beefed up engines like the A6 is going to get. I would think so if they want to continue to try to compete with the new 3 Series BMW that is coming out in June/July of 05'.

    Let me know

  • loslobos71loslobos71 Posts: 28
    Hey, They compared the cars in terms of: comfort, drive, speed, looks, luxuriousness----basically everything. They didn't go into huge detail but they clearly said that the Audi was the biggest and best. I think the reason that they didn't do the V8's was because it would be much closer (at least the E500 vs. 545i) and would require a LOT of pages. I don't think hat the press has driven the 2005 A6 4.2 yet. Also, the whole "point" of the article was to determine which German car the new GS, RL, and STS have to beat.
    Another thing--my Audi dealer (Don Rosen, near Philly) is going to have the 2005 A6 in the showroom Monday for people to go in and stuff. CANT WAIT!
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I'd wait for a real comparison before writing off Mercedes and BMW's 6 cylinder cars. They both will no doubt get upgrades sometime next year, E350 (260hp+) and 535i(? 260hp+).

  • loslobos71loslobos71 Posts: 28
    Thats true but....:
    1)I'm in the market for a new car THIS fall (leaning towards 2005 A6)
    2) And Audi won because it was the biggest (most comfortable), It had standard all wheel drive, and was the cheapest,
    they also praised its driving though....
  • boomsamaboomsama Posts: 362
    The RL and GS are about to released soon and are in the same category. Maybe you should consider them as well?
  • loslobos71loslobos71 Posts: 28
    I really like the RL but the closet dealer for Acura's is horrible and the next closet is wayy too far. The GS seems very nice but it will be out 5-6 months too late... I also have a 2002 Audi A6 2.7T and love it, but my lease is up in Sept. My dealer will have a 2005 A6 on the floor to go in and stuff on Monday. I'll post my impressions monday night!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The order guides, thus far, for the upcoming A4 show little change. The .5 designation includes the trout mouth and a full screen navi system.

    This is a half step, so says my dealer. There will be new underpinnings in the 2006, but the phase in of the look of the Audi face commences this coming February here in the US.

    On*star is being dropped, the current factory phone is being dropped -- both telematics and the phone will be updated with what? Pure digital, I assume, bluetooth capabilities, perhaps? DVD navigation is almost certain as are some other refinements -- the 06 A4 promises to do for the A4 what the new A6 has done for that line as adapted from the A8 -- if this makes sense, the new for 06 A4 will probably be a mini-A8, just like the A6 is apparently a midi-A8.

    Look for the 3.2L in the A4 -- I cannot get any info clarifying if there will be an S4 for .5 or 06 yet. Currently, orders for 05 S4's and A4's can be placed -- the 3.0 and 1.8T at this moment are on the order sheet for 05.

    This, may be a temporary departure for Audi as you know they generally offer the A4 with the bottom line 6 cyc from the A6 -- which would be a 255HP sweet sweet engine indeed, especially in A4 guise.

    My current choices are A6 and Acura RL, but if the A4 would get the 3.2 engine and perhaps a 20mm wheelbase extension, well, it too could be a contender, especially if the manual transmission was still available.
  • hjcanterhjcanter Posts: 31
    My Audi dealership will have the a6 tomorrow night and Friday. The car is making the go-around! I am really looking forward to seeing the car in person. Still, it is going to be a tough decision between the a6 and the rl.
  • hjcanterhjcanter Posts: 31
    In the article, the reason they compared the 6's is because they are the volume leaders for those cars. They said only 10% are the 8's. I will probably be looking at the v-8 for the a6, being a 10 percenter!
  • loslobos71loslobos71 Posts: 28
    can we drive the car or just sit in it? What car do you have now? Please post your impressions of this car!
  • hjcanterhjcanter Posts: 31
    We will not be able to take it for a spin. Look and touch, but no drive! I had a Audi a6 2.7 and sold it last year for a Merc clk 430 conv. Needed a toy. Drove my wife's old MDX over the winter and sold it two months ago. Don't know if I am going to trade in the Merc. or keep it. Gotta beg the wife.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    Mark, when you say underpinnings, what do you mean?

