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Audi A6



  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    And new quattro was what $1800 more?

    Seems like, after 5 years, it was worth $1,070 or a couple hundred a year? I am not certain I get your point, sorry.
  • brian124brian124 Posts: 38
    You are correct, resale value is better (as a percentage of purchase price) for the Quattro. Depreciation would have been the better term.

    Using your number of $1800, the Quattro would depreciate $1,070 more over 5 years than a FWD A6 in Florida. Quattro will not "pay for itself" as I understand it will in the Northeast. At one point in time, the lease rates were roughly the same for the Quattro as they were for the FWD. Don't know if that is the case now.

    We probably lost the original poster a while ago, but his question was legitimate. Audi lists the current difference between models as being $3,150. That is a big chunk of change on an already expensive car. The point is, for someone like my wife driving in Florida, I don't think I would advise her to buy the Quattro. That's all. However, I would buy it.

    I think the bottom line is that you and others would say don't buy an Audi without Quattro period. I would say that for certain owners, in certain locations, the FWD works just fine. The difference in resale value in Florida demonstrates that the market agrees with me. Otherwise, dealers would be giving away the FWDs.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I go a long way back with Audi. 1977 my first a 1978, only came in FWD. My first best car, so to speak.

    I am NOT anti FWD, in some respects I am more in favor of FWD than RWD "generally speaking."

    In Florida, overall, given the choice between a pure FWD vs RWD, I would probably go with and defend FWD.

    It is possible, is it not, that there could be a move in your future, or some other event that may require you to take the car north.

    If this is indeed possible, a consideration of the Quattro is still not beyond the pale.

    Enjoy the Audi is the first message.
  • brian124brian124 Posts: 38
    I agree!! Glad we can have a friendly argument.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I too agree -- these "debates" or arguments pave the way for the most "learning." When they devolve, well, that's another story.

    When all is said and done, it is, after all, your choice, your decision, your resources.

    Different points of view may be able to sway your thinking; and, one of the most important contributions made by the Internet, do appear to be such forums as these.
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    these "debates" or arguments pave the way for the most "learning." When they devolve, well, that's another story.

    I know you are, but what am I?!, I mean, yes, I agree, these adult debates are quite intellectually stimulating... :)

    I agree with the 2 above comments...I am personally very happy with my Audi and am likely to purchase another when the time comes. It's nice to see some activity on the A6 board.

    On a side note, does anyone know if it is possible to erase the radio favorites list? It seems it isn't possible by reading the manual but I just can't believe they expect you to set the favorites once and never again. What if you sell the car and the new owner has different preferences?

    I have gotten rid of my XM (just wasn't getting much out of it), but now can't reorganize my FM and AM favorites to move them up to the top...
  • dan339gdan339g Posts: 56
    It appears some these questions have been addressed , but I'll throw in my two cents on #1 & 3. I've got the adaptive cruise control in my 06 3.2 and it is my favorite technology feature. It works amazingly well in most types of traffic. The system defaults to a preset number of car lengths between you and the vehicle ahead (4 I believe), but you can adjust down or up to suit your preference. At the default setting, the gap is a bit too large for other drivers to resist the temptation to cut in, so I usually adjust it down to 3 or in some cases 2 car lengths (depending on the volume and speed of traffic). However, unless the intruding vehicle cuts it dangerously close, the system handles these intrusions with relative grace. I've only experienced one incident when the system applied severe braking that was unsettling (the system also sounds an audible alarm as well as warning lights on the dash). There is also a "cool" graphic display in center instrument cluster that depicts the rear image of the car and a scale of the distance between the next vehicle the system can detect. When the gap closes to a sufficient distance, the brake lights on the graphic car image light up to let you know the system is prepared to brake. I've used it in driving rain, and light snow, neither of which appear to interfere with the functionality. Now that I've had it for a year or so, I can't imagine living without it. It makes mundane highway driving much more pleasant. I just hope I never incur any serious front end damage...I don't want to think about how much the sensors cost to replace.

