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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    The service department told me to wait till 3750 until the 1st oil change. Have an appointment tomorrow to fix the broken door handle and check the a/c leak into the car.
    He also told me the mileage should improve about the 5k mark. We'll see. Still am very happy with the car.
    Wish me luck tomorrow!

    The Sandman :-)
  • Hi,

    I'm going to be pruchasing my first car soon and needed some opinions. I decided to get a used car and I'm trying to decide between a Sentra GXE, Protege, and Hyundai Elantra. Just wanted to get some opinions and suggestions on my choices.
  • I won't be looking at another Sentra for a while....Although this has been the best car I have ever owned/leased, I doubt I will be getting another. Here is why:

    First of all, the service I have reveived from Nissan has been craptastic...Every time I took the car in to have something inspected I would be charged $25 for each item / problem that could not be located or reproduced. This is the case for all three nissan dealers in town. This doesn't seem right to me. Are US Nissan Dealers like this? The last time I took my car in, I tried Walkley Nissan in Ottawa to have my brakes inspected and to have a couple of warrenty items looked at. The car sat on the lot from 7:30am to 4:30pm without being addressed. This was discovered when I called to see it if was ready to be picked up at around 3pm. Basically I was charge $40 for the inspection, non of the warrenty work was done, and was given an estimate of $600 for front rotor and pad replacement even though the rotors were only 1 year old with 15,000 KM on them. Sounds Fishy doesn't it? Well after a llong debate with the service manager, I took the car back in the next day, and had agreed on new pads, machined rotors (dealer claimed they were warped) and a brake cleaning for about $100 (no labour costs). He treated me right, but is this something I would have to deal with each and every time I take my car in? A friend also has a nissan and takes it to them for servicing and its not uncommon for them to not get around to his vehicle on the same day.

    All that aside, I get the feeling that this car is trying to hurt me...I have never been injured so much with any other car before. Here is a summary of all the injurioes I have had with this car to date:

    -Door closed while getting out causing the corner to jam into my pector muslces (twice)
    -Seat belt locked when using my finger to grab it causing my finger to bend backwards (ouch)
    -sliced my finger on the Exhaust pipe while washing the car
    -gouged my forhead on the corner of the door while going in to vacume (the door started to shut as I leaned down to get in)
    -Major car accident in my first year (Cheap crappy Dunlop tires) which caused $5000 damamge

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    After going to 2 different Nissan dealers yesterday, a tiny crack was found in some plastic piece of the a/c unit right behind the console, which explained why the water was dripping into the car. I did have to go back with the 2nd service advisor and show him and the mechanic where the carpet was wet. They came out saying the carpet was dry. Took them back to the service bay, picked up the floor mat, and guess what...water!! Real geniouses these two!
    The part has to be ordered from Jacksonville and have an appointment for the repair, I hope< on friday. The whole dash may have to come out to fix it properly. Bummed out because I hope these bozos are capable of putting everything back together correctly. Only have 2200 miles on the car, so a little miffed.
    Besides that and the rear door handle coming out, fixed by the 1st dealership, the car drives very smoothly and I do enjoy it. But so goes it when one buys a new car!
    Thanks all for letting me vent about yesterday, I feel so much better!!

    The Sandman :-(
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Just got home from the dealer, and the a/c is finally fixed. There was a 1/2 inch hole in the plastic piece which the evaparator sits on behind the dash area, the mechanic assurred me this is where the leak was coming from. Only time will tell, but on the way home, no water leaking and the carpet stayed dry. Time will tell. A pretty long job though, dropped it off at 9:15 this morning and brought around to me at 2:20.
    Wish me luck all and hopefully, this will be my only warranty issue!!

    The Sandman :-)
  • lgoldinlgoldin Posts: 90
    I wish you luck and hopefully it is your ONLY issue with the car
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Just clicked over 100,000 miles in my 2000 SE 5-SP. It's been a great, fast, fun, and reliable car
    History of Problems:
    1)Replaced front wheel bearings (heard a noise)
    2) That's it!

