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Mazda Millenia



  • mameomanmameoman Posts: 2
    thanks for your advice...I'll look up the previous info..cheers..Colin D
  • mnoochmnooch Posts: 2
    Hello one and all....I'm a newbie to this forum.

    I have a 99 Millenia with the V6/2.5 engine. My check engine light is currently on. Here in NY state if the check engine light is lit you automatically fail inspection.

    Now, not that I'm asking any of my fellow posters to violate any statutes, but would anyone know how I can get a hold of a service manual or some other form of intelligence that would inform me as to the proper reset sequence of the engine sensors? This is a dollars and cents equation for me at the moment....I'd appreciate your help, yo! :confuse:
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Just drive down to AutoZone and they will test the system for you and turn off the ce light for no charge. If there is no actual problem which is frequent, the light will stay off. If it returns you will need to fix the source of the problem which is usually caused by a loose gas cap or bad oxygen sensor. At any rate they will tell you the code and what it means as well as what to do to repair it.

    You can also find out what the codes mean by searching using Google.
    Good luck.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Our community is fortunate to have a couple of well-seasoned mechanics hanging out in our "Check Engine" light discussion - be sure to drop by (just click on that link) and get their take on your situation.
  • clint4clint4 Posts: 1
    I've got a 2001 Millenia with 98K miles. Took it in today to have the timing belt replaced along with an oil change and change of the plugs and wires. Total estimate is $1150. Ouch!

    The mechanic says it is just tough to replace a timing belt on a Millenia and that the wires alone cost over $200. I've always had a good relationship with the mechanic so don't think I'm being taken but - has anyone else dealt with this?

    All in all I've had tons of problems with this car - the check engine light never goes off in spite of spending alot of money on it, the seatbelt light goes on and off a couple of times a week, the cd player skips badly....and the transmission went out at 80K miles. I was quoted $7000 to replace it but luckily it was covered by Mazda. I'm not sure if I've just got a lemon or what but this is an incredibly expensive car to maintain.

    So 2 questions - anybody had similiar issues with high timing belt replacement and - in general - is the Millenia just a crappy car?
  • katdenkatden Posts: 1
    Hello all! I recently bought a 97 Millenia "l" with 108k miles. I have driven it about 500 miles and now there is this sqeaking noice whenever I go over the smallest bump in the road? Any answers to what may be causing this?

    As of lastnight the check engine light came from reading some of the posts, I need to go to AutoZone to see what they say? SIGHHH....I hope this is minor stuff....I just got the car :-(
    Thanks so much for and imput!!
  • rmexkcrmexkc Posts: 7
    Katden - my '98 S has had a squeak from the rear suspension for as long as I've had the car, I bought it w/ 20,000 miles on it. Get used to the check engine light....and don't be surprised if some other lights start blinking, my airbag light has been blinking for 30,000 miles.
  • bummed1bummed1 Posts: 1
    Purchased a 2000 Millenia S last year w/75000 mi. Now barely runs, coughs, etc., seals shot, smoke (blue/white) on start up. Need to replace the supercharger, I think...don't think I can spend $7000 on this. Does anyone know a reliable mechanic in the Bowie, Laurel, Crofton, Maryland area who can look into this for me? This was my dream car,,,but it turning into a nightmare. Have already spent to replace wheel bearings, brakes, etc. Replaced the plugs, one of which was nastily fouled with oil, but still knocks like a bucking bronco, and now will barely run. Can the supercharger be removed? HELP!
  • mmerchantmmerchant Posts: 18
    Please see the following that was posted previously by me:

    I had my 96k (60,000 mile) done recently at just over 100,000km. I got the timing belt replaced. I asked the technician who worked on my car about the condition of the belt. He said there was some wear, but I could have gone for another 10,000 -

    15,000 km without any problems. He did not see a need to replace the pulley belt and other seals and gaskets as nothing was leaking oil. As part of the 96K, the rear rotors and pads were replaced, as well as the spark plugs. The front pads were replaced at 48K, and they will need to be replaced along with the rotors in the next 2-3 months.

    The total cost of the 96K service was around $1350.00 Canadian.

    As noted by another user, the Millenia has a non-interference belt which means that you will be inconvenienced if it breaks, but it won't damage the engine. Obviously if you have the extended warranty, which I have, you don't want to delay any scheduled maintenance on the vehicle. Thanks

    With regard to whether Millenia is crappy - no it is not - it is a delightful car to drive. It probably has more of its share of problems due to the supercharger. I had one replaced. My other concerns have been mainly with the front and rear suspension noises (still to be resolved) as well as the air bag issue.
  • mmerchantmmerchant Posts: 18
    In my case the squeak on the rear suspension was resolved after replacement of some components in the stabilizer link. The air bag lights went off after air bags on passenger dashboard and passenger seat (at door) were replaced. The passenger seat air bag came on once again and it was being triggered as soon as someone sat on the passenger side or the seat was moved. Apparently this was caused by some lose wiring under the seat.

