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Buying Used Porsche Cayenne?

cayenne__cayenne__ Member Posts: 1
I want to get a Cayenne.

Ideally I want to get a used one, 3-4 years old, because it will have depreciated significantly from original price.

I don't NEED it, just buying for fun. I do not have a daily commute, I do not have a family to haul around, so I probably won't be putting a lot of miles on it.

Here are a few used car listings I found:
'05 Cayenne Turbo, 100k miles, $28k
'05 Cayenne Turbo, 40k miles, $35k
'08 Cayenne, 13k miles, $40k
'08 Cayenne S, 36k miles, $50k

The turbos are fun because of the hp, the later models are nicer because they're newer.

Which would you pick out of those and why? Would the first one at $28k end up costing a lot of money in repairs over the next 5 years?



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    rafael3000rafael3000 Member Posts: 1
    I found a nice 2003 Cayenne S online, wich looks really good, nice exterior and interior, it has 75k miles and had 3 owners. Autocheck shows no accidents. Seller asking price is $22,000.

    Would you recommend buying 03 cayenne? if yes what should i pay attention to before buying.
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    flmnfemflmnfem Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 cadillac srx with 87k miles on it. I have had a variety of issues with it, though the last year or so it has been fine.
    I am thinking about getting rid of the SRX while it would still have some trade in value, and really love the Cayenne.
    Just began looking, but found a 2009 6 cyl,3.6 l ( base model, right?)with 33k miles on it.They are asking $39k, which is too high I think.
    Anyway, thoughts on what I should do in general as far as getting rid of the SRX now, or bite the bullet and hold onto it, hoping the problems don't start up again?
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    taoskiertaoskier Member Posts: 1
    Good luck to all Cayenne buyers. I hope to be one some day. I've been hooked since I saw it advertised on OLN, back when they covered skiing. Before they became VS. Before they seemed to show bull riding 24/7. Unlike OLN, the Cayenne's just become better and better.
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