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Mazda Millenia



  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Some magazines have tried to label the 6 as a replcement Millenia but its least Mazda does not think so.

    the mazda6 has more interior space than the Millenia. Front and rear head room, rear leg room and total passenger volume is quite a bit bigger than the Millenia.
    example...the millenia rear seat legroom is 34.1 and the Mazda6 is 36.5'' total volume in the millenia is 91 vs 96 in the mazda6. The only area the Millenia is a bit bigger is front seat legroom. beats the 6 by one inch....alot of people don't realize the Millenia has a small interior, not much bigger than the Protege. Its the long wheelbase and body that throws people off.
  • I'm thinking of getting an M because of the apparent good deals available. I have a 91 Protege, and I don't want the same highway ride, which is noisy and choppy on uneven pavement. It's also a high revving engine. Can someone contrast this with the Millennia? How about cost to maintain? There's some mention here about a $1000 service at 60K. Is that for the Miller engine? (I am not interested in this model). I think this car is one of the nicest looking cars I've seen. Thanks for any advice.
  • Fellow Millenia owners,

    First, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and will have a festive New Year's!

    I own a base model 1998 Millenia. It currently has 80,500 miles. When I bought it, it had 67,000 miles. The owner's manual suggests that if the car was purchased in California or MA, the timing belt needs to be changed at 105K miles; any other state at 60K.

    Of course I don't understand the logic behind it--Are California models built more sturdy? The Mazda customer service were of no help.

    If anyone can part wisdom upon me on this topic, including when is a good time to replace the timing belt, shall be the receipent of my adulance! LOL. Thanks.
  • I think it's because in California, with the tighter emission standard, all manufacturers are required to have it's timing belt warranted until at least 100K (I read this somewhere on this board), so Mazda doesn't require you to replace it until 105K. I believe this is true for year '00 and up or maybe even '99, but please check your owners manual for that.

    edmund2460, the ride on Millenia P is very smooth and quiet, unlike any current protege; not even close. Hoever, the S model is a tiny bit noisier and bumpier than the P model, but still better than a protege. If you're buying new, then you won't have to worry about changing the timing belt until 105K miles for the S model, I'm not sure about the P model; it might not need it, don't quote me on this. Good Luck, it's one heck of a car for the money.
  • sbisssbiss Posts: 9
    I have a 2000 Millenium Base (now P) and have been nothing but thrilled with the car. It has great styling, and it is nice to drive something a bit unique in this Accord/Camry world. In my opinion, it is the most value for the money, when you consider the hefty rebates and discounts.

    There are those who sing the praises of the Miller engine in the S, but I believe the 2.5V6 is adequate. It will not win drag races, but it can give you power when you need it. My previous vehicle, Probe GT with same Mazda 2.5V6, performed well over the 6 years I had it.

    Reliability has been reported to be as good as Honda and Toyota. The only problem I have experienced is some squeaky rear sway bars, which were replaced under warranty.

    I, too, once had a Protege years ago. The Milennia ride is head and shoulders above the econobox.

    I do not think you will go wrong with a choice of the Millenia, unless you are looking for resale value. The hefty discounts erode resale value significantly.
  • Csuftitans,

    Thanks for your advice. I called up Mazda's customer service again and spoke to another person who turned out to be a lot more helpful.

    The reason for the discrepancy is what you said--California's environmental law where the part is required to be in the car. However, Mazda nevertheless recommends servicing at 60K.

    I asked the Mazda rep if the timing belt in CA is built to last 'til 105K, and she flat out said "NO!"

    What I don't understand is why would they then put in the owner's manual to have it serviced at 105K? Wouldn't that be negligible?

    Anyway, I have to find out a good place to get timing belt serviced.
  • Hey guys just letting you all know that I finally landed a somewhat good deal on a 2003 Acura 3.2TLS.
    I got it at $200 over invoice-picked it up yesterday,so far so good.Apart from the snowy streets that keeps messing up the lovely White diamond pearl paint.
    I will be dropping by on this board now and then because I still have love for the Millenia.
    Between us-its a much better looking car than the TL.:)
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310

    how's the transition? Whats different (for better or worse) compared with the Millenia? (you had S, right?)

    And do you know if next year's TL will be based on the new Accord or they'll keep the old platform?

  • Does anybody have any suggestions for a repair manual for a 2002 Millenia S? The only thing I've been able to find online is a Chiltons that covers just about every car Mazda ever made, and ends with the 1998 models. I'm skeptical about how much info will be on the Millenia when so many different models are covered ( 323/MX3/MX6/Protege/626/Millenia/etc ). And ending with the 1998 model year, I suspect there are some differences in the 02's that would not be there. I asked my dealer about getting one of their shop manuals, but they are a tad pricey ( over $100 ), and they said not geared to the average do it yourself person.
    Also, anybody have any experience with a bra on their car? I personally do not like the way they look, and have heard they can do more harm than they prevent. But there is a gravel quary about 7 miles down the freeway, and the debris those gravel trucks drop on the road is starting to beat up my front end pretty bad. So I thought a bra might become necessary. My dealer says Mazda does not even offer a bra as an option for the Millenia.

    Thanks, Fred
  • To tell you the truth I am still in transition,just picked it up on 12/30/02.

    Right now I think it is for the better,don't get me wrong now, the two cars are great but I think the Acura wins on the following points-
    Engine 3.2 (tls) amazing power
    Interior is a bit more spacious
    Does a better job soaking up those pot holes
    Sequential Sport shift(fun to play with- I would rather the real thing.)
    I think the service is going to top that of Mazda's,they installed a set of mud guards for free and they also washed the salt and snow that was on the car.