    In regard to the heated wheel, I'm not sure mine is functioning properly based on the other responses. I find it doesn't warm up quickly or "hot" enough for my preference. By the time I feel a noticeable difference, the climate control system has started to produce enough warm air that it makes little difference. It was a fairly inexpensive option as I recall, but I'm not sure I would order it again.
  • brian124brian124 Posts: 38
    Thanks for your input on adaptive cruise. That's what I wanted to hear. I'm getting it.
  • sddoc07sddoc07 Posts: 19
    But I am definitely interested in purchasing an A6 3.2...after test-driving the 3.2, I like its smooth pulling power with the tiptronic but I am clueless as to go for either Quattro or FWD. While the guy in me wants the road-handling of Quattro, I worry about its long-term reliability as well as its effect on tire wear, etc. Can anyone give me input as to their own personal experience with the reliability of Audi's quattro system. Moreover, can anyone really say with a straight face that Audi reliability is no longer a joke? My other choices are an Acura TL (reliable as mud), Lexus GS (reliable as mud, but ugly as mud), and the Infiniti M35 (sort of a toss-up). Thanks!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I have had problems with Audis over the years. Also had problems with VW and BMW.

    Never had a transmission problem, drive train problem, quattro problem, abnormal tire wear problem (even tho there were some short tread life issues, apparently not associated with any brand of car) and some brake rotor problems. I did not care for the 5 speed tiptronic, but usually called its operation annoying rather than something worse.

    I have never had any problem that could in any way whatsoever be linked to quattro. I have not had engine, transmission or drive line issues PERIOD.

    My wife and I have had 28 Audis between us including some company cars.

    We have had two BMW's and three VW's -- she even had a Pontiac GTO with a Hurst shifter when I met her.

    This and fifty cents (or $4.00 for a designer version) will get you a cup of coffee.

    The service at our dealer has been very good. BMW service is excellent, however, here in River City.

    The 2005 C6 A6 that I have been using for about 21 months and 33,000 miles has not been perfect. It has been great in the overall scheme of things, however.

    I want more reliable and durable cars (don't we all?)

    Audi has, with the current generation of its cars, moved up, way up, in my estimation.

    But remember, even with our long history, we represent but a tiny tiny tiny percentage of the population of cars and Audis sold in the US.

    I'd get one. I might get another one. If I don't get one it will probably be more of a money issue than a car issue.

    I got spoiled by being able to lease this car with nothing down, no sec dep and paying $640/mo 36/45K miles. The sticker was $53,286. Those were the days.

    The new CTS from Cadillac seems "as if" it might get my attention. Ditto the upcoming 535xi Bimmer. Audi remains my sentimental fave, but the cars in this class and the one right below just keep getting better and better and more alike all the time. I will, based on my current mood and age (optimistic and 55), shop for the best AWD LPS or ELLPS (in the case of the CTS) that money can rent!

    BMW, too, could be attractive.

    Having said that, I will not count Audi out until the lease calc sings!

    With about a year to go, still loving my A6 3.2, we'll just have to see what happens.

    I would, without hesitation vouch for Audi -- and give you fifty cents.

  • brian124brian124 Posts: 38
    I have a 2000 A6Q that is soon to be replaced. I agree with everything said above. The Quattro will not cause any additional problems. The Quattro probably will get slightly (negligible) worse mileage because of the additional weight but if you cared, you wouldn't be buying an A6. You'll eventually have to replace the cv joints if you put a lot of miles on the car but you'll have to do that sooner on a FWD car. Tires aren't a problem with Quattro.

    My 2000 has had a lot of check engine light issues. These have resulted in the replacement of two fuel injectors and several sensors. I've also had a gasket replaced on the engine because it was leaking a small amount of oil. I've also had my radio replaced (I think my wife spilled her coffee down the front of it!) but that was covered under warranty. Other than the battery going bad at about 5 years (normal for any car), I have always been able to start the car and get to where I needed to go. My understanding from speaking with the service manager at my dealership is that most of these issues were worked out in the 01 and later models. I have spoken to other owners with later model A6s at the dealership and they haven't had some of the problems that I have had.

    If you have never owned a German car of any kind what you need to realize is that once the car comes out of warranty, they are expensive to get work of any kind done on them. To change all of the fluids on my A6 for instance is a $620 +tx project. An Acura TL probably will cost you less than $200 and I would think the same would be true for a Lexus. Both of these cars can be serviced at a Honda or Toyota dealership. Why? Because they use many common parts and have similar electrical systems. I used to own a TL and there wasn't one day that I wasn't reminded that I was driving a Honda. It was a great car, but it was a Honda.

    If you are not planning on owning the car past the warranty period, don't worry too much about the maintenance costs. All of the German cars are comparable in terms of reliability these days (they have a lot of technology stuffed into them and technology doesn't like vibrations, extreme heat, and extreme cold). If you sell the car at the end of the warranty, you might want to consider the resale value. I must admit that Audis haven't been as good as BMW's in the past. However, there aren't many cars of any kind that can compare with the resale value of a BMW. If you are making your decision on cost alone, stick with the Japanese cars. If you want a better driving experience, buy a German car. My wife and I will always have one German and one Japanese car.
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    I agree with the above 2 comments. Quattro has been around for a long time, much longer than most other 4 wheel drive systems other manufacturers are using these days. It is tried and true and about as reliable and consistent as it will ever be, in my opinion.

