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Is it common to have some burned smell for a brand new Nissan Murano?



  • I bought recently a Murano 2011 and we have noticed a burned smell that comes out from the vents. As we are using the heater, we are located in Minnesota and is cold, the entire situation is completely annoying and the most critical one: we are breathing chemical with unknown health effect.

    The dealer has mentioned that the smell is due to a factory coating and should go away with four to six weeks. How preposterous is the latter. A brand new car should be free of defect and Nissan should not expect that customer should endure a faulty product.
  • I am so disgusted after taking the car to Walser Nissan in Burnsville MN and receiving a call from Nissan Consumer Affairs. The basic message from both: nothing wrong with the car, so they will do nothing.
    Thus, the only resource I may have is to take the car to a third party for evaluation and get help from the Attorney General of Minnesota. My wife and I concluded that there was not a sincere intent by the dealer to look into the problem and the dealer where we bought the Car, Miller Autoplaza in St. Cloud Both dealers, Walser Nissan and Miller Autoplaza are sticking to the same talking points “the smell is completely normal and will subside”
    Curiously, the Nissan Affair representative, has never heard of a complaint in regard to burn smell in bran new Murano. What a convenience. I directed her to check this site. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  • I test drove a 2013 Nissan Murano SL on Saturday and after only ten minutes we noticed the odor that everyone in these posts described. We asked the salesman about it and he said he would check into it and call me back. I got a call today from him saying that it was just coatings used and that it would burn off after a few hundred miles. I started doing research on line and found this series of posts. I have owned 6 brand new cars in my lifetime, and my husband has purchased two new vehicles in the last three years - we have never experienced a smell like this and it was pretty sickening. I really like the car and would love to know whether anyone who posted here has anything to report as a follow up, since it's been over a year and apparently Nissan hasn't gotten any better at this!
  • I have a new 2012 Nissan Murano LE AWD.(my 3rd Murano) It appears to be leaking oil, isn't this unusual for a new car? Does anyone have any feedback on what I can expect from the company?
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