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Audi A6



  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402

    If the new model, say, the 2008, had the 40/60 front/rear power split (instead of the current 50/50 traditional quattro split) would that influence you?

  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
    About Audi A6, from Australian reviewer:

    "Why you'd buy it:: Contrary to public perception, Audi makes better quality cars than BMW and Benz and has done so for about the past five years. The trouble is (the Why you might not buy it is) that "these new and improved Audis are still paying for the sins of Audis of old, which were not as well built. Car valuers hit Audis unfairly hard because the public and the industry are stuck in a time warp."

    Of course, the starter switch problem reported by the woman on the Audi problems forum -- and that same problem being emphasized in the Automobile magazine long term test report -- tends to keep the wariness about Audi alive in the collective consciousness of potential buyers. It did for me, as some of you know (ad nauseum).
  • Marketing puffery from a practical standpoint.

    Whoa! Here is what I mean.

    I would rather have 40 60 f/r than 50 50 f/r in an ideal world.

    But, but, but:

    The torsen system is "instantaneous." I don't "need" the rear bias on a normal sub 8/10th's driving regimine.

    Keep the thing at 50 50 for all I care -- here is what I would want were I granted but ONE wish.

    50 50 f/r WEIGHT balance and keep the 50 50 f/r torque split -- "I'll get by, just fine."

    If I had a magic wand:

    50 50 f/r weight balance

    40 60 f/r torque split

    dual diagonal shocks (like are on the RS4 and the previous RS6)

    a 7 speed "DSG" transmission

    a turbo charged diesel engine (4.2TDI) with all the clean burn stuff known to automotive engineering.

    I don't want much, I know.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Pricing was just announced on the S6 @ 72 grand. With most options and the gas tax, you'll be under 80 grand. I think that's a pretty resonable price point for the V-10.
  • Recently acquired Audi A6 and Verizon Treo 700p. They work together with little setup effort, including Audi bluetooth phone system recognizing and using Treo "Favorites" list as your "Phonebook".
  • I had a surprising experience with my 06 A6 3.2 this week. I had driven by a construction site near my home, with lots of "spillage" of materials and activity onto the street. As I passed it occurred to me the chances of picking up a nail in one of my tires was probably pretty good. Sure enough, the next time I started the car, the tire pressure warning light came on. I inspected the tires, and found a single nail driven into the driver's front wheel (all the way in to the head). It appeared to be in there very snugly, and after checking the air pressure manually it showed the recommended pressure. I've since checked 3 other times, and the pressure appears to be holding steady (as are the other tires). I can only conclude the system registered a change in pressure for a fraction of a second as the nail entered, and this caused the warning light to activate? Seems like that type of change would be almost too small to detect, unless there is some other sensor that registers punctures? In any event, I'll be bringing the car is this week to see if the hole can be plugged. Does anyone know whether the monitoring system has to be reset somehow?

  • Have a 07 A6, the dealer installed Sirius (not installed at factory). Everything works fine. However the information for the channel you are listening to does NOT scroll from left to right, so longer song titles and groups are truncated:

    Hootie and the Bl
    The Long and Windi

    My portable sirius receiver and other cars I have been in with Sirius have scrolled left to right. Is this a quirk with my install or is this the way it is with Audi and Sirius?

  • Unfortunately, that's the way the MMI works (or doesn't work...). CD songs likewise get cut off after 15 letters (I'm guessing).

    I agree, scrolling would be a simple thing to have for such a complex and expensive car, but these autos still seem about 5 years behind the technology curve (no MP3, USB jack, etc...).
  • My Lease is up on Oct 5th.

    My rear brakes needed pads last month. They fixed, but now rear rotors are warped. I told them.

    Scheduled another appt. they said they can't cut them, and its within acceptable tolerence. I guess they don't want to do the work on a car about to get turned in and about to go off warranty?

    Numerous lack of attention to details like not doing things they suppose to and having to prove that work was not done!

    Funny, the only letter I get is the instructions on how to turn it in. NO loyatly offer, no call from salesmen or dealer to inquire my intentions.

    The dealership changed hands about 18 months ago and has gone to hell. The manager is now at BMW down the street.

    Guess where I have been hanging out?

    Why? He knows how to run a dealership and you can get a manual transmission on every car except a 7 series and the new X5 coming in November.

