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Audi A6



  • Do you have the computer inbetween the speedo and tach?

    There was some mention somewhere that the autocheck feature was part of a package, and this (the autocheck) is required to determine low fluid (at least I think this is the case.)

    Is it called the Premium Package? Heck I have it, but my 2005 A6 3.2 has every option but tire pressure and rear sunshade, so I have it -- whether it was standard then and optional now is something I think I have read somewhere.
  • I have the premium package on this A6, INCLUDING the tire pressure info. After review I can't find any option package that says it includes the washer fluid indicator, including this premium package.

    Thanks for the response.
  • I have never had an Audi that didn't have this feature. This doesn't seem right.
  • Audi Service confirmed this is by design on the new A6. If you don't have memory electric driver seat, the low windshield washer indicator will not work. This doesn't now make sense but nothing is wrong with the vehicule. Just hope Audi corrects this somehow.
  • Bill,

    Thank you for the reply- but I DO HAVE the memory driver seat! I'm on my third day waiting for corporate customer service to make sense out of this.
  • After a few days of head-scratching at my dealership and at Audi USA corporate I have now been informed that, in their infinite wisdom, Audi has chosen to make the low fluid indicator light for the windshield washer fluid an option that is only available with the purchase of adaptive cruise control or the technology package on the 2006 models. So I now am the proud owner of a $50k + auto that lacks a simple low fluid indicator- something I've had on my past two A6's, and something I would probably get as standard on a Honda Civic. How pathetic is that?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "After a few days of head-scratching at my dealership and at Audi USA corporate I have now been informed that, in their infinite wisdom, Audi has chosen to make the low fluid indicator light for the windshield washer fluid an option that is only available with the purchase of adaptive cruise control or the technology package on the 2006 models."

    Gee, that sounds familiar. I'm currently looking at the A3 for my next car, however, "in their infinite wisdom, Audi has chosen to make" the Convenience/Bluetooth package mutually exclusive with Xenon head lights for cars with the Sports Package. That being said, there is no such restriction for Premium Package cars. Go figure. :confuse:

    Best Regards,
  • What in the wide wide world of sports is that about?

    Did it come with seat ropes?

    Now, I probably would order the technology package (is that the one with Sat Nav?) but I would understand if the majority of cars are not YET ordered with Navigation.

    This is an oversight of some goofy magnitude, eh?

    When I got my first A8, which at the time had only one or two options available -- and I got both of them -- it came with INSIDE auto dimming rear view mirror and "normal" reflective outside mirrors. When driving along and the bozo behind put on his brights, I literally had to power articulate the outside mirrors to avoid the reflection. At that time my friends GM cars had BOTH inside and outside automatic dimming mirrors.

    Maybe this is a case of things being lost in translation.

    I thought the "auto check" feature which includes the low washer fluid warning historically was standard normal on every Audi (since, hmmmmmm, 1980?!?)

    Someone needs to correct this ASAP and methinks retroactively would be a nice touch too.

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I wonder if Audi will put the 3.6 280hp engine in the A6 for '07. The passat has it, an the upcoming Q7 will have it was well. Seems like that would be the way to go.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "I wonder if Audi will put the 3.6 280hp engine in the A6 for '07. The passat has it, an the upcoming Q7 will have it was well. Seems like that would be the way to go."

    I'm thinking that that's highly unlikely. Why? Because the Passat has returned to the 6 cylinder mill from whence it came, meaning the VW VR6. That motor, unlike the Audi V6, which is a true "V", the VR6 is a narrow angle "V" configuration that has more akin to I6 engines from BMW. What that means in real world terms is that where your typical V6 engine (including the one from Audi) is kind of short and fat (as viewed from the top), the VR6 is narrower and longer (although not as narrow or as long as an I6 of similar displacement).

    Stepping back one generation of Passat we find a car that was almost exclusively based upon the Audi A4/A6, engine compartment and all, and as such, any six cylinder application required the Audi mill because the VR6 was too long to fit in the engine compartment in a longitudinal orientation. Conversely, the Passats from two generations ago as well as the current one have an engine compartment designed for transverse engine orientations, an as such the Audi V6 is too fat to fit, while the VR6 fits perfectly.

