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Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry



  • This is my first time posting on the boards! :) Anyway, I just got a 2000 Toyota Camry LE and it has taken me awhile to get used to the styling of the new Camry (compared to the '03 Accord which I warmed up to instantly). It looks frumpy in the front and not as sleek as the '97-'01 Camry or as sleek as the '06 Accord. However, the interior of the car is a different story. Personally, I have always preferred the Honda Accord over the Camry any day of the week. Just a sportier car, and I like that. It was my grandma's car, but she passed away in Feb. and the car was left to me. She came really closer to getting a '00 Accord EX but she liked the Camry better. Heck the '92 Accord LX she had was sportier than the '00 Camry LE I have. But I still love it anyway. Sorry if this post seems pointless.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    At some point you have to say enough is enough. Not sure what the car is worth but that $500 will get you up to $2100 which hasn't added any value to the car. May be time to unload it.

    I had the same dilemma with a minivan a few years back and regretted that I didn't sell it a year earlier. I actually had to give it away (12 years old, 140,000 miles) to the local homeless shelter. Didn't get a single call when it was advertised in the newspaper at a very reasonable price.
  • petomlinpetomlin Posts: 103
    Seems like your '94 Accord has served you well. :) Now treat yourself to a nice new car. Before long you'll begin to regret putting money into the Accord. Make the move. Especially since there is another car on the market which appeals to you.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Welcome to the boards, buddy! Don't worry, pointless posts tend to run rampant around here, and yours actually seemed to know what it was talking about. Look forward to bloggin with ya!
  • Thanks for the welcome! I have loved cars since I could talk and now being able to own one that I have always liked is a dream come true!
  • alrjalrj Posts: 11
  • alrjalrj Posts: 11
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Ok, alrj, I trust you. No reason though to use all caps when posting. (Its considered bad form). We will see what Honda comes out with when it arrives. If they push the envelope as they did with the new Civic which is now way ahead of the competition, then it may be a very good vehicle. With that said, its a matter of personal preferences between the top 2 vehicles in a very crowded and very competitive segment.

    You may want to read Edmunds 4 car comparision of the Camry, Sonata, Accord, and the Fusion (if you have not already done so). Its kind of suprising that Camry just barely edged out the Accord. I would have thought that it would have been a bigger score (bigger victory) for the Camry. Lots of good comments though on each vehicle (pros and cons).

    I usually get an invitation for special test drives on Hondas' new vehicles, so we'll see if they extend it on the 2008s. In my last two Honda surveys, when purchasing the 2000 and 2004 Accords, I made comments that they should extend the warranty to make it competitive to Toyota, in addition to other surveys/market recommendations. I like to think my comments were read by the bean counters at Honda...but probably not.

    Right now, I would not pay over $2k for a new Camry LE 4. I don't think its $2k better than my 2004 Accord LX sedan. The styling is pretty good on the Camry though as are the additional airbags. I'm waiting to see one of the car magazines do the same test as Edmunds, but make it a battle of the 4 cylinders.
  • alrjalrj Posts: 11
    okay u are comparing the new generation of camry to the current generation of the accord, u just dont do that. all i can say is toyota cam can have its fun now we all know what happend last time when yo thought the 02 cam was ahead of its class then there was the 03 accord which dominated :P
  • alrjalrj Posts: 11
    the new 07 camry looks like a blown up toyota echo i am postive that the 08 accord will run right over this car, just take a look at the all new civic the design is something that u wouldnt think to see on a civic it even has an option for a navi system which is way ahead of its class. toyota might want to try again before 08 gets here
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Uh, we might want until the 08 Accord is a reality before we declare it a winner over the Camry that actually exists today. :)

    By the way - using some punctuation would make your posts a lot easier to follow.
  • fsowirlesfsowirles Posts: 195
    I don't know what world you are living in, but a comparo is done with currently available models. Taking your logic, the next Accord will get trounced by the new Saturn...whenever it comes out. See how silly that is? ;)
  • fsowirlesfsowirles Posts: 195
    just take a look at the all new civic the design is something that u wouldnt think to see on a civic it even has an option for a navi system which is way ahead of its class.

    Navi ahead of it's class??? Mazda3 has offered Navi since introduction in 2004. ;)
  • binubinu Posts: 81
    I am currently trying to decide between the Camry LE 4 cylinder and Accord LX SE 4 cylinder. I have received similar quotes for both vehicles.

