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Mazda Millenia



  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I got out the owners manual, and sure enough the Econ is for economical A/C. I had just never run on anything but "Auto" set at 76 degrees. But your guess is as good as mine as to what "Economical A/C" means. I do know one thing though. You can have the frozen northland. I was born and reared in Missouri, and 20 below is about 60 degrees too cold for this transplanted southern boy. I have been here since 1962 and will most likely leave this world a Floridian. We have this thing called A/C in our houses as well as our cars. That is as cold as I want it.

    I was also in electronics, but when I started we had good old vacuum tubes. So I helped usher in those fancy gizmos called transistors led's and IC's.

    Oops, back to the proper subject.
  • We just purchased an 02 Millenia S - The car has 13,200 miles and has Ventus tires. Can any one tell me anything about these tires? What kind of wear do they get? Do you like them? Dislike them? I know they are Korean made. Thanks for any info.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    They are a brand within the Hancook line. I could find nothing at which is one of the best sites for tire info, reviews, etc. I did find one review thru search engine Google. The reviewer said the tires were cheap (economical) but wear out fast and never again would he buy Hancook tires. How much tread is left? Do they look worn or do they look fairly new or brand new? Did you buy car privately or from a used car lot or a Mazda dealer? Without knowing any of the above it sounds like the previous owner has put on the cheapest set of tires he or she could find that fit those 17" wheels. With only 13,200 miles on the odometer I doubt that the original tires wore out and I have no idea what the factory tires were for 2002 model year. Others who come here can tell you more. fairwood
  • Thanks, fairwood for the info - We bought the car from the Mazda dealership but know the previous owner. One owner car - tires look great - are not brand new - I was just curious about Ventus. Like you I found the same review which actually was the cause of my first post.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    Duh!! Just noticed the other day that there is a small black sensor type device about the size of a peanut shell or little larger with a black wire feeding back under the molding. I assume it is some sort of temperature sensor but who knows? Just curious, still learning about my MM S 2000.
    Also I am finding that these low profile tires don't hold the air as well as "normal" tires; no dings or whatever on rims that I can see, don't know about inside edges. Left rear mostly. fairwood
  • tomacetomace Posts: 6
    lizziesmom822, the original tires on my 2002 MM S are Dunlops SP Sport 5000 Ms size 215/50/R17 V. Mine has the chrome rims I don't know if STD rims come with different tires. I'm puzzled as to why your car has different tires with such low miles. I have 23,0XX miles on mine and the tires are wearing very good. I have rotated them about every 5,000 miles and expect to replace them between 36 - 42k. I will most likely replace them with the same Dunlops. Mazda must really like the Dunlops SP Sport 5000s because my wifes 2002 Protege 5 has them on it as well.
  • heybradyheybrady Posts: 75
    What is the warranty on a 99? I saw someone say 50k, but how many years? FYI, have put about 10k miles on mine since april and get consistently about 26mpg with 85% hw and 15% city.
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    it's funny that your wife drove a P5, 'cause my wife drove the same car, in black. Yeah, my Millenia S is a 2000 model, but I know of two other ppl that has that combo :-).
    BTW, since we're talking about tires again, I just bought a pair of Falken Ziek512 in 225/50/V17 (yes, it's a tiny bit wider & taller than the stock, but fits perfectly), while it's pretty cheap, so far I'm not too happy with it. I've only used it for three days, but I noticed that this tire is quite noisy.
    While it actually absorbs bumps much better than the Falken ST115 that I used to have, it's not worth the trade-offs. I was hoping that this tires would give me more comfortable ride than my ST115, oh well.

    BTW, I know mazda recommends about 32psi for the 17" tires, but wonder how much air you guys puts in on your 17".

    heybrady, the warranty on '99 models should be 3yrs/50K
  • billyperksbillyperks Posts: 449
    The warranty is 3years or 36,000 miles.
    I had a 99 and gave it back last December-end of lease.
  • tomacetomace Posts: 6
    The warranty on a 1999 is 3 years 50,000 miles. I sold Mazdas in the mid 90s and the 50K was always a selling point over Honda and Toyota. I also owned a 99 Mazda. Mazda just recently changed their warranty to 4 years 50,000 miles beginning with model year 2003.

