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Audi A6



  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I know of people using the Razr's (Cingular) on their A6's with no problems at all.

  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    no problem pairing the v3m at all
  • "The Audi list of phones is very out of date - VZW does not offer a single phone on the list"

    The lists also don't predict what works. I expected my VZW Treo 700p to not work with my 2006 Audi A6, but it was simply a matter of going through phone's "Bluetooth" menu. The phone identified the Audi's presence on-screen. I selected the Audi, entered the standard Audi code (1,2,3,4) and it worked. Even downloads my "Favorites".
  • I just bought '06 A6 4.2.
    When I start the engine, the navigation always starts out by saying it's not working --;;(But it is working)
    It's a little annoying.
    Is this supposed to happen?
  • I also have an 06 with the navigation, and there is a legal disclaimer that appears at each start up which you must "accept" before using any of the MMI functionality. I believe this is as designed. If you are receiving some type of error or warning message, then it's a problem.
  • Yeah, I agree, it appears to be a problem. I do not get that warning.

    My only persistent problem is that my XM screen keeps flashing "update stations" every few seconds. I've spoken with XM and my dealership and they both say, the unit is performing as expected. Kind of annoying though...
  • "The local VZW store let me try the Razr 3M but after trying for a long time to use Bluetooth to connect the phone said that the "device is not supported." Did you have a similar experience? The Audi list of phones is very out of date - VZW does not offer a single phone on the list and neither VZW nor Audi customer service was able to help."

    Have you checked this web page?

    It's a Verizon support page and describes Car Kits from Temik (HarmanBecker)for that phone and all Audi lines except the A4.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Hope you are still enjoying the car...Tony
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
    "Hope you are still enjoying the car...Tony"

    Tony, thanks for your continued interest and support. I love the A6 3.2 Quattro S-Line. The current crop of Audi all appeal to me visually and that's been a part of my enjoyment of any brand-line from which I've owned one of the models. The interior, for which Audi is widely praised and which has won many awards, is black leather in my car and, with the black exterior, gives this car a serious/sporty/muscular look I find totally compelling. My has mileage, commuting and city driving combined, has been 21-22 mpg, even this early in the engine's life. The traction, when cornering and steering through highway curves, is just astonishing. I just came off driving a BMW 325i, and even that car didn't hug the road on certain sharp angle turns like this one does. My Treo 700p worked right off. I drive a couple of highway stretches where wind has moved every car I've driven. The weight and four-wheel drive of this one (I assume those of the qualities that determine this) keep the A6 completely steady.

    The S-Line suspension and body work just add to my pleasure.

    All in all, the car turned out to be a perfect fit for me and it shows, in that, as with other times when I've bought the product that does everything I want that "thing" to do, I don't look at other cars with envy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, and for me this car's design is of "classic" potential -- the kind that will always have appeal for some of us, even after it's old and gray.


    The phone recognized the A6's bluetooth and my "Favorites" list of numbers was immediately available on the car's "Phonebook." The NAV has been more accurate and useful than any I've tried.
  • ecnirpecnirp Posts: 20
    I'm looking at a 2004 A6 4.2. I think the car looks and drives great. It has about 30K miles on it. However, I know nothing about Audi's. Can someone tell me if Audi's are reliable/prone to breakdown. Is normal maintenance expensive? How does the quality compare to Toyota/Honda? Would I need to take it to an Audi dealership for repairs or can a local shop do some of the regular work? (Dealership is about 30 miles from house - different direction than work.)

    I have only owned Japanese cars in the past but would like to move up to something more fun. Any help or direction to other websites would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • ecnirp,

    No, Audi's aren't as reliable as Toyota or Honda. I suggest you read up on them more before purchasing one. I would always take a car to the dealership for regular work while under warranty (which yours would be). The car is quattro and regular "shops" forget that sometimes, causing problems even with such simple things as the annual inspection.

    The A6 is a great car and very fun but definitely less reliable. It is by far the best interior of all the auto industry and the engine (the 4.2) is incredibly powerful and fun to drive.

    Good luck with your decision...
  • i live in northern n.j. and presently dealing with 2 dealers for this vehicle. they both have the exact color and options i want. asking 23,000(both). over the phone, i have negotiated down to 22,000(BOTH). EDMUNDS TMV DEALER RETAIL IS 22,545 AND 24,836 CERTIFIED. KBB IS APPROX. 2000 MORE. PLANNING ON VISITING BOTH IN 3 DAYS. WHAT SHOULD BE MY GOAL? NO TRADE-IN, NO FINANCING, ALL CASH. OH YEAH- MILEAGE IS 27700 AT ONE, 29300 THE OTHER.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    If everything is identical, go with the one with fewer miles. Just watch out of backend dealer "fees."
  • This Audi, I'd bet can be had as a major bargain. The engine in it sounds sweet -- especially when you go deep on the accelerator.