    Whether you wish to have it vs. FWD is another question, only you can answer. As to Audi reliability, per the latest Consumer Reports issue on car reliabilities, it is the only luxury German car brand above average. It is above BMW and FAARRR above Mercedes. I have had my 3.2 since 10/04 and am very happy with it. Every time I get in it, I am impressed with its interior comfort and luxury. I never feel want for more power (though do sometimes drive in "S" mode for more sporty drive).

    I have had a few minor issues that have required me to take my car into the dealer, but none have prevented me from driving my car (they were all electrical type issues).

    My wife drives an '05 TL. I love that car as well, but it is a different car from the A6. It is pretty luxurious and a very good drive, but is smaller than the A6 (even thought the cubic feet areas are similar). The back seat is much smaller and I would not want to sit in it for a prolonged drive, whereas the A6 back seat would not be bad at all... the leg room is much different.

    The GS is way too soft and I wouldn't even consider it in the same grouping as the TL or A6. It doesn't offer a tight ride at all, but if you are looking for mere comfort and luxury, you can't go wrong with Lexus, given its reliability and service.

    I agree, the Infiniti is very interesting. It offers lux as well as sport, and likely has the best reliability (*more than even the TL). But, they aren't as uncommon to see on the road as the A6. In Dallas, I see them everywhere, as do I see TL's.

    Sounds like a tough, but fun choice. Good luck on it. Keep us informed on your decision process.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    . . .the German cars are better when they are in motion, the other cars are often better when sitting still.

    You decide which one you care about the most.
  • ricka1ricka1 Posts: 9
    Recently looked at several of the above-mentioned cars. Had my first German ride--a 2001 3.6 Passat for 125k miles--and it worked magnificently. Hardly a problem.

    Narrowed down the new choices to TL,Infinity GS and Audi A6 Quattro. TL and GS were much less $$$. Both drove great, but had issues with trunk space (need room for golf bags)and neither had fold down rear seats. FWD on TL wasn't an issue but was worried that it was near its current model lifespan. I bought the Passat at the end of its run and felt I was driving an old car when the new model debuted 6 months later...sigh.

    The GS intrigued me. Nice interior, performance etc but read the gas mileage is pretty mediocre, and the trunk space was severely limited.

    So, I settled on the light-silver A6. Understated class styling won't turn heads immediately, but looks great walking up to it. Feels at home at the market or parking at the Country Club.The ambient soft blue lights around the car and in the footwells are a classy bonus. Great handling for a bigger heavier car. The Quattro is fantastic especially after a recent rain storm. 18" tires grip well but relatively quiet and smooth. The sumptuous interior is easily the best in class. Surround sound Bose is literally music to my ears. Audi does option price you to death though so be careful The NAV works great and Satellite stations are easy to read on the 7" screen.

    Heated seats are great to warm the hamstrings on the morning drive to the gym, Bluetooth is glitch-free, and Satellite (bought separately) is most worthy. Steering wheel feels perfect and the sport mode kicks serious butt.

    Only had the car for 2k miles but averaging around 23mpg overall. On the highway its approximately 28-30.

    I did test the FWD CVT but found it noticeably pull from the front tires and hesitated strangely from 0-20mph. I knew it would bug me later so opted for the much better Quattro.

    The huge trunk is expanded by folding rear seats! Can't imagine why other manufacturers don't offer them.

    First lease ever as I wanted to keep it while under warranty. The reliability has improved a lot, but repair costs outside warranty will make you wince.

    Also, its refreshing not to see everyone drive the A6 as it seems everyone in Dallas area has a TL and GS.

    So far its given me miles of smiles. Good luck with your decision.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,331 aint everything. Having owned my share of cars and now with a BMW 3 series, Mercedes E350 sport, and Acura TL, I can tell you that the overall experience with the Acura doesn't come near that of an Audi, BMW or Merc.

    Acura, although reliable, is loaded with a plethora of squeaks and rattles, torque steer, and poor interior wear. It does not, by far, feel as solid or substantial as the German marques; i. e., it just feels "tinny". That's not to say it isn't handsome or well designed.