    Mazda recommends PSI 32 fronts and 28 rears on 2002 MM S with the 17 rims, that is different than what Dunlop recommends. I run 32/28 when the weather is cool, but run 34/32 when the weather is hot (June, July, Aug in St. Louis). I do notice more noise with the higher pressures.
  • rosatiamorosatiamo Posts: 2
    I was not going to buy it but the dealer talked me into it. It is a 2001 P with only 606 miles on it. It was used as a demo. I paid USD 16,500 for it, is it a good deal? It runs very well and I like it a lot. However, I have never had a luxury sedan and thus I have some concerns. First, is the insurance premium on this car very high (compared to a regular sedan like the Camry)? Second, how is the maintenance cost? Mazda does not make Millenia anymore, so do the parts cost a lot? Lastly, is it a hot car that often gets stolen? Do I need more security than what comes with it? Thanks for your help!!!
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    rosatiamo, congrats on the new car (I considered anything below 2000 miles a new car). I think you got a very good deal, since you're getinga luxury car and you can't get anything in theat price range that even remotely close to the refinement and features that you're getting with the Millenia; I think you can get a base-base honda accord for the price though :-), without leather, auto, Bose audio, V6, etc,etc.
    I wouldn't worry too much about parts availability, since eventhough mazda discontinued the model, parts for this particular one should be very easy to get, especially since the V6 engine is pretty much the same as those on '93-on Mazda 626, MX6 and some eamid 90s Ford Probe. As far as maintenance cost, it should be similar to any V6 engined car. BTW, one of the best thing about owning a Millenia (there's lots of good thing about this car, expecially since you got the 2001 model) is that almost nobody wants to steal this car, unless you have like a $20K audio equipment in there. There's not much demand for Millenia as a car and carparts, so it's not on car thieves lists :-).
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    Yes, my congrats as well. Even for a demo and a 2001 model to boot that seems like very, very little mileage. Even if a car does not get used very often the "experts" say that the oil should be changed every X number of miles or every 6 months, even if not driven. The oil gets contaminated with moisture etc. For the price of an oil change and filter I would be inclined to spend the bucks. Cars are an item that needs to be used in order to stay in shape. Maybe that's why I have a stomach that gets bigger with each passing day! Since you do not have the S or supercharged Miller Cycle engine your engine parts and labor should be somewhat less than the S folks. Insurance rates depend on many variables, your age, location, previous claims, etc. Don't try to save money by using the cheapest gas you can find; stay with the recommended premium. The cost difference over a year of normal driving (10 to 12 thousand miles) is perhaps $50 or $60. fairwood
  • rosatiamorosatiamo Posts: 2
    I was not planning to buy a luxury car and thus did not do enough research on this car. I am now very happy that experts like you thought it was a good deal. I am also happy with the 3 year/50,000 mile warranty. I guess the dealer was just trying to get rid of the car that has been in their lot for a while. He also tried to talk me into buying added security - window alarm, which goes off when somebody knocks at the window. He said that installing this alarm would reduce my insurance premium enough to justify the cost of it - USD 400. Do you think it is worth the investment? Thanks again!
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    I don't know about a $400 alarm that's installed by dealers. I would rather get my own $400 worth Clifford alarm, which should be better and you'll probably get more features. I've never had alarm installed on my 2000 Millenia S. I believe the standard alarm from Mazda is good enough. I guess it also depends where you live, is it a good/bad areas for car thieves. I live in decent part of los angeles and don't feel that I need an extra alram for my car. Off course if I drive an acura TL/accord/camry/civic/integra, I defeinitely will put top of the line alarm on the car, but like I said earlier, almost no one wants to steal a millenia, which is a big peace of mind for me :-).
  • billyperksbillyperks Posts: 449
    I don't care if you sold Mazda in the early 90's or even now.
    The 1999 Mazda Millenia P I had was 3yrs or 36,000 miles.Maybe Mazda did an upgrade for the model year 2000, but the Millenia I leased from Westchester Mazda had 3yrs or 36,000 miles.
  • tomacetomace Posts: 6
    I called the my local dealership and they concurred with the 3yrs 50,000 miles. Maybe it varies by geographical region. I would suggest anyone who questions the warranty to call their local dealership. One would have to find out when the car was originally purchased new anyway to determine when the 3 yrs is up.