    The reliability by the time the 2004's had come about (in the C5's history) should not be an issue.

    With 30K miles on it, it has 20K of the Audi advantage left, is eligble for the 100K Certified Pre-owned designation and there are also Audi brand service/warranties that can essentially ward off virtually any big, breathtaking expense. At least, if this can be had as a value -- make certain it is CPO'd.

    I had three of the C5 line A6's and one allroad (a 2003.)

    The areas in both my 2000 and 2001 A6 4.2's that were problematic = 1. But, that 1 was a pain. The brake rotors were warp prone. On my 2000 + 2001 combined, I went through 9 sets of front rotors (including the set that came from the factory) and 4 sets of rear rotors. I tend to have short term leases and the combined mileage on both cars was probably no more than 75,000 miles or so.

    My 2003 allroad (essentially an A6) went 46K miles with the most significant problem being with On*star and that was from DAY ONE of ownership and it lasted 11 days while a new On*star system was put in only to find the wires connecting On*star and the navi system were crossed at the factory.

    Otherwise, nothing of any great consequence other than maintenance and everything was covered in any case.

    The 5 speed tiptronic transmission coupled with the V8 makes for very lively driving events, but the tip was noted as having what is called "tip" lag or manumatic lag. This is a fuel saving program in my opinion that makes the transmission hell bent to upshift a bit before you might were you driving a stick and delay downshifting until you reach a full stop. I was able, once I was trained by it (not the other way around) to use the wonderful engine with its great torque without worry.

    The fit and finish of the C5's especially by 2004 was Audi at its best -- even my 2000 A6 4.2 was a high quality piece in that regard.

    If your number one criteria is reliability, there are no European or American cars that I know of that can better some of the best Japanese cars.

    I know of no Japanese cars from 2004 that will be more rewarding to drive than the C5 A6 4.2, especially if the A6 has the upgraded factory wheels and/or the sport package, however.

    With 30K miles and the pre gen body style, the off MSRP cost of this should make this a very attractive car. Just get the CPO if for some nutty reason it is not thusly certified already.

    One other thing, the OEM tires, if it still has them will need to be replaced before you drive it off the lot. My A6 4.2's both came with summer only UHP tires, which are sticky but not great for high mileage expectations.

    I ultimately switched to UHP all seasons, but I live in Cincinnati which has very little snow and what snow it has rare sticks for more than a day.
  • reply to message #6514: thanks for your comment. but how low should i go on my cash offer???
  • Tony,

    Given what you've negotiated and givne the figures you supplied from Edmunds and kbb, I'd feel I was getting a good deal if I could get the lower mileage one for $22,000 as CPO. I'd try to get that.

  • Hi
    I dont if this is tha right place to post but im posting it anyways, sorry for any inconvince.

    I am think about buy a 1999 audi A6 and i jus read alot of reviews that says this car has a lot of problems and its been recalled about 8 times so i was wonder if theres and 1999 audi A6 owners out there can they help? i really like tha car but i dont want to spend more money later on tha car. this is tha car im lookin at.

    thank you
  • It would be less money to buy a new Audi than risk this one.

    Well, that is the first thing that came to my mind -- but perhaps it would be prudent to pay for a complete inspection of the car and a look see at its service records if they are to be had.

    If the inspection -- which won't be free -- comes up with acceptable estimated costs to fix and/or maintain and the buy price and overal terms are in line with your expectations, I would think you would be ok.
    Good luck.
  • I owned a 1999 A6 for 7 years and just sold it last July when I bought a new 2006. I bought a new one because I like the A6 and was offered a deal I couldn't refuse. Having said that, I think you are taking a large risk to buy the car without a warranty. You say "I don't want to spend money later on the car". There is a pretty good chance you will be spending money, maybe a lot of money, later on the car.
  • My 06 3.2 A6 is a year old this week. I'm happy to report the car has been trouble free other than an intermittent rattle that has become more frequent emanating from the passenger side doors or B pillar somewhere. I've also noticed an occasional rattle from the dash when the weather is colder. I'm hoping this will not be a trend, as I've read a number of posts recently about Audi's and VW's being "rattle traps". Otherwise, performance and fuel economy have been fairly consistent, but with only 8K miles I'm still in the honeymoon stage with the motor. My favorite feature is the optional adaptive cruise control. It's a pricey option, but works even better than I expected for mundane highway cruising. My least favorite feature is the manual adjusting tilt/telescoping steering wheel. It was not even available as an option on 06 models in the 3.2 (which I understand has been addressed in 07), but I didn't realize how often I really do move the wheel and I miss the power adjustment more than I expected. It's by no means a perfect car, but it suits my needs very well with the "right" mix of luxury versus performance, and I still breath a sigh of admiration every time I approach it.
  • If I read my lease coupon correctly, I am now at month 19 of my 36 month lease of a 2005 Audi A6 3.2. The car did not have: sport suspension, TPMS, sport seats and rear power sunshade, manual rear side shades. I ordered the car, so I have no one to blame but myself, but I did not get the sport suspension and that is my only regret. I sometimes think perhaps I should've gotten the TPMS, but my previous allroad had it and it did not offer a tire by tire read out of PSI, so I found it somewhat useless and it "false triggered" when it was very cold outside to boot.

