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Dodge Intrepid



  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    What kind of excuses are they giving you? The main reason I can think of that they're taking so long is because it's on their dime. The reason they're not expediting it is because it's not profitable for them to do so. They might be pushing your job aside to make way for other jobs that bring in money.

    A few years back, my uncle needed the transmission in his '97 Silverado rebuilt, by the dealer, under an extended warranty he bought. I'd say it took them at least a month. His tranny went out again a few months ago, out of warranty. We had a local shop rebuild it, and I think they had it out in two days!
  • tkfitztkfitz Posts: 95
    I take it you did not get a loaner??
    I would talk to a manager...might be best to use your car as a credit on a different car. Better a new car than something they threw back together to get you out the door. I cannot believe they are admitting they ruined a
    motor on an older car with 110000. Have that in writing??
    Good luck.
  • phardyphardy Posts: 12
    They've given me all kinds of excuses. Most of them were:

    "We're waiting for parts.", "We're waiting for parts.", "We're waiting for parts."

    Now it's "the check engine light came on and discovered that "x" sensor went bad." "The check engine light came on and discovered that "y" sensor went bad." "We'll have it to you by Monday.", "We'll have it to you by "Wednesday.", "We had to order another part and it should be here tomorrow.", (two days later) "We just ordered the part and it should be here tomorrow."

    Excuse after excuse after excuse.
  • phardyphardy Posts: 12
    Their "policy" states that they don't provide loaners but they're willing to give me "service credit." No comment comment on that.

    I've spent lots of money on rentals already and cannot afford them anymore so I'm stuck with public transportation in the meantime and it's really become a serious problem. My wife and I came up with an idea and I'll fill you in on it once we try it.
  • mikeyj06mikeyj06 Posts: 1
    I everyone. I am new to this whole forum thing so please bear with me. I have a 2000 intrepid with somewhere around 130k miles on it. I just picked it up from a used car lot about 2 months ago. So far I have had to replace the fuel pump. Now I'm having to replace rod bearings, oil pump, timing chain,passenger window motor,and the lock on the driver side because some punk decided the 4 cd's on the back seat were worth jamming a screwdriver into to get them. I have recently moved to Texas from Florida to start my own business. One in which I do alot of driving (around 200 miles a day). Provided I have a working vehicle to do it in. The good thing is a bought an extended warranty when I got the car, and it covers the motor and drive train so that ends up working out I guess. I do like the car though. It rides great, handles alot better than I thought it was going to considering it's size, and I'm averaging 26 miles to gallon. That's with driving about 40 miles on the highway then finishing the remaining fuel in the tank stopping in front of houses all day. I do home inspections for mortgage companies by the way.

    So if anyone has any ideas on anything I can do to get more power and or gas mileage please let me know.

  • well i had my car fixed.. I had a shop do an engine diagnosis and it was the cam postion sensor.. that is why the car kept stalling out for no reason.. the sensor is about 100 dollars though.. now it runs well again..Dave.
  • On my 1997 Intrepid ES when you turn on the lights only the highlights come on. i cant get normal lights at all. any suggestions? i think its an eletrical problem but not shure.
  • 4ducks4ducks Posts: 8
    When the A/C triggers on, the belts seem to squeal very loudly. We have tried the belt dressing on the belts to no avail. Any ideas?? :confuse:
  • 4ducks4ducks Posts: 8
    Recently, my Intrepid began blowing on high all the time. It even blows on high when you turn the a/c unit off. Any ideas? Maybe a relay or a resistor? Thanks!

    In addition to the above, there is also a high pitch noise when driving. Another problem that started is that you have to jiggle the key in order to make to blower start (windows also don't work if blower doesn't come on). Any ideas???? Don't want to spend a fortune at a shop if there is something else I can try!
  • fred222fred222 Posts: 200
    I posted this question a couple of months ago. I have a 1999 Intrepid ES with the mid grade stereo. Not the base and not the Infinity. The separate power amp has gone out but I do not know where the amp actually is. I will have to re-wire all of the speakers in the car if I cannot find the amp to bypass it. It is a speaker level input amp so I will be able to by-pass it if I can find it.
    When I last posted this question, someone said that the amp was in the trunk near the DS rear wheel well. I did not find it there. Does anyone know for sure where the amp is?
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    Amp is on the passenger side in thr trunk.
  • fred222fred222 Posts: 200
    I will look again. I did not see it.
  • fred222fred222 Posts: 200
    The amp is actually above the passenger side kick panel. I posted this same question on the Allpar forum and got the correct answer. I have tracked down the wires to the speakers and will be replacing the defective factory amp with an after market one. I have no idea how you would actually replace the factory amp if you wanted to. It is behind a structural member next to the glove box. Hopefully I will have music back after a long hiatus.
  • pruitt801pruitt801 Posts: 1
    Recently, the interior lights of my 2000 Intrepid have started to blink on and off at random. Has anyone experienced this? Is this some type of "code"?
  • tkfitztkfitz Posts: 95
    Just got our car back from the dealer. All we had was first and second gear. No speedo either. Had both speed sensors replaced. $45 parts and $150 labor.
    Not too happy about this, but the car is 6 years old. This is the only the second problem we have had with this car. I suppose I should not complain......
    Kinda quiet here lately.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    That doesn't sound too bad, especially in this day and age. Beats the heck out of needing a new transmission!

