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Mazda MPV: Problems & Solutions



  • Hmmm not sure if your model has a distributor cap but if it dos sounds like it might be a moisture or condensation problem. I have a similar problem on my Volvo. I fixed it with a can of Ignition drying spray and then a can of ignition sealing spray from the local Canadian Tire. The first spray drys the contacts the second spray lightly seals the distributor cap and wiring to help prevent future problems. Happens a lot about 4 degrees C.
  • Is it really true that you can only control the fan speed from the front? If so, good thing I didn't take it to the dealer. I'd been embarrassed. I try the Lysol solution on the condensor. Thanks for the advise.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Yep, that's all it can do. The switch is for the fan speed.

    This switch allows variable fan speeds for the rear air-conditioner.

    0 — Fan off
    REAR — Select the desired fan speed with rear air-conditioner control panel
    1 — Low speed
    2 — Medium speed
    3 — High speed

    Turing the AC on up front will turn on the AC in the back. If the AC is off up front, it is off in back.

  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    Wondering how often you truly need to replace the plugs.
    They are platinum tipped and a buddy mechanic told me they should go for 100K miles! The manual/dealer wants me to replace them at 60K miles and it's running fine! My buddy stated that you should probably remove them to check the gap and reinstall!

    Also, anyone ever tried using an additive to clean the fuel injectors and fuel system? Again, my mechanic friend stated that once every 10K miles it is helpful to run a bottle of the 'chevron' fluid thru the tank. He stated that the 'dealer' wanting to charge 100 dollars to 'clean injectors' is a joke!

    Any opinions or ideas on these issues?
  • crissmancrissman Posts: 145
    The 2000 MPV I recently traded in at 112K still had its original plugs, and it ran fine. The only thing I had done is replace the air filter a couple times.
  • It was said at other place, that all dealer does is probably running some liquid through it too, or if they would trully clean it, they would have to take it all apart to clean it, which is time and work consuming.

    It was said, that just buying the bottle of the injector cleaner does good enoughy job to keep it clean, and it's way less expensive than doing it at the dealer, so go for it, they sell like 4pack at Costco of this stuff (in case you are a Costco member).
  • If you go to the local car parts store, look for the SeaFoam brand of cleaner. It can be added directly to the gas tank, or can be injected directly into the throttle body/air intake manifold if you really know what you are doing. Most of the other off the shelf cleaners I saw were strictly advertised as gas tank additive types. The guy a spoke to the store recommended this product as being superior. And no, it doesn't cost more!
  • Help! Anyone know a solution for this problem? My 2000 MPV has failed MD emissions inspection 5 times -- not for excessive emissions but because the van can't communicate with the test equipment. Briefly: after passing at least once, the van failed inspection because the on-board emissions monitor couldn't communicate with the test station equipment. Took it to the dealer, who said it was communicating fine. Failed inpection again and again until my case was "elevated" to a DEP person who said there had been a recall to reprogram the PCM (?). When I bought the van as a certified used vehicle, they said all recalls had been done -- obviously not. Got the recall done. Failed again. All the emissions folks could offer was a waiver so I would be legal until June, when I fully expect the van to fail again. What should I do? Obvious answer is to go back to the dealer, but they've been of zero use so far...don't see any reason to think that will change.

    Other than that, we love the van. It has about 60,000 miles on it, mostly trouble free, though we've had to replace a couple of obscure parts (who knew it had a clock spring?).

    Thanks in advance...
  • nlsnls Posts: 65
    A 2003 post in another MPV forum mentioned the same problem, but it was apparently due to the test station not having the proper software to communicate with the MPV. I doubt that this would be the case here in 2006, but might be worth asking.
  • yah, just try to get the smog terst done in other place if you were going to the same place over and over before, the problem could be on their side
  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    Yeah - watch where you take it. One shop a couple of years ago came out and told me that "Your cooling fan failed the test and..."
    "Really?". I pointed out there were two radiator fans that were thermal electric and I seriously doubted his emissions computer really knew that.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    Recently, a local tire dealer started promoting Nitrogen air for tires; to make them run cooler, last longer, better mileage, less chance of leaking air, etc. Is this for real?
    They want to charge $2 per tire to flatten them and fill them with NITROGEN. Does anyone have experience with this in their tires and if so, has mileage improved along with the ride and wear on the tires? Is it worth the extra money to do this?
  • Hi,

    Can you please let me know how much it cost you to get it "leaking air intake manifold gaskets" fixed. I get only 16 MPG in city and about 20 on hwys.

    I also have noise issues while reversing the van in cold engine. This started after I got the serpentine belt replaces [model LX 2000, 45K miles] - any thoughts?

    Considring that this van is used for 2 miles a day appox, it is asking for too many $$$$'s. :cry:

    Thanks Dave.
  • crissmancrissman Posts: 145
    My understanding is that the pure Nitrogen will expand less, thus pressure is more stable. This, I suppose, could result to the benefits mentioned. Don't know why there would be less chance of leaking, unless it has something to do with the N being drier. Personally, I'd save my money.
  • Hi Dave,

    I recently bought a 2006 Mazda MPV and have about the same gas mileage? I haven't taken it in to any dealer or auto repair shops yet. Did you have any resolutions to the leaking air intake manifod gaskets and was that the problem?

