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Audi A6



  • auditorauditor Posts: 63

    I think your use of "firm" to describe the A6 4.2 sport suspension
    accurately describes what I felt in my test drive yesterday morning. One of our other cars is a '96 Volvo 850 Turbo wagon (the first yr. it came to the U.S.) with inordinately stiff suspension. It's my wife's car and, though she hates the stiff ride in the city, she's is so used to the car she won't let me get rid of it (for an Allroad if I could). Frankly, I detest that Volvo!!

    As to whether one can have both air suspension and sport suspension at the same time, you may recall that I asked you that question several posts back. When I asked that question of the (now) 4 Audi dealers I've
    spoken with, they each said they didn't believe Audi would allow a buyer to order the "sport package" and "air suspension" on the same new car but, as I believe you said in one of your previous posts, one could
    always order air suspension and then have a dealer or mechanic install
    the sport "suspension" struts, rollbars, etc., on their own.

    In answer to two of your questions, I would plan to use the air suspension at Level 3 in Phila. and at Level 1 outside of it, so I would be using it with some frequency. I also would probably keep the car beyond the warranty period, since I have several cars and no one of them gets very many miles a year. To put it another way, if I like a car I keep it (often too long).

    Lastly, I'm intrigued by your comment about tires. To reduce the harshness of my wife's Volvo's ride (in the city), I recently switched
    from Michelin to Bridgestone tires and the ride was much less harsh.
    With that in mind, over the past few years, which brands of tires have you found to provide a relatively smoother (or less harsh) ride on your various Audis? If you have a choice or original equipment tire brand on the 2005 A6 you buy, which brand or brands would you prefer?

    I'm enjoying our dialog (it's been very informative), and hope you are as well.
  • jimmersjimmers Posts: 4

    Audi is running a pretty sweet lease deal on the SLines now. $2,000 dealer cash and a money factor of .00020 -- which works out to 1/2%. In fact, I got an internet offer of $1,900 BELOW invoice.

    That sounds pretty good to me. Hard to believe it will get too much better.

    Do you think it's worth waiting? This deal apparently ends on July 6th.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Yokohama AVS dB2; Falken Azenis ST115; Cooper Zeon 2XS; Dunlop SP9000's (short life, but good); Pirelli Pzero Rosso and Asymetrico (sp?).

    I have a propensity to go for Ultra High Perofmance and All Season (like the Yokos) if I can get them.

    The other tires have been good to excellent and smooth performers.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,266
    My buddy who owns an A4 was at the Audi dealership tonight talking to a salesperson and the guy told him that Audi will terminate any A6 lease as long as you get another Audi (or VW).

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Could we have some verification that this is indeed an Audi thing and not just a dealer promo?

  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    What a waste! .html

    This magazine is little more than advertising. Wouldn't be surprised if the manufactuers wrote some of the copy.

    Been invited to a walk-around/sit-down for the 2005 A6 at my dealer's next Thursday. Hope to visit, and if so, will report my impressions.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,592
    imagine, that a road test in Motor Trend that reads like a press release!

    Wh'da thunk from the magazone whose COTY selections have included the Chevette, the Pacer and the Alliance.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I knew there was a reason I don't subscribe to MT. But, truth be told, despite the obvious "press-release-like" prose, this tracks with:

    Car and Driver, Car, European Car, Automobile and Road & Track -- and I hear too, Autoweek. The car magazines are smitten -- yet, take a stroll back to the early to mid 1990's and then the late 1990's -- the "first takes" on many (not all) Audi-cars [and others to be fair] are often love fests.

    Then the real road tests and comparos start and what was once all lovey -dovey and complementary translates into a mid-pack showing in a 7 car test.

    I don't dispute that MT has slipped (but they have recruited some talent from C&D -- see the new issue for the "fond farewell" from the Editor in Chief) -- but they might just "not to be counted out, yet."

    Currently I find little to compliment MT on -- but remember, in THIS case, the A6 seems to be everyone's favorite new car.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,592
    but the A8 just got voted "America's best luxury sedan" by the readers of Autoweek, it beat the LS430 which finished second and the Maybach (a limousine, not a lux sedan!), third.

    Actually it is fair to say the A6 is getting some good, even great reviews.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    Mark, I posted a question for you on the 2005 A4 board. Let me know what you think.

  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    we're simply not used to or psychologically prepared for getting glowing reviews for Audi's. Come to think of it, the cars had been getting better each time. Now, having said that, I'll pass up on the '05 and wait until they come up with the stick shift. Enjoy the ride. Mario
  • ethinkethink Posts: 32
    Audi Dealers in Connecticut are willing to sell cars BELOW their invoice price.

    I recently purchased a new 2004 A6 Avant Quattro for $2000 BELOW the Dealer Invoice (including $1000 Audi Loyalty money).

    The dealer was willing to get me the exact car I wanted from another Audi dealer in the Boston area.

