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Audi A6



  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I have a document from Audi -- it looks like the 2005 Brochure. It says "Sport Pacakge" and it shows it for both the 3.2 and the 4.2.

  • auditorauditor Posts: 63
    This past Monday night, I spoke with the A of A trainer who was at Cherry Hill Imports (Audi & Porsche) that day about sport suspension packages on both of the'05 A6's, and pointed out to him the absence of it on the 3.2 Initial Order Guide (dated 5/26/04).

    I also told him what A of A told me over the phone last week, i.e., no sport suspension packages on the '05 A6's. He said he believed sport suspension packages would become available sometime after the initial production run, which is what he believed the Initial Order Guide related to. Be interested to know the date of the "brochure" you have.
    To test both his knowledge and credibility, I asked him whether sport suspension would be stiffer than air suspension on the lowest level 1
    setting. He said he'd never been asked that question before and, frankly, didn't know the answer!!

    Clearly, the best way to find out will be to test new A6's without sport suspension, with sport suspension and with air suspension. Guess, I'll just have to be patient till I can do that.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Don't take that deal! Audi is offering 1.9% for 60 months and factory to dealer cash of around $2000. I'm considering buying an S-line for $2k below invoice right now. You should be able to get it too...
  • coppercopper Posts: 94
    If you don't mind, where are you getting $2000 below invoice for an s-line? I'm looking at them too.

  • auditorauditor Posts: 63
    One of the dealers I've been talking to just faxed me
    a "Preliminary" A6 4.2 Model Year 2005 Order Guide
    with a Pre-Release Draft Date of June 16, 2004 that
    does indeed show a Sport Package as an option.

    The Sport Package includes sport suspension, front sport seats & 18 inch 7-arm alloy wheels with 245/40
    performance tires.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    AUDITOR & MARK ( Ohio )

    I reviewed the fax again you sent me Auditor and it seems the difference among the 4.2 and the 3.2 for packages are the following:

    The 4.2 comes standard with the Premium Package and the Convenience Package. Also the 4.2 has the upgraded Volterra Leather and the 17" alloy wheels. And of course the V8.

    Sport, Cold and Audio packages are optional!

    So guys, I guess when the prices come out, all I have to due to compare apples to apples is to add the Convenience, Premium, Volterra leather and the 17" wheels to the price of the 3.2. Then any $ difference between the 4.2 and the 3.2 at that point will be for the V8 engine.

    Let me know what you guys think.

  • auditorauditor Posts: 63

    I believe you've almost got it right. In looking over the material I
    originally sent you (and Mark), as well as the initial order guide for the 3.2, its premium package inlcudes the upgraded Bose stereo. So, to get to apples and apples, you may have to add the price for the 4.2's
    audio package to its base price, and then do the comparison.

    My most current understanding is that the initial base MSRP's will be
    $40,900 for the 3.2 and $51,000 for the 4.2. The prices for the 4 options you mentioned might be: Prem. Pkg. (without audio component)
    $1,100; Conven. Pkg. $1,250 (my guess); 17" wheels & tires $750; and Volterra leather $1,000 (another guess). Assuming there's another $1K
    of misc. items the 4.2 has but the 3.2 doesn't, would bring the 3.2 to
    $46,000, thus leaving $5,000 for the cost of the larger engine.

    I've also been told the 3.2's starting MSRP of $40,900 will be good only for 30 days from "launch," i.e., when the cars are first sold to
    customers, and that the price will then go up by $1,000 every 30 days
    for 3 months till it gets to $43,900. Don't know whether the same will happen to the 4.2, but it might.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234

    Thanks for the info. I was just on the UK website for 2 hours looking though all their stuff. I built 3 cars and checked out every single option they had. Kind of weird that they don't have any packages over there, just individual options for everything.

    Sounds like they are going to try to stick it to us if we don't buy right away, fricken bastards. What is there philosophy for that move?

    Who did you get your pricing info from, Dealer?
    Sounds accurate though from what I have read and heard around.

    I guess the question is, is $5,000 or $6,000 worth the V8?

    p.s. What dollar amount hits the luxury tax?
  • auditorauditor Posts: 63
    I got the base prices from 2 of the 3 dealers I've spoken with.

    Prices for options are entirely guesstimates on my part. None of the
    dealers I spoke with gave me option prices yet.