    If you want fun to drive and "rock solid" go for the German brand. Their lack of reliability is overstated in my experience.
  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    My 2006 A6 Avant just rolled over 14, 500 miles. It is 11 months old. It is my first german premium car. I have read about warranty costs and understand the costs for even routine maint willnever be low. The 15k service I just had done cost $274, which was covered under the program in place when I bought the car (basically an oil change and 2 pollen filters replaced). I asked about an oil change between scheduled services and was quoted 90 to 100 dollars.
    However when I think about replacing the car in 3 years when the warranty expires I cannot imagine going into something less satisfying. The interior alone makes me smile everytime I get in. I'm hoping I can keep the cost of replacement in mind when I get my first big hit for maint, since it will easily cost $30k to replace this wagon when it is 4 years old. That should cover most of the problems I'll encounter.
  • sddoc07sddoc07 Posts: 19
    Thank you for relating your personal experiences. I must say that customer service (or lack thereof) is another big concern of mine. I live in San Diego where the Audi dealers are notorious for being rip-off artist blowhards that take you to the bank while still treating you badly. In stark contrast, Acura and especially Lexus dealers are some of the nicest people I've ever met. Never had any experience with BMW dealers but I've heard my fair share of horror stories. Plus the idea of $100 oil changes and $5000 transmissions could keep me up at night...
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Repeat after me: these cars (and NOT JUST AUDIS) are breathtakingly EXPENSIVE to repair out of warranty.

    They are also darn near breathtakingly EXPENSIVE to maintain out of warranty/program too.

    Think a $89 oil change is high? Try $80 for wiper blades for pity's sake.

    CPO'ing your own car is quite possible, and takes the worry out for 100,000 miles.

    Buying the car, if it is not a BMW, with the extra charge maintenance plan is a reasonable approach, too.

    The dealers -- no dealer -- is perfect. The "class" of service writer, technician, foreman and manager at these premo German dealers (generally speaking) is far above what I have seen almost anywhere else. Some are 4 year college grads -- not that that alone is any assurance that the service will be better. The point is the compensation these folks seem willing to pay does appear to attract highly trained and educated folks.

    The guys at the very best Ford dealer (to pick one brand) and the customers too, just seem to me to be a notch or so down on the "refinement" totem pole.
    There is no reason that things "ought" to be this way, but a visit to my Audi dealer is like a trip through a high end home show. Even the Cadillac dealer next door, owned by the same company, seems a far cry from the refinement at the German marquis.

    The entire ambiance seems to be "we love cars, you love cars, we can talk about cars even if YOU aren't in the market for a car." The quattro cafe at my Audi dealer is always full of pastries, bottled water, juice and two kinds of soda. The TV, a large flat screen LCD is tuned to CNBC or some other news channel and there is a small area (2 cubby holes) that remind me of the Crown Room at an airport (Delta.)

    The whole thing conveys or suggests you are in at least a 4 star hotel property. The only thing missing is the concierge.

    "May I get you something to drink?"

    "How about some merlot?"

    "May I get you a soft drink?"

    "Oh. Never mind."
  • brian124brian124 Posts: 38
    There must be something about Audi in CA. My brother got taken to the cleaners on a lease by an Audi dealer in LA. I would agree that in the Midwest, Audi is usually nice to do business with. I hear good things about Lexus and my experience with Acura was good. I just had to keep bringing my TL back to get the sqeeks out of the darn sunroof and drivers seat. I felt like I was riding in a stagecoach. I had to turn the stereo up just to drown out the chirping.

    Hey, we don't work for Audi and we're not going to convince you to buy one. The other cars you mentioned are all good cars too, if you can put up with the sound effects (just kidding).
  • sddoc07sddoc07 Posts: 19
    Ok, so I went for a second run at the M35/45 after recently driving the A6 and I realized that the back end is getting UGLIER, not prettier. What's worse is that when I see one on the road, I'm impressed right up until the point where I throw up in my mouth a little as I'm blinded by the size of those rear taillights/reverse lights. Who in god's name designed the rear of this thing?? The tail-lights are the size of golf kart rims! I don't think or know if I can live with that...

    In contrast, when I sit in an Audi interior, I just wanna stay there forever...just so nice...sigh, this is going to be harder than picking names for my future kids
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    In contrast, when I sit in an Audi interior, I just wanna stay there forever...just so nice...sigh, this is going to be harder than picking names for my future kids

    Pick the Audi, as far as the kids Elizabeth and Jennifer ;)
  • ricka1ricka1 Posts: 9
    Funny, I felt the same way about the M35/45 tail. Looks bloated and the lights are cartoonish. For me, the exterior is nearly as important as interior creature comforts. I swore to never settle on a car where something would irritate me for the entire length of ownership.