    I loved my Allroad experience and loved the car. I love the Audi car and its place in the market. I love the look and the drive of the new A6.

    But, this dealership and its staff is awful and the lack of any incentives really is baffleing.

    I understand profitablity needed to increase both at Audi and its dealership network, but this is crazy.

    Giving up the free maintenance thing is stupid (nothing is free but built into the price) and besides they seem to me to not really want to do it anyway.

    Im glad they are doing so well they don't need another customer.
  • I would agree that the customer facing side of the Audi business model needs some significant refinement. I purposely chose to purchase from a smaller dealer that prides itself on customer service, but I would describe it as just above average (although I've yet to need any work done on the car, so my opinion may change). Their strategy for managing the customer relationship(indeed if they have one)lacks the sophistication and polish of my previous experiences with BMW and even Volvo. That aside, they should immediately fire their marketing executives and advertising agency...they have some great products and yet I see no meaningful efforts to create a compelling message/image around these cars relative to the other LPS offerings. In this segment where there are so many good choices, just having a great product does not necessarily result in sales. I fear Audi (in the US at least) still has some work to do in this area to be in the Mercedes and BMW league.
  • At our recent two-day event in Spartanburg, SC, three couples shared their dealership experiences with BMW dealers, one in Denver, one in San Francisco. We bragged about our dealer and the treatment we receive.

    The other couples claimed their service was poor and the people were arrogant.

    My Audi dealer, too, although NOT up to the Bimmer experience here in River City, is wonderful, almost a JOY to work with.

    My Bimmer dealer is owned by A person, not A corporation. We actually talk to "Tom" when we need to have something taken care of, not "the next person" who answers the phone.

    Makes all the difference.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I disagree. Audi has cool advertising. The Q7 spots are all over the place and are quite well done. You have to consider that Audi is selling 90,000 or so cars in the US every year, so how much money can they really spend on the US market in advertising?

    Audi is having record sales every year for the last six years, and has a goal by 2012 or so to be on par with BMW and selling 1.2 to 1.3 million cars in the US every year.

    To consider where Audi was just a decade ago, they've had one of the biggest and most successful comebacks of any car company in recent memory.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    That's a ridiculously lofty goal! Especially if they're only selling 90K units in the U.S. now. They'd have to DOUBLE their sales every year for the next 4 years to meet that goal. It's not gonna happen.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I think he forgot a 0 in the 90,000 ;)
  • Sure the ads are cool, and the cars are great!

    But value is important and I won't over pay for an audi or any other vehicle.

    I guess they so successful they don't need to lease ms another? Im an easy customer. Buy new cars and keep them under warranty. IT breaks fix it. Don't have the part, Let me keep the Loaner.

    My dealer is stupid at times and it takes thema day or two longer. Ok, Im gonna drive their car. No biggie.

    I get mailers from other car companies all the time with coupons with incentives. Incentives are not going to sway me alone unless its a car im interested in.

    Funny, The new BMW 335 and 328 coupe are brand new and very hot. Also to launch it BMW is giving incentives on the lease! Thats crazy, but its a feeding frenzy to get one! Audi tries to such the life out of its customer if you want a new model.

    Like I said, I guess its working for them.

    Love the cars, just not getting any love back.

    I got a spare car I can drive for 6 mos until I give it to my son.

    I can shop it and see what the market bares.
  • Audi wants to sell more cars GLOBALLY, and the number is a global number.

    The 5 figure number is a NORTH AMERICA number.

    Audi does not currently sell even 10,000 cars per month in NA -- getting to over one million cars in NA isn't even a goal.

    The 7 figure numbers are for the whole pea pickin' world.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Yes...I thought that world wide sales were around 900K so i assumed the original post misstated and meant globally.

    Either way...sales are increasing...and with a new array of diesels starting in the Q7 (V6, V8, V12) , and hopefully through out the model line up, the pace should increase.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Sorry guys..that's what I meant. From 900,000 or so to 1.2-1.3 million by 2012-13 globally. US sales are under 100k per year.

    Audi has the A5, Q5 & A7 coming in the next 3 years, so they should be able to do it.
  • I must be watching the wrong channels, because I've yet to see an Audi advertisement that effectively differentiated it's offering from the competition. The only one I've seen that really left an impression and was "cool" is for the A6 when they drive it up the snow covered ski jump. But even with this, it re-enforced something I already knew (all wheel drive capability). I'm not so sure they need to spend more money advertising... but rather they need campaigns that more dramatically represent their advantages and enhance their perception in the market beyond all wheel drive, which are just table stakes now in this segment.
  • I have had this conversation with AUDI folks -- people who work for Audi with some responsibility for US/NA marketing.