    Upkeep I did:
    Oil Changes @ 3500 mile intervals
    Tires @ 30,000 mile intervals (Z-Rated Tires)
    Wiper Blades (I was bored)
    Brake Pads (they looked thin)
    Radiator Flushed @ 85000 miles
    Tranny Oil changed @ 40000 mile intervals
    All other fluids kept full and clean

    Vehicle Condition:
    Clutch is still strong, all else holding up
    well. Usual 100,000 miles worth of Freeway
    Road/Gravel Nicks on front bumper cover and
    leading edge of hood.
    Interior still untorn and unscratched.
    Everything still works, AC, Heater, all lights,
    sunroof, door locks, windows, etc., all electrical correct and works well.
    180W 7-spkr stereo still blasts.

    I hope everyone else's Sentra hold up as well
    as this car-I plan on hitting 250,000 miles

  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    Automotive News reported that the next generation Sentra is for 2006 model year, as someone sated above. Not the usual 5 year cycle, as some earlier insisted.

    Looks like Asian makes are seeing how costly it is to make "all new" cars.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Or possibly Nissan has just had so much going on in recent years (Altima, Maxima, 350Z and 350Z Roadster, G35 sedan and coupe, Murano, FXs, Quest, upcoming Titan and Armada...) that there just werent enough resources (capital or equipment) to allocate. Just a guess.

  • Okay, I bought my car from Mark Escude in Jackson, MS with only 7 miles on it. I bought it in December of 2000. I was told when I left that if "I take care of my car, my car will take care of me." I was also told that I should be receiving more paper work and my extra set of keys in the mail. I did not get either of these items. After several months of waiting, I had to drive all the way back to Jackson from Laurel, MS and ask them about the items-they said they did not know what I was talking about. When I asked about my extra set of keys, they could not find them and that they had already sent them (or should have)->but then someone finds them and gives them to me.

    Then, for the first few months, I had a blast with my new car. No problems. No problems until the recalls. I had 3 recalls within the first year.
    When I took my car for one of the recalls, the mechanic at Columbus Nissan in Mississippi tells me that one of the pieces to my air conditioner had been broken and that the freon had leaked out every where. Now, this was not my fault. Up until then, I had been taking my car to get its oil changed every 3,000 miles. The part was something that I could not just break-so it was a defect from when I bought it. They had to replace the part and fill up my car with freon-which I had to pay for. This whole time I was sitting and waiting for about 8 hours and was late for work. They told me originally that it would take less then 3 hours so I waited b/c that was the city I had to work in. They seemed real nice about it but I was worried that they would find other things that were wrong with my car.
    At that time, my engine light had come on. I thought it was the recalls, and the mechanic said it might be that and that it might be the air conditioning part that had broken. I fixed it and it cost me about $175. He told me that my light should then go off in the next couple days-it didn't.
    Recently, within the last month, my car stopped completely on me at a stop light. Well, I took it in to Chris Posey Nissan in Laurel, MS and they told me that it was the sensor that was messed up and then they insisted that I get a 'fuel iduction' which I have no idea what it was. When I asked them-they told me it was something to get done every 60K miles-now mind you, my car's service soon light has been on for over a year and it has less then 50K miles on it at the time. So they ordered the part and I paid $124. I was told that my sensor should work and that the service light should go off-it didn't and my car stopped again while at a light.
    I take it back to the same dealer and they say that I need the fuel induction thing again. Then they put it on the machine and they tell me it was the 'idle air valve'. Okay-which is correct?
    Anyways, it would cost me $100 for the part and $100 for the labor. I said I would bring it back. Then they call and tell me that a part has come in for my car. I ask them about the part-apparently they ordered a part for my car without asking me and without telling me that I needed it. Keep in mind-I did not order the part and did not give permission for them to order the part. The part was not part of the idle air valve.
    So, my car is currently sitting in front of my house and can barely go down the street without stopping on me when I slow down or break.
  • Sorry about your problems but not every car and dealer is a problem. I have had absolutely no problems with my 2002 GXE and would not hesitate to buy another one if something were to happen to mine. Luv the car.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    My a/c leak was finally fixed, a factory defect I was told. A small hole in the plastic pan that the evaporator sits on behind the lower dash in the passenger foot well.
    The car is still very tight and drives like a much larger car. Hope the mpg's improve though.
    Still a happy camper, the wife also wants the car now and wants to give me her 2001 Altima.