    Too bad as the M series gets rave reviews. But the back end would be better suited on a car in Roger Rabbit.
  • aveghteaveghte Posts: 68
    Is it possible to special order the dark wood with the beige interior?

    On the Build your A6 section of the Audiusa web site it appears that you can only select birch wood with the beige leather.
  • ealazarusealazarus Posts: 23
    2 weeks ago I picked up my new 2007 Audi A6 Quattro......the ride is a bit sportier than I am used to but I let some of the air out of the tires and I have to get used to it.

    On Tueday night I started the car and the Bell went off and the "Light bulb" icon went on.....I went outside and saw that the drivers headlight on regular and Hi beam was O-U-T...I mean burned out after 2 weeks.

    I took it into the Audi dealer in Austin today, Roger Beasley Audi, and they called me to say they needed to order the Headlight assembly and I should pick up the car and bring it back on Monday at 8am. He said they need to take off the bumper etc and it is a big job and they will try to have it done the same day but could not promise.

    I asked if a loaner would be provided for me and he said no.

    I then called the dealer that I leased it from in San Antonio and the General Manager called me back to say he needed to have the part ordered and he would call me tomorrow morning to discuss bringing the car in when they get the part and giving me a loaner.

    San Antonio is 90 miles away. The Austin dealer is 33 miles away.

    After 25 years of Mercedes, the thought of a repair like this and no loaner from the Austin Dealer is absurd. The thought of replacing the entire Headlight assembly and taking off the bumper and whatever else...means to me that this car will never be the same. And what if it is Electrical and not the bulb?

    My wife and my best friend started a pool today to see how long it takes me to dump this car, take the loss and go back to Mercedes.

    Roger Beasley Audi is dead to me. And right now the A6 doesn't look to good to me either. That is why I always get either a 30 or 36 month lease but this one may not make it to month #2.

  • ricka1ricka1 Posts: 9
    Sorry to hear your negative experience. Not sure why some dealers continue to push the envelope to p--s off customers--especially in the luxury market. Too much competition. We know cars have issues but a caring dealer who provides loaners and makes repairs as "painless" as possible build strong loyalty.

    The problem dealers (who don't get it)unfortunately make it easy to dislike the entire manufacturer line. I'd go straight to the regional Audi representative. Audi has made huge advances in customer service/satisfaction and are under tight scrutiny to do whatever it takes to keep you happy. At least give 'em a chance.

    Good luck.
  • brian124brian124 Posts: 38
    You should be annoyed. The fact that they don't have a headlight assembly in stock is total crap.

    Try to keep this situation in perspective though. I have a 4Runner that I purchased in 01. When I got it home it had a fuel leak on the hose that goes into the fuel tank. This was a pain in the rear to get fixed because the dealership had to order an entirely new tank. I didn't have my 4Runner for the next 2.5 weeks as they waited to receive a new tank. I have now driven the 4Runner 108,000 miles and have only made one repair since the fuel tank debacle (replaced a charcoal filter on the fuel tank of all places). My point is, problems arise on even the most reliable of vehicles, often when you first get them home from the dealership. Also, I don't believe they actually remove the bumper. They move it to what is called the "service position". They have done this for some time on Audis. I understand your concern, but this is not like replacing a damaged bumper. It is standard for changing a headlight on an Audi. Why it will take them all day is another question. They usually like to take your car and park it, then work on it when it fits into their schedule (which is annoying). I would insist that you want to bring your car in when they can actually work on it. I usually ask for this and the first appointment of the day and they accomodate me.

    The other issue is the fact that you are trying to get work done at a dealership where you did not purchase the car. Unfortunately, you don't have a whole lot of leverage when that is the case. It's not right, but that is the way it works at most dealerships of any kind. I try to purchase and service all of our cars at dealerships that are owned by the same family. When they know that they have all of your business and they want to keep it, they are motivated.

    Sorry to hear about your problems.
  • ealazarusealazarus Posts: 23
    Thank you for the Great input. I owned an Advertising Agency in Southern California for 17 years that specialized in dealer's and dealer groups.

    The dealership that I went to where I did NOT lease the car gets paid the hourly rate from Audi to fix the car. It is almost like a "Customer Paid hours" job. This also gives them an opportunity to continue to get more Warranty work (I have a feeling that will be the case) plus the "Audi Care" package that I bought would allow them to make more money in the regular service of this vehicle.

