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Mazda Millenia



  • wadiewadie Posts: 5
    Dave I think we could be driving the exact same have a '98 with the 2.5L and have been using regular octane (87) since I purchased the car...I have had no other problems with the car until lately with the HOLD light blinking off and on and the sluggish acceleration. When the hold light is blinking off and on I get a jerk when I am riding then the car is having a delayed reaction and shifting....I took it to the Autozone shop today hopefully they will have the answers for me.
  • Wadie, let me know what Autozone discovers. I had Autozone analyze the blinking engine light. Two codes were present--one for the knock sensor (I knew that already) and one for a "misfire at cylinder #4". He reset the car, and the light no longer blinks, which I assume means I am back to the one known problem of the faulty knock sensor.
    When I discussed my harsh shifting transmission with the dealer, he asked if the "Hold" light blinked. In my case, it does not. I mentioned the "Hold" feature in my prior message only because that is the way I successfully avoid the harsh 1-2 shift (start out gently in "Hold" then cancel "Hold" so that I can utilize overdrive, then repeat the process when I have to stop again). I will do so until I decide to trade it or fix it.
    Another contradiction by Mazda dealer vs. reputable independent: One says that, if I do the 100K tune-up when they replace the knock sensor, I will save the "overlapping labor". The other says "the book doesn't show that any of the labor overlaps, so there is little or no savings doing the two together.
    Answer to #3580's "Heated Seat": I had our driver's seat heat unit replaced under warranty. Whether or not the dealer was being accurate or not I don't know, but he told me that the part price was in excess of $1500.00. (heater coils, seat foam and more come as a unit). Please verify with your dealer in case mine was feeding me a line. If it happens to me out of warranty, I'm buying a blanket.
  • My automatic steering wheel that goes up an down when starting and exiting the vehicle quit working. I was told to make sure my key was clean and I did clean it. The problem is that the auto steering wheel works now and then. I had to turn off the auto function because the wheel would stick in the up position. Even the manual botton only works sometimes. It seems that if I apply a little pressure on the steering wheel when pressing the manual button it sometimes works. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tom. My car is a 2001 Millenia
  • eedleeedle Posts: 1
    New to this board. I have a 2000 Millenia S Millenium Edition. My problem is the Suede Seats. Can anyone help me find a solution to getting them back to the original look? I tried a few different remedies, however I can't get the shinny flat look out of them. Any help would be Appreciated.
  • wadiewadie Posts: 5
    Well Dave I let my mom take the car in for me because I had to work and the appointment I set was during my work hours..Needless to say she said the mechanic took the car around the block twice before returning to the shock to see what the revving noise and hard shifting was...HE TOLD MY MOM THAT THE TRANSMISSION WAS SHOT... Lucky for me my car has an extended warranty and that is one of the covered components...I almost fainted :sick: when she told me to alleviate the headaches I told him to go ahead and get the new tranny and replace the knock sensor and oxygen sensors all at once to keep me from having to pay the extra labor cost...we'll see what the outcome is...
  • dewwdeww Posts: 12
    Can someone please tell me where to find some struts from for 2000 MM S? The dealer is trying to charge me 200.00 each for the front and 150.00 each for the rear, plus 700 in labor. $1400.00. That is crazy.
  • dewwdeww Posts: 12
    I know this sound crazy, but are struts and springs the same thing?
  • dewwdeww Posts: 12
    What part do i actually need? Shocks, struts, struts mounts, I'm not sure. Can you tell me exactally what I need to order for a 2000 MM S?
  • struts, shocks, Damper, Shock Absorbers, all do the same job. a device that controls unwanted spring motion.
    Springs are just that springs.

    Why do you need your struts replaced?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639

    I found your OEM struts at this link for $134.76 each front, and $103.56 each rear. Didn't check the shipping rates.

    There may be cheaper sources, you will just have to search for them
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi folks. Sorry, I had to delete a post with an extremely long link because it was skewing the page.

    If you have a link that's longer than the width of the posted message text area, it's easy to post it, just use the "Url" button under the post box.

    When you are composing your post, click on the Url button, paste in your URL, then click on the Url button again. It's that simple.

    After you click on the Url button the second time, you can fill in a name for the link by typing over the text "link title" that you will see.

    Then, when the link is posted no matter how long it is, it won't mess up the display.

  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    What I linked you to in the post Pat deleted is the parts breakdown of your suspension. Go to the link he left in my last post and answer the questions to identify your car and the parts you are looking for. Once you get to the page ready to check out you can click on a link to see the parts diagram.

    On my computer the link simply wrapped and was causing no problem at all.
  • dewwdeww Posts: 12
    I think I need struts becuase I feel every little bump I go over. I also have 120,000 miles on my car. Don't you think it's about time I get some.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Yes, different systems/displays/monitors do different things. But please use the "Url" button as I explained for future links. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions.

