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Older Acura TLs



  • ctlctl Posts: 129
    not yet, that is. If recent history is any indication, Acura left question mark on "2004 having completely new tranny". Also, they do the recall on groups, like boarding a flight, first trucks, vans, suv, cars, then VIN from a to b...
  • jrkellyjrkelly Posts: 21
    Well, the article said early 2004 TL's so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed. That would really suck if my two week old car gets a recall notice. That might take some of the love out of our relationship!! :)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    It's quicker, better handling (stiffer suspension, plus HPT option), better brakes and more fun to drive. Not to mention a transmission that isn't likely to be recalled.

    For those that have the option, I can wholeheartedly recommend the 6 speed manual. As does my service manager who put over 225,000 miles on a Legend GS 6-speed that never so much as needed a new clutch.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I probably would have at least considered the 6-speed IF Honda had offered the Nav with it in Canada. I guess they figure Canadians would have trouble changing gears and looking at the Nav screen at the same time!
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    You're kidding me right? You're comparing a 1998 A4 to a 2004 TL? A 2004 A4 hardly compares much less a 1998 A4.
  • armandarmand Posts: 178
    As an owner of both cars I can tell you they are both very good cars and in many ways comparable.
  • falcon74falcon74 Posts: 67
    I am considering buying a 2003 TL. I know the TL for 2001 and 2002 had tranny problems. Did they solve the problem for 2003?

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    As someone who has tested the 2004 TL and A4 (quattro), I can assure you that the TL is superior in terms of its navigation system and sound system. The interior of the TL is also quite nice. In many ways the TL is a more luxurious car -- and the 6speed manual we drove was "mighty" (as was the torque steer).

    The Ultra Sport Audi A4 had navigation lite, but it seemed exactly dead on accuracy wise to the Acura. The interior was "less fancy" but seemed, overall, of a higher level of quality and fit and finish (subjective, but the Audi was real wood, at least). The Bose system in the Audi was nothing compared with the DVD-audio in the Acura.

    The handling and driving of the Audi, however, was significantly its strong suit. The torque steer of the Acura was so severe that we had to fight the steering wheel during all but the tamest and least aggressive maneuvers.

    Both cars have merit. The Acura, sitting still or motoring down the highway at a pleasant 80mph is a most pleasant place to be. Throw in some particularly entertaining twisties and it becomes a little too demanding. The Audi, a little more spartan, is nevertheless a comfortable chair both sitting and driving and especially when negotiating the twisties -- it is very well planted to the pavement and despite its somewhat anemic power (compared to the Acura) should be able in "the real world" to better the Acura when handling prowess is of utmost importance on all kinds of surfaces and under all kinds of coefficients of friction.

    To each his/her own -- certainly. But to claim the A4 hardly compares with the TL is accurate if your meaning is to [somewhat harshly and somewhat unfairly] "dis" the Acura.

    The Acura, based on what I know and what I've read would "blow the Audi A4 away" if Acura sees fit to keep the manual transmission and add the RL's AWD to the option sheet. In the mean time, the Audi is just as much a "contenda" as the Acura, any day.
  • vinceb81vinceb81 Posts: 39
    Noticed my 2004 TL dash board has finger prints and appears dirty. Do not want to use armor all. Any recommendations?
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    ohh, I am sure the handling on the A4 is better than the TL. Heck, a $20,000 mustang has better handling than both. My point is that an A6 is a better comparison in terms of engine, room, features, and interior than the A4 is.
  • dtate99dtate99 Posts: 122
    What's wrong with using Armor All? I've used it on mine and it gives a healthiness to the dash plus helps deter such things as fingerprints and dust. And even just a wee little bit followed by buffing with a clean cloth seems to help the plastic radio display panel from accumulating fingerprints and scratches.
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Posts: 177
    Sorry for the late post, but my DSL went down for about a week.Yes I have a set of Pirelli Winter 270's, I believe. If I remember correctly, they are 225/45/17's, which will work just fine. I had these on my 98 BMW M3 and they were fantastic in the snow and really handled well in the dry. I found extra TL rims on ebay, so all I have to do is throw them on in November. From what I've read, the Turanzas suck in the dry and are pretty bad in the snow, too. Kuhmo, has a great high performance all season that is supposed to do exceptionally well in the dry and the snow, too. When my Potenzas wear out I will purchase them for year round driving. They are about $90.00 at the Tire Rack and are rated very favorably. The Potenza are an OK tire and I'm glad I got them over the Turanza's. Wouldn't pay $200 a piece for new ones, though. Drew and Lee and the boys in Springfield are pretty good fellas. Hope this helps.
  • Has anyone purchased an extended Acura warranty.
    Needed? Terms and costs would be greatly appreciated.
  • vinceb81vinceb81 Posts: 39
    Just did not want the shine. Thanks. I will use a little Armor All.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You might want to go to the Advanced Search on the left side of the page and look for "Armor All". What I would do is tick "Search within message text" then limit the search to the Maintenance & Repair board. It's been discussed in the various "car care" discussions there.

    And there is this archived discussion: Armor All Protectant available for reading.

    Personally I've never used Armor All but it can be a "hot button" issue here in the Town Hall, so I thought you might want to continue your research. There have been lots of thoughts about it posted around these parts. :)

    Hope this helps.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    I've had my TL for several months now and one of the most annoying items is how long it takes to cool down the car on a REAL HOT day. Specifically, if I get in a real hot car (i.e past 100 degrees), the fan on the air conditioning never goes above the two of three bar fan speed mark (fan goes to up 7 speed bars). I'd expect it to go right to the MAX fan speed much like every other automatical climate control system I have owned to quickly cool down the car.

