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Audi A6



  • I believe you just need to hit mode again next to the toggle and it goes back to the radio info. I have only had my 3.2 for a week but I think thats it.
  • I have a new 3.2 a6 and a blackberry 7520 wth buetooth. The car and phone recognize eachother perfectly and logon, etc. Call to the phone activate the ringer in the car, but the softkeys on the MMI are not active, and the screen says "please wait". The caller can hear me but I can't hear them and can;t dial out, etc. as the soft keys are inactive. Does anyone have any ideas. I have ried to reinitialize the phone and Car, and they do sinc up again but I have the same problem.
  • silver with black interior (premium leather). The car has every option other than the extra rear airbags (i was told not so good for little kids of which I have two) and rear parking alert (not much parallel parking here in North Carolina). The sports package and 18" wheels are really nice aesthetically and for the additional stiffness in the ride. So far I am extremely satisfied-I have been making excuses to do errands for my wife.
  • This is the 1st mechanical problem I've heard about. I have to admit I'm a bit suspicious about a new poster who creates a user ID and posts 3 simultaneous bad posts... but again, maybe I'm just not a trusting person...


    As for my 3.2, It's running beautifully. I love it more every day. Such a fun ride. I caught a couple scoping it out at the store as I was walking back to it...kind of a good feeling.
  • I looked at my car driving home today and you are right, the driver's display changes back to the driving info after changing stations. I personally like it as I really don't care to look at the radio stations scrolling menu (the chosen station and song title still appear at the top).


    Maybe Audi felt the main driver's info should have precedent over the "recreational menus"... Anyway, I couldn't find a way to keep it onscreen unless I scrolled without selecting a station.
  • maui19maui19 Posts: 31
    My new A6 4.2 has been absolutely flawless. It is a spectacular in every way. Frankly, I expect this car to have some teething pains, but so far it has been absolutely rock solid. In fact, it is MUCH better than my 2002 MB E320 was at this stage of ownership. Even thought this particular E320 model had been produced for several years, I had all kinds of initial problems with the car.


    Sorry to hear you are having problems. It might be helpful if you could describe them.
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    We've now combined the 2005 Audi A6 discussion with the existing conversation on the A6. You'll notice that a few messages are out of order, which was unavoidable - but the discussion is basically intact.


    Pat will now be your host. Happy driving!



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  • Just took delivery on my new 2005 A6 3.2. I am having problems with acceleration lag and hesitation. Has been dangerous from dead stop at intersections. Car feels like it wants to stall, then has sudden acceleration. Dealer did not have a solution when brought in. Their answer is getting used to drive-by-wire. I'm not happy with that answer. Is anyone else having acceleration problems with their new 2005 A6? Otherwise, the car is very nice.
  • Tvettel,


    Try driving with it in sport mode. That will eliminate any decision making between 1st and 2nd when accelerating. If you still have problems, then there may truly be a problem with the car.


    Some people have found that when they gently push down on the accelerator then push harder, the car gets confused as to which gear to go into (1st or 2nd) and may "jerk".


    Good luck.
  • I was reading the initial 2005 A6 messages again for nostalgic sake. It was kind of funny when the 1st spy photos came out and everyone was arguing that they were really photoshop edited pics of the 04 A6, or A4, or Saturn, or Passat, etc...


    I've enjoyed the discussions. Thanks everyone.
  • What's new is old again, I say.


    In order, I had an A8, A6, A6, A6 and now allroad. Two of the A6's and the A8 we V8's. All but the allroad were automatics (5speed autos).


    I call it "tip lag" -- others call it DBW lag -- in any case my turbo allroad has a stick shift (6spd) and at 40,000 miles NO, ZERO, ZIP, NADA, lag.


    This seems to go with the territory. I thought, frankly it was dangerous and often embarrassing for cars this expensive to lurch and rock 'n' roll when they wanted to.


    The temp cure is to floor the car with the key in the on position but the engine not running (wonder how you do this with smart key?)


    This seems so lame to have to do this -- and this problem does not seem to bother the S class Audis (S6, S8, etc.)


    Oh how I had hoped that we had buried tip lag.


    For pity's sake, even the new A4 3.2 has that 6speed tip!


    Maybe I can turn back my odometer!
  • I second the earlier suggestion. The first time I test drove the 3.2, I thought it was sluggish off the line. There's a good reason I felt that way--it's designed to shift into 2d at about 3-4mph so that you get a nice, smooth ride. There are basically three solutions:


    1) Stomp it--the car will assume you want it to rev, and it will delay shifting;

    2) Use Sport mode--the car will permit itself to rev, so you'll have the low end power (note, however, that it also revs on the way back down, and that feels kind of weird IMO);

    3) Shift it yourself in tip mode as necessary.


    I tried 2 and 3 the second time I took the 3.2 out for a test drive, and the sluggishness was gone. Plenty of power to merge aggressively in DC traffic. When I get my car (March), my plan is to leave it in D in traffic and on the highway, put it in S for entertainment from time to time, and use tip in certain spots just to make sure it doesn't upshift until I want it to(the popular VA on-ramp configuration that allows you about 40 feet from a dead stop to reach 45 mph).