    Best Regards,
  • Often wrong, never uncertain dept here:

    May happen, who knows.

    My guess is no, for reasons cited above but also that the 3.2FSI is the little engine that could. It is hardly breaking a sweat in its current state of tune.

    The poor fuel quality de-tuning that was done to make the engine able to swill US gas with nary an issue can be un done. Better breathing can "breathe" both HP and torque into this engine, too. And, although this prayer probably won't be answered, mild turbo charging of this engine would make it ROCK! Steady.

    I'm guessing that there is more juice in the 3.2. Now, the fact that the Q7 will be able to be had with the 3.6 COULD mean the A6 sedans will get it. Stranger things have happened.

    It just seems, uh, er, so un-Audi to do this since it would not be a proper V6.

    I have, however, no reason to believe that 280HP in the A6 would be anything but welcome.

    Make mine 7spd DSG, and a turbo diesel, please (or a bi-turbo 3.2, mildly blown, please, mildly blown -- for minimal turbo lag.)

    And, pigs will fly (at least no diesel is likely here in the US -- it seems because it would be such a low volume car despite its inherent goodness both in performance and economy.)

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Audi needs to bump up the HP for 07 V6 model to keep up with the competition. 255 hp is not bad, but an extra 25-30 would do the A6 well. Even if they keep the 3.2, they should squeeze some more power out of it.

    The Q7 will make 350 hp from the same 4.2 V8 that makes 335 in the V8 A6. 2007 will make the 3rd model year for the new body style A6's, and I think a little more power for each engine is needed.

    You can't wait 4 years anymore in this competitive market with no increase in power.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I have no doubt that Audi will bump the output of their V6 mill over the next year or two. I think that Mark might have a bead on this one with either a displacement increase and/or a light turbo application will more that suffice for enough extra power to stay competitive.

    Best Regards,
  • hawk248hawk248 Posts: 27
    We have had our A6 for about a month now. It has premium package + Sirius satellite. Great car, so far very happy with it. My question is regarding outside mirror auto tilt in reverse. Is it something that needs to be enabled through MMI interface? Should both mirrors tilt down in reverse?

    This is our first German car. I am also little confused about memory seat function. I would think that after I set my preference in memory 1, all I should have to do is press it once to retrive my setting. However, I have to hold the 1 button in until seat and outside mirrors stop moving. Is this normal? :confuse:
  • Memory seat function response:

    Set the seat the way you want it. Set the mirrors to your liking (outside power mirrors.)

    Press the memory / set button and #1 for example.

    Make sure your key is the #1 key, DOH!


    When you approach the car either with advanced key or with the non advanced key and activate the open feature and open the door, the seat and mirrors will move to the position related to the key fob that commanded the unlock of the door.

    If, previously, the seat and mirrors had been in some other position than position 1, the seat and mirrors will move to the #1 position.


    This means if you're a really fast driver and you open the door and get in the car in 2 seconds and the seat repositioning takes 6 seconds, you will ONLY get two seconds of seat movement.

    On the other hand, if your seat is in position 2 and you approach the car and activate the open door function, the seat will begin moving but the moment you open the door and close the door the auto set function ceases.

    If you are sitting in the car and you want the seat and mirrors to move to position 2, here is what you do.

    Open the door and press and release button 2.

    The seat and mirrors will move to position 2. If you closed the door before the movement ceases, the movement will stop and you will have to hold the seat memory button 2 until position 2 has been fully reached.

    With respect to the mirror:

    Set the mirrors the way you want them. Address the seat and mirror position to a number (e.g., #1), memorize it.

    Then move the mirror selector rotary dial to the right mirror position.

    When R is engaged, the right hand mirror will "dip" to show you the curb on the right side of your car.

    Put the car back in D or S and start driving forward. At a certain speed (10MPH?) the right hand mirror will rise to the non curb view position.

    I know no one likes to read the manual, but the dealer education during delivery should've included this, but it is in the manual and the manual is at least a C+.

    I'd let the dealer know you expected a learning experience not just a financial transaction.

    The MMI alone takes an hour to get introduced to. Voice commands, although minimal, are certainly worth about an hour, too.

    The navigation system has many features as does the phone system and the sound system function.

