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Mazda MPV: Problems & Solutions



  • Refresh my memory please. Who is it that's responsible for the name "MochaVan" ??
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Well, that would be my d.w.... ;-)

    She maintains that is is espresso and soft-drink free. I wonder...

  • Thanks Alex! As usual, your info is correct. My van was built Aug. '00 just prior to the change in mass production in Sept. I was able to verify this Friday and was given the same two part numbers that were listed in your post. The dealer claims to have replaced "every part imaginable" to fix this, but it was discovered that they have never replaced these two parts. They are on order now and, I hope, will be the silver bullet to finally put this ordeal to rest. I would recommend that you include this info in the TSB area of your website, because I can definitely vouch that this was a big problem for me! No amount of WD40 would work, nor have any of the dealer's fixes. It's amazing how something so simple in function can wreak havoc on a vehicle's operation!

    SC - still fuming, but starting to cool off
  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    Ok, I have posted all the info I have on issues like sticking fuel door on the MPV web site. It's in the Info section of (Problem Repair Information Notices). I hope it helps.
  • brmudabrmuda Posts: 50
    I had the brake "fix" (installed front brake pad shims & replaced pad retainer clips) applied afew mos ago. It was supposed to eliminate the "clunk" coming from fr brakes.

    Well, the "clunk" is still present (even immediately after the "fix"). Now the Mrs informs me that the ABS dash light came on yesterday during her drive to the office. Later the same day, the light goes out & hasn't come back on yet.

    Taking it to dealer tomorrow to check out the ABS light. When I mentioned the infamous "clunk" (which sounds like it's coming from BOTH fr & rear at times) to service dept, he said there's a another "fix" they're going to apply which totally replaces fr brake parts. We shall see.

    I will keep you all updated.

  • I have the same problem with brakes. I have had it fixed twice and the noise is still there. I also have another noise in the front end that has been fixed once and is still there. Mazda is suppose to have a fix for both noises, we'll see. One question for the group, has any one had any problems with the paint chipping on there Vans like doors,hood,front bumper,anywhere?? Excessive chips is what I'm talking about here. JL
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    We have had our MPV for 10 months and have approx. 15 very small chips on our hood. The paint on the MPV, IMO, is very fragile. Our doors and bumpers are perfect. My Wife's tailgating on freeways doesn't help either. I have had my 01 Protege for 5 months and have zero hood chips.

    Next time I take the van in for service, I'm going to see if Mazda will repaint our hood.

  • Its a battle to get them to paint your hood, Remember to have the fenders blended in. You will notice if not. My story coming at a later date.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    I've purchased 5 Mazdas in the last 10 years and 4 of them from the same dealership, let's see if they go to bat for me.

    A 10 month old van shouldn't have 15 chips on the hood, it is definitely a defect.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Wow guys! The only chips I've got are from inconsiderate folks in parking lots, along the sides of the van. I would have thought with the crud they put on our road here that I would have all kinds, but the front of my van is chip-free.

    Good luck Pj at the dealership! I should imagine that some dealers will work w/you, esp. if you've been loyal, just like you have.

  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    I get the chips from inadvertently getting behind one of the three million 18 wheelers doing 80 in Houston. I just love it when all of a sudden it sounds like you are in a hail storm.
    You should see my windshield!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I haven't had chips on any of our MPVs: Red, Silver and White.
  • A year on "the Prez," including two salty winters, and no chips on the hood. Sounds like you've got a defective paint job there, pj. Good luck with your dealer. Here's where you find out just how much he values loyalty.

  • My inquiry about paint chips is a rarity, except pj. My van is loaded with paint chips hood/bumper plus all over. I drive on normal roads myself. The color is red and primer white, so you see all kinds of white chips on the red! The dealer already painted my doors from paint chips, but are claiming normal wear on the hood/bumper. I went to 2 body shops that said bad paint job on the Van, for a 2000 Van. My insurance company is involved and said bad paint job. I am in the middle of dealing with this matter with Mazda Corp. Any suggestions are welcome. JL
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Push as hard as possible to get an appointment with the Mazda service rep. Once you have an appointment, make sure you have somebody there that knows paint and is on your side. The Mazda rep will throw a few things out that would leave most people dumbfounded, but they are no paint experts. Keep pushing for a complete re-paint and be sure to document everything anybody has to say about it.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I wish I had that suggestion a couple of weeks ago. I will the next meeting guarantee. I have already met with the Mazda Rep. once. Your exactly right on the Mazda Rep. He tried to throw out my case on the chips Thats why I got my insurance company involved. They are in the process of dealing with the case for me. Mazda has since agreed to pay half of the bill, NOT good enough to me. I will keep pushing because I'm right and they know it. They thought I would just drop it, FAT chance. Thanks for the support and any other suggestions! This was a good learning experience for me. Hey Room Maltb nailed it on the head about dealing with these people.
  • Hi all. We got our 2000 DX in Feb 2000. Generally we love this van.

