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Mazda Millenia



  • biglegsbiglegs Posts: 3
    I would like to know what ending up being the problem with your car? I have a 2000 millenia s and I am having the same problems, check engine light on, tcs off and tcs lights are on. my car is now at the transmission shop? please help with any advice you may have?
  • biglegsbiglegs Posts: 3
    please advise me as to what your problem was with your millienia, I am experiencing the same problems with my car right now and I have taken it to the transmission shop?
  • msj07msj07 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 97 millenia in march from an auction. she has been running great other than when i get on the highway and get a speed of tcs comes on. and the only way for me to get it off is if i pull over and turn the car off and turn it back on. alot of people are saying that she needs a major tune-up (shes at 102,000). i get nervous when it comes on , especially while driving with my daughter in the backseat. has anyone had similar problems like this? i love my car, but if its going to be expensive and they really dont know what it is then i guess ima have to look at other options...
  • oastleroastler Posts: 4
    This has happened to me around 3 times, all when the engine was cold. It sounds the transmission downshifts into 2nd gear or so. I have a 95 Mill S model
    with 155,000 miles. it has been a great car, I am the original owner and have taken good care of it. Nothing major has happened to it except a blown out radiator
    around 90k, and I recently replaced the supercharger with
    a $250 used one that works well, except the typical smoke on startup many get.

    Anyway, on to the question at hand...I have been told it
    is caused by a small transmission sensor that goes off
    by accident sometimes, and that the only way to really fix it is to replace the entire transmission. Bummer for you if it happens alot. At 155k, if it starts happening alot I am trading in as a new tranny is not worth putting on a car which will be most likely pretty done at 200K. As I said,
    while a bit scary (and has only happened on the highway at high speeds) it doesn't really seem to be serious. As you said, it resets after you turn the car completely off and
    back on again. See if yours happens only when the car is cold. That has seemed to be a factor with mine, it has only happened in the chilly weather.
  • sdj320sdj320 Posts: 1
    Hello all

    I have a 2001 2.5 Millenia with 121,000 miles on it. I currently use 89 unleaded fuel but the manual said 87 fuel would be okay but at the cost of performance. I've heard some people talk about engine knockings when you use 87 fuel on the Millenia. Fuel prices are soaring these days so would the 87 fuel work okay with my Millenia?
  • biglegsbiglegs Posts: 3
    I posted a message a few days ago. I want to ALERT anyone with a Millenia S. I was having problems with my TCS OFF light, TCS & check engine light coming on occasionally.I took my car to the dealership a 2000 S series and they could not get a code reading and they drove the car for over 30 miles after being reset and the light never came back on. The service advisor told me they have seen this problem before but because of the type of engine in these cars they cannot pinpoint what the problem is because the computet does not send a reading. He also told me that it is very expensive to repair these cars. He said that they could start with the vaccuum valve and go forward to the ABV and so forth. My car had a 119--- miles and I loved my car but after he expressed the fact that he has seen this happen before and the person spent in the thousands getting their car fixed I decided to trade it in. Don't get me wrong before then I had no major problems but I couldn't spend that much repairing a car that could very well act up again. So say this the Millenia S is a good car but Mazda should have thoroughly did their homework when creating this type of engine for this car. BEWARE OTHER OWNERS!!!!!! :mad: :confuse:
  • crandlecrandle Posts: 1
    I no longer see a/c water puddle when parked. How can the drain be checked? Thanks
  • intermitant dying for no apparent reason. see post #3717 by 97millenia06 dated Sept 21 2006. that is where some discussion starts about it.

    Sorry for the delay in responding. That is the drawback to this medium. Hopefully you have not sunk too much money into the solution and not found a remedy.

  • I just had my timing belt replaced at 123,000 miles. The mechanic said it didi't look too bad and might have lasted aqnother 10,000 mikes.
  • I had same issue. Car would just shutdown.

    It turned out to be the distributor. Once replaced problem solved.
  • I have a 99 millenia with a hesitates for about 1-3 seconds after pressing down the accelerator from a dead stop. i been told the tps is bad.... it has 141k miles on it and still the best car ever had... any help would be great thanks
  • I have an 01 Millenia S--bought it brand new, had some probs w/ spark plug coils--very expensive to replace, especially at dealership. Replaced one, the next year replaced another one, the following year the remaining four. Has about 108K miles. Now running fairly well. However, I have noticed that it is a bit sluggish--other cars (Chevy Cobalt, Kia Optima) appear to have faster acceleration and better pick-up than I do. Embarrassing! Feels as if I have to stand on the gas to make it get up and go. All's well once I'm at 60 mph, problem is getting there! To be honest, the car may have been like this for a while now. Anyone know what could possibly be the problem? Air filter is fairly new, so that should not be the problem. Regular mechanic impressed w/ maintenance of car. Afraid to bring problem to attention of dealership b/c I'm sure they will find a million problems to fix until the problem goes away!
  • I have a 2002 Millenia S with 104K miles. I am the second owner since 89K, but I have all the service records from the Mazda dealer who has maintained the car per the book since new. It has been a great car, and is in exceptional condition. The only problem I’ve had until recently is a sticky thermostat which was easy to replace on the 02, it is on the lower hose, not upper as other posters have stated.