    The appropriate and accurate delivery of this car is about a 2+ hour sucker.

    Odd, this car has 82 dials, buttons, switches and things to turn, push, view or in someway touch (from behind the wheel). The car has an average MSRP of at least $50K -- something is wrong that the seat and mirror function were not fully explained with you behind the wheel.

    The A6 has so many great features -- it would seem that when spending this much a buyer would want the multi hour education and if you were a seller you would want to tell the buyer how much car he just bought.

    Hopefully they told you that your A6 has the Battery Disconnect Safety Device -- even the A8 didn't have it at the time the new C6 A6 was brought to market in 2004 as a 2005 model.

    Hopefully they told you about the voice commands avail for the navi systems, etc etc etc.
  • hawk248hawk248 Posts: 27
    Thanks. Sarcasm aside, I found your reply very helpful. I took delivery of the A6 in 15 mins, literally, on a Saturday morning before Christmas. Had a 30 min window to take delivery and sneak it into the garage before my wife woke up. It was a surprise gift for her.

    I will read the manual, hopefully this weekend. I did open it a few weeks back and went straight to homelink section for setting garage opener.

    My opinion: If prefessionals like myself have to read the manual for every little function, then the control was designed too complicated. Not saying that's how Audi controls are. Actually I learned most of MMI while sitting on the passenger seat that Saturday afternoon. ;)
  • Contrast or indication of need?

    When I took delivery of my A6, the salesrep (known him for a long time) sat with me to go through "a lot" of the MMI, the navi, the sat radio, the in arm rest telephone set up, the climate control, synchronization and Auto recirc, etc., functions. He missed at least a third of it. But in his defense, mine was one of the early ones with "all the toys" with a customer who actually intended to use voice activation, etc.

    When my wife got her new BMW we met "Jason" -- his job? Delivery of cars, master of iDrive and all things obscure within the BMW electronics, etc. We actually had the car delivered twice. The second delivery was just for the navi system and BMW assist.

    I think BMW systems are more obscure, less intuitive than Audis. That doesn't mean I think Audis are user friendly but I think you could probably use the MMI with the built in help text alone and get by with it.

    Imagine, for a minute, coming from a DOS based world and WHAM hello, seeing Windows XP for the first time.

    I think for a lot of folks this may be close to their experiences.

    I am so glad for the voice control, which, IMHO, seems to take the danger off of driving and "interfacing."

    And, now I understand the time frame for your delivery.

    There is a lot to learn however.
  • Hi all,

    This is my first post in this discussion....

    We were considering a 2007 (the '07's are starting production in March) 530xi, but after some research, found out that we could get an A6 4.2 with more power (V8); higher safety rating (IIHS Silver award); and the ability to get 18" wheels upgrade with all season tires (so no worry about snow tires...); for "almost" the same $ as the 530 xi (with "equivalent options"....actually, the A6 would have a few more features) - approx 2-3 thousand (CDN) more.

    This seems like a good choice - we are going to test drive one later today.

    Any comments would be appreciated... (Shipo?...)...

    P.S. - Comparative driving opinions (handling, etc..) as between the two? Need "S" line or Air suspension on the Audi? (Also, Active Headrests are on all five seats in the Audi versus only front seats on 530xi with Comfort Seats - is this correct??).

  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531

    Good decision. Yes, the A6 3.2 is pretty much in the same category as the 530xi...while the 4.2 A6 compares better with the 545 and 550's. IMO, the engines are similarly powered though the BMW's are slightly faster (but who really cares about a second in the real world?). The interior is much better in Audi's and the overall features are much higher in quality IMO. The drive is very good in both though some feel the BMW is a little better. For my needs, the Audi was hands down the choice (I had also looked at the 5 series). If you are really into sporty driving, then maybe you need to go for the BMW (but you'd need the 550 to be anywhere near the performance of a 4.2 A6)...otherwise, go for the A6!

    Good luck.
  • Last year for about 5 months, a more expensive BMW 5 was less on a lease than an Audi. Big bucks less (~$200 per month US$ less for the BMW when similarly priced and about $119 per month less when similarly equipped.)

    Then something happened and the tide turned.

    Then the Audi (lease rates and mo pymnts) went on a nose dive and the tide favored Audi.

