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Older Acura TLs



  • Thanks for the lead. I have a pretty extended buy horizon, no sooner than March 1, so I would much prefer to buy from a local dealer to develop the relationship etc. My local dealer is currently looking into an "air-trade" for my first choice MT TSX. They claim TL's are no problem on ordering lead time since they are made domestically.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    I think many states (like Cal) by law don't require affixing license plates on the front, although most cars still come with a front mounting block, and most owners still affix the plate, since state still sends two of them to each car owner.


    I've come to notice though quite a few Acura TL and TSX on the road don't have that installed, while others do. I am wondering if this mounting block is installed by factory or by dealer, and/or you can un-mount it? Looks like some owners like to show that Acura name on the front bumper. Anyone knows what's the deal. You ask dealer not to mount it, or you undo it yourself?


    Come to think of it, not many car mfgers carve its name on front bumpers.
  • Front plates are always mounted by the dealer. They are universally ugly. If you live in a state that does not require a front plate, make sure you insist the dealer not install the bracket. If you do, my condolences on your state required uglification of your brand new, expensive vehicle.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    I might have been wrong. CA does require it and so dealer will install it. Some owners choose look over law I guess, assuming that law is not CHP-sensitive. Well I guess I'd just think of that as part of 'pro pack'.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,266
    In my experience, the front bracket is shipped with the car.. usually in the trunk..


    Dealers in states where the front plate is to install the bracket and put an advertising plate on it..


    They do that sometimes in states where it isn't required (like KY), but usually just leave it in the trunk..





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  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    I think you are right...CA DOES require least in several East Bay cities...


    I got a ticket when I parked my boxster....and took it to another officer...who took one look at the car and said " those cars look better and were not designed to have front license plates !"..then he signed off the ticket as fixed.


    I don't have front plates on any of my cars, including the TL...looks better that way...but will put one on if the cops crack down on them...
  • I had a 4 year old 1990 Legend Sedan with a 5 speed that was mint. I had the hardest time selling it on my own because it was a manual. Everyone loved the car, but "oh, it's a manual?". I practically had to give the car away.


    If you're leasing, it's a different story since they take the car back.
  • kkftzkkftz Posts: 15
    I've been visiting this board for about a month, and have found it to be very helpful. The manual vs. auto is a tough debate... My test drives included the Cadillac CTS, Lexus 300's, BMW 3's series to Audi 4's & 6's to G35 and the TL. In the end, I netted out on the TL manual... why... while the TL was not the #1 vehicle in any one area, when I looked at the over all picture of the things that we most important to me(price, interior design, exterior design, driveability, maintenence, gas mileage & dependability), the TL came out on top for me (IMO). The best advise I can give others is spend some time to really determine what is important to YOU... write it down, and do your own ranking against these criteria.... and DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE (I actually had fun test driving cars over the past two months). I'm pretty anal at research, and to be honest, it came down to the G35 & the TL for me(primarily due to price). I loved the ride of the BMW (especially the 330i), but I didn't like the interior space & price after adding options (significantly higher than TL & G35). I loved the interior design of Lexus, but was not impressed w/the driveablity (wasn't sporty enough for me). The g35 & TL's seemed to offer a nice combination of all of my factors, and in the end the TL was at the top of my list due to significantly stronger interior design (IMO...G35 actually edged out the TL on driveability... but not by a large enough margin based on my own weighting). In addition, I was also impressed by all of you TL owners on this board... most of you have had wonderful experiences w/Acura's, and that was also noted. While you've had some issues, if you want to have fun some day, go to the Cadillac CTS forum website and read their feedback... very high % of unhappy consumers.


    As for manual vs. automatic... while torque steer is definitely noticeable when cornering & pulling out "aggressively"... I still went with manual, as it is just a completely different experience vs. automatic. For those who love manuals know what I mean... as for resale, well, I'll have to deal with that at some point, but between now & then, I'll enjoy the ride. Although it was funny, a few dealers commented that they are actually getting more folks coming in asking about manual's... it's still a auto market, but the manual market seems to be growing slightly after years of decline (especially in sedans... where soccer moms and dads are looking to spice it up a bit).


    Thanks again to all the participants of this website, as it's been very helpful.


    FYI... purchased TL, Anthrocite 6 speed w/Navi... ended up putting the spoiler package (front, side, rear and truck lid) for a bit of a different look on the road. After negotiating on and off the internet, was able to land at $400 - $600 over invoice (est. due to not knowing the exact spoiler inv. cost).


