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Mazda Millenia



  • jazzyman26jazzyman26 Posts: 18
    Having issue with the CEL catalyic converter replace o2 sensor and additional sensor all the codes were cleared.Numerous trip to goodyear car was taken too the mazda dealer on board computer was ok and the dealer mention 02 sensor which was replace.Have to go too goodyear again to perform another diagnostic this is driving me crazy because the car run and drive perfect.
    Do anyone have a solution? need a answer the car want pass emission with the CEL on
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Don't forget that there are 4 O2 sensors. Are you sure you replaced the one that is generating the current code?
  • solobobsolobob Posts: 1
    I've never been on a message board before so bear with me.

    I have a 98 Millenia S with only 75,000 miles on it. I love the car but am afraid of the future maintenance costs. It is currently in the shop because the hoses broke. It's taking almost a week to get replacements. I'm told that the timing belt needs replacing and that alone could cost $1,000!

    I understand that the valves will need adjusting soon and that it costs a lot and not many places even have the equipment it takes to do the work. I was even told by more than one mechanic that a dealer might charge you for the work and not even do it!

    In light of the fact that it has been discontinued, should I get rid of the car since these problems will only get worse with time?
  • with respect to gas mileage: Steer clear of any gas that has ethanol in it, it attracts water and lowers your mileage. To combat this crap, or just use with non-ethanol laced gas, you can add 2 oz of acetone/10 gallons of 87 octane gas and get anywhere from 10-35% better mpg. I have been doing this for 3 weeks and my 01 S went from typical 26.5-27.0 mpg (I drive about 98% highway during a week with cruise set at 60 mph... though Mass. traffic sucks and decreases mileage due to all the slow downs) to 29.5-30.0. It was less than I hoped for but still a nice little bonus. This additive improves the efficiency of the combustion process, reduces emissions and really cleans out injectors, etc. Next week I will be adding the same ratio of Xylol in addition to the aforementioned amount of Acetone to each tank as that is supposed to further improve mpg by 3-4 mpg.
  • thanks for the info regarding the changing/cleaning of these filters. Much appreciated.
  • jazzyman26jazzyman26 Posts: 18
    Continue to have issue with the CEL light for the 10th time the car was taken to goodyear again.Replace the rear o2 sensor which is registered on a Diagnostic test,reorder another catalyic converter on top of that there was a vaccumn leak which was fix and the CEL has come on again.You cannot imagine how frustated this is for me, and the Service this has been going on for about 2 month.I have to request for another temparory tag again #2 and by law the last one.Now we will have to take the car to Mazda dealership and hoping they can resolve this issue.Does anyone have a resolution,and since I'm having a big issue can this situation be place on recall I know the dealer want support it.Can anyone help? What else is there to do?
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,562
    What else is there to do?
    Find a real mechanic; some shop specializing in foreign cars, maybe someone who's really into Mazda. This ain't no car for the local gas station... the 10 CEL incidents might have tipped you off, no?

    Good luck,
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Mathias has given you excellent advice, but if you want to post about it one more time, go over to the "Check Engine" Light discussion and see what they think.

    Either way, let us know what happens. Good luck.
  • gemini618gemini618 Posts: 10
    I totally feel your pain. I bought my 02'Millennia two years ago and and almost immediately the check engine light came on and stayed on for the majority of that time and the only reading (if it ever gave a reading from the diagnostic) was that there was a misfire in the whatever cylinder so we replaced that coil.
    After taking it from Mazda dealership to Mazda dealership where they would resent the CEL and tell me that they couldn't find anything wrong - I finally let my nephew take it (who was in engineering school and has his own small mechanic business) to do a process of elimination. We started by replacing all the plugs and moving the coil into a different cylinder that had not previously misfired and then the misfire changed. We replaced the new coil again and finally the CEL and misfires have not lit up since. Of course, this car is just high maintenance all the time - new fuel injector, gaskets, sensors, you name it - it's been done and the repairs are not cheap.
    So - if you can find a good mechanic - dealer or not, hang onto them. Just because a mechanic at a dealer is supposedly certified doesn't mean that they are good. Good Luck.
  • nosoup4unosoup4u Posts: 7
    If you want my honest opinion, this is what you should do with your cars. Go out and find a car you want at a dealership. Next, go to your local Schucks, Autozone or whatever and have your CEL turned off. From there, go directly to the dealership and trade the car in. All the headaches that these cars are giving you is not worth the enjoyment you get from driving them. Go buy a Honda, Toyota, Acura, Lexus, or whatever. The millenia is a great car. They ride great, they run great, and they look great. But if you have the 2.3 miller cycle engine, unless you buy it brand new and have taken care of it, just causes to many problems. Let the dealership deal with your headaches. Don't just give it away, but know what your car is worth( and get something close to it even if you have to go upside down. The headaches you get from a car that is messed up just isn't worth it. I loved my millenia, but the $1000 i had to put into it in a two month span and still have the CEL light come on, is not worth it. I just bought an Acura and it is like a dream. I don't have to worry about the CEL coming on and if it does, i bought the extended warranty to take care of it. Hope this helps someone.
  • gemini618gemini618 Posts: 10
    I know that we are not the only ones who have had this trouble. I've searched a lot of sites with owners of supercharged Millenias and this seems to be a common occurrence among them. I'm surprised that there hasn't been some kind of recall.
    It's a shame because I love the look and feel of the car. Mine is a 2000 with about 65K and for every one thing that I fix, two more go wrong. During a recent routine balance and rotate, I was told that the rims are beginning to rust -tires constantly leak air because of the chrome cracking. I just want a nice reliable car that gets more than 15mpg of premium fuel. I agree that this will be a tough car to get out of - I still owe on mine too.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote "rust -tires constantly leak air because of the chrome cracking"