    Whether the V8 is worth $5,000 + or - more will, I believe, best be determined after you test drive both cars. Frankly, I expect the charge I'll get from the V8 will easily get me past the extra $5K.

    My understanding from the dealers I've spoken to is that in the past few years most of the A6's they've sold were 6 cylinder ones. That is, the V8's are relatively rarer and, thus, have a higher resale value, i.e., hold their value a bit better. (Mark - since you've had so many Audi's, maybe you could comment on that from your experience).

    Lastly, I don't believe the luxury tax will apply to any of the A6's.
  • cfocfo Posts: 1
    Has anyone been able to order one yet? Or even had a dealer offer to sell one? Since most all dealerships don't know squat about anything not sitting in their showrooms, it's frustrating to not be able to get help. Don't understand why only real sales info is on UK site only.

    I would really like to place an order, but I sure am not about to pay over invoice price. And I want to specify options and color.
  • auditorauditor Posts: 63

    See for the
    following initial MSRP pricing on the 2005 A6 3.2:

    Base price $40,900 (6-speed tiptronic, MMI w/7" color, Bluetooth prep)
    Prem. Pkg. 3,000 (Sunroof, Bi-xenon lights & Bose sound system)
    Conven. Pkg. 1,000 (dimming & pwr. mirrors, homelink, memory seats)
    Cold Weather 900 (heated seats, head light washers, ski sack)
    Delivery 720

    Total $46,520

    My GUESS is the above will compare to the following for the 4.2:

    Base price $51,000 (same as above for the 3.2 plus upgraded trim)
    Bose Audio 1,100
    Delivery 720

    Total $52,820
    Hope this helps. By the way, did you ever take those test drives??
  • Good threads - thanks to all who are contributing. What one of my local Audi dealers told me is that they will have an '05 A6 to show next Monday/Tuesday (car is at dealer for sales training and mechanic training session - not available for sale). They also will be getting 4 cars (3.2 engine) by mid August to sell and I have my name on one of them! These cars are the European version (ie., no cupholders and some other yet to seen differences in the interior described as somewhat more spartan than what they ship as the American version). They expect the primary inventory to be available in the late October/November time period.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234

    Never took test drives. I have gone to 2 local dealers and the last had no info what so ever about the new A6. Took him 15 min. of me standing in front of a 4.2 A6 05' before he came out. I wanted to sit in it and he looked like I was putting him out. I was the only customer there that early in the morning as well. I asked him a couple questions and he seemed really annoyed so after a couple minutes I just left. Funny cause I am Medical Device Sales and have been in Sales for 11 years, and I don't think there is a dumber person I have ran across in my life. Did not ask my name, what I was looking for or try to give me a card etc. The first dealership was worse, he tried to sell me 3 used cars before I walked out of there. The only dealership that is Premier is 2 hours North of me and I will wait to go up there to spend some driving time with the 05' 4.2.

    Anyway, It sounds like there might be a 4-5k difference between the 3.2 and the 4.2 when you outfit them exactly alike.

    The 4.2 comes standard with the Premium and Convenience package, Volterra Leather and 17" alloy wheels. ( I see the Bose stereo on both sheets you sent me and they have it standard on the premium for the 3.2 and offer a Bose package on the 4.2 as an Audio package with satellite radio. Sounds like you can get the 200 watt system inc. in the Premium package but have to pay more for the satellite radio. )

    So, with a 4-5k variance, I think I could sneak into the 4.2 Guess we will have to wait to see.

    If you or Mark run across anymore official equipment guides like you go tat the Audi dealer earlier this year, let me know.

  • parrishparrish Posts: 10
    I am in the market for a mid-size sport sedan. I test drove the A6 (I think the SLine), then the S4 and the A8. I was not impressed with the A6 drive, to be frank, but I was blown away with the superb feel of the S4, and very impressed with the A8. But, practically speaking, I am looking at the A6 4.2. Am I missing something, am I overly dissappointed, regarding the 2004 A6 drive? Should I wait for the 2005? We saw one at our dealer a few weeks back--the wife does not like the new front grill, but I hear promises it will drive more like a BMW. Or--I am somewhat new to this--is there a way to improve the 2004 A6 drive with the help of aftermarket tuners? Thanks for any help.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234

    My suggestion is to go to the 2005 A6 post and read all of those for the past year. You will really learn a lot from them.