    Best in the new year to all.
  • Thank you for the detailed report. I am about two months behind you, looking at the same vehicles and issues with a planned buy date of Mar 1. On the AT v. MT issue, I went back and read the archived topic and you join a universal chorus of TL 6MT owners who insist they've made the right choice even though acknowledging torque-steer and a touchy clutch.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Ha, maybe yours is one of those I saw on the road that's no front plate. Did you take if off yourself as I think dealers in CA are supposed to put it on by law. I don't know if every CHP officer would sign yours off, but it seems like you got a CHP account setup for that matter anyway. To me it's not ugly enough to wait for CHP's opinions tho. Good luck, and be careful in tight parking. It's indeed a bit of shame to cover TL's front.
  • deekmddeekmd Posts: 12
    I bought the Blue/Quartz and it looks just fantastic! Since every single other TL I have seen on the road is Anthracite, I decided to look at another color, and I think the blue looks totally sharp.. i like the black also. The Quartz interior is key!
  • Visited my opposite-side-of-town dealer this week and test drove a TL. Every TL on his lot had a very noticeable circular cut on the right front bumper about one third the way in from the right edge. The circle was about 1.5 inches in diameter and it was obvious the bumper material had been cut through. I asked the salesman about it and he said it was a knockout plug to a tow bar. Never heard of such a thing. It looks terrible, you can see a black ring around the paint at the cut. Are they all like this?
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    I actually got to use my the day before Thanksgiving when I put my TL in the ditch. Just popped to circle and screwed in the eye-bolt. Attached a tow strap and a truck was able to pull my TL free from the ditch. There really was not another place to attach a tow strap had it not been for the 'circle' on the bumper.

    VW's have them on some of their cars.

    Honestly, I don't even notice it 99% of the time.
  • Does the car come with the eyebolt?

    Then does the plug reattach securely?

    Hope you didn't hurt your new TL.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    That's called a ditch extraction hook and it's required in Europe.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,094
    Ditto, deek. My neighbor has an '04 Anthracite. Couldn't have two in the 'hood! Of course, this N.E. winter is going to drive me insane trying to keep it clean and shiny! My Dad in Florida has White, so that ruled that color out, too. I also considered the emerald green, but blue matches my son and daughter's eyes...


    Something about the Camel just didn't appeal to me. I think it was the "plood."

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • I agree, mine is black/quartz. I had reservations about buying black but had choice of black vs. anthracite in 6 sp on the lot. Chose black/quartz over antracite/ebony and glad I did. It's very sharp when it's clean... My dad has a 99 V6 accord with the same color scheme and it still looks good. Blue isn't a very popular car color, but I'm always drawn to that color. IMO, the TL is sharp in every color except that beige. It's just a good looking car.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    If you watch any parking lot and observe the color distribution of cars you'd find simple (less colorful) colors (black, white, gray, silver..) are just more popular than 'loud' (more colorful) colors (red, blue, green, yellow). TL is no exception. Most people are still a bit conservative/conventional in picking a color to cover all over their car.


    Same thing may go for interior colors. Among the four color choices in TL, Camel is the only uncommon one. The first time I looked at it I felt it too strong and rich and too 'tropical.' Since I like the wood trim better (well I know they are not real, but neither are the carbon fiber ones) I was going for Parchment. But the more I go to dealers and look at some of the Camel ones the more I started to like it, esp. on louder colors like red and blue TL. Now I begin to view Parchment a bit too bland, which I used to like best actually.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,094
    Actually, I'm beginning to see more blue (and variations) cars. Wife's car is white, my M was Platinum (silver/grey variation) and as igiban mentions, so are 75% of all cars out there! Time to be blue and get the trend rolling.


    Be different! Be blue!

    The Camel interior was (still is) just too much of a contrast for my tastes. Again, mostly the blond plood accents. To each...

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • Maybe this topic is not as important.. but it comes standard.. so here goes. Was looking for a discussion on using a non-bluetooth phone in our TL that comes standard with bluetooth capability. Anyone cares to share his/her experiences?


    I have VzW and have used Motorola V710 and it works just fine.. but want to know if anyone else has any experience with using non-bluetooth-ready cell phones. If so, what device is used and how is the voice quality? Thanks.
  • markianmarkian Posts: 17
    Does anyone know when the TL will have a Type S version with all wheel Drive. Hopefully, there will be reduced torque still with this future model.
  • ktnrktnr Posts: 255
    I think they call it the 2005 RL, no?


