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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Just a warning guys. The brake light switch on my '03 GXE went bad the other night and I had no brake lights. I knew something was strange when the center brake light did not reflect in the back window wednesday night. Who really knows how long the lights didn't work, for I've been home on a job related injury since June 1st and haven't driven the car at night since then.
    The service writer was very shocked that the brake light switch failed on a car with 12.8k miles on it. He ordered a new part and the mechanic rigged the bad sensor to work until the new part comes in from Jacksonville so at least I'll have functioning brake lights.
    The fun of car ownership. Luckily Nissan is handling this as a warranty issue and my service writer is a pretty nice guy.

    The Sandman :-(
  • ottomaticottomatic Posts: 12
    If I recall correctly, there should be contact names and numbers in the documentation you should have received when you got your vehicle -- stuff like owner's guide/manual, warranty booklet, etc. -- that lists who you can complain to.

    Supposedly in the documentation, Nissan states customer satisfaction ranks high in their mission and purposely lists company representatives at the regional, district, etc. level who you can contact to resolve the unfair and poor treatment you are getting from your local car dealer.

    Like someone said earlier in this discussion, I encourage you and Nissan, the automaker, supposedly does, too, to voice your complaints and keep going up the "food chain" of Nissan management until the matter is resolved to your satisfaction.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    The part finally arrived on saturday morning and had it put in saturday afternoon. All is well with the GXE now. Very relieved to have brake lights again.
    Now, if I could only get the gas mileage up a bit, I'd be a real happy camper. I still am pleased with the way the car rides, very smooth with the 15" wheels on it.

    The Sandman :-)
  • Because it's summertime, I started using the air conditioning on the 2004 Nissan Sentra 1.8S more regularly.

    I noticed the A/C makes a sort of wet "gurgling" sound when it's in use and shortly after; this may be a silly question, but is that normal?

    (The only reason I mentioned it or ask was I don't remember such a noise on the previous car I drove.)
  • I just calculated the mpg on my 2002 GXE 5spd. I was kinda disappointed that it was 20mpg. Granted, this was all in town driving and I do have a tendency towards hard (well spirited is probably a better word) acceleration, but still....

    I just filled the tank and am now making 100 mile round trips on the highway, so pretty soon I'll have numbers on that too.

    BTW, is it normal for the fuel pump to rn a few minutes after the car is turned off? I notice a whin coming from that location for a few minutes after shutdown.

  • I just wanted everyone to have an update. I contacted all the #s in the manual- nissan consumer complaints & nissan BBB. Nissan consumer says "it's been escalated to the parts coordinator", all supervisors are out (really they said that to me) and the parts coordinator can assist. The parts coordinator says ETA is week of August 28th (over two months later). He says that he won't tell me if Nissan will pay for the rental ($ 250/ week) until the part arrives. they may pay they may not pay. He didn't have a manager to speak with me and now he won't call me back.

    I've never in my life (well no I work for ATT and I've seen ATT miss treat customers like this). I am trying to get the car fixed so I can sell it and buy a new car. I really don't want to but I don't have any other alternative. I am afraid something else will happen. I certainly will not buy a Nissan.
  • Damn...that's no way for Nissan to treat customers, sorry to hear you've had such a miserable experience with the automanufacturer, but thanks for enlightening us.

    If you haven't already and feel inclined to, you could try your local Better Business Bureau or state's Attorney General's office, who may be able to put some pressure.

    I'm always amazed when businesses, companies mistreat their customers -- don't they know bad p.r., even word of mouth, is more damaging to them then they can imagine?...

    Maybe your treatment by Nissan is an isolated incident; for other Nissan owners' sake, I hope so. But it's best if Nissan owners and drivers like yourself share their experiences, good and bad, so we call all learn from them....
  • I've already contacted the BBB. I actually purchased a new car yesterday- not a nissan. This experience certainly may be an isolated experience but everyone from the sales folks at the dealer, the service center, to Nissan consumer has told me that I am out of luck because i didn't purchase an extended warranty (but since I am past even that warranty of 60K miles- I have 82K) it is what it is. Who would think that a part would be on back order for aprox 3 months. Now when I purchased my new car I got a 100K bumper to bumper warranty

    Anyone need a 2000 Nissan sentra GXE 82K miles- fair condition. I will say this is the only problem I have ever experienced. If someone wants to deal with fixing it (part is on order) I'll sell it under cost (just to get over this) and they can make an easy profit.
  • 2002GXE with 5spd got 31.5 in all highway driving. I really figured it would be a bit higher....

  • erik26erik26 Posts: 1
    My new (350 mile only)2004 sentra 1.8S rear door window rattles along with the interior part of door when I try to bring the window down.
    ( the interior cover jerks when I opearate to bring the glass down)

    Any suggestions....
  • mmx6mmx6 Posts: 18
    Do any of you guys have annoyingly grabby brakes? This complaint has been lodged against the G35 a million times, and I've heard one mention of it on the 2000+ Sentra. After a few weeks of driving my 95 200SX SE-R (Sentra) in a brake-heavy commute, my knees have been killing me ever since from all that leg lifting needed for smooth braking. One explanation is that the pedal itself is mounted too high. In my car, I measured the pedal's surface being over 5 inches above the ground surface it's perpendicular to. Is that a lot?