    In my opinion:
    Pros for Accord:-
    - Driving characteristics; however not sure if this still holds true as I have not driven the new Camry yet. I know, the Camry SE may be worth looking but all Camry SE's here seem to come with spoilers which I dislike.
    - Sharp and Simple Looks

    Pros for Camry:-
    - 2007 model vs 2006 for Accord- I am not sure if this helps in resale.
    - Can get a LE w/Sunroof. On Accord, I would need to upgrade to EX and this means more $$.

    I will need to test drive the new Camry.
    I guess, I will end up with the Camry if I find that the performance of the 4 cylinder is comparable to the Accord's 4 cylinder, especially while passing.

    Has anyone done similar comparisons? If so, appreciate your comments.
  • mattgg1mattgg1 Posts: 191
    BINU -

    I was in nearly the exact same position as you a few weeks ago, and narrowed it down to the Accord LX SE vs. the Camry LE or SE.

    All of the "pros" you have listed for these two cars are true. Here are some additional opinions based on my test drives of these cars:

    - If you are looking for a well-handling car that wants to be driven, the Camry LE is not for you. It was way too cushy and soft for my taste. The driving characteristics of the Accord LX SE are much better.

    - The handling/driving characteristics of the Camry SE are much better than the LE. However, I still slightly prefer the Accord in this area.

    - Also, the SE unfortunately comes with those silly-looking lower body moldings and no fold-down rear seat. The body moldings appear to have been thrown on as an afterthought to make the car look more "sporty", and the fixed rear seat can be a real inconvenience.

    - While the styling of the Camry is new/different, I don't think it will hold up over time. Give it 3 years or so and it will look very dated. While the Accord styling is understated and somewhat bland, it will still look good 5-10 years from now.

    The 4 cyl. engines are comparable, and it is unfortunate that you can't add a sunroof to an Accord SE. However, I decided to purchase the Accord SE, and I don't regret my decision.
  • suzeessuzees Posts: 22
    Well, owning a '02 Camry, LE for 4 years and recently purchasing an '06 Accord EX-L, I can give you pretty good comparisons. Both were 4 cylinders, but the 4cyl Accord is 166 HP, which is more than the 4cyl camry. And I can really tell the difference also. The accord has much better get up and go than the camry.

    Of course, I own the Accord EX-L. The reason that I bought the Accord EX over buying the '07 camry (which I would have gotten the XLE), was that I got a much better deal than I could have gotten from Toyota. For what I got with my EX-L, I would have had to pay $2,000-2500 more for the toyota.

    The new Camry's seem bigger than the previous models. And the camry is bigger than the Accord a bit. I can tell the difference in the front seat of my Accord. But, regarding the Accord, I think it's very comfortable, especially with the leather, it's a sharp looking, quality car.

    I'd recommend the Accord highly. :)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Um, The Camry will be out for 18 months before 2008 Accords are on dealer lots. Lots of cars will be sold in that time, so a comparison IS in order between both CURRENT models (07 Cam, 06-07 Acc)
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    " While the Accord styling is understated and somewhat bland, it will still look good 5-10 years from now."

    That's assuming you think it looks good now, which many don't. ;)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I surely hope you aren't casting stones from the Camry's glass house, buddy.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Easily the most subjective aspect of a car, is it really worth debating?

  • fsowirlesfsowirles Posts: 195
    Good point, Alpha. The Accord is bland, and therefore BORING, IMO. See, opinion's are just that. By definition they can not be wrong ;)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731

    By definition they can not be wrong

    I'll take bland over bumpy any day, though. I really don't think the Accord is bland. Conservative, yes, but it's what keeps it looking up to date 10 years down the road. I doubt the Mazda 6 with its bulbous taillights and Pontiac-busy/flashy wheels will be nearly as new-looking down the road. I could be wrong though.
  • henry3henry3 Posts: 22
    I guess styling just by itself is very subjective therefore hard to argue one way or the other. As for me, I like the new Camry's styling, not sure of its longevity, but for now it looks good in my eyes. As far as Accord vs Camry, as far as I'm concerned these are really different cars. Just few days back I test drove both the 07 Camry and 06 Accord, both V6 versions, Camry LE and Accord LX. My current car is Audi A4 3.0L Quattro, before this I had Accord V6 Coupe and before that BMW 328. I like the german cars, it just feels more attached to the car/driving experience. As such, Accord is closer to that feeling than the Camry, not close enough but closer. If my wife eventually forces me to get a mid-20k dollar car, it will be the Accord. As others stated, Camry just feels too plush, too comfortable. Nice car, but not for me.

    Good luck everyone.
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Agreed, they are both good cars. If he is getting the 6 cylinder version, I think the Camry SE is the best version, and by far is ahead of the equivalent Accord.