    The Sandman :-)
  • I recently bought a 2003 Nissan Sentra GXE back in March 2003. I've been driving the car back and forth to work every day. My commute is about 35 miles each way. Since the car was new I've filled the tank everytime when needed and have all my slips showing how many gallons to the 1/1000th. I've recorded my mileage on every receipt. I havn't had the car in for any issues ... YET, but will be within the next week. I do my own oil changes.

    Fuel Mileage:

    For the first 3,750 miles I was only getting 26mpg. My commute is all highway. I drive 70-77mph on the open roads. I was very dissapointed. My 95 Toyota Corolla had 186k miles, never in the shop and got 33mpg. I heard the fuel mileage was better after changing the oil the first time and the motor had a chance to break-in. So I changed the oil and drove to 7,500 miles. Fuel mileage was the same, 26mpg. I did try to drive it slow 55-65mph for one week, no lead foot, and I got a tad under 28mpg out of it. I really thought about getting rid of it at this point. I'd of ran over the guy that put the 35mpg window sticker on these cars. So after doing some research, and having experience with my motorcycles, I changed the oil again at 11,250. But this time I used Mobil 1 synthetic oil. Corvettes come from the factory with it in them. It is the best rated synthetic oil you can buy. My wife drove the car a day later and came to me. She said "What did you do to the Sentra?". I was like "why do you ask?" She said the car ran soo much smoother and quieter. Had more pep to it too. I noticed the same thing but didn't have a chance to tell her. I drove the car and now I was getting a tad under 30mpg. WOW! I was really impressed how much this oil helped. Also, bear in mind I drove in the summer with the AC on. My other vehicle is now running Mobil 1.

    This now brings me to my next discovery. I no longer use the AC since its cooler in NJ, but I work very early in the AM and my windows like to fog up. I noticed that if you start the car, turn on the selector to defogger, the AC compressor kicks in (which it should). My window will clear up and after driving for a bit, I'll turn it back to blow out the front vents. The compressor should dis-engage at this point. But it doesn't. I didn't notice it at first, but now that its even cooler out in the mornings, I was freezing going to work, like the AC was on. I pulled the car over and no matter what I selected, the thing wouldn't dis-engage. The only way it will stop is if you turn off the engine. Then the ducts blow outside temp air. I've tested this thoroughly for the last several weeks. These cars get worse fuel mileage when using the AC compressor, so it must be hurting the fuel mileage. I've been busy and havn't had a chance to have it looked at by Nissan, but will call today for an appointment.

    Driving Impression:
    One of the other reasons why I though about selling it at the 7,500 mile mark is that the seats are the most uncomfortable seats I've ever been in. They are the WORST! I hurt my back before going on vacation. On our vacation, we drove a total 1,500 miles in our Honda Odyssey w/ leather interior on this vacation. I was not a bit uncomfortable during the 6 hour, 420 mile ride up to Vermont. I get home. Rest for the weekend and go back to work Monday. My back was feeling better, but after 20 minutes in the Sentra, I was in pain. Had to stop and take a break. The last review is deceiving on the links off Edmund's. The review I read, the Sentra was rated #1. But it was the SE-R, with different interior and power. Reading it again, the test was unfair. It outpowered everything and thats why it won. Then they do another test, with the LE. It still had the peppy motor, but the review is horrible. Take away that motor and use my GXE and its in probably last place. What a hunk of junk. Nissan really let things slide on their econo box. After my experience with the 95 Toyota Corolla, I'm sorry I didn't get the new Corolla, instead of this Sentra. The Corolla is rated at 39mpg highway. My old one was rated at 34mpg highway and got 33mpg, with me driving the heck out of it for 186K miles.

    If I was looking to buy a new econo/commuter car, go look at the Corolla or the Honda Civic (rated best on fuel economy and comfy interior).
    STAY AWAY from the Sentra. It's built more like a Yugo.

    Just my opinion,
    Tony P.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I disagree wholeheartedly with you re: seat comfort, and not for anything, its your fault for not looking more closely at MPG ratings prior to purchase. Also, perhaps you should have consulted Edmunds True Cost to Own. I personally feel the Sentra is solid small car and an excellent value when properly equipped. One other thing- dont forget this car is 5 years old and is due for replacement soon. It certainly isnt the best small car, but its far from a Yugo- which is a curious comment, given that you havent had ANY build issues with yours, expect possibly the AC, which may in fact be a design issue (see below).