    Can anything be done to make brakes less touchy, or is this one of those fixed engineering designs we're stuck with for the life of the car? Can we buy an aftermarket pedal that's angled differently, or better yet, simply adjust ours so the default position is lower?

    Here's the Sentra article that mentioned the habit: ra3.htm
  • Just to let everyone know. I STILL DON'T HAVE THE PART! Nissan keeps telling me oh it shipped it will be there next week and then next week and then next week. This part has been on order since the end of June. I am gonna be near 4 months soon. What is going on. Has anyone ever heard of this before? I think they have some serious inventory & shipping issues and now my wallett is getting hit. I can't believe Nissan would treat someone like this.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Brought the car in last week, and they said 22 mpg in the city is acceptable. Even called Nissan...and they basically blew me off. This will be my last Nissan product. To bad to, we love our '01 Altima, it seems to get better mpg's with the bigger engine.
    Have already done the Toyota thing, guess we'll try Honda next time!
    Rented a '04 Grand Am last week in New Hampshire and drove it down to Baltimore...not a bad car actually. Comfortable and the mpg's were great for a 6 cylinder car. With all the hills I encountered in Westchester, it didn't miss a beat. It hauled a-s to! Didn't care for the funky red dash lights though. Would actually consider buying one in the future!!

    The Sandman :-(
  • I just went to Nissan's website and noticed they have info. about the new 2005 Sentra, but I didn't take the time to read it all.

    I did take their virtual reality, 360-degree tour of the interior-exterior of the 2005 model, but didn't notice any differences from the 2004.

    Anyone know how long the 2005 Sentra has been out, available? And what are the more important design, specs. changes from the 2004 model?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Noteable: the 2.5S model is dropped. There is a 1.8S package that adds the 16 inch alloys from the SE-R (NON Spec-V), as well as rear spoiler, and a few other things. Cruise control and trip computer now standard on the 1.8S. The 1.8 model gets the upper console compartment and body color door handles that used to be available only on the GXE/1.8S. Getting ABS and Side Airbags on the 1.8S requires checking off most if not all options boxes, but that is nothing new with the Sentra line.

    Finally, somewhat of a surprise: the next-gen Sentra wont be available until what appears to be calendar year 2006: (taken from

    "The Nissan Sentra will continue to be Nissan’s core entry in the compact passenger car market in North America. It will be re-engineered to meet consumer demands for a stylish, economical and performance-oriented small car. The next generation of the all-new Nissan Sentra will be introduced in 2006."

    Thats a bit too long for this model. By that time, the car will be seriously lacking in rear-seat room, refinement, interior convenience, and fuel efficiency. Its a good little car for the money, and I love my 2.5LE, but without the option of that model (or the 2.5S) I would have probably by-passed the Nissan dealership.

  • Okay so to be a fair person I figured I should let you know how it turned out. The part arrived yesterday and the dealer fixed the car right away. I am picking up the car tonight. The dealer didn't cut be a brake- aprox $800.00 for the part and instal, but Nissan is sending me a check for the 4 weeks I had a rental (Minus taxes). So at least I am getting something $760.00 from Nissan. Mind you the rental wasn't that much because I bought a new car in August. However, at least I got something from Nissan- I suppose they could have gave me nothing at all. Although they should have paid for my rental all along. 3 1/2 parts waiting for a part with out a commitment from Nissan that they would pay for anything and paying insurance on a car that didn't drive for that time was/ is aweful. I still won't ever buy a Nissan again but by paying me I may not tell as many people about it anymore.
  • After hearing this story I think I will stay away from Nissan. I was planning on buying an Altima but I think I will look at Honda for my next car. Thanks for sharing your story customerx.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Do you think Honda is any different? They have an even worse warranty and reputation for service than Nissan. (check out the JD Power rankings for dealer/service satisfaction... Toyota and Honda occupy the bottom).

    The key in purchasing any Honda/Toyota/Nissan is to do a little research and find a dealership that will truly support its customer base. Having a dealer that will work with you through any issues, including getting corporate attention, is very important. For the named makes, find good dealers can be hard.