    FYI, the 2005 A6 4.2 has the same S4 engine in it that you test drove which is similar to the A8 engine but slightly tuned down. Bottom line is the 05' A6 will be completely different from the 04' A6. I have been waiting to buy a car for 4 months now ( my jeep blew up ) and I was thinking of the A6 04' but learned about the 05' and never looked back. I am renting until they come out in the next several months.

    Three good references on the 2005 A6 post are Auditor and Mark ( Cincinatti ) and myself. It seems among us, we have a lot of info. to answer any question you may have.

    Good Luck
  • hjcanterhjcanter Posts: 31
    I do not know about the A6 being a "baby" A8, but I will be driving a SWB A8 in a couple of weeks. This car is bigger than the A6 but 5 inches shorter than the A8 L.
  • rlolsenrlolsen Posts: 2
    The only incentives I see available are $1000 for previous Audi owners. The 2.9% is through the dealer. I was not aware that Audi is offering 1.9% for 60 months. Where is the dealer located that is offering $2000 below and 1.9%? Do you have anything in writing?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I was "visiting" my Audi dealer today -- the place is chock full of A6 Slines a couple of 4.2's and three or four allroads, two RS 6's (one used) a long line of A4 and S4's and 4 or 5 A8L's -- yea I know it's "got to last" -- but the thing is, these are 2004's, and unless you live in a cave, you know the sand is running out of the hourglass and that the dealers want this stuff to move.

    The markdowns on "red tags" hanging from the mirrors on most of these babies was easily at least a cool 10% off MSRP, and this seems to be up a smidge from last month.

    I dunno what the deals really are, but the the first blush is at the very least "a good place to start" especially if you want an SLine. Now, the odd thing is, none of them had Sat Nav.

    I don't care what you say about the nav lite in US Audi's -- it works and it works VERY well.

    Don't leave home without it.

    But, if you don't care for it, so be it -- the head 'em up move 'em out deals are very close now, very close indeed.

    If you can live with the colors on the lot rather than your specific color, you may soon be the owner of a very nice Sline A6 if you're not careful.

    Drive it like you live for a price you can afford.

    Of course, know that the new, all new 05 A6 will be here real soon -- don't be gettin' buyer's remorse!
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    the luxury tax on automobiles is history.

    that pricing strategy, 3 $1000 price increases in 3 months - what a crock. what are they trying to get people to commit to the first units off the line, basically paying you to debug the car for them?

    they would be better off having a uniform price, and then throwing in some options free as a launch promo. instead, they risk dampening initial enthusiasm for the car by having the first interested parties be confronted with this insane pricing strategy.
  • parrishparrish Posts: 10

    I went to the 2005 post and read it all. Thanks so much, it was very helpful. I need to wait now until I can actually test drive one!

  • genyagenya Posts: 7
    Very strange pricing indeed… Anybody has any thoughts on how they would structure a lease on this? Would they use the smaller or the greater amount to calculate the residual?
  • pepe11pepe11 Posts: 41
    During a first visit to a dealer in my area, I got a price of $40k on a A-6 2.7T S-Line with msrp of $45,800. They have about six cars on the lot similarly outfitted. Do you think this can get better? I think come August, I may be able to squeeze another $1k out of it, but who knows. I don't want to be too greedy but I just don't think these will move very fast with the '05s around the corner.
    I would love to hear other opinions...
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Can the deal get better, probably. Will it get better, perhaps.

    This is a decent deal and assuming the lease or Audi financing deal is similar, this is "almost" a once in a lifetime deal.

    Sure, 60 days from now if the car is still sitting there unsold, the deal may improve -- and AoA may "incent" the dealer even further.

    My guess is that there will soon be some letters mailed to current Audi financial customers offering some "encouragement" to buy another Audi product -- perhaps there will be a campaign that will force the issue with respect to "leftover" 2003 and 2004 models (they almost certainly exist at this very minute, but October is still a ways off).

    I heard that some dealers cannot get new models (unless presold) if their inventory of old models is above a certain threshold; in this way then, AoA attempts to motivate and protect the dealers (and itself) by timing the delivery of the newer models. Of course, this means that sometimes new cars sit in port just waiting for the inventory that is "out there" to get to a certain level.