    Of course when things were all cozy and cool with Bimmer prices, I had to compare a 530i to an A6 3.2. The new 3.0 BMW engine equipped models had NOT yet hit the street.

    Since quattro or X drive was a non negotiable feature, I instead elected to order (March 31st 2005) a new Infiniti M35X for it too was far less money than an Audi A6 3.2 and they could be equipped similarly in almost every aspect.

    Then Audi laid an egg of such interest it might as well have been gold -- they dropped the price on the A6 3.2 equipped as I wanted it to below the Infiniti M35X price.

    When the 530xi finally did come to market, the demand (locally, Cincinnati, Ohio) for the AWD 5's went "to eleven" on the 1-10 scale. Prices for a 530xi were for a while not all that interesting and in the mean time, the time between the parenthesis, that is, I had picked up my new A6 3.2 with all the toys EXCEPT sport suspension, sunshades and TPMS. My only regret it not getting the sport suspension since I went for the $1,000 18" wheel option which was part of the $1250 sport package ($250 what was I thinking?)

    Anyway, for YEARS (10?) it was possible to get an Audi 5000 or A6 that had higher content and AWD for a lot less money than for an RWD BMW. Then Audi discovered turbos for this market, then Audi brought the V8 to the mid size cars and here is what could be had. . . .

    . . . let's go back 6 years and here is what could happen:

    BMW 5 series with all toys, 6 cylinder and RWD was almost identical in price to an Audi A6 with all toys, 8 cylinder and AWD.

    Of course even though the Audis 2.7T and 4.2 engines in A6's were less expensive and came wrapped in AWD cars, well the BMW mystique ruled the day.

    Now, if what you say is true (and I am not suggesting it is NOT), the BMW 530xi 6 cylinder version is more than an A6 4.2 8 cylinder version and the Audi can be had with "SLine" and A/S tires -- there is no sport suspension offering today on the 530xi.

    Did I mention the 530 has a 6? The Audi would have a V8?

    Now if the price for the 530xi and the A6 3.2 were very close to each other, the 530xi could be equipped with 18" wheels and tires AND a 6 speed manual transmission.

    If the prices have parity, I would be tempted toward the BMW with the stick (my BMW rep says "not" to order the "discomfort" seats, BTW.)

    In the light of what you are saying, an Audi A6 4.2 SLine would indeed appear to be at MSRP (in US$) priced very similarly to the 530xi -- and if the gasoline differences don't faze you, well the Audi in that context is a stone cold bargain.

    We've apparently come full circle.

    I have had 3 Audi V8's -- I loved them. I also love the 3.2 V6, but admittedly it is not quite as powerful.

    If you are going to go with the auto trans, a fully equipped A6 3.2, still betters the 530xi (if the 5 has the Steptronic transmission, NOT, however if equipped with the super slick stick.)

    It's deja vu all over again. :shades:
  • If you are really into sporty driving, then maybe you need to go for the BMW. . .

    I don't think so #1

    I don't think so #2

    Audi Rules :blush:
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hmmm, well, if I was sold on the idea that I need/want AWD (as you know, I'm not), and if I was to decide that I could live with an Automatic transmission (I can't, as you might know, I like to stir my own), then I'd probably opt for the A6 Quattro over the 530xi.

    All else being equal (which of course it never is), I'd probably opt for a 550i SP with a three-pedal six-speed. There is however one more criteria that would affect a hypothetical A6 vs. 5er decision, that being "looks". To say that I've been an outspoken critic of the E60 would be sugar coating the issue, to say the very least. So, I want RWD, 6-Speed manual and a good looking car, which means that I probably wouldn't choose either.

    Hmmm, clear as mud, I guess I've been about as much help to you as was Mark. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • Gas mileage - yes. Does anyone have real world figures for the 4.2L? 3.2? 530xi?

    P.S. - Definitely want automatic trans.

  • The 3.2 is a sipper. The 3.0 is also more frugal than any Audi or BMW current tech V8.

    If you must have an auto -- take a long drive of the 3.2 and 4.2 both with the Sline package.

    You may find the 3.2 is no bone.

