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Help! CR-V loud popping from wheel after stuck in snow

I live in virginia and we just got a big snow, last night I was parking at my mother's and tried to park in an open spot (about 12 inches unpacked undisturbed snow) the frame was dragging. I had no problems in forward at first when I put it in reverse something happened and it now pops once or twice for every wheel rotation on th right rear wheel, mostly in forward not so much in reverse now that the problem has matured 15 or so miles. the awd still works. my v is a 2005 ex with about 77k gets fair amount of off road driving(nothing extreme just commuting to hunt camp on packed dirt trails) It is not the diff fluid as I experienced this problem when I bought it and fixed it. this noise sounds very severe and I don't want to drive it if I don't have to until I can get it looked at. Anyone know what might cause this and could it be a simple fix? thanks for any help!


  • Oh I forgot, the noise is when driving straight and all directions, it is loudest at low speed and starts to get drowned out at 40+ mph but is still noticeable
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    The differential fluid needs to be replaced every 20,000 miles or so. It is not a lifetime fluid. Use Honda Dual Pump Fluid II for replacement. Do it aleast once a year. Same for the Automatic transmission, needs to be replaced every 30,000 miles with Honda ATF only!

    See if that solves the problem.
  • Could a spine be stripped on the right rear ahlfshaft? Bad CV joint? Interesting that it's only on the one side. Sounds like somethign is binding that "popping" when it jumps.

    Does tha year have VSA? I wonder if the speed sensor or something related to it was damaged and its' triggering the ABS to slow that one wheel occasionally. Although I'd expect a ABS trouble light to come on in that case.
  • tricia77tricia77 Posts: 6
    my 07 has a button that says this i push it and i see no difference in how the car runs i did notice that when i turn the car on there is a spot on dash that says VSA but again when i push button nothing lights up or there is no difference in how car runs .. what is this ? also my tpms light is constantly on. does this mean I need to reset the sensor or replace and reset? either way how is this done?
  • rikrikardorikrikardo Posts: 23
    The VSA button itself lights up when the VSA is on. VSA is Honda's name for its stability control circuitry that helps to keep your CRV from fishtailing during hard cornering by selectively applying the brakes and adjusting the throttle. For most people they never know this "nanny" software is there operating in the background because they never drive near the edge of tire adhesion. However, enthusiasts often turn the VSA off for more thrills.

    As for the TPMS light always being on - this typically means one or more of your 5 tires (including the spare) have less than 27 lbs of air pressure in them. Take your CRV to a gas station and fill each of the 5 tires to 30 psi air pressure. The TPMS light should now go off. If it later comes back on, you k now you have a leak in a tire. Find the one with 27 psi airpressure and have it repaired. However, if once you fill your tires to 30 psi the TPMS light stays on, then you have a bad TPMS sensor on one of the tires. Your mechanic can determine which one and replace it.
  • tricia77tricia77 Posts: 6
    hmm ill have to remember that the next time im in the mountains as for the tpms i guess a sensor is broken
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