    Has anyone had a problem with the compass on the clock going out? On my 02 MM S the compass has been stuck on N for the past 2 months.
  • tomacetomace Posts: 6
    Edmunds also lists the warranty at 3yrs 50K if you research used cars and click on warranty when you get to the 99 MM.
  • billyperksbillyperks Posts: 449
    My lease was initiated 10/25/99.
    If memory serves me right, Mazda upgraded to 50,000 shortly after that.
  • tig2002tig2002 Posts: 81
    All cars with remote lock-unlock feature that I have seen have a response from the car when you lock or unlock the car - mostly flashing turn signal lights and/or headlights. My Millenia does not show any response on locking or unlocking the car except the horn signal when you hit the lock button on the remote twice, and the door locks do work. Sometimes I cannot hear the door lock click when it is noisy outside, and I am not sure if the doors are locked or unlocked. Is this normal for Millenia, or the turn signal lights should be flashing as well when locking or unlocking the car with the remote? Are there any modes that can be changed (with flashing lights or without) by some kind of programming? I know that on Maxima there is a simple programming when you can activate or deactivate the horn. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    tig2000: There is no visible confirmation when locking by keyless remote. Second push of lock button will beep horn which is pretty well standard on most modern cars. I am not familiar with flashing parking lights etc on other cars. I did disable the horn honking on my wife's wheelchair van (Plymouth) a few years ago. It was a pain in the butt and the owner's manual had the instructions. Don't get me started on those people who insist on retaining that annoying oink oink when opening the car from a few feet away, same with locking. The Mazda owner's manual for my 2000 Millenia S is very vague on some of the finer points that would be nice to have without having to search the internet and 3 other Mazda owner's web sites or e-mailing MazdaUSA for instructions. Such as: how to convert temperature readout from C to F or vice versa. Also how to re program the keyless remote if you purchase a second one on eBay because the jerk who originally bought the car did not turn in the second remote or the valet key that came with the car and did not turn in a second ignition key. That stupidity cost the Mazda dealer $135 to get a new one cut in Battle Creek MI. Ah, that felt good to get that tirade off my chest. One other thing that I recently discovered (only had car since end of May) is that you can release the trunk lid with the keyless remote while moving. I assume it can also be released at any time with the button inside the glove box. A passenger rooting around in there while moving could release the trunk just as easily. I could not do this with my Lincoln Town Car. I find this Mazda oversight to be rather dangerous. Hitting a hard bump or going over a curb or whatever could finish the job of the lid popping completely up and blocking your rear view temporarily at least. Terrific engineering in many items, absolutely stupid, mindless childish gimmicks in others. Give me a simple mechanical lever to adust the steering wheel angle, not a motor driven slow-as-hell device. I want to get out for a second or two but cannot get my gut past wheel so have to shut engine off. tig2000, what was your question again? Just kidding. fairwood
  • tig2002tig2002 Posts: 81
    fairwood: Thanks for the comments. Actually I noticed that you always check this message center and post very helpful messages, but I did not know that you hate your Millenia that much, especially after owning it for only a few months.

    I am Nissan Maxima fan, and think that Nissan builds excellent cars, especially during last few years. The main drawback of the Millenia P in my opinion is very slow engine when the AC is on. The Maxima's engine is unbeatable. I owned '00 Maxima GLE before I got my Millenia, and was absolutely happy with it until the car was totaled after the accident. One of the reasons that caused the accident - too powerful engine, and my wife has not noticed that only after a few seconds of entering to freeway she was driving at 60MPH... Luckily she survived the accident - thanks to Nissan. I love my Millenia even after owning the Maxima, and now think that 255HP engine sometimes can be dangerous. I notice some annoying rattle noise from the dash and sunroof when the interior is hot, but overall I am pretty satisfied with my purchase. The car is at the dealership now for the entire dash board warranty replacement, and I am renting Protege... I can't wait when I get my Millenia back
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    Maxima's engine is one of the best V6 around, I'm sure driving it slow at speed limit would be hard to do. For some reason, maxima's styling just doesn't do it for me tho, not even the new '04 version. I think the best looking Nissan is the Murano.

    Yes, it would be nice to have a lock confirmation by blinking lights; my wife's 2002 Protege5 has that feature. It would blink different when you open it and when you lock it too. It better than having your horn beep.

    BTW,I don't think fairwood hates his Millenia, but looks like that trunk open thing really bugs him. The funny thing is that my remote won't open the trunk when the car's moving, maybe another programming fufu that fairwood need to contact MazdaUSA about :-), jk man.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    "The main drawback of the Millenia P in my opinion is very slow engine when the AC is on."