    Yeah, it has been kinda quiet here lately. My 2000 is up to about 120,500 miles. I'm going to take it in soon for a tranny service. I like to get them done every 30K miles on this car. Otherwise, it's been reliable. Made the last payment in November 2004, and probably haven't had to put more than $500 into it since then...including a new battery, oil changes, new rear brakes, an oil pan leak (my fault...I stripped it), and registration.
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    I have a 99 Intrepid ES 3.2 V6 since Feb of 99 and I have yet to find a vehicle with the styling or ride or economy of my ride. It gets 20+ in the city and I have gotten 32 on the highway once on a trip from Chicago to Oshkosh Wisconsin. 28 to 30 is normal for shorter highway trips.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    I think I have been able to get my '00 with the 2.7 to get as bad at 17-18 mpg. But that would be some serious, short-trip, stop-and-go driving! And usually in the winter. I moved a few years back, reducing my commute from about 15 miles to 3.5. That really took its toll on mileage.

    Still, I have some older cars like a 1985 Silverado, 1979 New Yorker, and 1976 LeMans that I could get down into single digits in the same type of driving!

    I've broken 30 once or twice on the highway, but 26-28 seems to be the norm. Sometimes I wonder if I had sprung for a 3.2 what kind of mileage I would've gotten. Still I can't complain. 120K+ miles and no engine or tranny problems. Nothing really major at all, just an occasional minor annoyance here and there such as thermostat housing leaking, oil pressure light giving false readings, door seals shrinking, etc. I guess a false reading from the oil light is much better than a "true" reading, though! :surprise:
  • I have a 1997 Intrepid ES with the 3.5 engine, which gets me to and from work (about 34 miles one way). She gives me about 21.3 mpg and that is not being at full power :sick: . A tune-up would help out as well as getting my timing belt adjusted. Best car I have so far, guess I love the leg room since I'm 6'1".
  • Could anyone please tell me where the Cam position sensor is on th 2.7L engine? The error code for this part came up on my 2004 SE. I'd like to fix it myself if possible.

  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    I tried looking around on the internet but couldn't find anything. However, I did find a picture of a camshaft position sensor on a BMW V-8. It was on the forward-facing part of the passenger-side head, just below the valve cover. Here's a pic of it.

    I know it's a totally different car, but it might at least give you a rough idea of what to look for, and where to look. Good luck!
  • The cam position sensor 2.7 is located on the front of the engine on the timing case cover.
  • Thanks for the help, I found it. Its right out in the open on the front of the engine. Just below where the oil fill cap is. Took me 5 minutes to replace with only one bolt. Car runs great again and I saved $100 in that 5 mins. Hopes this helps if anyone else needs to change it on the 2.7L.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    cool, thanks for the info! BTW, other than using the code reader, is there any way to tell when your cam position sensor is going bad? I'm guessing that it at least triggers the check engine light?

    How did the car run with the bad sensor...did it just feel like it needed a major tuneup? I wonder if it's something I should do just as preventive maintenance?
  • Yes, in my case the sensor did trigger the check engine light. One morning it took quite awhile to get the car started. This was the first major problem I noticed. It eventually started but took several attempts. It also ran rough off and on and hesitated a little. Its just kinda rediculous that it went out on a 2004. Basically all the sensor does is send a sigmoidal wave signal to keep track of engine position. I would think that it would either work completely or not at all. I'm no engineer, but that's my take. The part is around $50.
  • both driver side windows wont work have checked fuses all ok. can hear a clicking sound in door when pushing button's. Please Help
  • Has anyone posted a solution to this issue? I also have a '95 Intrepid 3.5 that just starting having the same issue with the flashers and hazard lights. I replaced the relay twice but all I get is the buzzing. None of the relays have helped.

    Somebody must have experienced this already, can you share? :confuse:
  • Hey folks

    Our 97 Intrepid 3.5 appears to be leaking fuel from the line that goes under the front of the intake manifold. Could that fuel line have come loose under there? Do you have any tips for removing the intake manifold to get at that fuel line?

  • I have a 1998 intrepid with a 2.7 engine. Anyone know the best place to find the fan assembly for the radiator. The dealership wants over $350.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    I wonder how much the junkyard would charge for something like that? It's been a few years since I've been to the junkyard, and back then most of the 2nd-gen Intrepids were there because they were wrecked in the front, so that would most likely destroy the fan. But that was back when they were still pretty new, and they weren't getting junked for engine/tranny failures, etc. I'm sure that by now though, there are enough Intrepids and Concordes that are getting junked simply because of old age, that you might be able to find non-wrecked examples to cannibalize some good parts from.
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