    It sounds like what you are saying is the exterior look of the 2005.5 will follow suit to the A6 and the A8. As well, bluetooth will be added as it is with the 2005 A6.

    Soooooo, what type of changes will the 2005.5 have vs. the 2006 A4? Engines, interior, etc? Any type of exterior and width changes in the A4 like they are doing with the 2005 A6?

    Will the 3.2 FSI engine will be an option for the 2005.5 A4 or the 2006 A4? If that is true, that means a nice V6 with 255 hp doing 0-60 in 6.2 - 6.4 sec, right?

    Do you think then the engine options for the 2005.5 / 2006 A4 will be a 1.8T, a 3.0 220hp and a 3.2L FSI 255hp? Then a S4 with 400hp?

    I am trying to weigh my options between the 3 series 2005 BMW and the A4 or the A6. I don't really need a large sedan so the A4 or 3 series will be fine in size. I just want luxury like the Audi's have, comfort, and power with a great exilerating driving experience.

    One thing I noticed when I sat in the S4 was that my right leg was rubbing against the center console. In fact, it seemed my leg was being pushed inward and felt very akward. Anyone know what i am talking about?

    If so, is it the same feeling in the A4?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .the 2006 A4 is more than a cosmetic makeover, which is aparently all you get with the 2005.5.

    The dealer is not being coy, as far as I can tell, I actually got to look at the order book and the pre-announcement for the February 2005.5 A4. The pre-announcement suggests that there will be bigger changes in the 2006 than in the 5.5 model.

    For example: for 05 the 1.8T and the 3.0 soldier on and there is no mention of a 3.2L.

    When '06's [A4's] are ordered (and this is the fuzzy part) they can be ordered with 2.0 @ 200HP and 3.2L at 255HP. There is no mention at all of the S4's -- although you can order a new S4 (as an 05 model) and it will be produced.

    Will the 06 A4 have, for example, a longer wheelbase? (I hope so) and a wider track and better balance, a la 2005 A6? (again I hope so).

    The speculation from my dealer is "yes" for the 06 and that for the 05 the differences will be sublte, but the 05.5 will go to a full screen navi system and have the corp front grill.

    There is information and speculation here and on the net -- the dealer actually had a "sales training manual" and an order guide. I spent most of my time looking at the A6 order guide and new for 05 features (bi-xenons that articulate, for example), 10 phones (bluetooth) support, DVD navi and MMI integration with phone and voice mail, bla bla bla -- optional and standard wheels, tires, sizes, etc, too.

    Let's see -- packages but no prices. Standard equipment, but only an overview -- not a full brochure, that is.

    The question I asked everyway I would imagine was "what about the S4?" I could not get clarity on that one for 2005.5 or 2006 models.

    Net: information seems to be plentiful on A4 for 05 and 05.5, but sketchy beyond that.

    We (the dealer and I) added two and two and came up with 4.5 -- we may or may not be entirely correct, but the cues, as mentioned above, seem to suggest the direction for the A4, which is, to say and repeat -- another mini version of the A8, as the A6 will be the midi version.

    I will work on getting additional clarification -- just be aware that while some of this is beyond being changed, some of it has not yet been finalized for US delivery (such as the 06 data).
  • hjcanterhjcanter Posts: 31
    I just got back from the dealership to look at the new a6. It was a European model with 6 cyl., cloth seats, and manual trans. No bells and whistles. Good headroom (no sunroof) and the seats were very nice. I am 6'3" and even with the driver's seat adjusted to my driving position, I could sit behind myself and have plenty on room. Trunk was a good size and a neat feature, there are two hooks on springs that hold grocery bags, etc. You just hang them from the hooks and they stay upright. There is also a storage tray that pulls out from under the driver's seat. Did not check if there is one under the passenger seat. Glovebox is very small but have storage under seat(s), in doors, in the armrest and under the armrest.

    One thing I will say, and that is the car looks much better in person then it does in the pics! Playing around with the MMI is neat too. Especially when you try the nav system and you are searching for addresses in the Vatican. (Euro. model you know!)