    I find that a very strange comment. My "01 P responds no differently whether the AC is on or off. That is to say it was never intended as a stop light grand prix racer, but is certainly very capable in all normal driving situations. For those who feel the need to drag race, how about a Corvette or Viper. No need to stop at a measly 6.8 second 0-60 Maxima As for me, 8.5 or so seconds to get to 60 is hardly "very slow". And learn that the MM throttle goes past the first 1 inch of travel, it makes a big difference if you are used to an engine with huge low end torque.

    The Max-V-Mil thread got locked, so I'll just make a quick observation here. All Max's up until the new ones were very common looking with awkward styling to say the least (I almost bought one). The new ones sure show the Renault influence, but at least are interesting looking as are all French cars
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    No I don't hate my MM S - in fact it is the first car in many cars owned that I can't wait to get out and go (I have said so in previous posts). I just find the strange engineering bits and pieces hard to comprehend. Absolutely top notch in most areas but over-the-top in needless childishness in others. Remember the talking cars from Japan a few decades ago? "Yur sseet belllt is undunn"; "Ur lites rrr on". Never owned one but there were probably a lot of dashboards banged with a base ball bat. I will check the trunk opening while moving again, I tried it out only once just as I was arriving home and garage door was opening. Maybe speed sensitive. I am the only one driving car anyway, my wife has MS and we both can drive her wheelchair van, she uses hand controls and I drive it normally.
    Regarding the P versions being dragged down when A/C cycles on and off: I had a 1984 Volvo 760 turbo diesel (phoney gas shortage still on our minds back then). It was like pulling the Queen Mary away from the dock until up to speed and turbo kicked in at around 3500 rpm. When A/C kicked in I thought I would be thrown thru windshield. Just like hitting the brakes - had to turn A/C off when going up shallow inclines or pulling away from light. Even my previous Town Car slowed noticably. My MM S is first car that does not telegraph that the A/C is on or off when it cuts in.
    So the love affair with my Mazda goes on even with all its little quirks. Ain't too many of them around in the mall parking lots. The local Mazda dealer has a 2002 MM S in the showroom right now, it was a salesman's demo and I think they are still asking over $29,000 U.S. Only about 600 miles on it I believe. Finally, I do like the look of the rear ends of the new Nissans of past two years or so. fairwood
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    Just back from a nice jaunt in the country on a sunny summer day, checking out our old haunts! Popped the trunk at 40mph with the button on the driver's door. Hit a few bumps here and there on purpose but lid stayed down. I would be interested in what others experience. fairwood
  • nzigmanzigma Posts: 13
    It's been a month sice I purchased my 2001 S. A couple of issues here. Firstly I discovered a rattling sound , that emanates when the car goes over a bump. This happens when the bottom (manual) sunshade is opened. Wonder if this is under warranty or if a simple fix could be done at home ?

    Also I have the original Dunlops (rated for perhaps 60K miles. They seem to have worn off more the usual 20% left for the front and 50% for the rear @ only 18K miles. Do I have any recourse here with the tire manufacturer. I don't see any warrantk card from Dunlop. Thanks
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Rattling: I think this might by the rubber seal around the sunroof rubbing againt the edge of the sunroof cutout, this makes creaking sund only in hot weather.

    Tires: I got 30K on mine and they look fine maybe 50-60% worn, but I noticed that my dealer always underinflates them (should be 34 front and 32psi back, they leave it 30psi all around and I just pump them up to 34/32). That'll make them wear quickly - I've heard 30-36K at the dealership. It look like mine will take me well over 40K though...
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    From your description I think that your tires were not rotated at the proper times. Your well worn rear tires were likely left on the front axles for many miles. tomekk is right that the pressures set by dealers are on the low side which makes a softer ride but also cause rapid wear. I would run 35 psi all around.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I have a "P", and a '95 Olds 88. My dealer did the opposite and put 35 PSI all around on my MM. That caused the Michelins on the rear to make extreme noise. Due to a large difference in front/rear weights, I think you are better off to run the rear tires about 3 PSI lower than the front. That did a lot to even out the tread wear on both of my cars, despite the Olds calling for 32 all around. I run it at 32 front and 28 rear, and the Millenia at the recommended 31 front, 29 rear.

    Overinflation gives you a smaller patch on the road which I believe is dangerous especially on wet pavement.
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