    I used Edmunds to price the car that I wanted and contacted (4) dealers looking for the best price. Two dealers were quite aggressive and that helped me to get a great deal.

    There also appears to many Audi allroads, both 2.7T and 4.2, available in dealer's stock,
  • topspin628topspin628 Posts: 373
    I test drove an A8 recently and was very impressed. The car handled like a much smaller car and the steering was more BMW like than in other Audis I've driven (I think this is a good thing). I am currently in the market for a luxury car and am cross shopping the LS430 along with the S430 4Matic. I did not yet put the Audi into the mix because I felt that the L was just too big. To me it looks like it should be chauffeur driven. Maybe I should check it out again, but it's sooooo long.

    A few questions for you Audi experts:

    When will the standard wheel bases be available?

    When are the A6's hitting the showrooms? I understand that these will be like "baby" A8s.

    Should I be concerned with reliability of first year models from Audi?

    By the way, for me, the S430 is the best riding car I've driven to date and the A8 wasn't far behind. I felt that they both blew the 7 Series away in ride quality.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    for '05 A6 has been rescheduled for early next month. Will advise.
  • coppercopper Posts: 94

    I'm currently in a 36 month lease that ends in December:

    2001 Audi 2.7T Quatro
    Fully Loaded - MSRP was $46,700
    Sport package 12K miles
    No money down.
    Paying $550
    Currently at ~27K miles (i'm way under)

    I think I got a great deal on this car.

    My question is....
    I love the Audi A6 and would love to get the 2005 model coming out. But I know it will carry a significantly higher lease price due to the new design and it's demand.

    Will I be able to get a similar deal for the 2004 A6 2.7T s-line? Will these cars be sold out by December? Should I try to get the dealer to buy my car early?

    Or should I just re-lease my current A6? It's pretty much the same as the 2004.

    Thanks for your help.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    You should do well with a new Sline -- and my guess is you'll like it much better than the current one.

    Most of the stuff you will like, IMHO, are invisible things, new suppliers for brake rotors, better bits and pieces over all. More power, a lot longer time until something goes bump, etc.

    The 2001 is not a bad car, it has those pesky miles on it though. I'd see if they'll help you by buying you out 3 or 4 months early and go ahead and play "let's make a deal."

    On the other hand, the new 05 A6 carries a base price of $43K and with the three option packages that most folks will get, I would assume the price will be about another $5K -- lease differentials? Who knows. . .it would seem to me that there is probably a deal out there if you don't get one on day one. Remember part of the lease payment component is Cap Cost -- perhaps in December the "new" A6 will need at least some discounting (it is winter then, after all).

    They always say the best time to buy a car is Winter.

    Have you taken the Sline out for a lonnnnng test drive?
  • coppercopper Posts: 94
    Thanks for your reply.

    I'll have major bargaining power with the 2004. With the 2005...I'll have NONE. I would think 36 months leases will come in at high $600.

    Haven't driven the 2004's yet. Will go this weekend. I'm curious to find out what the differences are.

    It's funny, I've read some horror stories about how A6's have reliability problems. I've had NONE. The car is perfect even to this day. The only problems that I've had was that my xenon headlights had been ripped out from the car, and I had to replace a few tires due to pothole damage. I have low profile tires...which are a pain in NYC.
    Am I just lucky?
  • auditorauditor Posts: 63
    I just got off the phone with an A of A person in Auburn Hills to whom I posed some questions about
    sport suspension vs. air suspension. She told me that sport suspension is about 30% stiffer than regular suspension, but could not compare the stiffness of sport suspension to air susupension at its lowest (dynamic) setting. I believe the former is stiffer, but wanted to confirm it.

    More significantly, I was then told that the now
    available sport suspension package will NOT be an option on any of the 2005 A6 models, but will be
    an option (in lieu of air suspension) on the 2005 short wheelbase A8. While the latter may be good
    news for some, the former, if true, would be bad
    news for many.

    Would greatly appreciate what anyone else can learn from the same or another truly authoritatve
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Not that I doubt you, I just am confused.

    Does this mean that the order guide I have seen for a 2005 A6 that lists a sport package, that includes wheels, tires and suspension IS NOT going to be offered on the A6, but that a standard or air suspesnion ONLY will be offered?

    This does not make sense, Audi almost always offers a sport option -- or are the only two choices a standard suspension (which is the same as a conventional, non air, i.e., sport suspension) and the air suspension?
  • auditorauditor Posts: 63

    I'm confused, too, by what I was told this afternoon. That's why I posted a suggestion that others might check with their reliable sources to see what they could find out.

    After my post (#261), I called one of the Phila. area dealers I've been talking to and asked him, since I'm out of town, to tell me over the phone whether the '05 A6 3.2V6 "introductory order guide" he gave me (when I saw the blue example in his showroom on June 23rd) whether a sport pakage option was listed on there. He told me a sport package option was NOT listed there. He also said he didn't have a 4.2V8 order guide yet!!

