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Mazda Millenia



  • nosoup4unosoup4u Posts: 7
    Hey everyone. First time poster here. I have a few questions about a car i am looking at. It is a 97 milleniaS and has about 85k miles on it. It runs really good and is a very solid car. It has a clean title and they want $5900 for it. It seems very reasonable. It has a wine to it though. When you step on the gas to accelerate, it makes a kind of electronic sounding noise. The people that own it said it's from the supercharger kicking on. It only does it when you are accelerating though and not in park. Does this sound normal? Also, is there anything that i need to check or look for in this model year? Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Whoa! very low mileage for a '97.
    5900.00$ seems reasonable, given that it's in good condition. You have to be judge of that.

    The whining noise is absolutely normal(supercharger).
    What a sweet music!
    Typically, the supercharger is the first item to verify
    on an S and do not base yourself on the general condition
    (looks) of the car.Make sure to have the vehicle checked by a skilled mechanic who is familiar with that type of engine.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I have 2001 S, and regularly get 23 MPG in heavy commuter trafic (Boston area), 24-25 on the highway at 75-80.
    I experimented with going steady 68 mph and that gets me 28MPG easy. I have 64,000 miles on the car.
  • thomlhthomlh Posts: 2
    Can someone please help. My 2001 millenia s (60,000 miles) hesitates for about 2-3 full seconds after pressing down the accelerator from a dead stop. The only time it doesn't do that is right when I start it up and the first stop or two (while engine cold). I took it in the mazda dealership and they said it was the injectors. They charged me a bunch for a fuel injection cleaning which did nothing. They said I would need new fuel injectors if the flush didn't work ($2500).
    Any ideas ???
  • silversilver Posts: 10
    Hi, my 01 Mill S has 53000, I had to replace the Lysholm compressor at 33000 miles under warranty and only other thing I now have is the chrome wheels, the metal is breaking up and the bead isn't setting on the tires occasionally allowing the tire pressure to go down. I have lost two tires so far on this. Do you have any problems with this. To answer your question I haven't had the acceleration problem, only thing I know any repair part is expensive, the chrome wheels are $800 some apiece from Mazda, the Lysholm compressor was about $4300 installed by the dealer under warranty.
  • thomlhthomlh Posts: 2
    Iv'e replaced the tires at about 40,000 miles but that was because of ware. Have not had any problems on car except the automatic power steering tilt mechanism which went out (35,000 miles) and was replaced under warranty. Sorry to hear about the wheels and your tire pressure problem. And yes, repairs on this car are very expensive being that it has a Miller cycle engine in it and many mechanics are very unfairmilur with it's quirks. Sure wish I could figure out the acceleration problem I'm having.
  • silversilver Posts: 10
    I have a 2001 Millenia S, 53000 miles, the local repair garage said they could replace the timing belt for about $300.00. You might want to check around, I know the dealers are higher than heck on this.
  • silversilver Posts: 10
    My 2001 Millenia S also gets around 23, the best probably has been around 25 also on highway. I posted message 3617 about my wheels, have you had any problems with them? My car has 53,000, the metal is breaking up on them and the tires are leaking because the bead breaks down. Have lost two tires and just had another problem and this was on another wheel, it seems that at least two of my wheels are bad, replacement is approx $770 at the dealer.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Actually my tires hold air pressure very well, but I have noticed some corrosion after this winter on the wheels (it's not on the rims though, but on the inside of the circular openings). I wasn't good at all about washing the car this winter and I guess the New England salt and grime had their way with alloys.
    I won't be doing anything about it - the car runs very well, but I'm starting to look for a replacement for my Millenia (back problems, I need something easier to get in and out of, not that low). I have to say it is very difficult to get anything at a reasonable price that would have interior comparable to the Mill S (with the Optitron gauges).
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I forgot to mention: I've been sticking to Dunlop SP5000 (the OEM tires for 01 Mill S) and they've been quite good - held up over potholes pretty well. My coworker with Michelines on her Volvo had 3 flats over last 6 months or so... Dunlops have reinforced sidewalls and are supposed to be more resilient to damage, therefore they protect the rims better.
    What tires are you running?
  • silversilver Posts: 10
    I also have the wheel problem, I don't know if you saw my recent posting, I saw yours and thought I would reply. I have had two tires ruined because of the tires leaking from the bead breaking and just had it happen again. There was a tech bulletin #020001R dated 8/14/01 on subject regarding 176 inch chrome wheels corroding. I have emailed Mazda and waiting for reply. Also I think this is a safety hazard and really think they should be looking at a recall as there have been plenty reports of this
  • silversilver Posts: 10
    You may have something there, I now have Firestone tires on, I changed some time ago because of the Dunlop tire price, there may be a thicker wall on these. I don't remember, were your rims okay or are they breaking up also. I was wondering about the tires if that may cure the problem also.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I never had any rims problems, air leaks, or anything like that. I know these Dunlops are pretty sturdy - they did take some good hits over potholes (I was sure a couple of times this winter I must have damaged something), but no problem.
    I forget where I read about those reinforced side walls on SP series... but I know it was a consideration for me when getting new tires.
    I paid something like $104 per tire a couple of years ago (plus S&H).
    Oh, and I run them 36PSI front, 34PSI rear - if you underinflate, tires will heat more and you could have them come off the rim a little (lose seal? - I'm not sure exactly, but you get the picture). I also adjust pressure once a quarter (just making sure it stays 36/34 with changing outside temperature - i.e. if you're running 36PSI in the summer at 90 degrees outside, it'll be 29PSI at 20F - rule of thumb: 10F ~ 1PSI). Hope this helps -
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote Tomekk: "What tires are you running?"

