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Mazda Millenia



  • ciliocilio Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I'm new to this site. An acquaintance of mine has allowed me to test this car for the weekend. He is asking $3000 for it plus the cost of tuned up and 3 new profile tires for it. It has 225000km on it, very and i mean very minor rust. A couple of things have raised my suspicion.

    1 is when I accelerate, there is a high squeal of a first I thought it would be the transmission but it shifts find. Would this be the super charger needed to be cleaned out and the filters changed???

    2 The car nudges when its in idle....I'm thinking that would be caused from the needing new spark plugs and coil kit. Am I right about this?

    3. The engine light has been blinking...don't know for how long but its there.....does this happen....should I be concerned about this for any major damage?

    4. Is he asking way to much for this car? I don't know to much about them but I do like the look and feel of it. I know the basics of the car like replacing all the filters, spark plugs and changing the oil but nothing on supercharge cold are intakes.

    Can anyone suggest their expertise on this please before I make my decision. Oh and the owner has had done a safety on it and its good for another year. And its a right off from Auto Pac, but my friend has put in about 3k worth of repairs.....the car looks great though
  • t2tt2t Posts: 7
    The fuel filter and fuel pump are at the top of the fuel tank. To gain access, you remove your carpet on the floor of your trunk. You'll see a round access port with 3 bolts (I believe) holding it in place. Loosen the bolts and remove the cover. You'll see your fuel filter. The access hole isn't too big and if your hands are larger, you'll have a bit of time working to get the filter out and replaced.

    Since the trunk isn't too big and I couldn't fit in my trunk and do the work, I had to perform the fuel filter swap by going through the access area in the middle of the rear seat. With the arm rest folded down, I then reached in with my smaller socket set and set forth with the task. I had some new hose clamps because I hate the OEM style and reusing them isn't the best idea. When all was said and done, it took me about 3 hours. Seriously. Just a few days before, I got a quote from a tire shop that does my wheel alignments for $140 to do the work. They wanted $60 for the filter and the rest was labor. In my case, this is clearly one task on the Millenia that I'd pay to have someone else do the work on.
  • t2tt2t Posts: 7
    Personally, I'd pass on that car. If it has gotten to the point of the CEL flashing, it's hard to tell really what's wrong with it. There is driveability issues at that point - most likely. Plus, with that mileage, it's a pretty risky vehicle because of so many other items that could soon fail. Heck, even with half of that mileage, I'd still caution the purchase since the parts are often more expensive than other vehicles and the Millenia tends to need a lot of attention in regards to resolving issues with the check engine light periodically appearing and causing you to have to get the codes checked out to find the issue.
  • I am having similar issues with my 2001 Milly S... did you ever find a definitive solution?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

  • rwylarwyla Posts: 2
    edited November 2011
    I have a 99 milly S 2.3L supercharge with 123,000 miles went to work, lost all power and engine was very loud, I thought it was my muffler got it to autozone and these are the codes they gave me.
    we changed the coil on cylinder 3 and replaced all 6 spark plugs, still no power and still have to loud noise, just ordered the front Y pipe with the flex joint, any ideas if this will solve this? I love my milly and would hate to part with it
  • sounds different than my issue. I found more help at ... good luck!!!

  • rwylarwyla Posts: 2
    on my 99 milly s, with supercharger, and 123,000 miles we replaced the coil pack, all spark plugs, "Y" pipe with flex joint, and cataylic converter attached to rear exhaust manifold ( These were all new parts) she won't idle and constantly wants to stall...when I step on the gas, you have to get the RPM's up there for her to take off and still struggles up hills....did not have a chance to get to see if there are any more codes that popped up yet. any ideas. I would hate to lose my car. Thank you for any help
  • I have the same car, but the "ticking" sound like its coming from the passenger side of the engine, is that a bad tensioner?
  • marsmazdamarsmazda Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Millenia that has the 17" chrome wheels that were subject to the TSB issued by Mazda. I was not aware of the bulletin until recently when I began looking online for new wheels because the chrome was coming off of mine. I bought the car from a local Mazda dealer in 2004 and it was still under warranty at the time. But the dealer did not have the wheels replaced before they sold it to me. Now my vehicle is obviously out of warranty and the dealer is not willing to help me. I have also contacted Mazda as well and they said that they do not have to replace them either because the car is not under warranty anymore. From what I have read about these wheels this has been a widespread problem and I don't feel that I should have to pay for the manufacturers defect. Has anyone had any luck getting Mazda to fix this problem or have any suggestions?
  • So our little creampuff has been sitting for about 5 years. Our daughter failed to pull over when an engine light came on, stalled a few miles later, we had it towed. Mazda dealer told us we needed a new engine, but I didn't get the impression, from their inability to answer questions, that they even looked at it. Now I'm wondering whether to repair this car (~50K mileage on the car) for a new driver of age, or sell the car as is. I hear this model with the S designation is rare. Otherwise the car is in great shape, looks new. Any suggestions on tradeoffs, what to do and cost?
    Thank you!
  • My 1997 Millenia with the 2.5 is leaking oil from the camshaft seal on the rear head, passenger side. It appears as if the seal itself is missing. I can see the oil coming out, and feel the cam turning with my finger. How hard is the seal to put in? What needs to be removed and replaced to accomplish installation of a new seal? Thanks!
  • We had a problem with the engine light coming on and when checked it indicated that one thing needed replacement, then aftter a very short time, the check engine light came back on, and when we hooked it up to the computer, it indicated another thing needed to be replaced. Then, after a short time the check engine light came back on and this time the indication was to replace the part we had just replaced. We finally got the computer replaced (with a rebuilt computer) and that solved the problem.
    Hope you get a fix that doesn't cost you too much! Good luck!!
  • There's a guy who's going to replace the bad supercharger on the 2000yr 6cyl supercharged miller engine, but my brother and I cant seem to find replacement supercharger gasket kits anywhere. Someone mentioned around the garage that that's oem and more than likely only found through the dealership. NAPA, autozone etc. etc. all say they dont carry them. Anyone have any clue where we can find/order a whole new gasket/seal kit? Whats in there now is blown and leaking badly, and dont want to replace the supercharger just to piut the bad gaskets and seals back in. any leads or info would greatly be appreciated.
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