    There IS a recall or TSB on that. I suggest you talk to a dealer who knows about it, but aftermarket wheels are much cheaper.

    You might also check reliability sources, JD Powers, CU etc, because ALL Millenia's have a "much better than average" maintenance record and have always been a Consumer Reports "Best Buy" new and used. Also according to the diagram at the top of this page, Millenia have a 9.1 out of 10 approval by owners. Personally I'd give mine a 9.9999 seeing how my total problems with my '01P is a weak Knock Sensor at 10000 miles. Flawless ever since as well as being gorgeous and a joy to drive.

    I average 20 city, 27-28 highway and about 22mpg overall. Have never had a tank below 20 and I run 87 octane. But the S does require "premium"

    You should own my previous GM car if you want something to feel bad about.

    From top of page, "9.1-RateIt-62 Reviews"
  • gemini618gemini618 Posts: 10
    Actually, I have gone to all of the Mazda dealers in town (and written Mazda direct) and they have all told me that there are no recalls. Mazda has had my car as much as I have. I also checked all the reliability sources BEFORE I purchased this car which was precisely why I bought the car. I have had the dealers run diagnosics to see what could possibly be the cause of poor gas mileage and their explanation is "it's a supercharged engine." They could never find the cause of the CEL, but my nephew did who is an engineering major.
    I love the look and ride of the car, but because of all the problems, I have not had the opportunity to enjoy it long enough before another problem occurs.
    I'm sure that there is always a batch of lemons in every make and model - and I just happened to be the lucky one to buy one from that batch.
    Thanks for the info on the rims. I've been looking into that too.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Sorry you got a bad one, if you bought it used maybe the previous owner is responsible through poor maintenance etc.

    I doubt any manufacturer is going to do anything about a wheel problem with a 6 year old car. I have no connection with them, but Sears has a lot of really nice chromed wheels that they put on sale fequently. I'd give second thoughts to having them install them though.

    We had several discussions way back about the wheel problem, and I can assure you that it definitely does have at least a TSB concerning the corrosion of the chromed wheels.

    From post #3267:

    Quote: "There was a recall on some MM chrome wheels that should be available at your dealer's or online at AllData. There may be a link on the Edmunds site for that.

    Edit: "Here is the recall information on the wheels for the 99S. "TSB#0200401 Wheels - Chrome Wheel Rusting"
  • I finally had a mechanical problem with my 2002 Millenia S. At 87,000 miles the passenger side front wheel bearing went. I replaced the brakes at 48,000 miles which is maintenance. Needed an adjustment to the gas lid and the air bag light came on. Problem was moisture in a wire under the driver's seat. Probably due to me sloshing coffee around in the car. I now have 90,500 miles on it and it is almost 4 years old. I get 25mph on the average, an improvement from 22mph since I changed jobs and my commute. Routinely drive it hard.

    Its sad to see all the problems certain owners are having. Yes, the rims are beat up but still hold the air. Have gone through many many tires due to potholes. Use snow tires now in the winter. Have been in several minor accidents at low speeds and need $1,400 for body work to both the front and the back. Still love the car. My major complaint; seats don't go back enough :) .
  • traderkostraderkos Posts: 2
    I have a '98 Millenia 2.5L w/124k miles on it. Pretty reliable though as all of us knows parts & insurance are expensive. I've owned it since 2001 and it still runs like a top, looks like new.

    I've had similar problems to many listed here. I've had a CEL issue that eventually was diagnosed and fixed - faulty o2 sensor. I've also had bad pulleys cause premature wear of the second timing belt after only 50k miles. Original belt was replaced at 75k & discovered that badly aligned pulleys caused belt to shave inside housing. I've had the tilt steering motor get stuck sporadically which I never using it. I've pre-emptively replaced the distributor cap, water pump as well as changing all fluids every 30k...other than that, I just put gas in it.