    Is this normal for the 2004 TL??
  • armandarmand Posts: 178
    Mine does the same thing but I just push it up manually. I assume this is they way it's designed to work for some reason.
  • I have purchased the extended warranty for my 04 TL Navi in April 04 when I bought the vehicle. The warranty comes in different forms from no to some deductible and what is covered for how many miles to the max of 100,000 miles.
    The plan that I bought was supposedly the best, called 'Platinum Plan'. It's a zero deductible, 100,000 mile or seven year coverage of everything including navigation system, wheel and tire damage etc, etc. The cost was 1495 dollars. If you dont use ths warranty your 1495 will be returned back to you at the seven year or 100,000 mile.
    Just be aware of the exclusions of coverage which among a whole host of things includes water leaks, rattles, paint chipping, etc. I think these are the most likely issues one may encounter with time but these are excluded. Just buy the plan with a little pinch of salt if you know what I mean.
    I am still debating whether I should or shouldnt have boght the plan! Good Luck,HK
  • rich48rich48 Posts: 21
    I drive a 00TL with 65000 miles. The car looks and runs like new. I love the new TL but can't seem to justify a trade as my car runs so well. Will the mileage and age compromise reliability? When is the point where a car becomes less reliable and a trade can be justified?
  • Well bought the 04 TL on Saturday. Dealer very willing to negotiate with End of Month. Asked when I would take delivery, stated now. With a look, salesman could not have the car prepped at 3pm. Oh well, I am looking forward to Monday evening.....
    Dealer mentioned no break in period. Drive normally. Oil/Filter changes every 3500 miles.... Any opinions?
  • 1violinist1violinist Posts: 338
    "Dealer mentioned no break in period. Drive normally. Oil/Filter changes every 3500 miles...."

    It seems that this dealer cannot read! The ACURA owner manual says otherwise. There's usually a break-in period of at least 500 miles, preferably up to 1,000, where you vary RPM speeds and avoid revving the engine too high, etc. Oil change is usually around 5,000 unless you operate the car under "severe conditions". Just follow the manual and forget about your wise dealer! ;-)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    I bought a 2004 TL after milking my 1995 Nissan Maxima SE for 153k miles. And I decided to keep it as a back-up to relocate to our second home. It still runs like new, is cosmetically good and it's overall performance is not that much behind the new TL. However, having paid $21,000 for it in 1994, I figured I got my money's worth, with less than $1,800 per year depreciation (considering I have an offer to sell it for $4,500).

    I suspect your 2000 TL w/65,000 miles has a lot of life left in it. Unfortunately, it's only worth about $13,000 on trade in according to Edmunds. That makes your decision not one of necessity, but one of preference. You will be paying roughly $20,000 to upgrade from a 2000 to a 2004, not including taxes. And then you need to ask you what 2008 models will be tempting you. In my opinion, trading every 3-4 years can be expensive, but it's only money.

    P.S. I only kept my "fun" car, a Honda S2000 for 2.5 years and it cost me $10,000 in depreciation, so I'm not throwing stones at anyone for following their emotions.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I am about to go in for my first oil change on a 2004 TL 6-speed. The indicator shows <20% oil life remaining at 3,400 miles.

    Anyone here have an opinion on switching to Mobil 1?? I have 153k miles on my Nissan Maxima using nothing but standard Castrol dino-oil. But my 9,000 rpm S2000 saw nothing but Mobil 1, even from the factory. The TL is a lot closer to the Maxima in engine characteristics, but I'm inclined to go with Mobil 1 if there are any benefits.

    Thoughts, recommendations appreciated.
  • Regarding the Acura TL tires. I have read complaints on OEM Bridgestone tires. Is there any suggestion/replacement for an All Season replacement?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Another resource for tire research is this discussion on our Aftermarket & Accessories board: Ask Connor at the Tire Rack. Connor is a Tire Rack rep who is hanging out there to help out our members.

  • olegdolegd Posts: 3
    Does anyone know what the residual value American Honda Financial is giving for a TL (non-nav) after a 36 month, 15k miles lease? I was a dealership today and the sales dude told me it varies between 53 and 56 %. Is it that low?!
  • jkgreer2jkgreer2 Posts: 42
    The Acura service department representative that I visit has advised that a blend such as Castrol synthetic, but not a pure synthetic oil(Syntec), or a high quality alternative brand, should be used. I have asked both Acura and Honda service representatives and they suggest a non-synthetic is fine if changed every 5,000 miles. Pure synthetic oil such as Mobile 1 or Syntec should provide more engine protection. I have not received any explanation from a dealer for not using Mobile 1 or Syntec. If someone has more insight, please advise. I seek advice within the upcoming month. Thank you and best regards.
  • 2003tls2003tls Posts: 100
    As an owner, I can definitely say "no!"
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    hi...we were looking at cars., saw the audi A4. S4, volkswagon, and ended up at Acura dealer,,,,and talk turned into offer...we liked the only model they had, a 2004 TL, silver metallic, navi, auto, A-spec package, etc....and so we bought it.... !!!

    we were not even thinking about buying, but thought, what the heck....

    we will get a trade in with the XG300, so that willl ease the blow.... :)

    Picking it up sunday....
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