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Ford Expedition fuel pump problems



  • My service was performed at Jim Tidwell Ford in Kennesaw, GA. Not only did they install the standard length Expedition fuel pump in my '07 EL, but they also paid for my rental car from Enterprise (on-site agency) for two days while it was repaired, at no cost to me. Granted, my total bill was over $925, but at least it was fixed within a week.
  • I can't seem to get anyone to put the smaller pump in my expedition. Even my ford dealer. They just won't do it. Nor will the give me a rental. Glad that you your ford dealer cares, wish that they all did.
  • My 2007 EL died on July 1. Was told, August 1, then August 19. Now I'm told they are shipping in7-10 days. I'm paying for my own rental, I'm paying a car loan, and insurance on a car that I believe is never going to get fixed.
  • I have a 2003 Expedition and just fixed a problem of it randomly stalling. Check out the following forum :
  • My fuel pump just went out too and I can't find it any where. I've been down about a week now.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    Are you Expy owners looking for a Ford OEM pump? I see some aftermarket ones over at (and presumably other online auto parts stores).
  • After a 4 month wait i finally got the call from the dealer today that the fuel pump for my 2007 Expedition EL Limited arrived. I dropped everything i was doing and went straight to the dealer to get it before it disappeared. Good luck to everyone that is still waiting. Hopefully you will get yours soon.
  • My 07 EL died again yesterday after having the 119"WB pump installed about a month ago. New ETA is October 28th for the OEM replacement. Long story short.....the standand length Expedition pump failed. Anyone having any luck with aftermarket pumps?
  • twofac3twofac3 Posts: 1
    Whens the last time someone talked about and expedition and fuel pump issues? Because i wanted to know if you guys tried replacing the fuel filter... which filters trash within the gas itself?
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