  • Alpha, I've never had any problems with the Honda dealer I currently use for maintenance on my '95 Accord EX. Of course I haven't had any problems with the car like cusomerx had. The only dealings I had in fixing my '98 4Runner was semi-bad. My warrenty went out the first week in January and I tried to have the antenna motor fixed near the end of January. The Toyota dealer at first refused to fix it under warranty but relented and met me half way with the cost of repair when I gave them a poor rating on their questionaire. I have since changed dealerships for maintenance work.
    I was very impressed with the Altima when I had one for a rental car for 10 days.
    Thanks for your imput Alpha, I do value your opinion.
  • I recently purchase a used 2004 Nissan Sentra, still under warranty. Now, when i drove it home, everything was great. But as notice, when i would drive it hard, or would greater need for acceleration, ex:like passing car's or merging. After i would arrive at my destination and let the car sit, then go back out to the car and try to start it, it would try to start, chug and chug, so i would stop, and try again, and with a little more chuggin it would finally start. Now, it only does this when i driver at higher speeds. Doesn't effect it when i'm driving around town or anything like that. Now i had my local dealership look at it, and they found nothing wrong with it, but it has to be something wrong. I spoke to a mechanic i know, and he said it sounded like a fuel problem.
    So i was wonder if you guys have idea or suggestions, so maybe i could point somebody in the right direction, or check it out myself.Because i do not want to be stranded somewhere if this thing gets worse.
  • Since it's under warranty, that's good. Try another Nissan dealership nearby, maybe another dealer may find the problem. Maybe if you own a "1.8S or 1.8" you shouldn't really rev it up, those 2 models aren't exactly made for performance/racing. I own a '02 Sentra SE-R Spec-V and rev up to 6500 RPMs all the time, but I don't get the "chug-chug" problem like you. Well, hope Nissan finds the problem.
  • Well, its been in the shop for the second time as of today. Dealership wasn't able to "duplicate" the problem, all they did was adjust some air flow regulator or something along that lines. So far it seems ok. But i haven't been out since i brought it home from the dealership. I spoke to another mechanic i know, and he said it sounded like a fuel issue. Seeing that the main time it happens is when i drive at higher speeds, as in on the freeway or passing cars, not being a rally racer or anything like that, its a 1.8S , so i know it has limits as towards speed and all that. But it still should have troubles starting after i come out and try starting it after its been sitting for 30mins or more. Oh, and another thing, the MPG has gone down, the model is supposed to be getting 28-35mpg, but i check it last couple of times I've been filling up, and I've been getting 26-28 mpg... now that really made me think it was some kind of fuel issue... so I'm really confused, so i hope that maybe this trip to the dealership today fixed it. If not, I'm about ready to take it to my own mechanic; voided warranty or not!
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    My mileage is no where near what the EPA says. Dealer checked it out, and all is within specs. Wish I had bought the Corolla!

    The Sandman :-(
  • Well, i've talked to a few mechanics out there about EPA. Sentra's supposed to get 28/35 or something like that, i get mileage like that of a V6 SUV lol! It's in the style of driving, if you're a high-revving happy driver like me, don't be surprised about your gas mileage. But if you're the calm and steady driver, not going past 3000 RPMs, then i would assume there's something wrong lol. (Don't forget, sometimes brand name gasoline makes a difference)
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    It is almost totally impossible to get the EPA value! I drive, with light foot, in which many will cut ahead, and keep rmp under 2500, what it kill it is the stop-and-go, if you stop all the traffic light (red), the mileage will be crazy! Also, the tire pressure is @ the right amount! If you get 26-28, on "pure city" driving, is very impressive, my mileage with 80% highway driving is slightly higher than EPA city! lol... try hard to work on your MPG
  • Otto,
    I like my 2004 Sentra, for the most part. Bought it in February 2004 and as of Nov. 10, I have 26K on it. It is in the shop right now, bad right front suspension, trunk lock assembly and poor gas mileage. I track all my miles and average 29mpg with a 1.8L where the EPA sticker says it should be 35mpg - never got it. With 26K in 8 months, you can be assured it is not city driving. I was told by the service manager that 29 was not unreasonable. I countered that a 20% reduction is unreasonable. If you are buying for mileage, take a closer look at Honda or Toyota - forget Nissan, whether 2005 or not. I got hoodwinked, never again.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    You "average" 29MPG. Those are your exact words. If thats the average, you have lower MPGs and higher MPGs in there. I'm sorry, but with regards to MPG, its caveat emptor, as the EPA cycles are very very defined conditions. If you were truly buying for mileage, you would have surely noticed the Corolla's significantly higher MPG (3-4 gallons per mile), and gone that route. Im sorry, but I do have to agree that 29 MPG average is not a problem in your vehicle.

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Having had 2 Corollas previously, a '88 FX and a '96 DX, I will agree that Toyota's are top notch when it comes to higher mileage in their automatics. 3 to 4 higher mpg's are actually about right. I've finally resolved myself to this fact and am enjoying driving my Sentra GXE now. It rides like a much bigger car, and the brakes beat Toyota hands down.
    With only 2 problems which were fixed under warranty, the car has been very reliable in the 1 1/2 years of ownership. And my kids really like driving it. So far, it's met it's desired purpose for our family, a cheap to keep and own vehicle. It does what it's supposed to do!

    The Sandman :-)
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Glad to hear you're happy. I love my 2.5LE. Poor cupholders and a tight back seat are my main complaints. You definitely hit the nail on the head.... Nissan's brakes offer a much better pedal feel to me than do comparable Toyota's (though the Corolla pedal and capability with ABS are actually quite decent)

  • 6020160201 Posts: 6
    I saw an ad in the paper for a new 2005 1.8S automatic for 9,995 at Nissan dealership in chicagoland, is this a real offer, or just to get me to the dealership.
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