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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • I just bought this car and ive encoutered some problems with the throttle body when im in first wit the clutch compressed or out of gear, the rpm bounces from 1 to 15 to even 2 and im not even doing any thing, its like it wants to take off. The problem goes the other way as well sometimes it will stall out for no reason at a red light rpms get under 5 n she dies on me, i really need some help if any one knows any way to maybe clean it or if it happened to some one what did you do to take care of it..... thank youu
  • I bought my 4th new Nissan Sentra in 2002. Until that time I was a devoted Nissan fan. However, that changed quickly. Little things began going wrong such as fuses blowing, the paint started coming off (no primer--just paint over bare metal) and the engine light coming on. That's just naming a few of the problems.

    I later found out that the year my car was manufactured was one of the years that Nissan took some drastic shortcuts trying to save money. Well, good going, Nissan. I'm not the only faithful customer who will never buy another of your cars!!!
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