    If he is going with the 4 cylinder Camry CE/LE versus the DX/LX Accord, you may want to go with the Honda Accord. It has better handling, more horsepower, and better fuel economy (per the infamous EPA Windowsticker), especially when comparing PZEV units. The Accord has a very smooth and powerful 4 cylinder coupled with an awesome 5 speed auto tranny. No hesitation whatsover with the Accord's 5 speeed tranny.

    If you are shopping price - then the Accord may be the winner. But I would recommend that you wait until May. Honda has always started incentives on the Accord in May, specifically f-t-d. I think by late May, Toyota dealers should be well supplied with Camrys and they will probably deal more around Memorial Day. My two local dealers are now beginning to burst with Camrys - 27 and 37 units.

    Best of luck with whatever you buy.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Have you actually driven an Accord DX? The vehicle lacks a rear stabilizer bar... try an avoidance manuver and see how steady the vehicle feels... then tell me that it handles better than the Camry...

    And then of course, the Camry has 4 wheel disc brakes, which the Accord DX/LX lack.

    For our enlightenment, what exactly do you mean that the Accord has 'better fuel economy, especially comparing PZEV units'.

    There have not been alleged hesitation issues with the Camry's 4c and 5A. The hesitation issue was with the OLD, DISCONTINUED V6 and OLD, DISCONTINUED 5A. But its nice that you brought it up anyway....

    Also, FWIW, what does your local dealers having 27 and 37 Camrys indicate? Anything? I'm not aware of the point your making. The Camrys are not being discounted, and as I noted on another thread, the vehicle is selling well enough that volume discounter has actually RAISED their selling prices recently.

  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    I can not comment on engine/tranny hesitation on the Camry or other Toyota product, its too bad if you experienced that problem. However, as a Toyota owner, I have never had that problem. So, its not clear what you are even talking about.

    As you may/may not know Honda had problems in the late 1980s and 1990s with engines/auto trannys/other tranny problems that hesitated or did not always shift ideally. This is now gone, and if you ever owned/driven the current generation 4 cylinder/auto Accord, it shifts very smoothly. You can ask other owners who have driven Hondas/Acuras over the past 20 years, as I have, about engine/auto tranny hesitation/shifting problems, and those who have the current generation Accord.

    EPA rates the 2006 Accord 4 auto as having slightly better fuel economy. Please refer to the EPA website, 2006 Honda Accord brochure, and the 2007 Camry brochure, if you even believe those infamous #s.

    Getting a better/worse price depends on what is/on the lot. Dealers that have more stock on hand may be willing to bargain a bit more. Time of the month is also a factor. As the inventory gets larger, when supply catches up with demand, presumably one could get a better price.

    Finally, "Camrys are not being discounted." Oh really, in the whole U.S.? That's too bad if that's the case in your area. However, making a broad statement like this lacks logic, and basing it on one dealer raising prices on their internet is not indicative of anything. Its kind of like saying that the stock market is going up because Intel stock is going up.

    I know because my salesperson keeps emailing me, and the price for an LE -4 auto went from $20,900 plus TTL to $18,888 plus TTL as inventory has caught up. Other posters have gotten similar offers, so yes there are discounts. If you are geting forced to pay MSRP or above on an LE 4 Camry, then you may want to shop elsewhere, or just wait a bit.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    1) Given the context of your post (comparison between Camry and Accord), I thought the comment you made in regards to hestitation and the Accord was referencing the Camry's issues with the previous generation 3.0L V6 and 5A. My mistake, but your post was not clear as to why you even referenced hesitation...

    2)I know that the Accord is rated slightly higher than the Camry in EPA figures. My question to you was around your comment "especially PZEV models".

    3) By discounted, I meant the word incentivized. I should have used that word to avoid confusion and that is my fault and I apologize. There are no factory to dealer or factory to consumer incentives on the Camry right now.

  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Ok, we concur. More clarity for the both of us would have been better.

    I only can compare the PZEV 4 cylinder auto units since this is the only info I have that I compared those numbers to. I could not get a non-PZEV unit in CA, nor am I personally interested in a V-6 Camry or Accord (just a personal choice). By the way, I'm seriously leaning towards the Camry LE 4 due to the styling, extra safety features, etc. However, I'm personally waiting for a "Big Memorial Day Sale", or at least hoping for one.

    #3- Of course there would be no incentives, its not a Sonata. By the way, Alpha, you are a trouble maker, you riled up the mid size comparison board a bit (just kidding).
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I am a trouble-maker ;) ... that's why they keep me around! I just a facts junkie, and I'd like to think I can admit when I make a mistake.

  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Don't worry for what its worth, I got your back on that thread. I posted twice agreeing with you on the Sonata, and the article you cited is a fact. Take care.
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