    Audi seems to feel they get more bang for the buck in these areas of media:

    TV - "the Discovery Channel" (as opposed to CSI - Miami)
    TV - "nationally produced ads co-op'ed with dealers"
    TV - "the History Channel" and other [similar] less mainstream, "narrower" viewership channels

    Print - magazines: high buck magazines, narrow target audience magazines (Town and Country, GQ, Vogue, Architectural Digest, etc)
    Print - magazines: Car & Driver, Road & Track, Popular_____, CAR, European Car, The quattro Quarterly
    Direct mail
    Print - magazines: Newsweek, Time, US News and World Reports
    National newspapers: Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, USA Today
    Co - op'ed newspapers: local in top "X" (50?) markets
    Event sponsorship: The Dallas Symphony, Skiing, Hot Air Ballooning, charity events (again, narrow focus.)

    Are Audi buyers more erudite? More left brained? Less Right Brained or MORE Right Brained? More interested in the Discovery Channel than "Two and a half Men?"

    More likely to watch "Monk" than reruns of "the A Team?"


    Beats me? :surprise:
  • Mark ... apparently so, at least according to Kelly Blue Book, as per this excerpt from their website:

    "In the world of premium performance sedans, the Audi A6 is a thinking person's choice. Placed against such powerhouse names as the BMW 5 Series, Lexus GS and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the A6 stands proudly as an equal capable of delivering on every level."
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Does Audi still pay for loaner cars for service or is this a dealer by dealer option?

  • Do you have the Audi Advantage?

    If so, a loaner even for an oil change is supposed to be part of the deal.
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    My 2005 A6 4.2 came with 245/40/18 tires, I am thinking of going with a 255/40/18 replacement tire. The OD on the OEM tire is 25.7, the OD on the replacement tire is 26.0. I am concerned that the larger tire may rub or cause a problem with the Quattro system. Does anyone have any experience with the larger tire size? Does it rub? Should I be concerned about the impact on the Quattro system? Can I stick with the OEM rims?

  • Can anyone recommend a phone from Verizon Wireless that will work with the Bluetooth in a new A6?
  • Kevin,

    I ended up going with the 245 x 40 x 18" PZero Nero M+S from Tire Rack. The stock OEM wheel in '05 and '06 is 8.0 inches wide.

    The 255 x 40 x 18" Avon Tech WILL fit, so says Tire Rack.

    The Avon Tech is a House Brand tire -- not that that is in any way a bad thing. The tire is sourced from Cooper -- also not in any way a bad thing.

    The Avon 255 is $134 the Pirelli 245 is $156. According to the Tire Rack the Pirelli will have slightly better mileage to worn out traits. The Avon will be slightly noisier and the "turn in" of the Pirelli will be better than the Avon but the OEM tire on the A6 is a High Performance tire, while both the Avon and the Pirelli are Ultra High Performance tires.

    I went with the Pirelli for the tire acoustics and performance. The Avons are supposed to be better in snow than the Pirellis, but Cincinnati rarely has troublesome snowfall.

    I would have gone with a 255 were the Pirellis so offered.
  • Audi's website has the list in a downloadable PDF.

    I got out of Verizon and went with Cincinnati Bell Wireless -- they do not require a contract and I went with the Sony T630 World Phone and the Audi Accessory built in armrest charger, holder that also uses the rooftop antenna.

    Phone $99. Cradle $256. Using the rooftop antenna and the car's battery power: Priceless.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    MOT Razr v3m from VZ works great but no cradle yet
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    I also went with the Pirellis about a year ago, when I put on the 245s. I would also do the Pirellis if they came in a 255. I have been very happy with the Pirellis. But there are only 3 UHP tires that come in a 255/40/18, and the Avons have the highest rating in that size.
  • The local VZW store let me try the Razr 3M but after trying for a long time to use Bluetooth to connect the phone said that the "device is not supported." Did you have a similar experience? The Audi list of phones is very out of date - VZW does not offer a single phone on the list and neither VZW nor Audi customer service was able to help.

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