    The car with the one Audi accessory (the in arm-rest phone cradle) had an MSRP of $53,286. It currently has nearly 28,000 miles on it and I recently replaced all four tires with Pirelli PZero Nero M+S UHP A/S rubber in 245 x 40 x 18" (stock) size. I bought the Audi specific rubber winter floor mats last winter and they will soon be swapped in for winter #2. The wiper blades have been replaced twice -- at no charge. I doubt they will be replaced a third time FOC, however. All scheduled maintenance has been performed by the selling dealer and there have been four (total) advance key start switches all in the first four months of ownership. Since then the key push-button has worked without issue. Due to rock damage, the front windshield has been replaced with an Audi replacement windshield, despite its higher cost (I paid for it, so I figured I would get what I wanted rather than what the Insurance company probably would have done were they footing the bill.)

    Last week the MMI software (think Windows operating system) was replaced at no charge, ostensibly to correct a surround sound not holding problem. Overall the new MMI software seems quicker and there is no longer a "lawyer screen." I think too the voice command module seems to recognize my attempts to say the radio station frequencies almost always now without me repeating it. This is a good thing as far as I can tell. Every time my car has been in for service I have received a loaner car, usually a newer A6 3.2 or A4, once perhaps it was an Enterprise rental -- always at no charge to me of course. During all service visits and even during some non service visits, the car has been hand washed and vacuumed before it was returned to me.

  • I am certain there is some wear and tear on the car in terms of painted surfaces or leather or plastic, but I can't find it. The car is Cambridge Green Pearl with the Amaretto premium leather seats, the headliner and dash are black.

    Everything on the car works -- indeed, everything technically works better than it did the day I got it (when the first push-button start went south.) The power of the car is better, the mileage is better and it has not developed any new or foreign sounds of any kind.

    The suspension is tight, everything fits together like a Swiss watch -- all is the way it was designed and built as far as I can tell. Although not technically true, of course, this car has apparently not aged despite the nearly 28K miles that would belie that statement otherwise.

    The new ultra high performance tires have improved the handling so much that I kick myself even more for not swapping them out sooner and of course continue to regret not getting the $250 sport suspension option that was at the time offered without an SLine selection.

    The sound system is very good, sometimes excellent -- even the AM is decent. The system's CD changer is in the glove box which is a pain, a small pain, but a pain nevertheless. This was made quite apparent when I was loaned a Q7 for two days and was able to use the CD changer while sitting erect in the driver's sear. Perhaps they will fix this design/packaging issue next time.

    Whatever else I can tell you will sound like a paid advert for Audi. The car has been, with the exception of what I noted, without flaw or issue of any kind. I have test driven many cars over the past 18 months and find few -- if any -- that I would rather have (at least at the price point, which for me is about $650 per month including tax with no cap cost reduction on a 36 month closed end 45K mile lease.) The car's engine, no hot rod, is more than adequate and rarely makes me miss my previous 3 Audi V8's or V6 bi-turbo from my allroad. The 6 speed tiptronic is at least an A- and whenever it seems as if it might want to have a hint of lag, I simply shift it into S mode and the upshifts happen later and the downshifts earlier -- almost as if I were shifting it manually on my terms.

    I wish it had a bit more power, but the mileage -- using premium juice -- has been terrific and the engine sounds almost as sweet as the aforementioned V8's I so loved. It is poised and solid at 40, 80 and even 100+ miles per hour which is about the top of what you can ever do in the sub-urban parts of our city. On wide open unpopulated freeways, I have nudged it close to 120 and it feels solid there too.

    These are the best brakes ever -- for me -- in any car from any manufacturer. I don't know how durable they are, but they are able rapidly reduce speed time and again without fuss, muss or shudder.

    The car is supremely able to be driven in NON-STOP comfort from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh with Sirius locked onto The Vault or CoffeeShop or JazzCafe -- now in glorious surround sound rear mode the whole way.

    Nothing seems to faze the car weather-wise either. It is a rock under literally all conditions we have had here in SW Ohio for these past 18 months.

    The interior fit and finish were and are perfect. The design of the interior is rivaled by some others but that is as far as it goes there.