    BUT- with respect to the passage below, my 03 2.5LE DOES THE SAME HIDEOUSLY ANNOYING THING:

    This now brings me to my next discovery. I no longer use the AC since its cooler in NJ, but I work very early in the AM and my windows like to fog up. I noticed that if you start the car, turn on the selector to defogger, the AC compressor kicks in (which it should). My window will clear up and after driving for a bit, I'll turn it back to blow out the front vents. The compressor should dis-engage at this point. But it doesn't. I didn't notice it at first, but now that its even cooler out in the mornings, I was freezing going to work, like the AC was on. I pulled the car over and no matter what I selected, the thing wouldn't dis-engage. The only way it will stop is if you turn off the engine. Then the ducts blow outside temp air. I've tested this thoroughly for the last several weeks. These cars get worse fuel mileage when using the AC compressor, so it must be hurting the fuel mileage. I've been busy and havn't had a chance to have it looked at by Nissan, but will call today for an appointment.

    best regards,
  • I must be lucky. I have my 2001 SE for almost 3 years. I like its seats which I can adjust to comfortable position. There is always a sound of something working when you turn on vent, but I don't know whether this is AC compressor or cooling fans. Originally I was also dissapointed with a gas mileage which was supposed to be 24/32mpg and I got average of 25. But when I tried to drive along with a crowd and not lead foot it went to 27 on a same root. But what surprised me a lot this summer is a mileage I got on couple of long trips. I was going 70mph for 4 of hours each direction on cruise control and got better than 36mpg!! AC was off but vent was on all the time on defogger, i. e. AC compressor was on as well. So far I am very satisfied with the car and plan to keep it much longer.
  • I recently hit a HUGE pothole in wonderful New York, NY. Long story short, I had to replace a front alloy, and tire (I got four new ones). My question is, Even after an alignment I get a noticable shake in the steering @ 70+MPH. I have a '01 SE w/ P/P. I remember always having some feedback through the steering, just not this much! Any Suggestions
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I now have 3500 miles on my Sentra and plan to change the oil and filter at the 3750 mark, as per the manual. Has anyone here switched to Mobil 1 instead of regular dino oil, and if so, was there any noticeable difference in the car, or should I just stick to my 4k dino oil and filter change schedule?
    Thanks for any help with this question.

    The Sandman :-)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Either your tires aren't properly balanced or you bent the tie-rod or control arm when you hit the pothole.
  • Hi Joe,

    Sorry, the Yugo statement was just sarcasm. I don't know how tall you are, and if it makes a difference on seat comfort, but I'm 5'10" tall. The seats are very uncomfortable for me. I've owned at least 35 cars in my lifetime, and I'm just not all that impressed with this Sentra. You are correct on the fuel mileage thing though. If I had looked into it further, I'd probably have bought the Honda Civic. It gets much better reports on fuel mileage. I sold a 2000 Nissan Maxima before getting this Sentra. I loved my Maxima (miss it a lot), but a 26k dollar luxury mid-size was just not practical for commuting. It got like 22-23mpg, but ran on premium fuel.

    The other thing I forgot to mention in my review was that the suspension on this Sentra is awful. I have a 2003 GXE. It has 15" rims with Michelin P195/60-15 tires on it. When you hit the slightest bumps in the road, it's like "BANG!" The same roads I drove with the Maxima, I didn't even know the bumps were there. Don't get me wrong, comparing the Maxima to the Sentra is like comparing apples to oranges. Not even the new Altima compares to the Maxima in driving comfort. My neighbor has a brand new 3.5 Altima. The interior is the cheapest looking interior I have ever seen on a car that stickered for @25k. But I'm sure some people love the new car's "fresh" look. To each their own, that why we call them opinions. By the way, I did own a Yugo for about 4 weeks back in the late 80's. It was given to me for free (HAHAHA....LOL) and my friends and I used it for a baja buggy until we blew the engine. We beat the heck out of it. Would pick it up and put it sideways at the store parking lots, just to get a good kick out of people's reactions when they saw it. For the record, the Sentra is much better than the Yugo.

