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Mazda MPV: Problems & Solutions



  • sosassysosassy Posts: 3
    well, the enigine light came back on my 2002 MVP- the evap something or other came up as the cause - if it isn't the gas cap, what else should I have checked? - I've been reaIly careful when I get gas to make sure I put the cap on tight - I just don't believe a whole new evap system can be necessary. Has anyone had this prbln?
  • lamclamc Posts: 2

    I have been having the same problem with my 2000 MPV that seems to occur after a heavy rainfall. Even if I haven't used my car for days after the rain, it will refuse to "catch", even though it turns and turns or it will catch and quickly die. I have had it towed and then it magically starts for the shop before they can diagnose the problem, but then it occurs intermittently afterwards. My mechanic last time told me they would need to come to my car when it was acting up with it's diagnostic equipment, and today I think they might have discovered the problem. They think it is the crank starter that is getting wet that is causing this. I will keep you posted (the tow truck is on it's way). Have they resolved anything with your vehicle yet?
  • lamclamc Posts: 2
    Ok....they towed it to the shop and it wasn't the crank sensor after all. Mystery NOT solved. Now they are looking into the Immobilizer--which works with the key which has a security chip in it to deter theft. The thought it that perhaps it is getting wet and shorting out intermittently which slips it into the security mode that stalls the engine down after a momentary start up. Makes sense, but will let you know the next theory if this one bombs. Losing faith....and $$
  • After reading about the hard shifting problem on these message boards, and decided I wasn't driving like a Mad Man (wife's explanation) I took my 2003 MPV LX to the Mazda dealer and had him drive the vehicle. They said the trans. was slipping and replaced the "Trans. Range Sensor" test drove the vehicle and stated the shift problem was solved. Well my MPV still has the hard shifting. I gave it two weeks to see if it would fix itself over time (wife's suggestion) I called the dealer back and we discussed the software down load, re-flash the "TCM" and re program the"PCM" and he told yes he had heard of that problem and had done the procedure "a number of times" but my MPV serial number didn't match the ones that needed the upgrade. Do I press him for the software re-flash "TCM" and re program the "PCM"? From what I have been reading it seems all 2003 and 2004 MPV models could benefit from the software flash upgrade. The Dunlop tires are the pits, bald after 29 thousand miles. I will be getting a new set of the Michelin Hydroedge soon if I feel the trans. issue is resolved. Let me know if I am getting the run around, Thanks in advance - Brewchef
  • mattnjmattnj Posts: 3
    I've just had a transmission repaird .I had the same problem even before 40000 miles.I complained at the dealership couple times and they testdrive it and said they couldn't see any problems.After 80000(not more than 6 months later trans. broke down.I have to pay over $3000 .my advice to You is to sell right after warranty expired .(I made trans.oil flush at dealership after 45.000-didn't help).AAmco tech said there had to be problem with trans before and it just got worst and worst over time until it broke.Looks like they are "chitters" and don't care at all(mazda dealer).
    Anyone can advice me if I should fight them for not taking care of the problem before?Does it make any sense to even call?
  • mattnjmattnj Posts: 3
    I bought michelins for my 2002 mpv after 40000 miles.I'm over 80000 now and just rotated it-they look quite good (as for over 40000).
    Sell it befor warranty is gone,though because of tens of other problems and lock of cooperation from mazda(I just paid $3200 for transmissiot repair -after only 80000 miles oil flush after 40000 and few complains at dealership(not resolved).
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Well. I would certainly press him to fix it. He didn't fix it the first time so he needs to keep trying. I have read of a dealership putting in a new TCM or PCM...can't remember which...after many unsuccesful reflashes...which helped.

    It does seem odd that your TCM was never reflashed.I'd get my serial number and do a google on Mazda MPV TSB's and find out if it needs to be. Also, consider taking it to another dealership.The good news is the dealership was able to duplicate the now the burden is on them in fixing it. I'd stay on them like ugly on an ape.
  • My 2003 MPV LX also shifts hard. I have had it in several times and each time it is ok for a bit and then it starts to shift hard again. I'm in my MPV ALOT plus we tow a camper with it. I finally decided (after discussing it with my hubby) that it's the way the vehicle shifts. Could I be setting myself up for worse probs in the future? :confuse:
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    No...that's not the way it's suppose to shift. And, yes you are setting yourself up for probs in the future.Keep taking it back till it is fixed. Insist on a Mazda service rep look at it. Take it to another Mazda dealership...and stay on them like ugly on an ape.