    We have had a number of front-end problems though and was hoping somebody could give us the benefit of experience in what Mazda will/should do:

    -Alignment done under warrenty at 18,000km (~10,000 miles)

    - At 25,000km (~16,000 miles) Mazda replaced front rotors free as they were severely vibrating when braking.

    - Now, at 38,000 km (25,000 miles) they are starting to deteriorate rapidly again.

    Car is very well treated!! Any suggestions?
  • john339john339 Posts: 229
    I'm looking for a used minivan. Are there any model year MPVs that are better or worse than the other in term of problems? Has anyone had engine problems like the Toyota Sienna is experiencing?
  • We've had our '01 MPV for close to six months and have had zero engine problems. I've read through these boards for almost as long and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Duratec engine has proven very reliable. It was also used in the Contour/Tracer.

    Sorry, I don't know much about other MPV's prior to 2000 (when the design changed). Actually, this is our first minivan. If you want used, the '00 & '01 may be hard to find. I just did a quick search of eBay and AutoNation and found nothing, at least in my area. Try your local Mazda dealer(s). They might also still have some new '01 MPV's and I bet you could get a really good deal.

  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    Over on the Solara board there has been a lot of discussion about the engine sludge problem (the Solara shares the same engine). It seems that the problem is mostly due to poor/shoddy maintenance. About 0.1% of the Siennas are coming in with this problem, which is about the same as other makes and models, and all of the engines with the sludge show signs of no maintenance or poorly performed maintenance, and some owners have brought fraudulent receipts claiming to have performed the maintenance.

    In our experience with our '00 MPV, we have had no engine problems, much like scarter already mentioned. It seems to be a very reliable engine.
  • Wife still loves her 2000 MPV LX with 30k miles when it runs. You can eat off the floors inside and is hand washed regularly. I unfortunately am concerned for the number of times it is in the shop and has left her with the kids stranded.

    Once out of state after church (visiting Grandma) when she had to rent a car to come home (200 miles away) so the kids would not miss school the next day. We had to pay for the rental $100, but Mazda in their gracious ways paid to tow the van to the local dealer 15 miles away. The wrecker driver, my father in law (electrical engineer) and my wife could not start it. Mazda found nothing wrong with it the next day and refused to give us a receipt for the diagnosis.

    It has stalled in intersections with less than 200 miles on it. The said it was the fuel at first and made us feel like idiots, but after pressing them they just learned of a recall on the computer.

    Mazda's standard first response several times is "did you put diesel in it and we will have to lower the tank to verify it". Hey we are morons and like pulling up to a pump on the other side of a filling station, hanging with the 18 wheelers, putting a wrong size nozzle in the tank and paying a premium for fuel. They have replaced the computer (their expense) and throttle body (our expense not covered under warranty).

    We looked at the Odyssey, but as we drove an Accord Wagon previously, the Odyssey seemed too big. Should have bought the Honda. They stand behind their product as we had Hondas from 1988 to 2000 without being stranded.

    Anyone else have these problems?
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I'm curious... why wouldn't the dealership replace the throttle body under warranty? I'd assume that's automatically covered, unless you're out of warranty now? As for the Honda Ody, that'd be a roll of the dice also, as that particular vehicle is prone to more failures per 1000 than the MPV.

    I don't think I've heard of an experience like yours with regards to the new MPV.

  • bharrellbharrell Posts: 21
    We have 46,000 on our 2000 MPV LX. I love my van, but right now it is in the shop having the rotors turned because they are warped (they say they don't know why that happens, it just does!) and the brake pads replaced, the tie rods replaced because of continuous alignment problems that I have been begging them to do something about since I bought the van, wheels that are rusting out for no apparent reason, and to top it all off, my CD player just quit! Fortunately I am still under warranty, but this service department is awful. If I mention any of the service bulletins that I have read about on these boards, they act like I am crazy. I really like the 2002 with the bigger engine, but I hesitate to buy another Mazda because of the service issue.