  • Hello all! I have been reading alot of these post for the last few days and i must say this is a very loyal following here! I can see why. I just bought a 1995 Millenia for my wife 2 weeks ago. It has 86,000 miles on it and every option except for the supercharger. I bought it for $3500.00. It has a salvage title because it got hit in the left front fender. I must say nothing is wrong with this car. It is a dark grey metallic. I can't stop looking at it and my wife loves it. Also it seems a lot of you are getting raked over the coals with the cost of parts. I have been looking on Ebay and there are tons of parts for these cars. New and used. I have a small problem so far with the TCS off light popping up once in a while and the check engine light came on 2 times but i think it has something to do with the o2 sensors. I dont plan on taking this car anywhere to get maintenance done since i work on my own cars. Parts are kinda of high but it is a spotless car. Engine looks brand new as well. Well just wanted to express my love for this car - nothing bad to say so far. Bye for now. :)
  • Did you have to jack the engine up and loosen the motor mount? Did you follow a manual for this? I work on my own cars too and I am going to replace the timing belt when the weather warms up.
  • I just saw about 5 of the engines on Ebay and they come from 50,000 mile cars and even come with a warranty. So if you havent found a engine go on Ebay i think they even have free or cheap shipping.
  • You have to remove the mount. I put a scrap 1 x 6 pine board under the oil pan and held the motor up with my little floor jack. I had the move the engine up and down while doing the job to be able to get at everything. It's a very tight space and patience is required. Good Luck.
  • bwebwe Posts: 1
    Have you found a fix for the sunroof? Mine is doing the same thing. I've also lost the tilt steering. and having trouble with the tranny shifting up when cold or just restarted. its an 01 S with 60K miles
  • I also have that same problem with feeling every bump. I got a 2002 with 68,000 miles three weeks ago. I have taken it to 3 different mechanics, and they can't tell me anything. Escpecially going over rough roads on curves, the car doesn't feel stable, like it skips out from under me
  • kmadankmadan Posts: 1
    :cry: I have a 1998 mazda millenia and 5 days ago i had the trans spd sensor replaced.then i was driving and it slammed into gear and the engine light came on and the hold light started flashing.I put it on a otc computer and the same trans spd code came up,do u think i could have just gotten another bad sensor or do u think it's something inside that is messing the sensor up?I love my millenia but i just can't seem to keep it up to par.I maintance it when i should and just when i think it'll be fine something else goes wrong anyone else have this problem?
  • jrhawkjrhawk Posts: 1
    Is it really needed? All of it. I'm getting quotes from dealerships from 750.00-1200.00.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Sounds about right. Check owner manual. If it says timing belt at 60k then you would be wise to do it if you are keeping this car for awhile.
  • For those who are having trouble with the CD stuck in the CD player disconnect the battery cable for a few minutes and the issue is resolve.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    The '02 Millenia does not require a belt change until 105000 miles. In addition, the engine is non-interference so it will not be damaged even in the event of a belt breaking.

    If you have the 2.5 engine, any good mechanic can do normal maintenance on it. If you have the 2.3 supercharged engine make sure the mechanic works on other engines of it's type. I have participated here a long time, and from the history of this thread it is obvious that Mazda dealers are way out of line on normal maintenance. Mine is an '01P and has never been worked on. I do my own oil changes and similar maintenance and the car is still the same as new.
  • hcoffeyhcoffey Posts: 1
    You've probably already heard this but your seat heaters are burnt out likely.The newer replacement versions apparently are much better, but I don't have any idea of cost as I had mine replaced under warranty.

    Yes my sunroof does the same thing.Opens(eg: slides back but won't close occasionally, unless I fiddle with the switch for a while.Today it wouldn't close at all.(The sunfoof tilt up/down option works fine all the time.)

    Let me know the answer if you have solved this mystery.It will be much appreciated.Thanks.

    The dealer was hopeless in trying to get any information.They all just want to dance around the subject and get you in for an expensive "inspection analysis".
  • slb1slb1 Posts: 3
    Hi eldee11, been there done that. I have a 1999 MMS. My front driver side has been welded 3 times and my passenger front has been welded twice. I called the dealer and they wanted $600 for each rim but i'm sure you can find something less expensive on the web. Although i have had a total of 5 welds done luckily they have never been re-welds to cover an old weld so finding a good welder is the key.
  • gemini618gemini618 Posts: 10
    I too have a 2000 Millennia S Millennium Edition with 65K. I just bought it about 1 1/2 years ago and noticed that my tires kept losing air. I thought that maybe the tires needed to be replaced, so that's what I did. Lo an behold, it kept doing it after needlessly spending $$$ on new tires. What I was told is that the chrome peels and even those little specks leaves enough space between the tire and the rim to leak air. I too had them welded, but that was only a temporary fix. I cannot afford new rims.
  • gemini618gemini618 Posts: 10
    I have a 2000 Millenia S, Millennia Edition and get anywhere from 12 - 15 mpg. I originally got 17mph at best, but the check engine light keeps coming on and the dealer nor anyone else can explain why. As for the bad gas mileage issue, they just say that it is a supercharged engine and I should expect poor mileage. I know that's bull because I have seen sites where owners have the exact car (Millennia Edition - supercharged) and they get an average of 17-23 in the city and more on the highway. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Miller Cycle Engine which few mechanics have ever heard of.
    I've tried everything from changing the plugs and coils, air filters, correct tire pressure, put in premium fuel AT $2.59 pg right now. I'm stumped because I love the car itself, but it has turned into my worst nightmare.
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