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Middle Row Bench or Buckets?

fto13fto13 Member Posts: 4
edited June 2014 in Chevrolet
I've found a couple of 2008 LTZ Burbs that I like how they're equipped & the price is good. The only difference between two of them is that one has the middle row bench seat and the other has the captains chairs. I'm curious to hear from those that have either or have had both and get opinions on pros & cons of each. I'm leaning towards the one with captain chairs. Thanks to everyone for their inputs.



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    kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    We've had Sub for 15 years, and prefer the bench seats. Currently have 2007 LTZ. The primary roles we use the Sub for, are long distance trips......or hauling a careful of people (incl teenagers or kids). Both of those scenarios, in my opinion, favor the bench.

    The bench gives an extra seat when hauling a bunch of people. This weekend it is in use hauling a full car of girls across the state to a ballet performance....a people mover. Next weekend the 3rd bench comes out and 2nd bench folded down, as need to go out of state and haul some furniture back.

    On long trips, my girls each take a row and lay down across the bench, or rotate off with one of the parents who can relax.

    If you are just doing local driving, with few people, then that would probably favor the captain chairs (but then why are you buying a big Suburban?)

    I have captains chairs in a different vehicle, smaller Ford SUV, which forces us to use the 3nd seat when 5 are in the vehicle, as opposed to three sitting in the 2nd row.
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    fto13fto13 Member Posts: 4
    Are the two types interchangeable? I've found a 4x4 LTZ that's equipped the way that I need, but the it has the middle row bench. Can I swap out the bench for the captain's chairs? Is it straight-forward or are there brackets/electrical considerations or complications? Or other factors that I'm not considering.

    Thanks a bunch.

    Cheers, :D
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