    I still havn't called Nissan on the defroster/compressor issue. Too busy at work and at home w/ three kids.

    Good luck with your LE.

    Best regards,
    Tony P.
  • Read your question above about Mobil 1. See my post a few up #1498.

    I have had great success with the Mobil 1 product. I run it in my Honda engine on my powerwasher, my Craftsman SnowBlower and Lawn Tractor and both my cars. I researched oil a few months ago after seeing an episode on the Speed channel talking about oils. Some professor tested a bunch of oils at some Univeristy and concluded that the Mobil 1 was the best oil out there. After only like a 1,000 miles, petroleum based products begin to breakdown very quickly. After thousands of miles the Mobil 1 held about 90% opposed to Castrol GTX that was like 67%. I've seen Dyno runs too where the better lubrication reduced heat and made more horsepower.

    Personally, I've seen a big improvement on my 2003 Sentra GXE from switching to Mobil 1. I'd probably have sold the car this past summer if it wasn't for the improvements from this Oil, as I'm not very happy with my Sentra. Hopefully Nissan will fix the defroster thing (see above) and better, higher profile tires, will smooth the ride. It has P195/60-15's on it and I'm going to replace them with P195/65-15's. The taller sidewall of the 65's should eat up the imperfections in the road better. I can't see why Nissan even put a 60 profile tire on a commuter car. On the high-performance SE-R yes, but not on the other models.

    Best regards,
    Tony P.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    195/60 R15 tires are not that low in profile. It's a common size and is not the main reason why your ride is so harsh. My 02 Lancer has the same size tires and the ride is quite smooth and quiet. The harsh ride is a combination of the short wheelbase of the Sentra and the non-independent heavy rear suspension. 65 series touring tires will help slightly but just know your speedometer will be slightly off. It will read slower than what you are actually going. Didn't your Maxima have low profile tires? That was a commuter car wasn't it?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I was told that 195/65/15 might not work on the Sentra and to stay with the 195/60/15's. When I changed the wife's from 205/60/15's to 205/65/15's, the tire shop put it on the receipt that I had requested the change, eventhough they were not the correct size for the car. They had to cover thier [non-permissible content removed] in case a problem cropped up later.
    I suggest you ask Bret in the tire forum as he helped me with the wife's car and is quite knowledgeable.

    The Sandman :-)
  • machaanmachaan Posts: 30
    I got my GXE Ltd for $13k in the spring of 1999.
    Since then, I have driven this car in 30 states in 2 countires.

    The car has has ZERO non-scheduled maintenece till now. So far I have
    replaced only front tires, front brakes pads/rotors and wiper blades.
    Last winter, the car has always started on the first crack in
    -10F temps with three year old battery.

    The interior looks in better shape than my friend's 02 Altima.

    Best mpg: 38 trip to Montreal from NY
    Worst mpg: 18 trip to Minneapolis @ temp 15F
    Longest trip: 1150 miles, 7 states NJ-PA-OH-MI-IN-IL-IA

    Since 30k service, all I have been doing is oil changes for $12 at walmart.
    The drivers seat feels flat now. Need to replaced/fix it.

    The thing than most impresses me is the engine. The car cruises interstates
    at 80mph in the low 3k rpm. It still has power to spare at that speeds. It
    can do 95 mph on uphills with a passanger at little over 4kRPM.
    The build quality is terrific. Not a single rattle! I hear some minor
    buzzes when the temps are in the teens.

    My biggest gripe has been floaty feel above 80mph; but it feels
    safe and secure upto 70mph

    Few months back I decided to replace it with 03 protege5 wagon. I changed
    my mind afer the test drive. The 5speed Mazda felt gutless when compared to
    my 4speed automatic which has 0.4L less displacement. Mine also gets better mpg.
    If Sentra comes with a wagon in the next redesign, I will get in a heartbeat.
  • mwcoxmwcox Posts: 13
    Plagiarism, I know....
    I got my GXE Ltd 5spd for $14k in March of 1999.

    The car has had ZERO non-scheduled maintenece. So far I have only replaced the tires, front brakes pads/rotors and wiper blades.
    The interior looks looks great. Paint still shines, despite my neglect.