    Overall I think the the fit and finish of both cars are on par.
    The Mazda white pearl paint is much better also the Mazda Bose is better IMHO.

    I am going to repeat myself,if Mazda had slap that Amati name on the Millenia and did the right upgrades and marketing this car would be right up there with the lexuses, benzes, bmw's etc etc.

    I will keep you posted on how the Acura is holding up.

    PS- I had the "P", but I drove the "S" for about a week.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    on the new 3.2 billyperks. I was at the veterenarians a couple of weeks ago. I exited the building with a couple that went to a new 3.2 TL sitting next to the sidewalk. I got a chance to take a fairly good look at it as I spoke with them. It really is a beautiful car and I hope you are happy with yours. They had just traded a Lincoln LS in on it and he had been very unhappy with the LS.

    My '01 P is at 8000 miles now, and the only news to report on it is no news. Up until this point it has performed flawlessly with no problem of any kind. It has had three oil/filter changes, and I rotated the tires at 7500. If you find your Acura as satisfying as I have my MM-P, you have made a good choice. I'll be looking forward to updates from you on the Acura, as I know you have been fair with your assessment of the MM. It should make a good comparison.

    I am sure you will find the extra power noticable, but still for my use I find nothing lacking with the MM.

    Happy Acura New Year.

    Edit: I got a tiny rock chip on the hood that I tried to touch up with the bottle of paint Mazda sent me. The problem is the touch-up paint is very thin (I shook the dickens out of it) and appeared it would not look good if I left it, so I wiped it off. Have the rest of you had that problem with the touch-up paint?
  • Thanks for the support- I will keep you guys posted on any faultiness with the Acura.

    As for the stone chips-Your best bet is to leave them alone.When I had the Millenia (pearl white) I tried to hide my stone chips with the touch up paint,turned out worse when I applied the paint.

    There are certain mishaps on a car that you just cannot avoid,what are you going to do? put a bra on? I would advise you not to - it takes away the looks of the car and in the long run it is going to scar the paint.

    If you do a lot of highway driving, I would suggest you stay as far back from the car in front of you- I know it sounds anal but that is one way of avoiding those nasty stone chips.

    Catch you guys later:)
  • After the first 2,000 miles in my 2000 MM S I have been very pleased. For Christmas it received a nice set of Sumitomo HTR+ ultra high-performance tires, and an unexpected brake job. Well, it has 55,000 miles and this maybe should not have been unexpected. The tires seem excellent, and suprisingly quiet. Handling has greatly improved, far better than one would expect with tires @ $89.

    I have noticed that the gas guage on the Millenia is miserably pessimistic. I let it go most of the way to "E" and I still have not put in more than 11 gallons. That takes me around 280 miles, but I know that there are still 7 gallons in there. A) Does everyone else have this problem and B) is there anything mechanical that can be done. I had a 280ZX with a marvellous split guage, showing the full tank and the last quarter. Mind you, the way it went through gas this was necessary...
  • sbisssbiss Posts: 9
    I am undecided about the look of the bra on my 2000 Millenia, but I purchased one for extended highway travel for front end protection. I purchased the bra from JCWhitney on the web; I think it ran around $70. Mazda did offer one back in 2000 for >$100. The Millenia accessory phamphlet shows a pic. The bra I have was made by LeBra. It is pretty easy to install with the exception of two tabs which slide between the headlights and the bumper area. One side has always been difficult to push in due to tight clearance with the weatherstripping around the headlight.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I agree the gas gauge in MM is very pessimistic.
    I always drive about 300-340 miles on a tank, with the gauge pointer getting all the way to E. Even then I can only put up to 15 gallons max (after mostly city driving). I never had the guts to run it up to, say, 380 miles on a tank.
    On the other hand after first pump shutoff I can still squeeze 2 gallons in - after that, the gauge moves off of F after 80 miles or so.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I'm just trying to gauge if the TL-S is worth the extra money... what was the difference between your P and TL-S? (I've paid 26K for my S).
  • Remember the Millenia was a lease, my capitalized cost was around $23,000.00.
    As for the TLS I paid 29,253,roughly $200.00 over invoice.But with all the Dealer holdbacks and back door transactions with Dealer and Manufacturer,they are the ones who get the long end of the stick.Hey, what can you do.
    I think its worth the extra dough if you are in it for the long run- say 15 years.
    With 228 miles so far the car is doing okay-no rattles, no sqeaks, solid as a rock.
    Your question regarding the platform-I really dont care if they change it, all I know is, this car is well put together. Secondly, I could not wait until summer.What if they changed it to resemble the Accord,then the TLS wound'nt even be on my list.
    I have to say this again-the power and acceleration is AMAZING,I feel invincible on the highway :)
  • Tom

    I think you were right with your assumptions.
    Looks like the 2004 TL will be based on the Accord platform.Car and Driver has a picture of the Japanesse Accord which they say will wear a Acura badge in the U.S.A with a few modifications.
    Good thing I got the 2003 year model.

    But what if they had made the 2004 Acura similar in looks the Millenia, then I would be upset.
    You or Frank Watson mentioned in one of your post a long time ago that we as the consumer cannot keep up with the Manufacturers.I think that is so true,I think we should all be satisfied with the car we have untill its useful life is over.
    If we try to get the latest model each year it would be like a dog chasing its tail.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    The 2004 Acura you speak of will be the TSX: basically the Accord sold in Europe and only available with a 4cyl that makes around 200hp.
  • Thought it was the TL, I did'nt even know Acura was adding another car to their line up.
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