    One question for you all. The technician working on my van today said that this van was made by Ford and that it was on the same platform as the Windstar, but somehow I just can't believe that. I know it has a Ford engine, but it surely is too small to be on a Windstar platform? I have been looking for an aftermarket cassette player to install and he swears that a Windstar dash kit will work for the MPV since nobody lists one specifically for the MPV. What do you all think? Any responses will be greatly appreciated.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    your tech has been inhaling too many gas fumes:) The MPV and Windstar couldn't be more different. Find another Mazda dealer for service ASAP!
    Sorry to hear about your front end problems, I'm trying not to get personal:) The 2000 had a few issues with tie rods and alignments. Our 2001 LX with 14,000 miles has always tracked straight as an arrow.

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    As nicely as I can put this, your dealer is on crack. Pjd couldn't have said it any more clearly. RUN... don't walk from that dealership! The MPV is nothing, nothing at all, related to the Windstar, except that FoMoCo has an interest in Mazda. Different engine, trannies, pan (chassis) suspensions, different everything. Any dealer tech should know this, but I wouldn't expect joe-consumer to know that.

    Does anyone know a good dealership near Knoxville that Bharrell can take her van to? I'd call Mazda's toll free number and tell them about these guys if I were you. I've heard good thing about their folks there.

    Most likely though, your rotors were warped by someone that over-tightened the lugnuts (tire shops w/air-tools is baaaad). This'll warp a rotor in nothing flat.

    Re: your CD player... get it replaced under warranty... at a different dealership. You're still under the 3yr part of your warranty, right?

    Best of luck,

  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    you so right about Tire shops warping rotors. I always have gone to Discount Tires, they know their stuff. Great service, good prices, large inventory and experienced installers....the mgr told me their techs go thru extensive training before they ever touch a car.

    Also, spraying cold water on your rotors can warp them in a heartbeat. Never wash your car after a long drive, let those rotors cool down.

  • bharrellbharrell Posts: 21
    You all have pretty much confirmed what I already knew. There is another dealership not too far away that I will deal with in the future for sure. This is the first time that I really got the sense that EVERYBODY at this dealership was an idiot! I have been 2 other times about the alignment issue before I gave up and purchased a lifetime alignment from a local shop I have dealt with for several years. Of course they are probably the people who caused the rotors to warp! I guess I will have to be a little more careful who I trust.

    I was certain the guy didn't know what he was talking about but wanted confirmation from people that obviously do their homework.

    One more thing-anybody got any ideas about the aftermarket cassette player other than what he told me? Thanks again, Betsy
  • danandkatdanandkat Posts: 67
    I have a 2001 LX with the Security and Four Seasons package. We purchased it in September 2001 and it now has 6283 miles on it. We use it primarily for long trips, and it sits in the garage most of the time when we are not travelling far way. We are generally quite pleased with our MPV, and the problem described below is more an annoyance than a major issue.

    Can anyone give me some help or ideas for dealing with this? The air coming out of the two left dash vents is about twenty degrees warmer than the air coming out of the two right vents when the control is turned counterclockwise four 'clicks' from maximum heat. I checked this using a digital thermometer with a lead on it to verify the temperature discrepancy. There is no discrepancy when the temperature control is turned all the way over to maximum heat, but I haven't checked every possible setting to see where the problem does and doesn't occur. I first noticed this on a day with outside temperatures in the 10 to 20 degree (F) range. When I had it in to the service shop the temperature was in the 30s to low 40s, so I don't think this is dependent on outside temperature. This is occuring with the engine fully warmed up.

    I went to the local Mazda dealer where the service guy repeatedly told me "The temperatures should be the same" (implying that if it SHOULD be the same, it in fact WAS the same, and I was wrong). I pulled out my thermometer and gave them a demonstration, and they then kept the vehicle for a while to investigate. When I came back to pick it up, they told me that they had contacted Mazda and that the temperature readings were "within specs" so nothing had been done. I then contacted Mazda myself to find out what the specs were, and was told by Mazda that there are no specs for this. I guess the temperature difference meets non-existent specs! Hmmmm.

    So, has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, how did you handle it? I guess I can probably live with it by reducing the airflow on the driver side, or some other fiddling with the vents, but it would sure be nice to have driver and passenger enjoying the same air temperature blowing on them out of the vents. Imagine if your living room had a twenty degree temperature difference between where you and your spouse sit! Does anyone have any suggestions on dealing with this, or getting more cooperation from Mazda on the matter?

    Thanks for any assistance or advice --- danandkat
  • toyrotatoyrota Posts: 66
    Call the 1-800 Mazda customer service number, and have them open a file on this problem for you. They should contact the dealer, and have them take a more serious look at the problem. Don't take NO for an answer.
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