    The 530xi with an auto "feels" somewhat less responsive than it really is -- part of that must be the difference in the suspension and tires or something that made the 530xi (auto no sport pack running on 17" tires) seem like a dog that came to bask in the sun rather than rough house with his pals -- and I am not calling anyone of these cars a "dog."

    Now, I have driven the stick shift and sport package equipped RWD BMW's and they are sweeeeeet.

    My wife actually has an X3 3.0 stick shift with the sport package which does include the sport suspension and the bigger wheels and tires. It is great -- makes me long for the exact same vehicle with the 255HP 3.0.

    Alas the best that the 530xi offers in factory guise is the 18" wheels/tires (and they are good, but kind of an incomplete or "fake" sport package in the traditional sense of the word.)

    To each his/her own. I want an SLine A6 4.2FSI quattro with a manual transmission.

    Can't have it.

    The growing dominance -- darn near to total dominance of the 6 or more speed automatic transmissions has dulled the sharpness of the BMW somewhat, especially when it is equipped with AWD+17" wheels on HP A/S tires.

    The Audi with the years of AWD experience plus the taught suspension and the availability of a an even more taught suspension have finally made the Audi (for US buyers) a serious choice (it would seem it was thus already in Germany, based on sales.)

    If the prices are as you say, I am attempting to be a bit clearer than mud (not much) and strongly endorse the A6 with either engine in SLine guise.

    The 3.2 does sip gas, relative to the other two engines we are talking about.

    OK/good = 4.2
    OK/better 4.2FSI (not here yet)

    OK/better 3.0 valvetronic
    OK/best 3.2FSI

    These are relative good, better best rankings.

    Frankly the Audi 4.2 Turbo diesel blows the others completely away in terms of both power and economy.

    Can't have that one either -- yet, maybe never.

    Drive it like you live, not the way I live or the way your other fellow posters live, etc. :shades:
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    It seems that you and I are on the same page of the song book for a change, albiet for different reasons. :surprise:

    That having been said, it seems that given the criteria set forth, the best bang for the buck for MikeRoch is without a doubt an A6. Now he needs to decide which engine and which options. Hmmm, I'm thinking that he is still in the "Decisions, decisions, decisions..." phase of automotive shopping. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I have one in the a8 and I like it very much...In an a6 it should be even better....My mpg are around twenty six at around eighty mph, unless I get stuck in traffic, then it`s lower...I am going on what the instruments tell me, so they may be wrong...I`l further check it manually---in time--Tony
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    I have a 05 A6 4.2. It gets about 16 around town and about 27 on the highway.
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    You forgot this one...!

    A little fun in the snow

  • Wow! That one I hadn't seen. I kept looking at this and being reminded somewhat of my gone but not forgotten allroad.
  • Hi All,

    Thanks so much for all the input/responses.

    Yesterday, we drove a 4.2 and 3.2 A6....WOW!! - The 4.2 is a rocket (the 3.2 is pretty good also, but we think the 4.2 is worth the extra 6-7 thousand CDN (plus the other items that come with it)).

    We didn't drive an S-line, which I suspect would be closer to the 530 in handling - but we would be happy without it.

    The dash is fantastic (airplane anyone?); the car has many great features; and it looks great. It does seem a bit less roomy than the bimmer, including the trunk. Also, could use some more wood accents, although we would be getting the wood/leather steering wheel and shift, so that would add a nice touch. (Anyone know where we can see pictures of that steering wheel??).

    We were originally looking at a red pearl (whatever the official name is...) and beige interior, but there is a blue pearl available with the Amareto interior (georgeous leather and matching wood) and we are going to look at an Avant with the same colour combination tomorrow, and almost all the options we want (except sport seats and shades - which I suppose we can do without). Otherwise, the wait is four months for a factory order (!!!).

    I think the gas mileage will make us unhappy, but the 335 horsepower just seems to take precidence over it (any further mileage comments are (still) most welcome....).

    When one factors in the higher safety rating over the 530 and the fact that you have an eight cylinder with a lot more power; plus 18" wheels with all seasons, and a few more features not available in the 530 (power folding mirrors; folding seats; led tail lights, etc...), the Audi seems the clear choice.

    P.S. - Any comments on the lack of sport seats in the car that is available?

    Thanks again!!
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