    Best mpg: 41 interstate
    Worst mpg: 32 interstate with AC
    Longest trip: 850 miles
    Mostly interstate miles, commuting 2hrs/day.

    All I have been doing is oil changes for $12 at Walmart and tire rotation. Get tires at Wal-Mart, buy protection plan. I have only bought 2 of the last 4 sets of tires on this car. Those tires never last their expected thousands of miles. Kudos to Wal-Mart Service.
    The thing than most impresses me is the engine. The car cruises interstates at 80mph in the low 3k rpm. It still has power to spare at that speeds. It can do 105 mph on interstate.
    The build quality is terrific. Not a single rattle! I hear some minor buzzes in the dash when the temps are in the teens.
    Within the last week the clutch has developed a squeek and the exhaust has developed a rattled at 1400 rpm.
  • machaanmachaan Posts: 30
    Douglas XTRA Trac. $35 each - installed.
    After 20K miles of aggresive driving more than
    50% thread left. This have to be one of the most
    economical cars to own and maintain.
  • My sister's been wanting foglights installed on her '02 gxe, but the dealer price seems to be a bit too high (@ $250)..

    ..anyone know if these can be had for cheaper elsewhere?
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    I was looking around and I think the 2004 Sentra 2.5S may be the best deal going right now. With the same 165 HP engine found in the Altima, air, auto, CD and ABS as standard equipment, plus the added floor mats, splash guards and cabin micro filter, the sticker is $17,530. But, Edmunds says its TMV is $16,179--and after rebate ($1500)--you're looking at a selling price of $14,679. That's darn good, IMO, for the money! Of course, it gets better if you don't need the 2.5 engine. I'm interested in hearing the accounts of 2004 model owners.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I have the same vehicle, except its an 03 and its called the 2.5LE. At the time of my purchase, I received $1000 Cash Back and 2.9% Financing for 60 months. The current $1500 rebate, at least around my parts, can only be combined with a 4.9% rate for 60 months. Its about even, in terms of mo. pmt.

    After about 17K, I have had ZERO issues with the vehicle, it is quicker than any other auto equipped car at a similar price/size point, though MPG is only about 27 in a mix of city/hwy.
    Nice thing about the Sentras is that the side airbag protects head and chest, one of the few in the class that offers this combo. (ION has side curtains, but no chest protection, Civic and Corolla offer only chest....). Offhand, I belive only the Elantra, Accent, and possibly the Protege offer similar side airbag protection.
    I think its a pretty pert handler, tackles off ramps. Seats are supportive, cockpit comfortable and well designed, but the ride could be better.
    Rear seat seriously outclassed, in terms of room and comfort, by most other offerings of this size.

    Unless there is a significant need for added fuel economy, I strongly recommend the 2.5L in this car. Off the line, certainly surprises lots of unsuspecting posers in high peaking 140hp Celicas and 160hp RSXs, especially if they've got autos.

  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Thanks! I had a feeling it would be a good handler. You say the back seat is tight? Is putting 3 people back there one of those things that only works in theory? You say the ride could be better? What about the ride do you not like? I do think the 2.5S could be a great sleeper as 99% of the folks you run across would never guess it had 165HP! In 1991 I bought a new Sentra SE-R with (I believe) 140 HP and that thing would scoot--and it surprised many people as well. I can imagine how this would drive with 25 more horses.
  • I owe a 1993 Nissan Sentra 1.6 engine. It gave me nothing but quality. This car lasts 265000 miles until it starts to smoke. I work on my car for 1. brake job (no one touches my brake). 2. General maintenance such as every 5000 miles I change oil and oil filter. Every 20000 miles I change the PCV valve. 3. I do preventive maintenance such as check oil, air filter clean up or replacemtn, etc...

    Now, I have a Japanese used engine intalled for 850.00 dollars which include engine and labor. I do spend extra 200 dollars for water pump (new one not rebuild one), engine front and rear seals, EGR valve from dealer, transmission seal (good time to replace when engine is off the compartment), all hoses and drive belts, spark plug wires, spark plugs, rotar, etc.

    Now, my car has 305000 miles on it and runs like new.

    My Nissan made my every penny worth. Thank you Nissan!
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