  • On the nits to pick side, the thing is nose heavy and although that rarely is an issue, it is an issue from time to time when romping through the curvy Ohio backroads feeling the onset of understeer at a bit lower speed perhaps than some other less nosey LPS cars. Some compensation is afforded by inflating the front tires to 39 and the rears to 36, however. This is a nit, but it merits mention.

    I wish the voice commands were deeper -- you cannot program the nav by voice, you can only direct it to go to places you have previously identified by voice. This comes up, frankly, seldom, but it does come up and one would think it need not be this way. Too, I wish the steering wheel were heated. I have had the power articulated steering columns previously in my Audis and it seems odd for a $50K car NOT to have it, but I rarely used it in my previous Audis, so that is more of a curiosity than a complaint.

    I'm glad the new A6 has the backup camera, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would when I had the Q7 for a couple of days.

    On my wish list: DSG and more power from the V6 engine, perhaps a reintroduction of a mild bi-turbo with zero lag characteristics and bags of torque. Of course a nice TDI engine would be dandy too. Better weight distribution -- need you ask? Sure thing! The ability to play a DVD with the car in park would be great and/or factory rear seat entertainment for those 4 - 5 hour drives to PA. Better bass in the sound system while you're at it, too, would be a plus. Finally, in this, the C6 version, I wish for the ability to buy a sport package for $1250 which would include bigger wheels and tires and lowered and slightly stiffer suspension, such as was offered in 2005 (without requiring a full on SLine treatment.) More electronic gizmos, that too -- and perhaps a perforated seats that heat AND cool. Control of the climate system via voice -- yes please. More wheel, tire and one-off options that would, for instance, allow one to order S6 wheels and/or upgraded brakes (slotted and/or cross drilled with greater surface area and higher fade resistance -- rather than going the aftermarket route.) Too, why not allow me to pick my leather and piping materials from a wider palate -- ditto paint colors.

    Mostly, then, my wish list for the C6 contains cosmetic items with a couple of performance boosters -- all optional, all for a fee, but not all bundled together. I may want the S6 look steering wheel, without a leather dashboard, kind of thing, ya know what I mean Vern?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • What did you think about the Q7's ride quality compared to your A6? As quiet, as comfortable?
  • The V8 Q7 I was loaned had the air suspension and the 20" wheel and tire option.

    I set the suspension on "dynamic" for 90% of the two days I drove the Q.

    It was similar to the standard suspension A6 -- or so I thought.

    When I got back into my A6, however, I could tell that the Q7 was very A6 - like, but it is a large vehicle, it weighs a lot and it is "almost" nimble. The V8 equipped Q7 was plenty peppy, too. But, then when I got back into the V6 A6, I thought it seemed quicker by a hair or three.

    Overall, the Q7 so equipped, passes as an A6 but it is softer in ride, not quite as crisp in handling and needs the V8 to feel competent (to my butt.)

    I have not yet driven the X5, but the Q7 is a refined machine -- impressive for what it is, a large SUV with lots of cues that it came from Audi. It may not seem like it, but I am intending to give it high praise -- but it would not be up to the task of performing as well or as effortlessly as an A6.

    If you need such a vehicle, the Q7 and X5 merit your consideration. Frankly, tho, both cars have very small third row seats. Thus far, only the Americans seem to produce true third row seats in their truck based extra long SUV's. The American versions, I would imagine, would be hopelessly outclassed in performance -- with the possible exception of some of the big V8 equipped Americans and then only in a straight line.
  • Thanks Mark, I just drove the new X5 here in Dallas [while at the in-laws for thanksgiving] and then went over to the Audi dealership where bigveedubgirl [frequents the "stories from the sales front line" thread] is employed.


    I thought the new X5 was overall a great vehicle. The interior quality is improved, and the ride quality was up some from the last gen. It was very quiet, and rode smooth over bumps.
    The downside was that I felt that while the steering was very communicative [ an obvious BMW trait] It needed more correction on the highway, and felt a little nervous. I've said this before about BMW.

    The Audi Q7 I though was a superior highway cruiser with the exception of a lot of wind noise. This is something I hope they address in the near future as I've read other complaints about this as well.

    Since we don't need the 3rd row, my guess is that my wife would choose the bimmer if it were today.

    Thanks Mark.....

    oh ps, I didn't think the 3.6 was underpowered
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Mark, do you find the MMI updates allowing you to order the XM stations by channel number instead of by genre, then channel number?

    If the MMI is faster, it would seem that they've optimized the code maybe a bit? :)

  • I have Sirius.

    No diff per your question, however.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    Any new info on AMI retrofit availability?
  • MadAudi website says early to mid 2007. Price estimate is $290...
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