    If not, then how do you figure an AWD version of the TL that can pay for it's development and tooling costs and also not cannibalize sales from the RL?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Yeah, I agree, if they offer the TL in AWD, they may as well discontinue the RL right now, given that there is only a 30 hp difference, that the TL has about 85% of the creature comfort, plus the sizeable price difference.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    FWIW, I have the Abyss Blue with Camel interior, and I love it more and more everytime I look at it, plood and all. I had reservations initially about the Camel being too yellow, and now I think it just goes spectacularly with the Abyss Blue.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,094
    Initial impressions of my TL as compared to my beloved Chrysler 300M (one last moment of silence, please). Thank you, let us begin:


    I do miss the driver's seat ingress/egress feature that my M had, but that's about it so far! TL build quality (panel gaps and consistancy)is quite superior to my M. The TL ride is much quieter, engine, road and especially wind noise. Note however that I'm in the break-in period so I haven't topped 70mph....yet. The ride is a bit smoother and handling crisper, but again I'm comparing a brand new car to a 6 year old...


    Styling in and out is at least, IMHO, equal to that of the M. The TL is a very handsome beast and, especially for a Honda product, distinctive. The interior is cool, functional and well laid out. The blue instruments are lovely although with sunglasses on a bit harder to read. Maybe I just have to adjust the brightness a bit. And the DVD-A sound is too cool. I'm just listenting to the DVD-A supplied with the car, but WOW!!! With AM/FM/XM (for now)/casetter/6 CD there is an overabundance of listening pleasure available. I'll use XM till the 3 month period is over and probably not sign up.


    The tranny is better in the use of power than the M (4 speed vs. 5 speed may account for some of that?). Not a lot off the line immediately but once you get going, it pulls nicely and continuously. Haven't played with the manumatic yet, though.


    In a nutshell, the TL is making the transition from the M pretty easy.


    And Abyss Blue is a rockin' color, especially all clean and shiny as it is now. Rain/snow/sleet coming the next few days, so goodbye to clean and shiny! Quartz is a good interior, not too bright or subdued. While I didn't like the shading of the plood (nothing against good plood, just the color choice) in the Camel, the dark faux carbon fiber doesn't thrill me either. Take the (real) wood from the E class Mercedes, throw it in the TL and I'm happy. Actually, I'm pretty happy now!

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • Congrats, LD. Thanks for the comparo, its in language I understand. I'll look forward to your ongoing impressions as you get it broken in and exercise it a little bit. Initial questions from an M owner still on the outside looking in:

    1. Why no re-up on XM? Its one of the features I'm looking forward to. 2. I had tan leather in my M and now have black in my ES. Talk to me about quartz. Isn't the dash still black? Doesn't the contrast bug you? Both of the above were monochromatic throughout the cars.3. As far as clean, weren't you one of the Zaino maniacs on the M board? 4. What the hell is "plood"?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    plood = plastic "wood" :)
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530


    BTW, I thought most wood in cars are plood, unless it's in steering wheel or shift knob. No?


    Even for plood, some look better than the others. TL's looks fine I think.
  • Guess I would have thought in a car the level of the TL it would be real wood.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,094
    Thanks, Indy.

    Re: Xm. I just don't feel the need for the service. I'm an inveterate channel hopper, so if one station isn't what I want, on to the next. Plus, some commercials are actually useful! I'm old, so I've got quite the collection of casettes (hey, at least they're not 8-tracks!). And enough CDs... As I said, an abundance of listening choices.


    Re: Quartz. Gee, I'll have to remind myself! But I believe the top of the dash is black, which is actually quite a startling contrast to the Camel (the Camel seems very "bright"). Quartz/Aluminum/faux carbon fiber is more muted and elegant to my eyes. My M interior was Ebony, a dark but stylish interior. Good AC in the M!


    Re: Zaino. I kept meaning to order Zaino, never did. While I do hand wash my ride weekly in the summer (and do the best I can at no-touch washes in winter) and wax (Nu Finish) 2X/year, I never got quite Zaino-psychotic! Plus, I'm lucky enough to have a garage. But, with the rich Abyss Blue color (vs. the cool Platinum Metallic) maybe I'll start drinking the Zaino Kool-Aid!


    Driving home tonight, I did feel there was more road/tire noise than earlier but that could be the road surface. I've got the Potenza's. Are they the evil tires oft written about here? I'll have to search.


    Also, so far, I liked the 300M trip computer more. No compass in the TL, not that that's a big deal. TL does have tilt down side mirrors when you back up though, useful. Gave it a little more gas on the way home, tranny was quick to kick down. That's good...


    And, hey, my salesman just called to see how I like the car/any questions! Nice, if the other salesman had been more proactive...?

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

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