    If it's been shifting hard for 2 may want to look into an extended warranty for the transmission. Save all service documentation on work done on transmission. May help is you do have a prob in future.
  • Lance,
    Yes, the problem has finally been solved (knock on wood) after 2 mos and $350! As the service manager suspected, it was the idle air control valve. For about a month, the car would rev way up every time I started it -- except for a couple of times when it wouldn't start unless I sat w/my foot on the gas til it was close to normal temperature, then I had to drive so my foot was always on the gas (fun). When it idled, the car shook slightly. Over the 2 months I wrestled w/this, I noticed power was down and gas consumption was up a bit. The exhaust also smelled wrong -- maybe more like gasoline, if that makes sense. And near the end, it did groan a couple of times from the dash area when I started it up, as if something stuck was releasing.
    What finally tipped the balance was not getting it to start a couple of times in a row, so it was bad enough that the folks in the shop could actually tell what was going on. And of course, it doesn't trigger the check engine light.
    Sorry to blather on, but I'm hoping some of this will sound familiar, and you can get your car fixed! Good luck!
  • I am taking my 2003 MPV to the dealer to complain for the 7th time this week. The hard shift occurs after slowing down (at a stop sign or in traffic, but not coming to a complete stop and starting up again - especially if I'm going uphill), it seems as though the transmission is confused - sometimes I get a minor jerk and other times it feels like the transmission is going to fall out the bottom of the van.
    I contacted a lemon law attorney in PA in July, and they took the case. Rather or not I'll get anything out of it remains to be seen, but it's worth a try. Currently I have 43000 miles (getting close to out of warranty)
    I also have another problem that doesn't want to go away: when making right turns I have a knocking sound coming from the back. The dealership has told me this is also a common problem and there is currently no fix for it.
    No more Mazda's for me!
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    this may help, but because of Edmunds rules, i can't provide the link to the specific forum,

    but google for this:


    follow the link in the TSB also for this:


    sounds like you might need to find another dealership.

    good luck.
  • I am curious if any other 2002 MPV owners are still having the hard shift problem. I have had mine in 9 times, fortunately my dealership has changed service mgrs... I am now off the unsatisfiable list and have had good response from the dealership... I have the reg ser mgr from Mazda drive the car...I was able to recreate the issue for him and since then... I have had the controller reprogrammed 3 times, the controller replaced 3 times, but STILL continue experience the hard shifting... I read that is not uncommon on the new models but don't really see much recently on the 2002...
  • I have 02 ES MPV with 59,000 miles on it. Yesterday, the car died on the way to the dealer for tranny service that problem with 2 to 3rd gear jerky symptoms. The car was towed to the dealer. The dealer says it has internal failure and needs to be replace the tranny.
    It seems like people with this problem paid about around $3000 to fix it. but is it really worth it? Should I trade it with another vehicle? Then what kind value would I expect? I also wonder once you fix the tranny, is it running well?.... :cry:
  • Hi--

    Just came across your message. We just had the same problem on our MPV ES 2002 with only 21,000 miles. On our way up to Canada for vacation the cel came on as well and the car stalled out twice briefly on a huge bridge. Fortunately there was traffic. After many hours at a great service station they ran around looking for sensor parts for the engine. We left the station and the CEL popped on again. We returned to the station and this time the mechanice figured out it was the spark plugs. He changed them all and so far no CEL. It has been 3 weeks.

    We too had to change our front 2 tires at less than 20,000. Up until now we had no problems. Hopefully this is all.
  • We have a 2004 MPV with about 20,000 miles and we basically love this van with the following exceptions:
    1. Shift lever blocks view of radio controls - poor design.
    2. Tailgate hard to pull down - handle only good for about halfway then hands required on
    outside of door - poor design.
    And the worst problem!!
    3. Power sliding doors difficult to open with outside handles. My 3 yr. old granddaughter can open my daughter's Odyssey doors by a gentle pull on the handle. Not so with our MPV - you have to really tug (jerk to the rear) on the handles to get the power to kick in. We've been back to the dealer several times with this complaint but after all kinds of adjustments and excuses they say that's the way they are supposed to work! I can't believe that a light touch on the inside button will open the door beautifully, but it takes such a hard pull to open them from the outside. What were the engineers smoking when they designed the opening system without a switch like other vans? I have sometimes been able to pull on the handle to the rear until the door is open almost one inch before then power kicks in - very annoying to say the least. We've heard that the 2005's aren't
    any better! :mad:
  • Hi: I faithfully took my 2003 MPV in for reflashing every time it shifted hard. It didn't help. Transmission failed at 62,000. The transmission is not supposed to shift hard. I guess Mazda figured that a small number of defective or borderline transmissions were an acceptable risk. Be careful. I'm babying the transmission until I pay this piece of junk off.