    The check engine went away after the O2 sensor was replaced.
  • I also have the '99 Millenia which has the engine light on at all times now. With the inspection coming due, I must get it off or it will not pass inspection. According to my mechanic, it is not hurting my car to have this on all the time. He has said that it will be rather expensive to replace this EGR. As I am not a mechanic, I have to trust his advice.

    Only other problem is the noise I seem to regularly get that sounds like it is from the back of the cdar as if there is a problem in back tire or brakes. I have had it checked and they sayu nothing is wrong.

    This is a nice little car that I bought used a couple of years ago, It just took me on a fairly long trip and did well in all ways. Seemed to do well with gas also. I understand I am supposed to use premium, which does not seem to make any difference since other people to whom I have talked use regular and still have the engine light on.

    Advice appreciated.
  • sassoonsassoon Posts: 1
    I'm new to the forum, but I read pretty often and I've been very pleased with some of the answers to problems that you guys give on some of these problems. Needless to say I've been going through some of the very stuff you guys discuss. I have a 99 Mazda Millenia S, and it has been giving me problems forever. What I do need to know, is there some where out there that anyone knows of that I can but Oxygen Sensors for it besides the dealer. I live in Louisiana, and they've got one heck of a price on them here. If I'm not mistaken the car has 4 sensors and two of them are some where around $200 each and the other 2 are approx $275 each. Can some one please help me with this issue.
  • I ran upon a web site for the oxygen sensors. It looks like I will be looking into this as the engine light does not go off. LIke suggested earlier, I will go to Auto Zone and see what they can tell me. In the past, I have gotten different codes,but it always shows the EGR valve. I understand that is quite expensive to replace. After reading some of these posts, I am beginning to wonder if I should begin looking at cars.
  • Hi all. New to forum and had some questions after reading all the posts. Seems the CEL is a common problem for Milly owners. I have a 2000 S that I bought used with 43k miles. I'm almost at 51k and today on the highway while on cruise control at about 65 mph the CEL came on.

    Was going to head for mechanic's tomorrow a.m., however, seems the recommendation is to go to Auto Zone first for a free computer read and code disclosure. Is this the suggested first step? And once completed, where should I go from there--other than finding code descriptions on-line to discern the actual problem?

    Finally, if it turns out to be oxygen or knock sensors as seems to be the case with other owners, do these have to be replaced--as they appear from other posts to be rather pricey!

    And by the way, anyone know a good Mazda mechanic in the Rochester, NY area?

    Appreciate any and all help/suggestions.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You might want to look into our "Check Engine" light discussion also. Good luck - let us know what happens.
  • Just returned from Auto Zone with two codes.

    1. P1601 which I'm told is a manufacturer's (dealer) code and will have to contact them.

    2. P0154 which points to a host of possibilities.

    off to the mechanic i suppose...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    If you want an answer here, please do post in the discussion I linked for you in my first reply -- those folks will help, I assure you. Either way, good luck and let us know what you find out.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    According to the 2002 Millenia workshop manual the P1601 code is a "communication line error (PCM - TCM)". It is an open or short circuit between PCM terminal 1B and TCM terminal 2K, or an open ar short circuit between PCM terminal 1F and TCM terminal 2N.

    The P0154 is "HO2S (Front, LH) circuit no activity detected". Possible causes are: front HO2S deterioration, front HO2S heater malfuntion, open or short to ground circuit between following teminal and PCM terminal - HO2S terminal A and PCM terminal 3M, insufficient compression, or engine malfunction.

    It sounds like these two problems are related. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • kherrmannkherrmann Posts: 10
    My 98 Milli S (75,000 mi) has a serious 1-2 second "flat spot" right off idle, especially when there is no load on the engine. When there is engine load, engine response is very good. No warning lights on. Dealer says (after 4 days in the shop) no vaccuum leaks and O2 Sensor is good. New plugs and fuel filter installed. He feels it is running too lean but can't find reason. Suggestions? Thx.
  • rochierochie Posts: 1
    Aloha from Hawaii...