    I reported a few months ago that on my '01P the original tires were worn out and had to be replaced at 16000 miles. I am a very conservative driver and this is horrible tire milage. With that I crossed Michelin entirely off my list of replacement choices. As I NEVER drive in excess of 80 on the interstate I found running V rated tires to be rather absurd for my use.

    The replacement tires I chose after weeks of research and studying the situation are 91H rated Goodyear Assurance Comfortred. I used a replacement size of P205-60R16 (same diameter) instead of the OEM size of P215-55R16 on the Michelin MXV4s that came on it. The GoodYears are very black with a very nice pattern on the sidewalls and look great on the car. They are far quieter and smoother on all the roads here in Florida, but on an emergency trip to northern Iowa in early December they did have a whine on some of those Illinois and Iowa roads that look like Florida roads do before the final blacktop is put down. I have seen no sacrifice in handling with the GoodYears and am very happy with this choice.

    Like Tomekk I run them much harder than the door sticker calls for, 35 front and 33 rear (OEM 31 front 29 rear). I have the silver painted alloy wheels which have had no problem with any corrosion, but a very small paint crack appeared on one rear wheel which I had checked to make sure it was not the wheel. The chrome wheels were subject to either a TSB or recall, I don't recall which, years ago.

    The week in that Iowa crud did corrode the finish on all 4 brake calipers much to my chagrin, but otherwise no problem with the road salt.

    I have to wonder why any of you even consider replacement wheels from the Mazda dealer at their outrageous prices when you can get a full set of very nice chrome aftermarket wheels for far less than the price of one OEM.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    >> 16000 miles
    My first set of Dunlops lasted 45K miles

    >> why any of you even consider replacement wheels from the Mazda dealer
    Right, I bought the tires from Tirerack at $104/per, dealer wanted something like $174 (installation not included) - unbelievable. Same thing with tires for my previous car, Passat GLX.

    I don't have chrome wheels, they are painted (or polished) alloys. Chromes were - I think - only on the Millenium Edition Millenia.

  • silversilver Posts: 10
    Tomek, the rims on my Millenia S are chrome rims original and 17" rims, the manual says to run them 34 front and 31 rear which I always have done. I am no auto geek, if I can get by with replacement rims from an auto parts store that would be okay, just doesn't seem they would be the quality, as long as they are as safe as the originals I guess they would be okay. The tire pressure I could boost up and it may also set the beads on the rims better if I did this, I have the backs at 38 right now cause the tire shop they may set better if I ran them a couple of days at a higher pressure. Make sense?
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    38 psi in the back to help set the beads on the rims better? - maybe, personally I didn't know about this technique. It kind of makes sense.

    I'd say if you continue having problems it is most likely because of chromed rims and you might be better off replacing them with aftermarket wheel / tire combination.
    Good luck -

    Side note: My Passat's manual recommended 40 PSI all around if you're traveling above 160kph (100mph) with full load for extended periods of time :-) but I've never tried it.
  • Has anyone replaced the tail light bulbs in their Milly? I got the 2 screws out easily, but there are 2 plastic stubs that seem to be attached to the rear tail light assembly that are a pain to release. To avoid any confusion, I'm talking about the outer tail lights, not the inner tail lights attached to the trunk lid. In advance, thanks. :)
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    From all I have read, as long as you stay at or below the pressure on the tire itself you should have no problem with the tire. The problem if any would be with handling and evenness of tread wear across the tire.

