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Infiniti EX35 Road Noise Problem

gordongordogordongordo Posts: 28
edited September 2014 in INFINITI
Just leased a 2010 EX-35, as superb a vehicle as I assumed it would be --- remarkable performance, looks inside and outside, and very comfortable.

One problem though: the road noise is higher than it should be.

Whether it's due to the engine or the Michelin tires I can't say. Anybody else notice the noise? And figure out the cause?



  • how about the roof rail?
  • Thanks for the reply.

    As it turned out, the noise problem wasn't due to the Michelin tires: I found that out when I road on an entirely new, blacktopped freeway surface a few miles. The Michelins were as quiet as any tires I've every had.

    What's more, the tires have developed a good tracking surface now, so even on the uneven surfaces of Santa Barbara streets, they sound pretty quiet too.

    As for the engine, it is a little noisier than in my Acura MDX 2006 that I gave my wife. Still, the noise isn't that bad.


    It's only on the composite freeway surfaces --- even those blacktopped over --- that the noise from the tires is loud. That, though, is true of my wife's MDX, using Continental Tires that I purposely put on because they are rated the quietest tires of all.


    No roof rails, by the way. A little wind noise perhaps is caused now and then by rushing by the big exterior mirrors. (Wish I had upgraded, by the way, to have automatic dimming exterior mirrors.)


    Otherwise, the vehicle is outstanding --- a pleasure to drive.

  • at_lastat_last Posts: 2
    Just bouht a used 08 EX35. Love the car but with the 18 inch wheels the tires are so loud I have to wear ear plugs to keep my ears from ringing.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    Is this a common situation?
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    The EX tires aren't directional so rotating them using an X pattern reduces noise. I don't find the 18" tires on my car to be abnormally loud. In general I find the EX to be a fairly quiet car for a sports wagon with V rated tires.

    With every car and tire combo I have owned there are some road surfaces and speeds where tire noise is louder or different.
  • tpw58tpw58 Posts: 5
    I have a 2011 EX Journey and it is very noisy. I had a 2009 Murano which was very quite. Im not sure if it's the car body construction or the tires. Want the Murano back!
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