    Any input would be much appreciated.

  • there are codes specific to mazda/mpv that indicate a cooling fan issue.
  • cyclone5cyclone5 Posts: 4
    I have 2000 MPV LX model. Recently, I heard brake noise from the front wheels. Then, I brought it to two service centers (one was Mazda dealer shop and the other was service center). But, there was nothing wrong in brake system. Then, just check-up charge was imposed. But, still noise from brakes when I push the pedal. I don't want to spend just check-up money, again. Any suggestion?
    Thanks much in advance.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    I'd call the dealers back and ask for a better explanation
    on why you are getting brake noise...which is not normal. Did they test drive your MPV? Did you just have new pads put on? Is so...they may be seating. Or, the brake pads are going bad.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    What kind of brake noise were you hearing? A squeaking (squealing) or a grinding noise. I have a light squeal when I depress the brakes. The mechanic mentioned I had a "hot spot" on my rotors from the ceramic pads. The ceramic pads caused a part of the rotors to glaze. they could grind it out but he was unsure if there was enough thickness in the rotors. He suggested that it may grind itself out and that there was no safety concern. Just the irritating squeal.

    My guess is if your mechanic didn't try to sell you brakes or rotors, you ar probably fine.
  • redfanredfan Posts: 1
    I have a 92 MPV that started to have a intermitten starting problem about two weeks ago. I have done a complete tune-up replacing plugs, rotor button, distributor cap, wires, fuel filter etc. i still had t5he problem and a friend suggested trying the coil because it sopunded like it wasnt getting spark. I replaced the coil and am still having the same problem. What the van does is it will cut off while driving or idling then it will not start for anywhere from ten minutes to a few days. It will sound like it is trying to start but never actually turn over. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • rnjdrnjd Posts: 1
    Hi all-

    I drive (and have for almost 5 years!)a 2000 MPV ES. We actually bought the MPV brand new in 2001; our warranty expires this month.

    Given that we live in the Rust Belt, my husband ran the MVP through the car wash a couple of weeks ago. As he wiped the windows off, he noticed actual rust on the passenger side C-pillar (at the base of the passenger window in the middle) and the black primer bubbling on the C-pillar on the passenger side behind the driver's seat. We've taken the van to our local Mazda dealer, who purportedly has never seen anything like this.

    I note in a search of prior columns, some mention of a couple of cases of rust in similar areas. Any other reports out there? What was the cause? Is this an electro-plating issue?

    Thanks for the help; need to start pushing the dealer to get his information back from the "factory".
  • cyclone5cyclone5 Posts: 4
    Thank both jipster and dtownfb.
    Brake pads have been changed, although it looked O.K. Then noise was gone. Mechanic said that the previous pads got bad quality. By the way, mine got hail damage on the entire body. I haven't got the estimate. It's possible to get total loss, although I hope not. Thanks again.
  • bertie1bertie1 Posts: 2
    I was in the process of replacing my brakes this weekend and realized that one of the front calipers was seized. After ordering two and pulling the wheels, I found one of the boxes was missing the hardware. Finally got all the parts together today. After pulling the wheel again, the caliper box only comes with half the caliper(with the pistons) and a kit to rebuild the part of the caliper that attached to the van itself. Should these not be sold together? How do I separate the two parts without breaking off bolts? Do I have to order the other part as well?
  • lcheneylcheney Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 MPV that has been having an intermitten starting has gone on now for over a month. It just wont start immediately after being turned off. It too will eventually start - any where from 15 minutes to a day later. There is no pattern that we can find. It sounds like it isn't getting any gas. The fuel pump is a suspect, but we never have any trouble when it is running...Any suggestions...
  • I have a 2001 MPV. I do not know where to begin. When i first start the car, it kind of revs up. Also, it hesitates when i go up a hill and revs up too, or when i am accelerating. also, wheni put the a/c on, the car shudders too, like it wants to die. what is going on?? the van just jerks around sometimes. :cry:
  • criledocriledo Posts: 27
    Not so fast with the fuel pump. Some models, and I must say I am not sure about Mazda, have a dual circuit/dual voltage fuel pump. Fuel is pumped at a different pressure when the engine is being crancked and when the engine is running. If the crancking ciruit is faulty, you might have found your problem. I had a similar incident, the pump went dead. When we took it out of the tank, it was working again, just on it's own and is still working about a year later...... knock, knock, knock!!! Good luck!
  • criledocriledo Posts: 27
    I have a 2003 LX MPV. I have noticed that the blowing power of the air conditioner is getting lower and lower. We live in South East Texas with extreme heat and humidity. Even though the air is ice cold, the ammount of air coming out of the dash vents is barely enough to keep the van decently cool. If it would have always been that way, I wouldn't think anything is wrong, but now its getting lesser and lesser. One can hardly feel a difference between 1 and 4. Thanks for any suggestions! :sick:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Have you ever changed the cabin air filter (assuming your van has one)? Maybe it is getting clogged.
  • criledocriledo Posts: 27
    No I have not, didn't even know it one....... do you know where I can find it? My first guess would be behind the glove compartment? Thanks for your help!
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