    He then looked at the '05 SWB A8 order guide he'd given me, and told me that a sport suspension package was NOT listed on there either.

    I'm inclined to think the person at A of A I spoke with, who put me on hold for 10 minutes to track down answers to my questions, may have more up-to-date info. than my dealer. But, since a few weeks ago you really got me thinking that I should get sport suspension on my proposed '05 A6 4.2V8, I'm a bit distressed to learn that it may not be available.

    Please let me, and all the rest of us, know if you find out anything definitive.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .lists a sport package. That is all I know, I have no additional information, just, apparently, some confusion, as do you.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I received your fax, thanks!

    Here is what I have -- apparently a PowerPoint presentation from
    AoA Marketing: Product Management. It has no date on it, and it is consistent with the order guide you sent.

    The sport package is listed on your document and mine.

    Mine, however, has pictures of 5 wheel choices. Moroever, it has a description of the Bluetooth Cell Phone Prep - for all upcoming Audis, not just the A6.

    Mine, looks like something an AoA marketing person would show to a "class" of sales people. It is short on specifics.
  • I'm in the market for a car and looking at the A6. I've been looking for a 2001 with the 2.7T and around 40k miles. I drive around ~20k miles per year. I'm concerned about the long term reliability. Any thoughts? Has anyone on the list put 150k on an A6 without major problems and $$$? Is it feasible to work on it yourself?

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Run away from this scenario. The 2.7T is a great performing engine -- the 2001 may have some parts issues that, although probably able to be CPO'd to 100K or 2 years, still makes a newer car less money.

    The brake rotors on the 2001's are notorius for warping. The 2.7T engine will need a serpentine belt replacement by 60K miles (this is a four figure job).

    Around 60K miles, maintenance items can be breathtakingly expensive.

    It may actually be less money to lease a new 2004 A6 than buy a used 2001 (at least for 36 - 42 months). If you can find a "leftover" 2003 or a demo (my dealer had "a dozen or so" A6 3.0's and 2.7T (non Slines) that were in the "loaner" fleet and were discounted over 22% off MSRP and with full warranty and low (under 8,000) miles.)

    The running change improvements between 1998 and the current version of the A6 seemed to pick up steam in 2002 - 2004. I would not hesitate to acquire an A6 Sline (2004) at today's deeply discounted lease rates and off MSRP discounts -- if I were in the market for another current generation A6 (I had a 1999 2.8, 2000 4.2 & 2001 4.2).

    As it stands now, I am in the market for either a new Acura RL ('05), new A6 3.2 ('05), or possibly A4/S4 ('05.5) within 6 - 9 months. My current '03 allroad is "the best Audi, yet" as far as I am concerned (although my 1997 A8 was pretty nice as was my sentimental fave a 1995 S6.)

    My advice is to get a newer, younger CPO'd A6 or "go all the way" and get a new one, hopefully with the deep unhealable discounts that seem already to be darn near pervasive (at least here in Cincinnati).
  • rlolsenrlolsen Posts: 2
    I am in the market for a 2004 2.7T S-line. Right now the dealer is at $100 over invoice with 2.9% financing. Does anyone have any insight into new incentives that will be coming out in the next few weeks? I am hoping for some new incentives to be released on 8/1.
  • hjcanterhjcanter Posts: 31
    I just got the Order Guide for the A6 3.2. No sport package but you can get 17" 9-spoke Alloy Wheels with 245/45 all-season tires. Premium package, Convenience Package, Cold Weather, Parktronic (rear), Rear Side airbags, DVD Nav, Advanced key, and XM or Sirius radio. Question is what does a loaded 4.2 go for? I have been told the base for a 4.2 will be "around" $50k. Loaded, it should go for $56-$58k? I think I will compared it now to the SWB A8. They have one coming with front and rear parktronic, XM radio, Multifunction wood steering wheel, cold weather, convenience, and 18" 9-spoke wheels. I do believe I like the looks of the A8 better than the new A6. Tough choice, but I can't wait to take the SWB A8 for a spin.
  • auditorauditor Posts: 63
    I've been told by 3 different dealers that they've been told by A of A that the initial MSRP for the '05 A6 4.2 will be $51,000, so a fully loaded car may well come to $56K to $58K. By comparison, a fully loaded '05 A8 SWB, which will have an initial MSRP of
    $66,590, may come to $72K to $74K. I, too, am looking
    forward to driving both to see if the the likely $15K
    difference is worth it and, perhaps more importantly,
    which one has more of a driver's "feel" to it!!
  • boomsamaboomsama Posts: 362
    I'm just wondering how this handbrake in the new A6 actually works. Is it like a "power-assisted" handbrake? Or is it more like fly by wire, where it's just a button, connected by a few wires to the brake? If it is, wouldn't you be dead if the battery were to fail?
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