    Unhappy Mazda Ower form NJ
  • Hi: Transmission failed at 62,000 on 2003 MPV. Currently have 78,000 but engine light is now on. MPV is basically worthless without a proper operating transmission. Trade it for a Honda. They seem to have been customer service on failed transmissions then the cash poor Mazda Corp.
  • :cry: I have experienced constant fluctuations in idle after a long run on the highway i'm stuck in high idle. I have changed the throttle position sensor, Mass air flow sensor and the idle air control valve (bought at a junkyard other pieces are store bought). If i turn off the van in high accleration i have difficulty restarting, I end up needing to press down on the gas to restart the van. I'm thinking of replacing the fuel pressure regulator, is this a good idea?, and where is it located? Or is it another problem entirely, any help is appreciated.
  • When I cut the headlights on my blinkers stop working, light where the speedometer is also flashes on and off with the blinkers. Electrical problem? any suggestions? Thanks, Kim
  • Similar problem - also to random starting.. 2000 MPV LX on 94km. Random but mainly when cold/damp it 'starts' three times and runs for a few seconds only. Then nothing. Engine cranks OK and not flooded etc. Later when warmer (it seems)all returns to normal. Mazda dealer (yesterday) reckoned that a loose wire behind the ignition key was randomly shorting and passing a bad message to the staing circuit (wrong!). It has also now started to hiccup a bit when idling. Other thoughts/fixes on this site appear to be: 1) fuel pump, 2) idle air control valve 3) temp sensor(s). Any more views before we look at/replace the fuel pump?
  • Similar problem - also to random starting.. 2000 MPV LX on 94km. Random but mainly when cold/damp it 'starts' three times and runs for a few seconds only. Then nothing. Engine cranks OK and not flooded etc. Later when warmer (it seems)all returns to normal. Mazda dealer (yesterday) reckoned that a loose wire behind the ignition key was randomly shorting and passing a bad message to the starting circuit (wrong!). It has also now started to hiccup a bit when idling. Other thoughts/fixes on this site appear to be: 1) fuel pump, 2) idle air control valve 3) temp sensor(s). Any more views before we look at/replace the fuel pump? Thanks
  • I have a 2000 MPV and have problems with the driver side door lock operating properly. All other doors locks work with the use of the remote, but I need manually insert the key into the driver side door and then use a fair amount of pressure to unlock the door. Sometimes it works, other times it feels as if the key will break off inside. We have to enter the vehicle via the passenger door when this happens. Any ideas? I think I'll do some looking around inside the door panel, but I'm not too sure how to get it off. Does anyone know what the problem might be and does anyone know how to get the panel off.

  • I am planning to buy 2005 LX MPV.
    Does 2005 MPV still have transmission problem?

    Also does 2005 MPV have any other problems I should consider before I purchase it?????
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    No transmission problems. Some of the 2003 and early 2004 MPV's had computer glitches in their transmission programming which caused a jerk when shifting. This was easily fixed under warranty by having the TCM reflashed to correct the programming.

    Other problems?... other than friends, relatives, and total strangers being insanely jealous that you have the best looking and best performing minivan in the world....none. ;)
  • I had same problem; had the idle air control valve changed ($100 part and $45 labor). So far, so good. Still seem to feel a hiccup when accelerating sometimes, though. But it always starts and stays running now.
    Hope this helps.
  • DON'T DO IT!!! I have a 2002 ES ... I have had it in at least 12 times in the last 3 yrs... They still haven't fixed the transmission... and the MPV no longer Consumer Reports best buy... go with Honda or Toyota...
  • vu2000vu2000 Posts: 58
    I have a 2002 MPV LX with 20k. No transmission issues or any other. Did have to bring it in for 4 recalls(free of charge). This is a nice van, especially with the current rebates. It is however is not as nice as my wife's cousin's 2004 Honda Odyssey or especially my brother-in-law's 2005 Odyssey. If you are on a budget, then buy this van, but if you can spend another 5K, go for the Odyssey. The Odyssey is much larger, accelerate faster, and nicer over all.I however, plan to keep my MPV another 5 years, hopefully with no transmission issues. You must also know that this van uses a FORD V6 motor, not as silky smooth as the other Japanese vans, but still decent.
    FYI, my wife constanly bugs me to get the new Odyssey, from our positive experience of owning 2 Honda Accords. Also the Odyssey get better gas mileage, especially the EXL and higher trims 20/28 mpg city/highway.
  • lg2207lg2207 Posts: 28
    Just came out of warranty on '02 MPV. Over the last few days; we noticed when at a light or stop--- that the engine or something is causing as my wife describes it: A slight choke/stutter sensation and then the engine shutters briefly, as if it is missing or misfiring--- it appears now to interniitently occur during normal driving conditions. And now noticing it interniitently at idle while parked. Any thoughts/ideas. Definitely not bringing it back to dealer; I have an appt for next Monday at a local garage we trust. Does this sound like a fuel problem or maybe a spark plug issue? MPV has only 28 K miles on it.

  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Did you have the PCV recall taken care of? That came out last year.

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