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BMW 5 Series - Battery Problem



  • This is a response to brngmynwtcha's post, have a '08 550i which just got back from a routine service which I paid $1,200+ for and also Paid $69.95 for a vehicle scope check which is supposed to be a multi point inspection apparently that a profit for the dealer since battery died completely 2 days after getting my car back which makes me suspect, of the multi point inspection since they never detected this issue. I also see high battery drain error messages on a regular basis and have to reset time and date a lot, this started happening while car was under warranty, dealer would keep my car for days and tell me they were doing draw test on every single system and would call me after a week and give me a BS solution to the problem, last one was my rear comfort access was faulty and was replaced at no cost to me and this fixed the problem but started having same issues a month later!!!! Car is awesome except for this major electrical / battery issue.
  • I thank you all for posting your battery issues. I have a 2009 528i that left me stranded in a parking lot. Called tow truck to take the car directly to the dealer on a Thursday evening. Come Friday, I was told the car was ready for pick up and that all it had needed was to recharge the battery. I showed up to pick up my car on Saturday. After browsing the new models for a while, decided to get it appraised for trade-in value. Would you believe that they ran it , parked it and then could not start it again! Well, it was obvious that I would not be going home in my car that day. So, I gave them the keys and traded it for a X1 which has less bells and whistles.
    After reading your postings, I'm relieved to know that my suspicions were correct. At least now it will not be my problem and the Dealer will have to figure out and correct the problem if they want to make a profit.
  • safeman7safeman7 Posts: 1
    I just encountered a battery issue with my 2007 525XI and the car is still being repaired (4th day). I left my car at the airport for 3 days for a business trip. When I returned the driver front window was open and some water was on the back floor. The car wouldn't start and the horn blared. I got a jump, drove for about 5 minutes an the horn died out. the next day when I went to start the car, the horn went off again, Brought it to BMW. They said the battery was at 60% charge, probably low voltage caused a module to blow and a short in the steering column and bad wire to the tire sensors. All this for a low battery which I did not have a warning about. oF course the car has been out of warranty for 8 mos..The car has been fine until now. Has anybody experienced this.
  • jb928jb928 Posts: 1
    I have a 05, 545i, just replaced the battery a few months ago .... have electrical problem after electrical problem .... sometimes 20 faults per hour!!! Car will roll down windows, engage cruise control, wash windows, change radio stations, even adjust you right into the steering wheel while driving .... no, much more serious than many have posted above.

    This month though, the car has decided just not to start. In trying to trace the current problem, I notice that the IBS is burnt out. I saw at least someone else mention this. I've found it for as little as $150 US but would like to know why this happened? I though with a degree in CIS, I might be able to handle these problems ... but it's not quitting anytime soon.

    I was thinking of checking the ECM as I here that many of these items send/receive info on a data bus of varying types back & for to the ECM. Any thoughts where to check myself?

    Jonathan Burke
  • i have a 550I and Im having issues with my fan fuse blowing out,would a bad battery also be the problem or a bad blower motor

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