    However, gas mileage has gotten a lot worst as I got over 100k miles. I do only city driving now and I get only 16mpg. I'm not sure why but maybe it's a result of age, maybe the other o2 sensors are bad, CA gas being reformulated to get rid of MTBE, who knows. I know that my engine has had a lot of carbon deposits b/c I had to spend to get it cleaned last time to pass smog. I try to use gas detergents now to control issue. Any ideas would be at least get it back to 20ish mpg.
  • Millenia S 2000: Have seen previous message re this topic which seemed to be connected to poor gas mileage. Our gas mileage is fine but sporadically car will suddenly fill up with gas fumes - dealer has found no problem. Best we can tell is that it happens after car has been driven 5-10 mins, some stops, 25 - 45 mph, climate control on auto, and air is being drawn from outside. Fumes are intense both inside and outside vehicle. It has happened in middle of winter at night driving 55 mph so it is not just summer & low speed phenomenon though it seems much worse recently. We have a friend with similar problem. Has anyone found a solution for this problem? Car is still under warranty for a few more months & we want to get taken care of before it expires.
  • jbuchajbucha Posts: 1
    Took my Mazda Millenia for an oil change, lube etc., as well as tire rotation. Drove it in no CEL..picked the car up and now the CEL is on.. Diagnostic test says it relates to fuel area. Took back to dealer..they said there is a possible vacuum leak..said they did nothing to cause this CEL. Need to take off manifold cover etc..very expensive. What the hell happened in the dealership doing routine stuff to cause CEL to come on. 22,000 problems at all with car for over four years
  • I would very much be interested to see what the dealer finds, if anything. Mine still has fumes, but there is no rhyme or reason as to when it occurs. Happens most commonly in morning for some reason, but that's not always the case, happens in summer and winter, and at all different speeds, so it is not disciminatory. I don't use the auto climate control button so I don't think that is it.
    If you have this fixed and find the cause, I would appreciate it if you would post the results.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    I only have 22,000 miles on by 2002 MMS. This is my second millenia. I had no problems with this car till I went to dealer for routine oil stuff and tire rotation. Now the check engine lite has come on after I got the car back. They want to look for vacuum leak. Did you ever have this problem with the CEL
  • tre1tretre1tre Posts: 1
    1995 179,000 miles. Runs great. Inside primo. exterior okay.
    asking $2000 for it
    Car smokes. What is that? o rings?
    Is it worth the chance?
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,562
    You didn't say which engine, but it almost doesn't matter.
    "Car Smokes" means it burns oil, unless it's white "smoke", i.e. steam, which is normal at startup but otherwise indicates things like a bad head gasket.

    With 179k, it's likely the engine is a little loose, and oil is forced past the rings. The piston rings, not O rings.

    Is it worth the chance?

    What chance? It's already messed up, no risk here... the question is, how bad is it? If it's just a little bit, and you odn't mind living with it, and if it passes inspection (big if), then get it if you really like it.

    As far as fixing it up, no. A car like that you only do what's necessary and you cut bait before it becomes a money pit. Trust me on this.

    I have a 96 Millenia L, 152k miles, $1,800 and only a good deal if something big doesn't give in the first year.

    You want cheap, get a NEW Corolla LE. It'll cost you 10 to 15 cents per mile for a very very long time. The Milly will save you on insurance etc. but it will likely cost more to run.

    Good luck,
  • irvw518irvw518 Posts: 2
    How can the gas tank door be opened if the switch breaks? On some cars there is an emergency pull cord in the trunk. I have not seen this on the Millenia.

    Thanks for your response.
  • j30j30 Posts: 30
    The switch is probably not broken, they do need adjusted and lubed. Stop by the dealer and the service writer should do it free. Takes about 10 seconds.

    My 02 started hanging up and I mentioned it during a service and my writer said it is a common problem and took care of it.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Hmm, my '01P has an electric switch on the drivers door. Not much of a way to lubricate that.

    Sounds like either the switch is bad or the fuse blown. And I haven't noticed a trunk pull for it. I'll check my owners manual.

    EDIT: The owners manual only shows the electric switch, so I do not think there is a release in the trunk.
  • i need the anti theft code for a 95 mazda millenia its hard to get from dealer i just brought it and havin some problems please help its the radio with the big 2 nobs i nedd some sounds please help.
  • wrd88wrd88 Posts: 5
    I recently purchases a 2000 Millenia S. It has only been 1 month and already there are many things wrong with the car. The day after I purchased the car the "Check Engine" light came on. I took the car to my regular mechanic who really had no idea what they were doing since that miller engine was so difficult to work on. I ended up taking it to the nearest Mazda dealership. Since I've had the car I've replaced the fan motor because the car would unexpectedly overheat. Two O2 censors were also replaced totaling about $1,100! A few days after I got my Millenia back the same "Check Engine" light magically appeared again! I took the car back to the dealership where the said that the catalytic converters had to be replaced! Luckly it was still under the 80,000k warranty.
    I still have the car however every time I start it up blue/white smoke comes out of the exhaust, then it quickly stops after the car has idled for a minute. I don't know what to do about this. This is my first car and I don't think I can affort any more repairs! Do I keep the car or do I avaoid future headaches and sell it and get somthing else? The car is beautiful and looks great but if it dosent run then whats the point of keeping it? Someone help!
  • We have a similar problem. See my message # 3697. Gas mileage is OK 22/28 mpg.
  • there should be some kind of warranty 3 months/3,000 miles or something like that. If so go to where you bought it and state your case for selling you a lemon. If you can, unload it as the things you mentioned are definite signs of trouble.
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