    In addition, They could have kept me "Married to the dealership" and had the leg up on selling me the next one and making money plus doing all the service and making more money.

    At Fletcher Jones Mercedes in Newport Beach California, the service department brings in 150% of the monthly nut of the dealership before they even sell one car. In the service department the word is YES. Whatever it is ...YES. I guess the made my experience in leasing 9 Mercedes an exceptional one.

    I was told NO yesterday and as you said above, that reflects on the Brand. I am not a believer in Talking to district Reps etc....the dealers are there to make money and represent the brand. I gave them the opportunity to make X $$$ and they were shocked that I did not bow to them for the opportunity. They were shocked when I said to cancel the ordering of the part and that we would not be fixing the light. That is when I got the COLD shoulder. Sorry to say this on an Audi forum but this WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED AT FLETCHER JONES MERCEDES.

    So I will get it fixed. That will not change the ride. I will go for a week without being able to use the car after dark and I will be sure to make my next payment.

    In the buying part of this CSI I said that I was Extremely satisfied with the Dealer in San Antonio.

    When the Questionnaire comes in on this service, it will not be a good day for Roger Beasley Audi in Austin...I will only tell the truth. By the way, I tried to lease the car there and the salesperson didn't call me back. When I called the Sales Manager he had someone hop on it but I had already leased it in San Antonio.

    The J.D. Power and follow up reports from Audi on my service experience yesterday will get nothing but ZERO'S and I hope to get rid of the vehicle as soon as possible.

    To the gentleman who said give them a chance....I did. The electric company still wins when it comes to service....I turn on the switch and the light comes on. The dealerships all says "Service after the Sale" they never say whether it will be Good or Bad service.

    Yesterday I received Bad Service and it reflects (in my mind) on EVERY Audi and Audi dealership from here on out.

    A luxury car is no longer a luxury car when the dealership gives less, and in this case much less, than exceptional service.

    Thank you

  • dan339gdan339g Posts: 56
    In case anyone is interested, the Audi Music Interface (AMI) option available in 07 models that allows an MP3 player to connect and be controlled thru the MMI and sound system will be available for retro-fit to 05 & 06 models. According to my dealer, it should be available in July for about $300. The bad news is that it disables the satellite radio functionality, so you need to choose between your Ipod or satellite radio. I'm big into the podcasts, so I know which way I'm going...
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Sorry to hear about your problem and frankly putting it on this board is probably something that would make Audi take notice (I hope so, anyway.)

    I am NOT a believer in Consumer Reports, so having said that, I did note, when someone stuck it in my face that Mercedes has fallen to 36 out of 36 and that Audi has actually risen to #12 as I recall.

    My point, especially as pretty much a non believer in what CR reports, is perhaps to suggest this may be somewhat of a rare circumstance.

    That and $4 will get you a cup of Starbucks, I know.

    Yet, most troubling in your report is the dealer -- I could probably somewhat overlook a defective part (and it probably did pass inspection, etc.)

    Overall, my experience has been that the Audi cars we get here in the US keep getting better and better.

    On the other hand, I've never kept one out of warranty.

    But, I have had 28 of them and they remain on my list for the next time, even though I now am somewhat more convinced that there are some pretty good cars (even from the US) that may get my biz next time.

    Keep us posted.

    It would seem you may be in a situation where the cost to get out of this car could be REALLY PAINFUL, though.
  • ealazarusealazarus Posts: 23
    ....the more superfluous goodies you put on a car, the more trouble you ask for.

    This is one of those headlights that moves as you turn the steering wheel..Adaptive that is a problem just waiting to happen.

    As for Mercedes being 36 out of 36......and Audi being do you think I would rate it as of this point in time? Yes, I have had many Mercedes and this is my first and last Audi......I can overlook the headlight going out at it is a an electric window stopping or the seat not moving.....

    ....but there is a difference between, No Loaner (soup) for you as compared to Would you like a White or grey loaner?

    Now there is one other thingy to look at. after 31 years in the Los Angeles area, you see a lot of sophisticated dealers. Look at the leading Mercedes dealerships in the WORLD and you see Fletcher Jones and also HOUSE OF IMPORTS. As for Audi, you have Mike McKenna....all service oriented.

    Where do you think Roger Beasley Audi in Austin is on the CSI and sales totem pole.

    I think I had my expectations set to the Southern California standard.....but there is no reason for lowering my standards as I did NOT see the price tag of the car come why should my standards


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