    For the record, when I tested the 4.2 I had it in standard drive, and it had the same sluggishness off the line...then it threw me into the back seat when it shifted to 2d.


    [Edited. I thought my previous self-censorship would pass muster. I was wrong. If I offended anybody before our host pulled the plug on me, I sincerely apologize.]
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Thanks for the repost ;)
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    how to find the old A6 posts made over the last week or two?


    I went back a few pages (to 246) & couldn't find them.


    Just curious.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Here's one link that will get you in the vicinity of when the discussions were merged: cdnpinhead, "Audi A6" #4239, 8 Dec 2004 6:58 pm
  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 221
    If the car doesn't feel right, make them fix it. If you are slamming on the brakes and then slamming on the accelerator I think most cars especially Audi's will hesitate. That's the result of drive by wire. The guys in this forum will be able to explain it better.
  • After 5 straight BMWs I have to decide whether to go with the 530i or A6. I am ready to buy the Audi, need the AWD and like the features, but am very concerned about all the postings in other forums which suggest reliability problems with Audi. The CR and J.D. Powers rankings seem to support those postings. The closest Audi dealership is 300 miles away and I can't afford the inconvenience of trucking a limp A6 to the dealer. Can I expect something differenct from the new A6 in terms of reliability? Should I expect a different experience with the Audi than I have had with 320i, 528i, 735i and 530i? The BWM dealership is in town and available for repairs.
  • kscctsksccts Posts: 140
    Relaiblity is probably about equal. If the BMW dealer is in town and the Audi dealer 300 miles away then I think I would buy another Bimmer. 300 miles is a long way to go if something does go wrong.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Do you have a VW dealer that is closer? You could take the car there and probably have the majority of your problems addressed and fixed, should you have any.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I tried that once upon a time, and for the same reason, distance to the dealership. My local VW dealership told me that due to the "Franchise Rules", they were prohibited from working on my car.


    Best Regards,

  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Well, that was a [load]. Seems like they would've made an exception since you were too far away from your Audi dealer.
  • If your dealer is 300 miles away, you will not be pleased with the experience.


    Franchise Rules -- true enough, however, if you were to arrange special dispensation from the Audi of America management, there is no reason that a VW dealer could not work on the kissing cousin Audi -- and, again with special dispensation they are set up, becuase of the Phaeton, to handle all maintenance for free.


    Audi would have to agree to pay the VW dealer for the service however.




    I see no reason to believe that the Audi would be more or less troublesome than the BMW. Other than routine work and one recall, my 2003 Audi allroad has been almost trouble free for 41,000 miles.


    Not that I have any thoughts that I would want one past 50,000 miles without a warranty -- but the same goes for BMW.


    If you WEALLY WEALLY Want the Audi, try asking for special dispensation. What could it hurt?
  • Another thing to consider is whether there is an import car specialist in your town--if so, check to see if they have Audi certified mechanics. My parents have started doing this because the Audi dealers where they live are inconvenient to them and are generally obnoxious--they're very happy. I've used the guy on a couple of ocassions while in town visiting my parents, and have the same opinion of him. (It doesn't hurt that he's expressed interest in buying my A4 when my A6 comes in.)
  • One hopes that the Audi reliability is improving (as indicated by JD Powers ratings on the A4). However, one can never make guarantees, especially on a new model. I agree with the above posts, get the car you really want, but if its close, then chose the BMW for dealership locality...
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    Don't forget tonight's member-to-member chat - it's open mic night, so come and discuss whatever's on your mind.





    6-7pm PT/9-10pm ET. Drop by for live chat with other members. Hope you can join us!



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  • I've owned both. Now....if this were Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, et al, I would say go with your gut/heart. But not here.


    I wouldn't own a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes that far from a dealer. Chances are you'd be fine...but what if something DOES go wrong?


    Plus, schedule free maintenance on both. You going to drive the 300 miles for it?
  • kscctsksccts Posts: 140
    Excellent point on the maintenance.
  • I looked at both vehicles and came to the conclusion that the Audi was a better car and better buy. But since it was my first Audi and due to the bad reliability rap on german cars, I decided to Lease and dip a toe in the water so to speak. I really don't see how you can buy a vehicle which requires a 300 mile trip for maintenance and repairs-unless they bring you a loaner and flat bed if something happens. There have been posts about a problem with the 05 4.2 engine so it it somehting to think about. My 3.2 has been flawless but its basically brand new and too early to tell.
  • Liferules:


    You nailed it! Thanks. I can feel a significant improvement driving in Sport Mode. The dealer has also told me that it takes time to "train" the computer with the drive by wire mechanics and to try establishing a driving pattern that is comfortable. I'm just used to my old 740i Sport and the completely smooth feeling during acceleration. I hope the lurching does not become an issue when it starts to snow her in Minneapolis and get slippery. Thanks for your tip. TVettel.
  • How is the compuer trained? And does driving in sport mode ruin the training program/procedure. I have been using sport mode almost exclusively because the lag is annoying.
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