    Imagine, if on October 31, a flood of 05 A6's came to the dealers -- the selling prices of the 04 A6's would probably take yet another hit. Some dealers can't lose money and "make it up in volume" and AoA would probably rather NOT send out too many $4,000 off coupons either.

    Not too long ago they sent out $5,000 coupons which "forced" the dealers to "eat" $1,000 in dealer margin in exchange for a $4,000 rebate from AoA to the dealers. In some cases this cut into the remaining profit margin for the cars, effectively meaning the dealers had no say in setting the selling price and no say in determining their income from these transactions.

    Your deal sounds like it is 10%+ off MSRP -- this is NOT a bad deal and perhaps there IS a better one. It is a bit of a roll of the dice at this point. If you are buying the car, this deal will not likely be replicated for a long time. If you are leasing the car, the cap cost reduction this implies is still impressive, but the lease payment may not change as much as you might hope since the residual on last year's model is lower than on next year's -- and, well, you know the rest.

    If YOU CAN WAIT without harming yourself in any way, you might just see what August brings, its not that far off.
  • hjcanterhjcanter Posts: 31
    Smaller..Greater..the one that makes them the most profit!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I have a price sheet from my sales rep.

    The base price is listed without qualifiers as:

    $40,900. No step up pricing is mentioned. Price sheet lists option package prices, too. Date on Sheet June 2004. This may not be the most current stuff, but it is the most current my dealer had to share with me. Premium Package = $3,000, Cold Package = $900, Convenience Package = $1,000.

    Wood steering wheel, $300 -- where that came from I dunno, but there it is.

    I asked for a price on the Sat nav. My "hope" is they keep it at or under $2K -- it seems it should be "under" since the color MMI screen is already included in the base price.

    But, they didn't ask me.
  • abqhudsonabqhudson Posts: 14
    I was able to look at and drive the new A6 which is making the dealer rounds. 4.2 with euro sport suspension (they said that it was stiffer then the US spec sport suspension). The dealer in Albuquerque was very accommodating and set an appointment for my wife and me to see the car. My impressions: The "Canyon Red" car was BEAUTIFUL. Little body roll observed in the short drive - minimal understeer. I fit in the drivers cockpit - I don't fit in the A4. The car felt a little big - what ever that means. Looking forward to driving the production version 3.126L V-6 and comparing to the V-8. Never owned an Audi before - this one looks very tempting. I come from mostly BMW 3 series/2004 Acura TL experience.

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Apparently, the new 2005 A6's are hitting dealerships as I just saw one fly by me this morning. It was a blue one. The big front grill really stood out and I could tell it was a 2005. It was at Leith Audi in Cary, NC.
  • pepe11pepe11 Posts: 41
    Thanks Mark. Excellent analysis and advice. I've recently tried to duplicate or get a better deal on same car at other local dealers here and have not yet had luck. I am buying, not leasing.
    Still not sure what I will do but since I don't care too much about color and there do seem to be quite a few around, I may sit it out a little longer.
    thanks again.
  • hjcanterhjcanter Posts: 31
    I test drove the A8 SWB today. What a great car! It was Oyster Gray with a platnum interior. Wood/3 spoke/ steering wheel, Conv. pkg, 18 inch/ 9 spoke wheels, etc. Drove on the highway and twisty roads. It does not feel like a big car. Only when I pushed it hard in a corner, did it feel heavy. I do not drive like that often, so I won't mind. Steering wheel had the shift paddles, lot's of fun. I have to say I loved this car and I placed an order for one. Should be in about 3 months. I just like the looks of this car better than the A6 4.2. A little more legroom in back as well. I could go on and on....
  • tommtomm Posts: 31
    rj- glad to see your post. our local dealer has 10 '05 A6 cars coming in (Oct/Nov) and i have my name on a stratos blue one ( i own a '01 silver w/blk A6 now, wouldnt hesitate to buy another A6- but not another silver). what was your impression of the blue? (was it the lightish blue or the dark blue? i think the statos is lightish- but i dont want a robins-egg color!). the dealer told me the red looked good on an A4- but too much red on the A6- someone else posted a note that said the red looked great - no specific pricing yet - but glad to read the recent posts on that issue. keep then coming-tom
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