    Here is my problem, when the car starts cold, and you keep it running without turning it off, it runs great. If for any reason you turn the car off, and start it again before it cools off (2-3 hours), the engine light will start flashing, and the engine will run quite bad. It will run, but rough, like timing, misfire, injection are not correct. It will stay this way; sometimes the engine light will stop flashing, but stay on, until you turn it off and let it go back to cold before starting again.

    I can drive it for hundreds of miles with no problems, as long as I don’t turn it off.

    Any ideas???
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  • I had the codes read and it shows 301 which translates to misfire on cylinder #1. I assume it is a coil? Now for the life of me I can't seem to findout which cylinder is #1???
  • i've been having the same problems everybody else having with that s engine. if anyone have a layout of the engine itself or can get one let me see it too. i have 54000 miles on it and i don't want to trade it. the parts are way too high now since gas is up and the dealership wants almost 2500 to fix it. i doing everything myself but need to know where is number 1 and 6 plugs at far as everything else.thanks lv
  • i have another question, have anybody tried to replaced the boots on the coil to c if that worked please reply thanks lboogie
  • if u haven't found it, let me know and i can tell u. thanks lboogie
  • I have a 95 millenia with a 2.5 v6 .The firing order is 123456. the distributor cap has numbers stamped at each terminal that read 123546.My question is,do i plug in wires according to firing order or numbers stamped on cap.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    This is easily fixed yourself. Make a small hole with an icepick type tool. Squirt spray grease in the hole. Wipe off, clean off excess and seal with shoe goo or household goop. Let dry overnight. Voila. No more squeak
  • me personally i would do it off the cap that way ur wires will match up with no problems
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    I should have been more clear. Squeaky rear bushings (above the rear tires) are enclosed in a little rubber boot. Just make a hole big enough for some silicone grease to be sprayed in via a straw connected to the aerosol nozzle, and re-seal the are all set.
  • srustsrust Posts: 2
    In my previous experience, thermostats have always failed open, that is, causing a too-cold problem. However, last summer the thermostat of my '98 Millenia P (2.5, obviously) failed closed, overheating. As it turns out, the thermostat is a multifunction device, opening and closing as many as three different openings. The silly thing was warped and deformed.

    Our local good guy radiator shop told me that cars like Mazdas tend to be finicky about their cooling systems. You have to be very careful to get the system well-burped, eliminating all air bubbles in the system. I had the radiator out for inspection (no leak or low-flow rate problems) and replaced the thermostat and hoses. Having been warned, I was extremely cautious about bubbles.

    Cooling system now fine. Recently drove from Fort Wayne to Evansville with no problems and honest 28.5 MPG (adding acetone) on the way down. That was the best it's ever done.

    By the way, I think the car gets 15% better mileage with acetone than without.

  • Hi,
    just found this site and appreciate all the wonderful info. I bought my son a '96 Millenia S lst year with 84K miles. It now has 92K and I have no idea if the timing belt has ever been changed.

    Any thougths on the cost of changing the timing bet? Should water pump be replaced at the same time?

    it's been an excellent car so far. Thanks!
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    The timing belt should usually go 100,000 with no problems, regardless of recommendations. He should probably be thinking about changing it soon. And certainly do the water pump at the same time. In any event, it is not an interference engine, so if the belt fails before replacement, it will not destroy the engine.
  • Thanks Gregg VW.

    I've been told by 2 different mechanics that this is an interference engine? Is the Millenia S different than the non "S" engine for timing belts?
  • wilcorwilcor Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 base model with a straight six cylinder engine that threw a rod through the crankcase at 58,000 miles. This car was well maintained and driven by my slow poke wife since it was new. This occurred after the 60,000 mile service was done and the timing belt changed two months before it blew up. It was out of warranty and the Mazda factory rep supposedly inspected it but only offered S class pricing on a new one and no engine replacement. S class pricing was no better than normal pricing. I declined to buy another one and spent $5 grand on a rebuilt engine since they offered me $200 for the car. Everyone knows that this should not have happened at this mileage. Has anyone else had this happen at under 100,000 miles. This does not seem right and am thinking about rediscussing it with Mazda. I offered to pay the local Mazda dealer $2000 for labor to replace it if Mazda would give me another engine at cost to no avail.
  • wilcorwilcor Posts: 3
    I had the same problem but cured it in mine by switching to a K & N free flowing air cleaner. It might be worth a try for $45. I am not a full time mechanic but I usually feel some difference in accelleration on smaller engines that I have but none on my larger V-8 engines.
  • uscxvuscxv Posts: 8
    As long as you have maintenance records you definately need to rediscuss with Mazda. I have over 130k on my 2002 Millenia and all is does is run and run and run.

    You also need to call 1-800-lemon law. Sometimes thats all that works.

    Good Luck
  • wilcorwilcor Posts: 3
    Thanks. I think that everyone but Mazda would agree that they should have stepped up to the plate on this one. No well kept engine that was never pushed very hard should throw a rod at 58,000 miles. I think I will call the 800 lemon law number and discuss it with them.
    Thanks for the advice.
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