    I just got a 97 Millenia and it seems the front passenger tires are squeaking over bumps. Also, when I turn the steering wheel from left to right, it makes a scraping/ squeaky noise. What could it be? :confuse:

  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Can you explain the problem a little more? When you say "flat spot" do you mean lack of power, hestitation or what? How much load makes it go away? How long has it been noticed? Did it just start to occur or worsen with time? I am guessing the dealer has witnessed your symptoms. Did he actually measure a lean condition?
  • nzigmanzigma Posts: 13
    My 2001 S failed a carbon monoxide test today with a reading of 9.15...normal being 6.21 g/km. It is rather surprising given the 30,000 miles on it. Any suggestions as to a quickfix. Having no knowledge about cars chances are that I'll be 'overdiagnosed' and 'overcharged' by the dealership. What could be the source of this problem ?? Thanks
  • I don't have an answer for the squeaking noise but the airbag light on our 2001 Millenia was due to a white connector under the drivers seat. You may notice a pattern to the blinking of 2 long blinks followed by 6 short blinks. At least this was the pattern for our particular case. The pattern gives an indication as to the possible problem. I was able to stop the blinking temporarily by pushing the connector together. After 3 trips to the dealership they finally fixed the problem.

    Good luck.
  • I am having the same or similar issue as well, sluggish off the line but exceptional power at passing speeds. I've noticed that when the vehicle is cold the performance is better, but as it warms up is when I notice the issue. I also will be running at a continuous speed (have felt it at high and low speeds) and I can feel somewhat of a surge. It is hardly noticeable, but it IS there. I have replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs, fuel pressure regulator, fuel injection flush, decarbon, throttle body cleaned... I think that is everything.... The problem still exists and have not seen any improvements with any of the actions I've taken. If anyone has seen similar issues and found a fix, please post.
  • rmexkcrmexkc Posts: 7
    Khermann, I have the same problem too. When I'm at a stoplight, it turns green, I hit the throttle, and it's flat - no response for a second. Feels weird. I've noticed during the humid weather we have in Kansas City, my '98 S runs rough - such as when it idles, it seems like something's clogged, same thing when I accelerate it seems like it's trying cough something up. It sometimes does this after it rains. The CEL starts blinking when all this happens. After I drive it for a few minutes, whatever's giving it trouble subsides, then the CEL will continue to blink for a day or two, then just stay on like it usually does.
  • Hi -

    Unfortunately, I don't have any advice for you at this point. I am, however, thinking about buying a 2000 Millenia S for myself and wanted to know a few things about yours before I do so I can try to avoid the same things happening to me.

    Did you have a mechanic (Mazda dealership or otherwise) look at the car before you bought it? Did they check the seals? Did the seals look ok at the time of purchase and develop this problem within a year? I love so much about this car, but I'm starting to get a bit wary after reading about some of the engine issues. I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice you might have.


  • hecklerheckler Posts: 3
    I have a 97 2.5 l Millenia, I replaced the All front Oxygen sensors with Generic
    sensors. The same product as the originals. You only need to strip the wire and
    apply the factory plug.. easy...

    The generic plugs go for about 50.00 bucks here in Miami. Try finding those plugs
    in your local professional parts store or send me a email (
    and I give you the name of the store in Miami. I'm sure you can work something out with them.
  • hecklerheckler Posts: 3
    I have a 97 2.5 L and I have done a complete tune up. I notice that I have been
    burning alot of fuel lately. Did I miss anything ? Pls help Im avrg. 16 mpg :cry:

    The tune up includes:
    rotor and cap
    fuel and air filter
    oxygen sensors.
  • hecklerheckler Posts: 3
    Sorry, its not 16 mpg its 13 ....

    Let me also mention that I had my throttle body cleaned.. can that have something to do with it ? :cry:
  • carchick2carchick2 Posts: 1
    I recently took my 1999 Mazda Millenia S (65,000 miles)into the dealership where I purchased my car for a routine check-up and asked them to replace the timing belt and other belts. They charged $794.00 to change the belts, rotate the tires, and replace the oil and filter. I felt this was pricey, but I was willing to pay it because I love my car and it rides/drives like a dream. However, I received a call from the dealership saying that when they test drove my car, the tranmission was sputtering and slipping , something that had never happened while I drove the car. They say that I must have a new transmission ($3600) but fortunately I have an extended warranty that will cover all but a $50.00 deductible. My question is could the mechanic possibly have messed up the transmission during the test drive? Could changing the timing belts have caused transmission damage? They also said that one of my catalytic converters went bad and they replaced it for free. Is it possible that my car just happened to start falling apart during preventitive maintainence, or am I just being taken for a ride? Please help!
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