    I haven't bought aftermarket wheels in years, but the only feature I see that I really like on the OEM wheels on my Millenia is that the balance weights do not show on the outside. I imagine there are aftermarket wheels that will do that too. You have nothing to fear from aftermarket wheels as long as you stay with good brand names such as American Racing. Probably any wheel from Tire Rack would be fine. Even Sears has some nice aftermarket wheels and they are frequently on sale cheap. But I'd take them to a good tire shop to have them installed instead of Sears.
  • tyus442tyus442 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Mazda Millenia. 100k miles. I am unable to retrieve my keys out of the ignition unless I remove the battery cables. The car also will just go into gear w/o pushing the brake. I have checked all the fuses in the car & under the hood. I even tried unplugging the seitch to the brake. I am still having issues with removing the key. Can anyone please help.......
  • dfolzdfolz Posts: 1
    Great car and few problems, but the heater is something else. It works, but only after overriding all the Automatic controls. Anyone have a similar problem or solution?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Mine is an '02P, and I just leave the climate control on automatic at 74 degrees all the time for the most part. It takes care of itself. The only time I turn it off is on a cold morning, until the engine warms up enough to put out warm air.
  • I have a 1999 Millenia S purchase new and well loved. Until recently I always got 20-28 miles per gallon. I took it to an oil changer quick stop for routine oil change and mentioned a slight hesitation when I stomped on it sometimes. They suggested cleaning the fuel injectors and I should have said no and taken it to my regular guy. Anyway after I let them "clean" the injectors the mileage has gone down drastically and ocasionally I smell Fuel! I have plenty of power, no hesitation, but the occasional gas smell is freeaking me out. This car has only 60K on it and it is my baby. Never had one problem with it until now. The O2 sensors have been checked, all new belts and plugs etc. Has anyone had a problem with gas mileage? Maybe its the fuel pressure regulator? I've avoided the dealer all this time but may have to go to them for diagnostic.
  • gemini618gemini618 Posts: 10
    I was wondering if you found a solution for getting these suade seats cleaned and back to their original texture. I have emailed Scotchgard who recommended that I not use their product because it may separate the fibers. I have gone to country/western stores who typically sell leather and suade and they have this little cube and brush to clean them. I haven't had a chance to try this yet, partly because it will take forever to clean them. I haven't found a dealer or detail shop that will touch the car because of the suade interior.

    If you have found something, I'd be very interested to know. Thanks
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There is no buying/selling allowed in the Forums.

    I had to remove a couple of posts.
  • jmcvayjmcvay Posts: 2
    95 Millenia 2.5 104,000 Love the car had it for 18 mths no problems, all of a sudden it is pumping coolant out of the expansion tank overflow pipe. When i run it idleing of course up to normal temperture coolant is spurting out of the radiator cap opening. When i put the cap on it comes out of Expansion tank Pipe. Any suggestions? Oh by the way where is the Thermostat located on this vehicle?

  • jizilmanjizilman Posts: 1
    I'm looking for the Head Gasket Kit. (Heads,Head Gaskets, Valve Cover Gaskets, and Intake Manifold Gasket) Or just the Heads by themselves. Does anyone know where I can find them?
    My car overheated, and the heater hose leaked that was replaced. Would this even cause my heads to crack or warp? It would on any domestic vehicle.
    If any body could help please could I have your input?

    Thanks! :cry:
  • gv1gv1 Posts: 1
    All - my millenia 2002 is a very reliable car except for two things:
    1. Miles Per Gallon: I have NEVER gotten more than MAYBE 23 MPG, I'm more like 20 MPG typically. I do a lot of city driving but I also do longer distances (being in austin, tx this is easy to do). i still never break 23-24 MPG. I think this is a load of bull and that mazda is falsely advertising 27 gallon on the highway.
    2. Airbag light - my airbag light constantly flashes intermittently. mechanics can't seem to figure it out.

  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    We have discussed milage a number of times on this forum. If you go back and do some reading you will find that the MM is not a gas hog, but it is also no econobox. Weighing close to 3700 pounds, it has quite a bit of weight to carry around in great comfort and near luxury including automatic climate control.

    My personal experience on long trips as well as being in a 5 hour traffic jam in Orlando as well as a two hour one in St Louis give these approximate results.

    Flat out highway cruising gives about 27 mpg which includes mostly 80 mph all day driving on interstates. The parking lot speed traffic jams still yeilded about 20 mpg, which I thought was quite good for mostly going nowhere at about 5 to 10 mph. Overall my average is about 22 which is mostly local rural town and state highway driving in central Florida.

    It appears to me that Mazda is not stretching the milage truth. All in all the milage on my 2001 MMP which has the 2.5L normally asperated engine, is about 5 mpg better than my wife's car which has a 2.4L straight 4 and is an American product. I like her '39 Ford looking hatch back just fine and it is very handy. But the MM is definitely superior to it in every way but cargo hauling.

    It doesn't take a Mazda dealer to work on air bags. I'd suggest going to an auto electric shop where they actually have experts in electrical work.
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