    The Audi salespeople were in training for this new car and they are not only going over the car but the competitiors as well. One thing I do know, you guys on this board know as much if not more about this car and its competitors, than 90+% of the salespeople.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    Mark, thanks for the feedback. Sounds like some very interesting cars will be available as 06' models next year for me. A6 05' / A4 06' and bmw 3 series.

    Hate to wait 1 year but if I am spending 45k+, better to wait for the best thing out there.

    Any additional info you come by from your dealer in the future, please pass on to us.

  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    First mention of it anywhere! Was the model, this EURO mode a Quattro?? I can imagine a US spec in just an auto, but not a euro.

    Yes, on my allroad, my right Knee hits the console, and after a year it is getting annoying.

    Two more years to go, so I really am just lurking here. But I love my allroad!
  • loslobos71loslobos71 Posts: 28
    hey, did the 2005 A6 feel more luxurious or better made then the 2.7T you own? Was the MMI confusing? You said "Cloth Seats"-- does that mean it doesn't come standard with leather? Overall, was this a car that you would consider buying over the 2.7T? "No bells and whistles" such as......? Thanks!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Leather is standard "leather seating surfaces" -- the MMI is a color version and there are many standard features, four option packages and about 10 or 12 isolated options.

    These remarks are all about the 3.2 ONLY. The 4.2 adds several optional features that are avail on the 3.2 and one that is unavail -- power steering column.

    Premium Package
    -adaptive bi-xenons
    -wood trim

    Convenience Package
    -auto mirrors
    -memory for seat and mirrors
    -trip comp.
    -storage package

    Sport Package
    -sport suspension
    -18" wheels with 40 series performance tires @ 245

    Winter Package
    -heated f&r seats
    -ski sack
    -headlight washers

    DVD Navi
    Rear Seat Airbags
    Voice Activation for navi,radio,phone,bidet,CD,etc
    Tire Pressure Monitoring
    Power rear, manual side shades
    Premium Leather
    Sport seats, requiring premium leather
    Sat Radio
    Rear-only parktronic
    Advanced key entry

    There are several wheel options (17" and 18") too.

    That is all I know today.
  • loslobos71loslobos71 Posts: 28
    So i went to my dealer...and there it was. Beautiful. In navy blue with this awesome black cloth for interior--too bad that wont be available =[. Anyway...The Car was great. The MMI was easy to use, nice Nav System, A lot of room, A lot (but NOT too many) tech features (such as a power glove box opener) and other stuff. Also had a huge trunk. Anyway, off to Sleepaway Camp... have a nice summer

    (these were my dads reactions too FYI)
  • boomsamaboomsama Posts: 362
    Sounds like they were pretty good reactions too. Can't wait to have a look at it myself.
  • boomsamaboomsama Posts: 362
    Have any new A6 owners had any concerns with the reliability of the car so far?
  • plinaplina Posts: 57
    Does anyone knows when is Audi going to come out with a deacent navigation system?
    I have been looking at the A6 but I will not buy a car without NAV.
  • auditorauditor Posts: 63
    Saw a 2005 A6 3.2V6 at Don Rosen Imports in the Philly suburbs this past Monday night (a stratos blue Euro version with a 6-speed manual). Dealer couldn't say with certainty when the 4.2V8 Order Guide, initial pricing (only that the base may be $51K to start), or first U.S. cars would be in his showroom.

    Info. on any of the foregoing would be greatly appreciated when anyone gets it.

    P.S. Went to the dealer yesterday and got a chance to drive it; didn't seem as quick as a 2004 2.7T manual , but quite a blast anyway!!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    As near as I can tell from the Audi web site, the A6 is available with a 6-Speed manual transmission in FWD configuration only, if you want the Quattro you are forced into the 6-Speed Tiptronic. So, I gotta ask, was the car you drove FWD or AWD?

    Best Regards,
  • auditorauditor Posts: 63
    You are correct that the A6 I drove was an FWD model.
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